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  1. Wowie wow wow last challenge of the year AND my 50th - yike I’ve been here for a hot minute, huh? This challenge when completed, will be number 50 for me. And that’s just the ones I’ve successfully finished, not counting the pile of half-assed incomplete challenges where I’ve fallen into a void hole or something. LEVEL 50 IS PRETTY BIG! As always I’m so grateful for this community - for all of YOU - for always being here and being so supportive. Nerd Fitness has really seen me shoulder some of the hardest times of my life and somehow come out screaming on the other side, and I credit a lot of that to the support I’ve found here and the fitness and wellness that’s been a big help in keeping my head on straight. If I can repay even a little bit of that it’ll be my absolute delight. ❤️ So, THANK YOU for helping me get here! I've also taken a big liberty and edited my ENTIRE opening post - thanks to Rangerbrain and everyone's DND characters popping up of late, I finally decided to sit down and not only write a character sheet for Shaar, but to retool my goals just a smidge to align with her classes. I've written for Shaar LOTS in the past, so it was an easy transition into an actual character format. And while I've written MANY character sheets in the past for my own creations, anything DND-related is so out of my wheelhouse, so this is all a bit of my own liberties (and my own fandoms) here. :3 Without further adieu... » Shaar kom Starkru bardic time-mage; of the furious heart, traveler 'twixt the stars Race: Human l'Cie Alignment: Chaotic Good Stats: STR 5 | STA 4 | WIS 7 | CHA 9 | CON 6 | DEX 3 Appearance: Shaar is short of stature, clocking in at a huge 5'3", but don't let that fool you; you know what they say about little dogs having the loudest bark? Yeah, that generally applies here. Long dark hair is often pulled into a high ponytail, various small braids woven into bits of it, adorned in kind with an assortment of small feathers and beads at their tie-offs. Jaw-length bangs frame a pale face that nine out of ten times is harboring at least a ghost of a smile, if not on her lips then lingering in forest green eyes. She is generally clad in dark colors as per her preference; layers of fur and leathers that seem comfortable and well-worn enwrap her small form, a pair of charcoal over the knee boots topped off by a light hooded cloak draped across her shoulders, fur-lined and dotted with various bone pieces and feathers along its hem. Despite her egregious nature she prefers to dress diminutively, save for a few special notations - her right wrist bears a gauntlet of sorts, a distinct covering of delicate bones settled in a single layer atop her forearm, all fitting together a bit too neatly - a single ring rests comfortable on her right ring finger, a set of pewter-cast swallow claws clutching a bezeled moonstone - and an intricately stitched leather belt slung low across her hips, housing more than a few sheathed short knives, and a small pouch containing... who knows what. Personality: Charismatic to a fault, there is a reason Shaar is a bard first and anything else second. She is a textbook extrovert and 9 out of 10 times will be not only ready, but thrilled to strike up a conversation with anyone, anytime, about anything at all. A patron acolyte of The Fury, Shaar is also a very steadfast and tenacious individual and can be very forceful in her ideals and beliefs, or defending those she cares about or shows loyalty to. She is always very off the cuff, joking and casual in most any situation - if you witness her get steely and serious, you know shit's hit the fan. She's got a temper and often swears like a sailor, but for the most part her heart is in the right place and she tends to funnel her wild exuberance into mostly non-reckless behavior. Talents: bard; There are many darkened taverns, in far-flung areas of the world, where legends exist of a small girl effectively shit-talking alpha thugs to the point of rendering them speechless. This is the legacy of Shaar - not only demeaning bullies and adversaries into a pile of mush with her continuous string of curse words and putdowns, but also flipping that skill completely around to support and enliven her friends at the drop of a hat. Nothing brings Shaar more joy than being able to bring laughter to a friend or ally in their darkest hour - well, aside from trash talking criminals, naturally. time-mage; A traveler and shepherd of the stars, not by choice, but by nothing more than circumstance and necessity, Shaar has the ability to hold the fates in the palm of her hand. Existing in multitudes across worlds, the burdens she has shouldered and overcome have opened the doors of locked away and arcane abilities, allowing her a myriad of resources to not only entrap and hinder her adversaries, but to benefit herself and her allies on the field of battle as well.. l'Cie; Shaar is a l'Cie - a human chosen by agents of the world's gods as servants to fulfill a focus or greater task. She knows very little of her racial upbringing, save that she is a patron of The Fury and that she harbors quietly long-lost attributes of the time mage, a sect of people little known to her world. CHALLENGE GOALS Bard [ "Cool story, bro~" ] A bard always has stories - I want to be more present on the forums. I know this is HARD for me because I'm always going 500 miles an hour but I want to work to share more with you all over this challenge; more updates, more wild stories from my life (because I have a LOT), more interaction with you, my friends! ❤️ [ Provoking Cantrip ] Keep fitnessing, twice a week at the VERY least. Treadmill, lifting, see how your elderly-ass skeleton is feeling that day! And do it. Simple as can be. Time Mage [ Cosmic Deceleration ] My life is a textbook example of “man makes plans and the gods laugh” BUT, I’d like to sit down and hang some goals for 2021 that I’d like to strive for. I have a few ideas rolling around in my head already and a lot going on (AS USUAL) but it’d do me good to solidify that shit so I can hit the ground running - as always. It's time to look ahead and plot my course. [ Stellar Interconnection ] Y’all I feel OLD lately. My knees hurt. My shoulder gets in the way of *gestures vaguely at life*. My back feels like an old-ass oak tree. I know I can do better at this because I have in the past and duuuuh I also own a fair amount of GMB Elements. I know better in that everything in my body is connected and I need to set myself up for a good 20-30 minutes of stretching and mobility twice a week. Foam rolling, tennis ball on wall, downward dog, ANYTHING that gets my elderly-ass skeleton moving more than sitting at my desk all day. OK friends, that's all I've got! Let's finish this year out HOT and then show 2021 what we've got!! (Hey, it's almost like I'm a real bard, you know, the rhymes..... ehehe~ ❤️ )
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