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Found 2 results

  1. I don't usually do a themed challenge like this (apart from minis!), but I think it fits quite well. Michael spends a lot of the show getting acclimitised to her new home, building routines. I bought a house a couple of months ago. We had to do a fair bit to it (painting, flooring, carpet), but now we are living in it with a working oven and a BBQ, all furniture is in. I want to focus on getting it into a good shape by finishing unpacking, organising places for things - one room a week. And sorting out the pantry and fridge so I can cook three bulk meals a week using mostly what we already have. I also want to get in the habit of washing the dishes every day, so that my home stays tidy and clean. When there is stuff everywhere it is easy to leave plates lying around... so I'm thinking military ship discipline here The vulcan mental practices are of course very important to Michael. I will be aiming to do some kind of yoga, rolling or general mobility work every day. I have a program from Do Yoga With Me that includes a weekly meditation and a weekly breathing lesson. I tend to avoid these, so I am prioritising them this challenge. Like Tilly and her running, one habit I want to develop in my new home is bike riding. I normally use my bike a lot to get around, but the past year I have been living in a third floor apartment, so it was a lot of work to get the bike up and down stairs. My baby step goal is just to get the bike out once a week. In order to prevent fatigue, I need to get better at remember to take my vitamins. I will set reminders on my phone. This is a basic thing that anyone in starfleet should be able to manage! I have been inspired by the bullet journal thread to do up a colourful challenge map Rather than points, this time I will be earning dollars to spend on bumper plates for my new gym in the shed $80 - Pair of 5kg plates (25%) $120 - Pair of 10kg plates (35%) $200 - Both pairs of plates (60%) Stretch goal $300 - In addition to the plates, this will earn me a month of oly coaching (88%) There is $340 total up for grabs.
  2. Main goal: To do a "great walk" multi day hike. I have all but booked Milford track (NZ) in January. To do this hike 10 kg lighter than I am now. Food - back to basics (I feel that's all I am ever doing) After a successful low carb period I fell off the 'eating well' wagon so it's time to get back on (again). 1. Snack control Plan - no white tea because white tea = bikkies No after dinner snacks Mindful afternoon snack (fruit, nuts etc) (Week one: 3 x week Week two: 5 x week Week three-six: 7 x week) 2. Veggieful dinners 5 dinners with three or more vegies Movement - keeping the momentum Moooooovvvvvveeeee - after thinking about a fitbit for ages I have decided to downgrade to the app : Move. Aim for 10,000 steps but I am a loooong way off that. Daily at least 3,000 steps with one day per week of 10,000 steps. Plan: Dog walking - commit to taking the dog for three walks per week (sadly neglected dog) (Week one: 3 x week Week two: 5 x week Week three-six: 7 x week) Motivation - stress reduction. I have always prided myself in not letting things bring me down but things have been crazy at work and to a lesser extent at home. I don't really have any great coping mechanism (other than planning holidays or eating crap and not prioritising exercise). Plan: Journal - I have downloaded a journaling app. I will use this for 3 day per week. Try to be mindful about what is causing the stress and how I react to this. Side challenge : pedal and don't fall off - move towards being more confident with "those" clipless pedals. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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