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  1. Goals for this challenge are the following, in no particular order: Put 100mi on my new bike Climb at least one mountain Finish reading The Zone and Practical Programming for Strength Training Start reading Anatomy Without A Scalpel Hold a handstand for 30s Increase my 1-rep max for overhead squat to 225# Fix my front rack so that I can front squat without re-injuring my chest Re-attain my previous strict pull-up PR of 20 I know, my challenge posts are boring wish me luck!
  2. Finally recovered enough to come in and say that I successfully biked the C and O Canal Towpath and the Great Allegheny Passage (plus some odds and ends in D.C.) for a total of 354.6 miles over the course of a week! We went the so called "hard way" by doing the 23 mile 1800ft climb from Cumberland to the Eastern Continental Divide, and it felt like a freaking huge achievement. Will post pics later of my loadout and such. If I had to do it again, I think I'd try to change around my meals a bit because I did all big hearty meals like I do for my hiking trips. On top of that, I carried extra
  3. As I looked back at my life, I realized that I had never really put in effort. Not just toward fitness, but toward anything. I had spent 24 years coasting through life on my cleverness. But not anymore. Not after what happened yesterday. I was sitting in my comfortable home in the village when I saw smoke rising in the distance. There was way too much smoke to be just a campfire. I started running. Forest fires are terrible things if they get out of hand, and it was up to everyone to do their part to prevent them. Unfortunately, I was terribly out of shape and was panting and had to slow dow
  4. Main goal: Still aiming to be Ezio! Challenge Goals: Do Bodyweight Workout Level 2 3x a week Continuing at Level 2 – I would like to improve several areas more before I move onward. 3/week: A, 2.5-3/week: B, 2-2.5/week: C, 1.5-2/week: D, 0-1.5/week: F Run or Bike 3x a week Having learned how much is too much last time, I’ll go with a combination of run and bike to keep up with cardio of some kind. I’ll be continuing with the Couch to 5k style program (currently running Week 4 but that’s probably going to last a month.) 3/week: A, 2.5-3/week: B, 2-2.5/week: C, 1.5-2/week: D, 0-1.5
  5. Do you have a bike gloves that you can use with iPhone? If so, could you tell me where I can get it? Thanks!
  6. From my previous challenge: As some of you know, this April I am becoming 40, so in full mid-life-crisis mode, I am training for a Half Ironman distance triathlon (that's 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run, in under 8:30 hrs), which I hope to accomplish in time for my birthday, I am running the RAGE Las Vegas Half, on April 12th. Based on free online plans, with some help from a coach, and some tweaking to allow for life to happen, I came up with this Awesome 70.3 plan, I'm currently on week 5, so this challenge should bring me right into the r
  7. Day 1: I've outlined my goals in the level 1 rebels forum, but basically I want to build muscle, (cardiac and body). I've been Paleo since January 2nd (really January 3rd, but I made my decision on the 2nd). I just finished my Beginner Body Weight Circuit, I've still got all the basic amounts for reps, except plank, I'm up to 20s. Today felt like I needed to force myself to do the workout. I guess I'm just not a morning person. Now I need to get breakfast Brunch. Any Suggestions? Eggs are always an option, but I want to see if there are any other suggestions of food for me to try. Pale
  8. Happy New Year everyone! I'm back again to give it another shot. The last challenge I kinda broke even, this time I want to get straight A's! I am revisiting some of my failed tasks and adding others. My primary goal last year was to lose weight. This year I still want to lose weight but am also recording body fat % and aiming at a loss of 5%. I have no idea how realistic that is but do feel like I have at least 10 kg more weight to lose which is now more than 10%of my total weight so if I can do that then I can lose the fat. I realise it won't happen over the next 6 weeks but my tasks will he
  9. So, after some time away, I am back! and with a plan. As some of you know, this April I am becoming 40, so in full mid-life-crisis mode, I am training for a Half Ironman distance triathlon (that's 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run, in under 8:30 hrs), which I hope to accomplish in time for my birthday, I am running the RAGE Las Vegas Half, on April 12th. Currently, I've only ran sprint distance triathlons, so it's a HUGE goal, I've trained continuosly for over a year now (!), but I could really use a plan to make sure I make it, so here it is:
  10. Hi, I've come up with my shtuff for my first challenge. (As well as some personal background on myself). My main quest is to build muscle, of the cardiac and...well...normal kind. I've really never been super active. I sit in front of my computer when I'm at home, just kinda browsing the internet. I play lots of music, which doesn't really qualify for exercise, and i'm a full-time student in Engineering. I found NerdFitness on January 2nd, while searching for a way to get into this "exercise" biz. I'm a complete novice, so I didn't want to just show up to the gym, wander around aimles
  11. I'm not much chop on coming up with snazzy thread titles or terribly imaginative thematics for my challenges. I'm just glad to be turning up for every challenge and increasing my participation level each time. I am here to lose weight. I am losing weight while participating in the challenges as well as making changes to my daily life over and above the tenets of what I am laying out here. Well at least I did on the previous challenge so now I get to incorporate some of those changes into this challenge. Faster During the course of the previous challenge I began the 5:2 diet which is a typ
  12. After some deliberation whether to continue around here, I have decided for it, if anything, I've been positively benefited by so many around here, and there is still a long way to go towards my main goal, that I will stay around and continue to give sketchy advice and will keep on logging my progress, to share with all the nice people in this community. Main Goal Ironman Texas 2015 Still aiming for it, there is still a long way a lot to improve to be able to actually finish an Ironman, but the time is there IF I keep on pushing, long and hard. Main Sub-Goal (What?) RAGE Las Vegas Triathl
  13. Unfortunately, the bike season is pretty much over for me, but over the summer/fall, I did a few scenic rides. I wanted to create/plan the route before going out, and as I'm riding, I wanted my iPhone to do the navigation. All those "tracking" apps like mapMyRide doesn't do a boo for navigation while riding. Cue sheet thing is pretty hard if the route is complicated. A regular car navigation apps like CoPilot, etc. works in some degree but it's geared toward moving from point A to B, and not meant to be good for scenic "go here and there" kind of navigation. So, I used "ridewithgps", and
  14. I have been so focused on preparing for my upcoming cycling trip that I haven't been able to look beyond it. When I was thinking what was my goal between the trip and the end of the year, I came up blank. But I decided that I needed to still do a challenge this round because a) I'd get bored just hassling everybody else for the next six weeks and I suspect that when I get back from my trip I'd go into goal hibernation until the next challenge. So here I go with no concrete long term goals: GOAL ONE: food mantra: 'best possible food choice' I pledge that for the next six weeks I will ALWAYS m
  15. Hola Scouts! This is my 3rd challenge. My first was ok but I dropped the ball weeks 3,4,5. My second was good but I dropped the ball early on in terms of exercise but came home strong. My overriding goal is to lose weight. I want to get to 80kg, I am currently at 96.5kg, I was 103kg mid 2012. I don't expect to get to 80kg this challenge or next, probably more a 12-24 month type plan but in order to get there I need to start building healthier habits. I will exercise, I will, I will, will I? I have recently gotten back on my bike and have been really enjoying it so that is my go to cardio p
  16. I am a scout more than an assassin, I run, bike, swim, more than I flip, however I must be able to fly up the rigging and climb over obstacles undetected to reach my goals/treasure. As for zombies I prefer to stay in the shadows and sniping them off one by one, or leading them into ambushes to take them out in great number. Goals: Way of the dark: get up every morning and run 5 days week and swim 1; in order to become one with the darkness I have to train in it, so that means laying my stuff out at night and getting up at 4:45 am and go running and one morning a week get up and go swimmi
  17. This is my 8th Challenge, I have gone a long way on my journey to the best version of myself, and have achieve things I thought would take a whole lot longer, but still, there is work to do, kilometers to be swam, ridden and ran, to get to my long term (fitness) goal: IRONMAN Texas 2015 (3900m swim, 180k bike 42k run), that's a huge goal and I know I have a lot to do. Currently I have swam 3700m in one session (pool), ridden 50km and ran 7k, so there is room for improvement. Last challenge I intended to improve on all three, and as much as my swim got longer (and better), my run/bike suffered
  18. This is mostly a place holder for the scribbly paper based mess that will become my Main Quest and goals. Right now, I'm fighting a virus that has had me feeling low (eating crap) and exceedingly tired (maybe a little feverish too). I am going to go one more round with the adventurers as I'm not quite ready to let go the security blanket and join the rangers just yet. Ok, here goes the edit... Chapter 3: Main Quest: Comfortably complete 100km bike ride. October 20th. I have never ridden this far before. My best this year has been 80km. In the long term I'd like to do the entire Roun
  19. My best effort (so far) to try and comply with the new rules of the rebellion: DA RULES Main Quest. Ironman Texas 2015 triathlon, that's 2.4 miles swimming, 112 mile bike and 26.2 miles running, all done someday in May, 2015, in under 17 hours. Specific (6 week goals) For the duration of this challenge I will: 1. Complete Xterra triathlon Tapalpa in under 2:30hrs, (MTB/trail sprint distance), august 4th. 2. Keep on training, increase my mileage to 15k continuous run, 60km bike, and swim 2000m in under 50 minutes. 3. Complete AT LEAST three brick workouts (either bike-run or s
  20. Not exactly weight or fitness related but here it is, I am 19 years old and up to a few months ago i never knew how to ride a bike, i always wanted to learn but never did and I went out and spent hard earned money on this really nice brand new mountain bike. i learned to ride, i love it, i ride to work and back ( used to just walk its only about a mile away) and its something that im really happy about. woot! learned to ride a bike, now i need to find some bike trails to ride around on. and my second woot which even bigger, i got accepted into my school of choice! went to community college f
  21. This topic will follow my daily steps in how I change my bad eating habits and how I start doing exercice. Yesterday I bought a pull-up bar, and did 5 series of 2 pull-ups, 2 series of 10 pushups, 2 series of 30 abs but that was too much, even if I warmed up. I felt nauseous and had a headache, so took a 30 minutes nap and I felt better. I ate too much cheese, like 2 times a regular portion of it. On both lunch and dinner. Today I will restrain myself ! I ran about 10 minutes today and enjoyed it for the first time. It's because for the first time I ran on a purpose : Level up. Did some st
  22. Well, here I am back for challenge number 6. I want to write a super cool one but I am in a hurry right now, and I am going camping with the kids this weekend, so I will come back and fix it. I have decided to run Ironman Texas in 2015, so I am almost two years away, but most of my training and goals will be somehow directed to this major goal. At the moment I have run two sprint triathlons, (and a super sprint), so there is a long way to go. Also, the camping this weekend is with my triathlon coach (we call him Yoda), so I may or may not change my goals depending on his opinion and plans
  23. Name: Hammlin Race: Wood Elf Class: Scout Attributes: Strength (STR): 15 Dexterity (DEX): 16.75 Stamina (STA): 17.5 Constitution (CON): 15 Wisdom (WIS): 18.5 Charisma (CHA): 16.75 Total: 99.5 Level 9 Goals (June 3 to July 14): Fitness/Diet Quests: 1. Hike all the things. For this challenge I am getting in shape to hike Long’s Peak with some friends at the end of summer. The only way that I can make this possible is by getting out and hiking some practice trails. I will try to vary which ones I do by mixing up duration, difficulty, elevation, etc. I have got to keep practicing if I am go
  24. My first 6-Week Challenge!! WOO!!1! Let's get right into the weeds. Triathlon Training 6/Week – 4 STA, 1 DEX I have laid out a triathlon training plan for the next few months before the On On Tri on Hilton Head in October. I've already done a Sprint Tri with no training (DO NOT RECOMMEND), so I want/need to be ready for this one so I'm actually competitive. This involves running, biking, and/or swimming once or twice a day depending on the schedule. It may or may not have been shamelessly stolen from beginnertriathlete.com >.< http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/article-deta
  25. Alright! I am doing some research on panniers for my bike, and I was hoping someone had some that they really liked and would recommend. In an effort to live more sustainably, I will be riding my bike to the farmers market. The only problem is, I don't have any panniers, and I am not sure exactly what I need to look for in a good set. I would love to be able to tote my groceries, and maybe stop at the library for a book or two. Any suggestions? Any that I should avoid at all costs?
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