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Found 13 results

  1. I am a 6' 5" man with a very large frame. My BMI is bad, but I was looking at what my goals should be, and my fitness level weight is a terrifying 180 lbs. Is there a better way to figure out safe and healthy BMI/body fat %?
  2. Challenge: Lower body fat percentage to 25% Obviously this isn't going to be accomplished in 6 weeks, so this will be a continuing mission/goal/challenge for a while. I want to get some of this weight off to relieve pain in my joints, my back, and to make life and fitness easier in general. Last Friday I checked my body fat percentage with calipers and it was consistently 33.8%. I think that number is low and I should be higher than that, but it's the most consistent figure I have to work with so I'll go with that. Last challenge my goal was to do the absolute minimum, just as long as I d
  3. My ultimate quest is stop being a punkass that keeps getting side-tracked and really cement some healthy habits with intent and purpose so that I can step up and do more with myself than just sputter through the basics over and over. For more about that, see here. I’m actually focusing on different habits each month, but for the last challenge my goals were about eating better, hydration, and working out more consistently. February’s focus continues to be working out more consistently and March focuses on self-care. So while continuing to eat well and stay hydrated, I will… Dodge t
  4. ***Note: This is a busy week at work and as such I will finish this entry as soon as I can*** Helloooooooooooooo! Hello If you haven't seen me for a while, there are some reasons. But now I'm back and getting ready for a wedding in less than eight months! Main Quest Basically my main goal is going for the reduction of fat in my bodyweight composition. Plain and simple. I really don't have an end percentage in mind, just going for the "look good naked" thing, especially with my wedding happening in October I really want to look sexy for the lady-friend. I'll be s
  5. Dear seasonned NF members, I have a very specific question concerning body fat reduction for pear shaped body types. Will you help me? My goal : to reduce my bodyfat percentage and my water retention (family tendency) + to seriously muscle up. Aim: high agility and rapidity, general feeling of power. My situation : I am a 25 year old woman, 162cm for 49.5 - 50kg, with a seriously pear shaped body. My worry : Will reducing my body fat make me look ill on my chest where I already have almost no fat? Can muscle training prevent that skeleton look? Is reducing my body fat in my legs actua
  6. Facing a new year that includes grad school, training for a new position at work, and very little numerical change in the six months I’ve been here (neither body fat % nor the scale have budged and inch), I’ve decided it’s time to rethink the angle I’m coming at this lifestyle change from. I’ve been pretty ambitious and hopped around from goal to goal, while also focusing on the things I shouldn’t do (and what better way to ensure I think about cake than to say DON’T THINK ABOUT CAKE STOP IT RIGHT NOW). This challenge, I give myself two simple, straightforward goals that will a
  7. anyone who is familiar with the Terminator franchise has probably realized that Sarah Connor changed quite a lot from the first to the second movies. [if you haven't seen The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, shame on you! go watch them right now. i'll wait here.] so, Sarah's transformation. she pretty much goes from confused and constantly crying noob to total badass. from this to this right now, i'm probably closer to being the Sarah we find at the end of the first movie: getting smarter and stronger every day, starting to be cool and not so scared all the time, etc. however, i'd
  8. Hey guys! I've read the article about Staci's story, and although it was truly inspiring and motivational, the diet part didn't help much just because I'm not big on going Paleo. I began powerlifting about 4 months ago. I really want to compete eventually. My biggest goal right now is to get my body fat percentage down and get my strength up!! I'm currently counting macros to a T and training daily (with one rest day/week) using a powerlifting split. I am a 21 year old female college student. I'm 5'5", 136lbs, 22% body fat (I want to get down to about 14% body fat!!). My current daily ma
  9. I'm very excited to starting my second challenge, and I have to say how awesome NF is for getting me to work out like I've been in the past few weeks. I never, ever thought I would be stoked about buying a heavier barbell (or even using a barbell) but I AM. Got a new one yesterday. So excited to start using it. Here are some stats on my goals and current position. I'd appreciate any encouragement - I thrive on words and my family, while supportive, doesn't say much about my fitness goals and it's kind of discouraging feeling like I'm doing this alone. Help me, Rebels! MAIN GOAL Reduce bo
  10. I thought I had reached that place, but now, I'm not sure. How do you know when you're "done" with losing weight (eating at calorie deficit)? I guess I thought the scale would release confetti or doves or something. I wasn't thinking about size or shape, but body fat. I've gotten to 27% body fat http://www.calculator.net/army-body-fat-calculator.html?ctype=standard&csex=f&cage=30&cheightfeet=5&cheightinch=8&cneckfeet=1&cneckinch=1&cwaistfeet=3&cwaistinch=0&cwaistfeetf=2&cwaistinchf=4.5&chipfeet=3&chipinch=3.5&x=107&y=8 I like the Arm
  11. Hey everybody! Ok so here we are, round 2! This challenge is all about resetting, restarting, not from square one but from where I have managed to get to so far My first challenge was very...challenging! It was far from perfect, and because of that was, in hindsight, exactly what I needed. I am a perfectionist by nature, and have a frustrating tendency to overreact to mistakes. This was something that negatively affected my last challenge, so something that will be tackled this time around. Last challenge I gave myself no wiggle room at all, so it was very demoralising when I failed once in a
  12. Okay, so I've fallen in love with lifting, but I'm super overweight. I really need to drastically reduce my BF% (it's 38% at the moment) and lose weight. MFP says I can have 1590 cals per day. I'm just looking for advice on what my cals should be in lifting days, or if I should keep them the same? I'm mainly focusing on bench, squat and deadlift, plus supplementary exercises to help. Since I started learning how to lift properly (only about 6 weeks ago), I've practically abandoned cardio entirely, which is stupid. So I'm planning on introducing 2 cardio sessions in with my 3 lifting session
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