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Found 2 results

  1. HELL WILL COME BEFORE YOU GROW! Indra Respawns This will be my first challenge since back surgery. I am excited and a little nervous. I have been doing nothing as I heal for so long and screwed myself up even more when I pushed too hard too fast before… The goal now is to find the happy medium. I need to get back to regular workouts but NOT push so hard that I hurt myself again. Sometimes we need to stop pushing at the wall in front of us. I want so bad to be back to the strong, confident, thin me that I keep trying to do what I could then…… but… I can’t. I keep pushing for it but all I am going to do right now is hurt myself. I need to start over. Sometimes backing up to your origin and taking a completely different path is necessary. I found this song and it really is what I need to do right now. https://youtu.be/PscXGpsF3dY Had to lose my way To know which road to take Trouble found me All I look forward Washed away by a wave I'm going back to my roots Another day, another door Another high, another low Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom I'm going back to my roots I know it’s gotta go like this, I know Hell will always come before you grow I have come from being severely obese to within 25lb of my goal weight I am back to being overweight. I know how to do this. I just need to go back to where I started and do it again. I was playing Tomb Raider the other day (because I’m obsessed with finding EVERYTHING and EVERY trophy before I will put a game away) and realized that this is exactly what Lara Croft had to do when she was shipwrecked on the island. She has nothing. Just her knowledge of what she had come there to do. Right now that is me. I have nothing to show for my two years of hard work. All I have right now is the knowledge of what worked before. I just need to back up. Stop playing head games with myself and get back to my roots. MAIN GOAL: To stop pushing against the wall of what I WAS, back up, and take a completely new path to lose 12-15lb in this challenge! Battle 1: Become the hunter. Lara only had certain food to survive. No junk food! I have had far too much crap/junk food. I gave in to pain eating when I was injured and that led to stress eating and I am DONE with that. Battle plan: I need to learn what sets me off. Are there places I need to avoid? Do certain situations lead me to binging? Find these triggers and eliminate them. Get back to the clean eating basics. I remember before macros and Fat Shredder and No Carb. I just ate good food. I knew that pizza, salty chips and deep fried crap was a definite no. I need to get back to that. Stop overcomplicating it. I know what not to eat.. Battle 2: Workouts. Body weight Basics Again. Back to basics. I have spent too much time trying to come up with all these fancy ways to get fit again. Join this, and do this, run this day and classes this day, join this group and make sure your at this event…… all this is doing is stressing me the F#$k out. That is NOT helping my stress eating. Back up… stop hitting a wall that will not break down. Go back to the beginning. Basic workouts in my house with basic equipment. Battle plan: Get back to 6 workouts a week and keep them simple. Go back to the beginning. Basic workouts in my house with basic equipment. Lara only had her body and a pick to get around during most of the game. I have a basic six week plan together. I have the workouts planned out. I just need to stop making excuses and get my butt up to do them. Not later today. Not next week. NOW! Battle 3: Remember the most effective way to lose weight. PORTION CONTROL! I let old habits come back in full when I was giving in to pain/stress eating. NO YOU DO NOT NEED SECONDS! Battle plan: Back to basics. Look at the serving size and follow it Lara could only carry so much gear with her and still be able to move quickly. I need to focus on the same. Food is fuel not feel goods. Stop thinking I have to have more. There will be plenty left for a chance to enjoy it again later. Why do I have this mentality that I need to eat it all right then and there or pile a ton on my plate to begin with? Life Quest: Life Battle 1: Finish Christmas gifts!! I have dragons and sprites and necklaces to make with chainmaille and I AM SO BEHIND! Battle plan: Work on projects for at least ½ hour a day on workdays and 1-2 hours on days off. I love homemade gifts for Christmas but I am ALWAYS floundering at the last second to get them done. I have some pretty intense projects planned this year. I know if I focus and really sit myself down to work on them that I still have plenty of time to get them done. Lara had to salvage gear around her to make things work out. I need to hunker down at base camp and get it done. Scoring: This time around I am not going to score myself. I want to concentrate on getting it done or not getting it done. I will be using the Daily Success app ( https://play.google....lysuccess&hl=en) on my phone to track daily progress to keep me accountable but I think I will keep it at that for now. No level up …. at least not numerically. ;}
  2. Hello all, I started with the beginner's bodyweight workout a month ago. I've done it 9 times in all, interleaved with some cardio. The first time I tried it it seemed very tough. I only did 2 rounds, and the next few days my muscles were so sore it's not fun anymore. (I generally like the soreness as a twisted kind of reward, but this level of sore was just beyond anything I've experienced). It would typically be every 4-5 days, with some running/swimming days and a rest day every so often. This past week I've upped the frequency to every 2nd day, with yoga on off days. These days I can do the 3 rounds pretty sustainably, with little to no soreness afterwards. By the time I'm stretching after the workout I'm bathed in sweat, so it "feels" intensive enough. This is what I do: 20 squats 10 push ups (on my knees - in fact I realized I had been doing them the wrong way at first, just lowering my shoulders instead of the whole torso) 20 lunges 2x10 lifts (10 for each arm) of a bag I packed with a bunch of books and an old laptop (13kg) 25 sec plank 30 jumping jacks Observations: - The squats and the lunges don't feel that heavy anymore. I wonder if I should be doing something tougher. - The push ups are really tough and by the 10th one my arms are seriously shaking. If I do proper push ups I can do one, at best. - I'm not sure if the bag is heavy enough, since I can often do 10 without pausing. For the first several weeks I didn't even do this step, I recently added it. - I'm not sure exactly what the jumping jacks are for. (If not just to increase my heart rate?) They're not hard to do. Basically, my arms are still getting a challenging workout, but my legs can do more. Should I be doing another round of the workout (and just extend it to last longer and longer) or should I be doing something different?
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