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Found 3 results

  1. Aminarra, a level 2 ranger has joined new recruits for a 6 week challenge. Having already been facing challenges at home, she's ready to pass the hurdles and make some real progress. Roll a perception check... 17+Prof. 2 = 19. You smell something sweet, maybe even a little like dairy. There is grit underfoot, and you can hear a myriad of odd sounds near the floor--grunts, mostly, with a few whimpers mixed in. There's a yowling cat nearby. Do you have darkvision? Yeah, up to 60 feet. ...You see a living room cluttered with the trappings of new parenthood. Clean laundry is folded and stacked on the back of the couch, but also strewn on the cushions; a stack of folded towels has fallen onto the floor. The coffee table is a make-shift changing station on one side and a nursing station on the other. The TV is off, but you discover that the grunting and whimpering is coming from the Elfkin in a bouncing seat situated on the floor. The grit is kitty litter that the Elfkin's companion has tracked through. I add it to my quest log to clean the litter box and sweep the floor, and put away the laundry. Roll a constitution check... 12.. Your nose crinkles as you realize what the grunts of the Elfkin signified. You want to gag but you manage to hold back. I use the makeshift changing station to clean the Elfkin up and start my 6 week challenge.
  2. This is my first Challenge in my quest to nix the 56. I am currently sporting a pleasantly plump waist of a rotund 56 inches hence the Nix The 56 Main Goal: Fit into a size 32 Jeans ( I realize this will take longer than 6 wks) Milestone 1 : Complete the Bodyweight Brigade level 1 workout at least four times a week improving each workout. Milestone 2 : Condition by some sort of physical activity with my children at least three times a week. Milestone 3 : Be Liquid calorie free by the end of the challenge. Milestone goal 1 is a little aggressive I know but I BELIEVE I can do this Milestone goal 2 is to better my relationship with my kids and also makes sure I am getting them involved in healthy living at a young age. Milestone goal 3 is because I like food entirely too much to waste precious calories on liquid Life side quest : Learn to play one scale on my guitar by the end of the challenge. I have the following points system: Workouts 10 pts for each work out +1 bonus point for each workout better than the previous. Conditioning 10 pts for each day accomplished Liquid Calories 10 pts for each day liquid calorie free with a -15 point penalty for days i relapse. Play a scale 60 pts Points Possible Workouts 24 x 10 pts = 240 pts Conditioning 18 x 10 pts = 180 pts Liquid Calories 42 days x 10 pts = 420 pts Guitar Scale 1 Scale x 60 pts = 60 pts Grand total 900 pts We are taking it back to the old school with the 10 pt grading scale 90 -100 = A 79 - 89 = B 69 - 79 = C 59 - 69 = D Anything Lower is Failure I haven't determined rewards for the points system yet but WHEN I finally attain my main goal My reward will be a new wardrobe.
  3. Well, I was going to wait until the next challenge...but then I noticed that this one starts today, so why the heck not? Starting point Last weigh-in was last Wednesday (which is when I normally do them), so this will be a little off until I update in a few days. Height: 6' Weight: 193 BMI: 26.17 Waist: 41" Body Fat: 31.04% (see post #7 for more accurate starting numbers) Goals #1: BMI down to 24.99 or lower (out of "overweight" range). To achieve this, I would need to lose about 10 pounds. I've been playing with these same 10 pounds since about February/March. Reward: CON +2, CHA +1 #2: Body fat down to around 24% (out of "obese" range--apparently, they step from "normal" right up to "obese" when you get to 25%. ). This one will be a very aggressive goal for me, considering #1 above. But I plan to clean up my diet and track what I eat more using Daily Burn. Reward: CHA +2, CON +1 #3: Be able to do 1 unassisted pull-up. I've been using an assisted pullup machine (don't kill me, Steve!). In my workout today, I went as high as 130 lbs displaced down to 90 lbs. When I hit 12 reps at a certain weight, I "graduate" from that level and move further down. Reward: STR +2, DEX +2, STA +1 #4: Pay off my remaining student debt. This one will be agressive, too. I have a few thousand left to go, but I'm so close, and I'm going to try to do it without dipping into savings! Reward: WIS +4 So that's me. We'll see how this one goes. Looking forward to it!
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