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  1. Hello everyone! This is my first challenge, and my first post. I'm really excited about getting my life back into balance. For far too long its been totally out of whack. I'd have to say it started in 2008 when I had a giant celled tumor removed from my knee. Since then I've been motivationless, and lazy. That however is in the past, and I'm only looking to the future. I stumbled upon nerd fitness a few weeks ago, and have been more active than ever (except for when I was in the military, but that was ages ago). Main Quest To lose weight and build muscle. I've never seen myself wi
  2. Well, I've worked out before, but that was mainly distance running. I'm a freshman in college now, and though I've been taking capoeira classes twice a week (which I really stink at to be honest), I haven't done much besides that. I found that I feel like the weakest guy in my dorm and I want to change that. The problems: 1) I'm lazy about it, and 2) I feel really insecure working out around people in a Gym. So I've taken it upon myself to try a body weight workout. (The whole Insecurity thing can be a challenge for another day) I may be under/overestimating my abilities, but the numbers wil
  3. Just a little one, managed to complete the beginner's body weight circuit x3 sets without any breaks! Woot!
  4. Hi guys, So I'm currently embarking upon the Beginner Body weight program, and I have a couple of questions. 1. How will this effect my body, as in what perks can I expect to get out of this form of exercise in comparison to weight lifting? 2. Is it an effective form of exercise if your goal is all round top fitness levels? Ps; I intend to do Interval Training on my 'off' days, any thoughts? Cheers, Layla
  5. Well, how to begin. Up until one week ago today I knew my goals for this challenge. I was excited at my progress to date and looking forward to what more I would accomplish. A friend of mine told me that, 'Life is what happens while your busy making plans' Seriously, no truer words have been spoken. Warning: If your of the squeamish kind you might want to skip the next part. (sorry) One week before this challenge started, I got up and put in a fantastic workout and was getting in my fluids and meals and feeling thrilled at what seemed a very productive day. Then everything changed dr
  6. Well, This is the time I start my first full challenge. Joined the last one about two thirds into it so am a level one again. My last challenge was a bit "haphazard". I didn't really know what I wanted to gain from it and kinda wrote down just some things I was doing. It wasn't a true challenge. Since the last challenge I have increased my calorie intake. I wish I knew how much I was eating before, but judging from the fact that I was losing body fat I would imagine it was around 1800? maybe. Now I am eating between 2400-2800. Also on the leangains intermittent fasting method and eating/d
  7. And we're back with another challenge from our fine sponsors. During this challenge, looking at my workout records, I will level up a lot of the exercises I am currently doing. A few months ago, I set up a level hierarchy for the body weight exercises I've been doing. So far, for most of them, I'm still on level one, except for leg exercises, where I'm at level 2. But for most of my level 1 exercises, I'm very close to my "magic numbers" of reps and sets (12 reps per set). And that's just one part of my challenge. Here's what I hope to accomplish this go-round. Goal 1: Fitness: Level up
  8. I keep getting lazy. I've been fighting this all my life and I've been losing for most of it, but I am going to turn that around no matter how long it takes. My last challenge was a disappointment, and after it ended I stopped doing everything aside from the climbing since I at least have my roommate to keep me accountable as we climb together. It occurs to me I really need an accountabilibuddy or six in order to not suck. As much as I wanted to do this on my own, it isn't working. In accordance with the prophecy, I am going to kick my own butt into gear and I'm going to find a way to make s
  9. Back in April, there was a massive update to the game. It nerfed my character pretty badly. It was never really clear how badly, though, until today. There've been more updates since that have rendered my previous build unplayable. So, back to the beginning, I go. 1. Car accident = Severely sprained ankle; surgery looms on the horizon; 2. Divorce agreed upon; 3. PhD program started; 4. Moving to a new apartment Soon; 5. My 36th birthday 3 days after challenge end; 6. ...I may have RA... My original goal for the year was to be benching about 140lbs at this point and weighing about
  10. I am The Bishop. I'm trying to get stronger,faster and more agile. I've been practicing Martial Arts for ten years now, and gymnastics before that. However, after about three years of neglect and a horrible diet, I reached 228lbs, and couldn't do a single push up or run for more than a couple of minutes. This past mid September, I started to change my diet, moving away from grains and sugary foods. I lost about 14lbs from then until now, without any form of exercise. Along with my weight, I also lost a lot of strength, due to muscle mass loss. In order to get stronger, I've decided to join a
  11. Hi everyone, I lost about 30 lbs and am now "stuck" I set goals that I seem to be unable to stick to, so maybe this challenge will help. my main motivation is how much I love getting new clothes (luckily for the budget I'm addicted to the thrift store) and playing at the lake! Main Quest: Weight Loss, getting smaller feels great Quest #1: Quality work out every day - I struggle with lifting in body pump and then being so sore I half heartedly work out on other days. Grading: 4-5 days=A 2-3 days=C 0-1 days=F Quest #2: Clean up my diet, resist all
  12. Hello, fellow Monks! I am Taciturnip. I just finished my first NF six week challenge a week ago and am super excited to finally be amongst your ranks. I had been peeking in on the Monk forums for a while and everyone seems really supportive and diverse. My main challenge goals involve losing weight, which is an adventurer goal, but I really like the martial arts and hope to learn and lose weight at the same time. I look forward to training and growing with you all ! Epic Final Quest: Get under 200lbs. I am 5'6 and last time I weighed myself I was 305lb (I am trying hard not to weigh
  13. My most recent challenge, if I'm being perfectly honest, went much worse than I expected it to. I got lazy, and I screwed up. This time I'm going to fight as hard as I can against the laziness that's dominated my life until now. In accordance with the prophecy, this time I'll get it right. Let's get right to it. Goal 1: Simple, just exercise three times per week as a minimum. These have to be workouts where I seriously work some part of my body to the limit so that I'm actually gaining something from it. If I do more than three any extras are allowed to be more leisurely but of course workin
  14. DOSSIER The S.H.I.E.L.D, Agent codenamed 5C0T (heretofore described as "asset") has displayed tenacity and creative problem solving skills. Asset continues to explore long term goals to improve overall physical fitness. (See also Infinity Formula and Project M.A.E. [middle age extension].) To this end asset faces several challenges over the next six weeks. KEEP MOVING Asset exceeded goals for physical fitness session participation during the past six weeks. However, the asset did not take advantage of off days. Therefore, asset is challenged to continue following proscribed thrice-weekly bod
  15. So this is it, me committing to making something better of myself. So here we go, let's do this! This is my first challenge so I'm not sure how to start, and I'm a little late to the starting line, but here goes nothing. A little bit of me: I am a 20 year old Canadian man, I'm 5'11" and 135 lbs. I have moderate clinical depression that from time to time just rips apart and destroys any momentum and motivation I have to keep going (my psychologist recommended that I try to make exercises a constant in my life, then when I heard of this place with all of you wonderful people to hold me ac
  16. Hey nerdfitness people! Today was the first day of my first challenge! Since I'm out of shape and I joined late on the current challenge I started my own (I think I'm allowed to do that) so I could get started and level up. I did pushups and squats at the level I'm at with convict conditioning for strength training. Knee Pushups (3 sets of 30). Need to stay on this level Close Squats (3 sets of 20). Leveling up! Diet: Paleo Salad Grilled pork and carrots 3 L of water. One day down!
  17. Hello. I'm SkullHands, and I am a shape-shifter. A noob shape-shifter... A level zero. So far I've been able to change my appearance... but only for a short time before I shift back to my level zero form again. Main Quest Find my Ultimate Form! I want to be comfortable in my skin. This means that I will have lost weight, increased my fitness and be a happier and more confident person. I'm not going to transition from my current gelatinous, blob-like form to my Ultimate Form in one morph. I have tried and failed enough to know this. But what I will do is make small manageable changes in
  18. Motivation, Long-Term Goal To pull myself up the career ladder, hardeeharhar. In one year, I will have a CAREER. This girl needs a real JOB, man! Someplace warm, with benefits, and with income enough so I can save, and my budget will be more than "just try to not spend any money ever." I will also be able to do a PULL-UP. I did a Tough Mudder last August (and FINISHED!) and when I do one next summer, I want to climb over walls with no boost!! I'm looking forward one year because I just started my AmeriCorps service which is a one-year term. It only started just last week and I'm so
  19. BALIX the VIKING MINOTAUR First Time Challenger Hey everyone! I am Balix, Norse god of Cows!...Oh who am I kidding, let's get started shall we? Who the heck are you, Balix? I'm 20 years old, and I like to think I have a magnificent beard! I joined the rebellion roughly four weeks ago, and have seriously enjoyed reading the various articles and forum posts that came across. I've been struggling with weight problems for some time, and I go into considerable detail in my introduction post (which can be found riiiiiight...HERE). When I joined the rebellion, I made a commitment to
  20. I've fluttered over from the Druids for this challenge. I'm not sure if I'm over here for good or if it I'll start dual classing it back and forth, but I expect to be here for at least a few consecutive challenges. I'm pushing my self rather hard this challenge. It will be the last time I have buckets of free time for a while and I really want to stuff done/started! Main Quest: Get leaner, stronger, fitter, more able. By the end of this challenge I will get my abs visible, I will be stronger, I will be more flexible, and more able at moving my body. Not the most focused main quest, but I'm t
  21. Hi. I have been doing intermittent fasting for quite some time now and I have found it to be amazing not just for results but also to maintain it. However recently I have stopped the gym and moved to bodyweight training for budget and different goals reasons. Do I still do carb switching? Since I moved to bodyweight i started working out almost everyday. Are there any guides I could use to calculate my macros for it?
  22. Hi there! I'm Paradigm! Or really, that's what they call me around here. And by they I mean... me. This is my second quest for six weeks! I'm honestly surprised I managed it the first time and even more surprised that I am jumping on the band wagon to go at this a second time. I have a bit of a hard past and I detailed it all in my first challenge. But I'm in a better place now and I am moving forward and working on what I consider to be the last step in my journey to a better life.... Feeling comfortable in my skin. My Main Quest: Well, I have the same goal but really two quests. I am
  23. It's been about 2 and a half weeks since I began body weight training, and 3 and a half weeks of healthy diet (mostly paleo, still allowing some "cheat" room so i don't go nuts.) I finally got the chance to look in a mirror today (my room didnt have one before now) and damn... what the hell happened? Did i just see... muscular definition? I have pecs? and forearms? wth man... that stuff on my leg doesn't jiggle very much anymore... I mean, still overweight, still gut, still flab... but it clicked. What I've been doing... is working. DAYUM! And to make things better, going out to dinn
  24. Hi all. I've been watching the start of another challenge, and I've been debating whether I should join in. My last several challenges have been disappointing: start for a couple of weeks, then quit the next four weeks. Part of me had been thinking about sitting one out so I could take a break from the challenge frenzy. But of course, I've been starting challenges and "taking a break" for the last four weeks. Very disappointing. I'm not going to give up. Since my last several challenges have been abandoned before their mid-way point, I'm not really bringing anything new from the past ones.
  25. This is my first challenge, of course, and a major part of my Main Quest is to develop myself enough to be worthy of joining the assassin guild. Main Quest To build lean muscle (to become an assassin) Missions A - Do yoga/stretching for 20 minutes 3 times a week B - Eat high-protein foods 3 times a week (i.e. quinoa, tempeh, tofu, lentils - I eat a plant-based diet and often forget to consume protein-rich foods. I can't eat nuts and peanuts due to kidney stones, so this is something I need to focus on more.) C - Do body weight workout for 1/2 hour 3 times a week Life Quest Draf
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