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  1. Hello Assassins! I'm Matthew, this will be my first challenge. I'm excited to join up with the Assassins guild for the first one. I want to feel stronger, look better, become more flexible, lose 25-30lbs, and I've chosen goals that I hope will help me get there. Main Quest I want to lose 30lbs(25 at a minimum) Back in high school(21 now) I was in peak physical shape. I had very low body fat percentage and was very athletic. The last two years or so I've really let myself go and became a hermit. I am at 205 with a 25-28% body fat now and I would like to be back down to 175-180 with a 12-15% body fat by the end of this challenge. Quest 1: GET OUTSIDE! All of my life I spent almost every minute outside adventuring/climbing/jumping through every obstacle I could find. I now live a completely sedentary lifestyle and think it would help to get outside again. Part A: Get outside at least once a day Part B: Climb a tree or explore through the wooded area on my property at least once a week Quest 2: Utilize my body weight! I want to develop my chest and triceps as best as I can from body weight. One thing I've never had (even when I was in good shape) was a well shaped chest. I would love to build it as much as I can over the next 6 weeks. Part A: 100 push-ups a night (varying types every night) Part B: Get to 20 pull-ups from the current 5 ( as soon as I can make/get my hands on a pull up bar!) Quest 3: Watch my Caloric Intake My current diet consists of non existence. I do not plan on changing the items I eat, just the amount I consume. (long term goal is to slowly change my diet, but for my first challenge I will just watch caloric intake.) I usually wake up and eat a very large breakfast, snack all day, then eat a very large dinner with little to no exercise between. Part A: Use Myfitnesspal to set a calorie intake goal to aid in my weight loss and follow it everyday except Sundays ( keeping one cheat day to not discourage me from the plan completely) Part B: Eat 3-5 solid meals a day instead of snacking from breakfast to dinner. Life Quest: Limit my time on World of Warcraft I've been playing WoW since 2004 and I am an addict. I spend every second of my free time playing now a days. I HAVE to cut back on the amount I play as it has crippled my social life and my physical appearance. Long term goal is to be able to play without neglecting everything else in my life. Part A: Only play after I've gotten at least one 30 minute workout done in the morning and one in the evening. Part B: Do not neglect my goals and personal progress for a game Grading: Lose 30lbs A - 30 lbsB - 25 lbsF < 25 lbs 100 push-ups a night M-F A - 5/5B - 4/5C - 3/5D - 2/5F- < 2/520 pull-ups A - 20/20B -17/20C - 13/20D - 10/20F - < 10/20World of Warcraft All or nothing Height & Weight(accompanied by unnecessarily big title) Starting Height: 6'1" Weight: 205lbs Thank you all and good luck on your endeavors as well!
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