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Found 3 results

  1. I have been out of contact with these forums for a while, but I need to get back into a good routine. Mission: Run with my wife in the Scenic City Half Marathon in February 2016. Goals: 1. Run three times per week. Building up mileage since I haven't really trained for a race since I ran my first half marathon September 2014. Plan to run early in the morning (what had been my usual routine during earlier race training). Maybe some in the evening if I need to do so. 2. Cross-train three times per week. Body-weight HIIT, strength training, sword training, maybe some sledgehammer HIIT work. 3. Walk for no less than 30 minutes every day. Parking in the back of parking lots helps. Remembering to take a break or two at work and walk around then. Walking around the block in the evening or early mornings that I don't run. Eventually I plan to get a better food plan in as well, but right now I want to get a better movement habit going. Let's see if I can make Cheetara proud.
  2. Challenge Goals 1. Skill: Parkour training (20 minutes+ sessions) x2 weekly (M/Th). Start with rolls, precisions, and QM to crab (to help with safety vault pass-through); build from there (vaults next) as able. 2. Speed: Interval training x2 weekly (Tu/F) 3. Strength: Body-weight x2 weekly (W/Sat) replacing dumbbell rows with jack-knife pull-ups (reps TBD). Also, I will be away from home on strength days twice so the jack-knife pull-ups will be omitted those days. Keeping it simple and straight-forward right now but I need to think of a Nerdwarts School of Assassincraft & Ninjary tie-in!
  3. Well, here we go again.... Last challenge I managed to get back on to food tracking and exercise on a regular basis...problem was, my short term goals are to not only feel better, but I would like to lose this extra 30 or so pounds I have hanging around, and the workout plan I was following wasn't doing it...but when I was following my workout plan last year before the holidays/family time/chaos at work, I was consistently losing, so we're going to go back to that, with a few minor changes. Keep the elliptical three times a week, reduce the carbs, do yoga on the weekends, and something on the other two days of the week, even if it's just walking around the neighborhood or more yoga. I'm going to keep tracking as well as posting the recipes when possible, 100% including cheats... Grading will be like this Elliptical A – All 18 workouts (+3 STR, +2STA) B – Skipped 1-3 workouts (2 STR, +1.5 STA) C – Skipped 4-6 workouts (+.1.5 STR, +1 STA) D – Skipped 7-9 workouts (+1 STR, +.5 STA) F – Skipped more than 9 workouts. Other/Yoga A – All 18 (+2 CHA, +3 DEX) B – Skipped 1-3 (+1.5 CHA, +2 DEX) C – Skipped 4-6 (+1 CHA, +1 DEX) D – Skipped 7-9 (+.5 CHA, +.5 DEX) F – Skipped more than 9 workouts. Eating/Tracking A - Eat right, track daily (+5 CON) B - 2 cheats, missed tracking (+4 CON) C - 4 cheats, missed tracking (+3 CON) D - 6 cheats, missed tracking(+2 CON) F - More than 7 cheats I need to work on my sleep as well...that's a bit tougher because I go to bed by 10 every night, even weekends, I get up at the same time every morning...for for whatever reason I'm either waking up during the night or do not feel like I'm resting, because I'm absolutely drained lately... And now I'm off to stalk find my favorite nerds!!
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