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Found 3 results

  1. I have been out of contact with these forums for a while, but I need to get back into a good routine. Mission: Run with my wife in the Scenic City Half Marathon in February 2016. Goals: 1. Run three times per week. Building up mileage since I haven't really trained for a race since I ran my first half marathon September 2014. Plan to run early in the morning (what had been my usual routine during earlier race training). Maybe some in the evening if I need to do so. 2. Cross-train three times per week. Body-weight HIIT, strength training, sword training, maybe some sledgehammer HIIT wor
  2. Challenge Goals 1. Skill: Parkour training (20 minutes+ sessions) x2 weekly (M/Th). Start with rolls, precisions, and QM to crab (to help with safety vault pass-through); build from there (vaults next) as able. 2. Speed: Interval training x2 weekly (Tu/F) 3. Strength: Body-weight x2 weekly (W/Sat) replacing dumbbell rows with jack-knife pull-ups (reps TBD). Also, I will be away from home on strength days twice so the jack-knife pull-ups will be omitted those days. Keeping it simple and straight-forward right now but I need to think of a Nerdwarts School of Assassincraft & Ninjary t
  3. Well, here we go again.... Last challenge I managed to get back on to food tracking and exercise on a regular basis...problem was, my short term goals are to not only feel better, but I would like to lose this extra 30 or so pounds I have hanging around, and the workout plan I was following wasn't doing it...but when I was following my workout plan last year before the holidays/family time/chaos at work, I was consistently losing, so we're going to go back to that, with a few minor changes. Keep the elliptical three times a week, reduce the carbs, do yoga on the weekends, and something on the
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