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Found 25 results

  1. This is an open Bodyweight loss challenge: The Winner is the Person for whom (BF_{beginning}-BF_{current}) /BF_{beginning} is the smallest biggest number The attendents need to give their BF calculated by http://fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp?Calc=Body-Fat-Navy when joining in. There is no chance of leaving once you have begun. The Penalty is (rank-1)/(#attendees-1) * 1000 burpees in 48h Spreadsheet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules by Br0din:
  2. Tweaking goals ever so slightly this month, as I enjoyed the simplicity of the last challenge. Just working on some weak points. Goal #1: Do Stronglifts 5x5 three times a week If I'm honest with myself I'm getting a little concerned. Failed squats, OH press and deadlifts during Monday's session (failed squats and deadlifts for the first time too) and workouts are getting LONG. Add to that douchebros who (again) like standing in my personal space in an empty gym while I fail, and a period that won't start, and it's all feeding the anxiety. I agree with the trainer who wa
  3. snapshot of progress over the past couple months: height: 5’6.5” weight: 2/6/16 – 164.4lbs 3/4/16 – 163.3lbs 4/2/16 – 162.4lbs so something’s *working* I guess. but not fast enough my friends. I was 154.change in October 2015. so what the hell? making food/nutrition quest 1 this go-round. Quest 1 *no crap food from work. eat only what I bring in. this includes hot chocolate packets which I made an exception for last challenge… wut? *keep weekly calorie intake within 300 calories of 1
  4. QUEST1: Get that Viking moving! On 5 days of the week one or more of the following: LiftingA combination of:RopeskippingSledgehammerBodyweight exercisesEllipticalRunningGrouplesson KickfunGrouplesson Circuit training QUEST2: Grow a big healthy Viking! Mindful: Eat as healthy as possible, no snacking Moderation: Do not binge on food or alcohol Slight deficit: Try to keep a slight deficit so i won't be gaining, but will (hopefully) lose some BF. QUEST3: A rested viking is a healthy Viking! Sunday to Wednesday, go to bed no later than 23:00 (sleep till 06:00) 7 hours of sleep A total of 50
  5. hi, my name is fearless and im a former scout. im injured ( chronically inflamed achilles tendons) and can't run. also i have a barbell i really want to learn to use. in this challenge i want to develop a couple of new habits. i will add something new every week to complete my goals and change things slowly. i don't have a clue about lifting and am scared shitless of eating primal. still, i have a name to live up to! goals: main quest: lardbusting. eat primal six out of seven days a week by the end of this challenge lose 5% body fat and get down to 38%learn to do a beginner lifting routine
  6. Hi Assassins! So I'm new here. I completed my first challenge successfully, and I'm now ready to become an Assassin. Here is a link to my first (previous) challenge if you're interested what I did. My body stats at the moment (6/4-2015): 20 years old182cm (6") 78kg/172lbs (Morning weight)7.9% body-fat My Main Quest: "To Free My Body" Everything society and our environment tells us is making us less free, we are slaves, and it's getting worse every single second you're not actively doing something to prevent it. If you just go along like everyone else, work 9-5, get wife, achieve kid
  7. I had a pretty good year in 2014 and am starting 2015 with the aim of building on last year's successes and surpassing them. Heck, I'd like to sink the battleship with how well I'm going to blow my goals out of the water in 2015!! This first challenge of 2015 is aimed at locking in on what worked so that I can do more of it .... and gathering up tools that will support my progress toward attaining at "normal" weight of 149 lbs by the end of the year. And about 30% body fat .... which should be a very nice, feasible goal that I hope to sweep past long before we're thinking about egg no
  8. Following on from my self-imposed exile from the Assassins after my last failed challenge, I'm siging up with the Adventurers (if they'll accept me) as this guilds feels like the most appropriate place for me whilst I rediscover who I am and what I'm doing. Also, there is no Templars guild. This time last year I did set out some long-term goals which I made some success with (although nothing worth mentioning) so, as part of my gritty re-boot, I'm going to set myself some new year-long targets and base my goals for this challenge around them. Goal 1: Lose the excess xmas weight! La
  9. Hey nfers, Backstory I started my nerd fitness quest back in August. For my first quest I rejoined the fitness world, focusing on becoming functionally fit and establishing good habits for diet and exercise. My regimen consisted of waking up at 6:30, hitting the gym, and eating pretty clean paleo. My goal is functional fitness, so I measured waist loss and pullups. The results were awesome. I dropped about 12lbs, several inches off my waist, and went from doing maybe one pullup to 6. I liked the results so much that for my 2nd nerd fitness quest (conveniently timed as I was starting a
  10. Ok, this challenge is going to be simple and straightforward. I probably will not do anything with the run-on story. And I will be online less than I have been for the previous 9 months. We moved. I am really enjoying being back in my home town in Minnesota. I love the new house. Life is good, but it is also really busy with unpacking and decorating, new jobs, and tons of fun things to do. I don't think I really fully grasped how limited my life (especially social) had become. I have already auditioned for (and made it into) the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra's Chorale!! It'
  11. Hello All my nf peeps! After having a blast on my first level 1 rebels quest I'm officially embarking on quest #2. I'm typing this from the ipad in my hotel room (I'm in NYC for training for my new job) so forgive the lack of formatting. This quest is all about doubling down. In quest number 1 I formed a habit of exercise and worked on pullups and waist size. This quest I'm going to double down. That's right, at the end of 6 weeks I'm aiming for: 1. 20 pull-ups 2. -2 inches off waist (putting me at 32) Quest 3 is a half marathon. I can jog 6 miles without too much difficulty, so 13 seems
  12. Summer B - Not my idea of a Caribbean Cruise! (BF 33%)Story: Following the clues up the river to the Burned City and dealing with an undisclosed BOSS at the endDiet - stick to <= 1550 net calories (adjust for exercise) and protein >= 66 grams 76 grams Do a chin up or pullup with <= 30 pounds of assistanceDeadlift 80 pounds Walk/run 10K Decipher the clues (i.e. plan the move)Or ..... this could be named the ........ Summer Challenge. My epic quest is to rediscover myself as the Mal Ravenne. It involves a LOT of attributes that are not measurable and really come down to those g
  13. MAIN QUEST: 25% BODY FAT BY 28.12.2014 Ok, time to get specific. I want to be at 25% body fat by my 25th birthday, exactly 5 months away. I've been a member of NF for a year and a half now. The same time period since I started on my fitness journey (cringe, cheesy!) I've learnt a lot in that time, and seen some great results and some frustrating plateaus. I'm on my annual month long break from work now, and I want to take advantage of the time off, and nail this challenge. My plan is threefold: FOOD SLEEP
  14. We interrupt this previously scheduled program with an adventure on the high seas!! (Part A) Our summer challenge opens with our hero lying, soaken and shivering, on the wooden deck of a ship heading away from the realm of the recently-defeated Frostking. The lump on the back of her head and resulting head-ache leave her confused and disoriented. The rolling of the ship doesn't contribute positively to her general altertness or ability to engage in witty reparte either when the ship's captain notices her beginning to stir painfully. "Oh, good. I was beginning to think that we'd made a
  15. Introduction: The young troll tailor Katastrophenkatzchen rummage around in her pattern collection."It has to be here... somewhere!", she muttered. Her plan was to sew this specific perfect pair of trousers and she knew exactly the right paatern for it. "Got ya!", she triumphed, while pulling out a little envelope. "okay, how much fabric do I need. Let's see---- WHAT?", the troll yelledc, compairing her meassurements with the chart." Noway!That can't be true. Nasty pattern! I can't be a size 18! Ridiculous!" She stormed out of the little cabin to release her anger. While she wandered though th
  16. Hello Challengers! This is my second challenge, and having learnt a lot from my last one, this time my goal is simpler, more concise and altogether less arbitrary. By the end of this 6 weeks, I want to have visible abs, and that means sub 15% body-fat. That's how I will judge my success or failure- can I see my abs? Yes or no answer. I think that's a lot easier to judge than wether I reached a bunch of random numbers I know It's a vein, self absorbed goal, but it's a goal nonetheless. My starting stats: Weight - 197 Height - 5.10" Body fat % - 16.5 As a side note, iv been using a formula to f
  17. Hey sexy nerd peeps! This is my ninth challenge (where does the time go!) and after chilling with the Adventurers and roaming around with the Rangers its time for me to hang out with the mighty assassins. I feel like I've hit a bit of a plateau lately and I need to shake things up, refocus and shift my perspective (maybe to upside down in a free standing handstand one day, that would be awesome). I've danced my entire life and absolutely love it (a lot of ballet, a bucket load of contemporary/modern, and the odd bit of tap, breakdancing and hiphop thrown in for good measure) and now teach it p
  18. This challenge, I'm switching to the Assassin's Guild after having been a Ranger for nearly two years. Being in NF and a member of the Ranger's Guild kept me more or less sane during some rough years. I didn't lose a lot of weight, but I never gave up. And once I started getting serious about bodyweight training, I've started making some major improvements! Some reading and soul-searching has prompted me to switch guilds. I'd initially started with bodyweight training with the idea that I'd start to lift free weights or dumbbells once I got a solid base in squats, pushups, and lunges.
  19. hi guys! i've got some questions that i'm hoping y'all can help me figure out. a little about me: female, 5 foot 2, 116-ish lbs. currently eating a caloric deficit of 1300-1400 calories a day, exercising 7-13 times per week. i started working out and eating healthily a little less than a year ago. it was really slow progress at first because, honestly, i didn't know shit. but i learned a lot and lost a bunch of weight, making significant progress towards my goal of 19% body fat. [i started at 30% and dropped down to 24-ish%, where i currently still am.] during that time, i became much stronge
  20. WELL MAYBE NOT THAT BASIC RYAN... Hey sexy nerd peeps! So the last few months have been...challenging. I got injured in November and that derailed things for a long time. Christmas followed and my journey down the road of eat all the things has been a costly one. However, I have had my freak out pity party and it is time to move forward...by looking back. I've been rereading some of my previous successful challenges to see what made them successful. Those things are - keeping it simple, and tracking all the way through. MAIN QUEST: MORE MUSCLE. LESS FAT. I have seen and felt in myse
  21. EMS 6.0. COMMITMENT. Time to be like the pig...in a sense MAIN QUEST: 20% BODY FAT 100% AWESOME Hey sexy fit nerds! It's new challenge time - yey! My last challenge was pretty good, but what held it back was my lack of commitment. Some weeks were amazing, some complete pants, and what was frustrating was that I could see that what I was doing in the amazing weeks was working, but still failed to keep it up! I know that a low carb Paleo-ish diet really works for me, my body fat levels drop, my muscle increases and my athletic performance is outstanding (I have the 500m row and deadlift PR
  22. EMS 5.0. MAINTAIN AND IMPROVE. MAIN QUEST: DROP MORE FAT. KEEP MUSCLE. Hey sexy fit nerd peeps! If you caught any of my last challenge, you may already notice some similarities in this thread. That's because last challenge was awesome for me; despite being away on various holidays for half the time, my body fat dropped by 3.1% while keeping and building more muscle (+1.7%). This was due to a combination of maintaining my current fitness programme and following the Paleo inspired meal plan my PT put together for me. NF and my PT, as well as the changes in my own body, have really shown me the
  23. Even the summer winds are chilly this far north. The lone figure trudging up the mountain path gave a brief shiver and pulled his cloak tighter about himself. The slow crunch of his feet on the path and the sigh of his breath was the only sound, the birds had all gone. He continued his way towards the base of the mountain, the great hulking shadow sending a cold chill down his spine. It wasn't until later that day that he reached the true foot of the mountain. He could tell because the pathway suddenly veered upwards, almost into a vertical climb. The figure paused as his eyes followed the
  24. Hi all, I need some advice on how I can drop a few body fat % points. I'm 29, 125 pounds and completely stuck at 21.5% bodyfat. No matter what, I can't seem to drop below this and I'd like to lean out more. I've been stuck here for 9 months at least. I crossfit around 4 times a week and also do strength training on those days as well. Walk 7000 steps+/ day. I eat 90-95% paleo. 50% fat/30% protein/20% carbs (carbs all from fruit, veg and sweet potato.) I try to keep my fruit consumption fairly low, sticking with green apples and berries when I do. Try very hard to avoid starchy fruits like bana
  25. Hi all, I need some advice in what seems to be an ideal bodyfat percentage for a female/ how I can drop a few % points. I'm 29, 125 pounds and completely stuck at 21.5% bodyfat. No matter what, I can't seem to drop below this and I'd like to lean out more. I've been stuck here for 9 months at least. I crossfit around 4 times a week and also do strength training on those days as well. Walk 7000 steps+/ day. I eat 90-95% paleo. 50% fat/30% protein/20% carbs (carbs all from fruit, veg and sweet potato.) I try to keep my fruit consumption fairly low, sticking with green apples and berries when I d
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