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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for a wee bit of advice and guidance. I'm 28 year old male. 5ft 8. 82.58 kg. Around 19% body fat. I've dropped down from 91kg 4 months ago. But the weight drop was in the first month and a half. I've been aiming for 75kg for the next 2 months but would settle at 77kg. Training 3/4 times a week. 5 minutes cardio warm up. Day 1 - Chest and biceps, day 2 - back and tri and day 3 - leg, shoulders and abs. At the end of each workout I do either 15 minute HIIT cardio or LISS cardio for 30 mins. In-between that I work and I'm on my feet doing around 8000 steps minimum per day. I'm using progressive overload approach and finishing of my exercises with form dropping and doing 6-8 reps. I started eating roughly 1710 calories a day occasionally breaking to 1850. With a protein intake of at least 140 grams per day. For the first 3 months. Having not really lost any weight (gaining strength and dropping some body fat). Spoke to a guy in the gym advised to up it to 2000 at least a day and again increased my protein intake to around 160grams per day. With more water intake. I've been doing this for the last two weeks stepped on the scale again No change!! I've heard all the Trust the process and just keep going. But I'm feeling my motivation has taking a bit of a hit. Was at the gym today and felt low in energy that I didn't finish half my leg day exercises and end up leaving early. Feeling a bit fatigued and low in motivation. Anyone have similar experiences or advice on how to progress? Is that delay in weight loss for body recomp normal? Any guidance would be really appreciated.
  2. Okay so my fourth challenge didn't go as planned. My life has become pretty messed up. I am slowly getting myself back under control. I have lost a lot of my condition over the past two months, hence the starting again. I plan to use the workouts from my last challenge as a basis for this challenge still. The scoring will have more to do with building [or more accurately re-building] consistency. I am a big fan of being consistent when it comes to lifestyle changes, Without being consistent the changes can not occur. So with a copy, paste and a bit of editing here is my latest challenge. Goal One: Couch to Five Kilometres [C25K] I still want to take up running. I still think that a C25K programme is a great way for me to start running regularly. So here I am. Scoring: 3 runs/week is a Critical Hit 2 runs/week is a Hit 1 run/week is a Block 0 runs/week is a miss 6+ runs for the challenge will earn me one point 9+ runs for the challenge will earn me two points 12+ runs for the challenge will earn me three points 15+runs for the challenge will earn me four points 18 runs for the challenge is a perfect score and will earn me five points This is about endurance and determination here. So that translates to stamina, and constitution. Sta +3 Con +2 Goal Two: Strength I like my strength programme that I have set up. It covers all the areas that I want to work on. However I will count one set of each exercise as acceptable for scoring, I need my consistency back. The Warm Up is as follows: Max second Plank 5 x Burpees 15 x Bodyweight Squats 5 x Push Ups 10 x Lunges 15 x One Arm Row 20 x Jumping Jacks As before the above workout will be my minimum needed to score a point. My full strength workout will be based on the Pre Armstrong programme with one kettlebell, one hammer exercise and burpees added to the mix. MONDAY Push Ups Grip Hangs Pyramid Negative Pull Ups Kettlebell Goblet Squats Wood Chops Burpees WEDNESDAY Push Ups Grip Hangs Negative Pull Ups Kettlebell Swings Hammer Kisses Burpees FRIDAY Push Ups Negative Pull Ups Grip Hangs Turkish Get Ups Barbarian Squats Burpees Scoring: 3 full workouts/week Critical Hit 2 full workouts/week Hit 1 full workout/week Block 3 Warm Ups/week [no workout] Dodge 0 Warm/workout per week Miss 6+ Warm Up Routines for the Challenge one point 12+ Warm Up Routines for the Challenge two points 18 Warm Up Routines for the Challenge three points 6+ Full Workouts for the Challenge four points 12+ Full Workouts for the Challenge five points 18 Full Workouts for the Challenge six points Strength and Constitution will be boosted here. Con+3, Str+3 Side Quest: Minis As before 3 points will be awarded randomly for completing the RPG Fanatics minis. The Ranger's Minis giving me the points as per usual. Random+3 I have one point left over from this layout which I will use for any improvement I have made over the entire challenge. This will be similar to the one point I gave myself to Wisdom last challenge.
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