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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome welcome welcome! Jaz Xiao Long here, joining the Crystal Gem squad for this challenge (Steven Universe is currently taking over my life) and the Assassins. I've been here once before, though due to life, I dropped out of it - that was two challenges ago. Now I'm back, and ready to give this challenge the business! Main Quest: Be as awesome as the Crystal Gems. All of them. Together. Like when they make Alexandrite. No one told me space rocks would be such nice role models. Side Quest 1: Start training to be as strong as Garnet one day. Going to be making use of the NerdFitness Bodyweight Circuit this time around, at least 3x a week. A: 18 workouts +2 STR, +1 STA. B: 15 workouts +1 STR, +1 STA. C: 12 workouts +1 STR Side Quest 2: Upgrade my flexibility. Try to get on Pearl's level. Look at that level of flexibility Pearl shows. This is everyday. I need this. Backflips would be so easy. I want to achieve this, and that includes some serious stretching, possibly yoga. A: Stretched everyday, +3 DEX. B: Stretched every other day, +2 DEX. C: Stretched every other other day, +1 DEX. Side Quest 3: Make room to eat right. Like Amethyst did for her omelette. At first, I was thinking about going Paleo again hence the beauty of Amethyst throwing milk and a bag of bagels on the floor to make room for an egg. However I'm going to focus on more just cleaning up my eating all together. A: 80/20 +2 CON. B: 70/30 +1 CON. C: 60/40 +0.5 CON. Life Quest: Enjoy the little things. Like Steven! He's so excited about the rock, I want to be that excited about a rock. I want to be that excited about a lot of things, so time to get my optimism on! So I plan on writing things I was excited about on a slip of paper, then dropping it into a mason jar. A: 42 notes, +2 CHA. B: 35 notes, +1 CHA. C: 28 notes, +0.5 CHA. Motivation: I've been really attached to the Crystal Gems as of late, particularly Garnet, and I want to be as powerful as these gorgeous space rocks. (I also want to do a Garnet cosplay later this year.) To me, these ladies are all about maximizing their powers and using their bodies and gem powers with a great functionality. Soooo time to level up! In summary: 3x a week bodyweight circuits, daily stretching to improve flexibility, 80/20 rule when it comes to clean eating, and enjoy the little things.
  2. Well well well, we meet again. Having fought my way through the first challenge, I find myself standing in front of the most secretive and most shadowy guild hall in our humble Nerdville. It seems like a million eyes are watching me from the shadows. I knock on the door, and it opens. I'm ushered into a dark room, and handed a file. "This is your target." To complete my mission successfully, I will need the strength and stamina to physically confront them, the dexterity to escape, wisdom and charisma (and linguistic skills) to blend in with the locals. Main Goal: Build Strength and Flexibility, and Consistency Goal 1: Bodyweight training 3X per week STR 2, DEX 2 I will be doing the BBWW or a HIIT Neila Rey workout if I'm short on time. Goal 2: Daily Yoga 30 minutes of Adriene Mishler or Erin Mott's youtube yoga. (For the second week of the challenge I'll have no internet, so I'll just improvise with whatever I can remember). DEX 3, CON 2 Goal 3: Daily Plank (yesterday's plank + 10 seconds) My ultimate goal is 5 minutes (in this challenge). STR 1, STA 1 Life goal: Daily activity on Lang-8. 1. Study Korean for 1 hour. WIS 2 2. Correct someone's English post. CHA 2
  3. Meesa Sweats through the Antipodean Summer. [Level 3 - Again] So my last challenge didn’t go so great. I got derailed by some serious work stuff. Really looking forward to trying again. Its summer here in Aus so temps are around 35-40 c so sitting on the couch gets a sweat up. I plan on using that to kickstart everything. Soccer pre-season will start sometime in Late Jan/Early Feb Main Quest To get back on track to improving my fitness and soccer skills; and to start the new year at work with a new attitude and new opportunities. Goal 1. Body weight I will be working on my squat jump; pull up and push up progressions. I should be completing this training 3 x per week but working on each progression at least 2x Yoga at least 5 days a week to work on my shocking flexibility. Goal 2. Running and Endurance I will be working on my shuttle runs and sprints; along with basic running as part of my body weight sessions - but once preseason starts I’m going to try limit that to during those sessions only. I will fix up my bike and start riding to work ⅗ days a week (heat permitting) before the end of this challenge. Take some pressure off my knees and ankles. Goal 3. Kitchen! Focus on good food in the kitchen; especially on work days (weekends are a little easier on time). Also help save a little extra money. Breakfast - cook/prepare ⅘ days a week Lunch - leftovers/pre prepared 5/5 days a week Dinner - cooking/reheating/pre preparing ⅘ days a week Life Quest Starting the new year at work with a new outlook Part A - The Artists Way Its a creativity program - my parents have both tried it - definitely helps with the unblocking of the brain and stuff. Also with helping of finding direction - both things I’ve been struggling with. Its a 12 week program so it will run over 2 challenges.
  4. Oooh, it feels really awesome to get in on a guild! Ah, even better to take my first step into the whole guild world with the Assassins! The choice was a little tough with martial arts and parkour being some passions of mine, but...well, parkour is a lifestyle. So, here I am, ready to take flight and be a badass addition to the Assassin! Quest #1: Condition, condition, condition. Bodyweight conditioning for the world! Ah, as of late, I'm really into bodyweight conditiong and y'know well, training myself using nothing but my own bodyweight. Repetitive, I know. As for my choice of BC, 3x a week of Neila Rey's Super Saiyan workout. Rewards: +2 STR, +3 STA Quest #2: Train, train, train. Parkour is a sport drowning in the need for repetition, and also for an ever increasing chance to evolve. Learn a new move? Train it until it's second nature. Now train it on all kinds of surfaces. Now practice your flow with the move, and so on. Go out and train 3x a week, using parkour vision. For any non-traceurs or traceurs unfamiliar with the term, it's just truly seeing everything as potential to train your technique. Rewards: +2 DEX, +2 STA, +1 WIS Quest #3: Handstands, handstands, handstands. I can't really do a handstand. I can get up there, but my head is pressed against the floor. And so, practice my handstands for 5 minutes a day. Goal is a free standing handstand but I'll take what I can get. Rewards: +2 STR, +2 STA Life Quest: Save, save, save. I have a bit of a hard time saving money. Even if I budget everything out, somehow what was supposed to go into my savings somehow goes well...not into my savings. So my life quest for the challenge? Add a minimum of $50 to my savings account for every paycheck. Rewards: +1 WIS
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