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  1. Hello all, and welcome to my little corner of chaos. As those of you who were following along last challenge know, I a new job, which I am starting tomorrow, and I have just recently returned to working out after a mild back injury (yay!). That being said, I am stripping my usual challenge wayyyyy back, because I am going to be BUSY. I have some busy weekends coming up, a lot of catching up to do with my new job (using a system I have not used before), and I have a personal training certification exam in mid-November. So, those will be where most of my focus goes. Someday I will learn not to o
  2. It is finally spring again. The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, and nature is slowly coming back to life. There have already been multiple days where I could open up the windows around the apartment and turn off the heat. My last couple of challenges have been fairly strong, and my intent is to continue to build on that. I did struggle some with my INT goals last challenge, but a lot of that had to do with some time contraints that arose during the challenge. I made a valiant effort to catch them up before the end of the last challenge, but could not QUITE make
  3. Once, an elven lord, desperate for a child of his own, turned to drow worlock when all other magic failed to help his wife concieve. The powerful drow gave the elven man what he wanted...or so he thought. When the child, concieved out of dark magic, began to grow older, the elven couple noticed a strong power, a strange darkness to their child. When they took their young daughter to an old, scholarly wizard, his prognosis was dire: the girl was touched by the hand of Darkness itself, a force that would consume her before she reached adulthood. If she tried to contain it, it would poison her fr
  4. I'm Back!!! Wow, has it really been a couple years since I've been here?!? So much oddness has gone on in the time since we all last were together. Ups, downs, lots of things going sideways but every so often you need to revisit things that have worked in the past. At least until I figure out exactly how everything is going to go with this, it's best to start with what I've got planned and what I want to do. Why didn't I just stay in the car?! Over the course of 2018 I had run my life with one New Year's Resolution: to be at least 12 lbs lighter than I was
  5. 2019 was to be a year of crushing all the things. Unfortunately, I need to heal up my ribs before I can do more. So, this challenge is going to be about trying to keep exercising whilst not overdoing it so I can heal. Additionally, I will need to play closer attention to diet and stress relief as I won't have my usual crutch as it were of HIIT and running for a while. Bah! Tis no fun! So, here's the plan for the first challenge of 2019: Walk on a regular basis. Without the running and HIIT, I need some amount of exercise. The dog will be my friend with these. At least 5 walk
  6. Hey there, I finally made it back again (again) and aim to stick around for a bit longer again, squeeeee This will be a proper respawn as not only did I take a break on forums, my less to little training slimmed down to none, which still shocks me tremendously and my body lost any hard achieved slimness instead (which kind of makes sense) It got so bad, I finally did the thing and set foot into a fitness studio (gasp). Not that there is anything wrong with regular fitness studios, but they really aren't my thing at all, so this is my first time contract with
  7. Yesterday I ran my second half marathon (YAY!). I enjoyed it and may a third some time, but it meant that I had to dedicate most of my summer to being a Scout. I like running, but I am not a Scout. I am most definitely a Ranger and having to stay focused on one discipline to that extent made me antsy. So for this challenge, I'm going to catch up again on some of my other preferred methods of exercise that have been getting neglected lately: Adventure If I were to leave the guild (which isn't going to happen) I would probably be an Adventurer. There is nothing I like as much a
  8. Oh! My! God! I'm addicted to Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. (And I binged too much on Friends...) And as I struggled a lot during the last challenge it seems reasonable to "escape my ordinary life" and respawn in... I'll throw around the buzzwords fundamentals, priorities and assessment. I need to simplify things a bit, but I also want to wokr on the things that are important. And I want to find out what I'm capable of without trying too hard. Hence, the goal is to simply track my behaviour in week 0 and then I try to do more in the subsequent challenge weeks. E
  9. Hello all, I’d previously completed about one and a half Challenges here at the end of last year. Then my final semester at university and my health challenges got the better of me. I didn’t really backslide from anything that I had accomplished, and I successfully graduated in May, so I wouldn’t really say I’m respawning. I guess I was just falling through the world for a while. Anyway, I’m excited to be back and to pick up where I left off, but thought I would post in the Level 1 Challenge section while I get back into the flow of things (if that is all right). Me: I’m a
  10. OOC: For a quick and dirty introduction that's still in development: Lorcan Cuirc. I'm not new to Nerd Fitness, or even the Rebellion Forums to be accurate (though I haven't participated much in the last year). But, I am coming at this as if I am brand-spanking-new. Any helpful suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. I read the book in two days last summer and instantly LOVED the concept of gamifying my goals. I've been applying it inconsistently since. Now, after some life events I've decided to really look at myself, my life & goals, and rebuild. That's why I'm h
  11. Hello fellow nerds! After reading Nerd Fitness for a couple years now I have decided to join in on the fun! I just graduated from university this past spring, moved a few thousand kilometers away from home for a job, but now that I'm settled in I want to start making fitness more of a priority! I used to work out fairly consistently but (like so many others) have fallen off the wagon these past few months. But it's time for that to change. I'll outline my goals below and make a more detailed post later once I figure out the details! Main Quest: To stay consistent and live a healthy li
  12. So here we are again. I'm a bit late posting this challenge. I had two other challenge ideas to choose from for this round, and they were both great, but I haven't been feeling it enough to take the plunge. I took my longest break from working out in AGES over the past two weeks. I had a headache/spine pain issue for a week, during which I managed one sort of half workout before accepting that I couldn't handle working out in that state. Then by the time it faded I was on vacation without a plan because I hadn't known if I would recover enough to even be able to do ANYTHING so I wasn't prepare
  13. I suppose you could say I'm here as a mentor? (If that doesn't sound too pretentious or anything...) I've done a good number of challenges, not always successful, not always at my best, and rarely in one guild for too long. A bit of an introduction would probably be good... (It's spoilered because it's long and a bit of a brain dump, and some people already know a lot of it.) So I've narrowed it down to four goals to focus on this time around. I'm also grading this challenge, which I haven't done in awhile. Hydrate Drink at least two liters of fluid f
  14. The Mystique of Terra I choose Mystique because I am needing some changes in my life and who better to be my spirit animal this challenge that the mutant who can become anyone she wants to be, yet just wants to be herself. Yes she can be nasty, but she can be caring too. I find Mystique to be a fascinating character so this should be fun, eh? Mutant powers! The Mutant power of Metamorphosis - I need to make some changes!. So I take this challenge to begin my metamorphosis into my amazing self! These will be simple goals, little things that need to becom
  15. Hello! I am a French nerd, living in Belgium. I am not new here but I set my last challenge a while ago! Today, I weight 89 k (about 196 pounds) and I am already hitting the gym at least 3 times a week (thanks to a personal trainer). I said goodbye to 20 pounds in the past 4 months. I would like to keep up the good work, especially with my eating habits for which I definitely could use accountabilty. Why do I need help? I spend the last 3 weeks eating unhealthy food. I am not making a big deal of it because I understood why this happened. However, it's not a behaviour that will help a
  16. "If you must blink, do it now. Pay careful attention to everything you see and hear, no matter how unusual it may seem. And please be warned, if you fidget, if you look away, if you forget any part of what I tell you, even for an instant, then our hero will surely perish." Hello Assassins *bowing head*, I have been following you all and look forward to earning a place among your ranks. Recent, catalytic events have created an impetus for me to focus on my health, fitness, and mindfulness. And so, the journey has begun due to forces far beyond my control and I will rise up
  17. Last year, my bf and bought our first house and moved there. It was exhausting and very stressful, but in the end, we do live in a nice house now. We still have to do a lot, but at least there are no deadlines anymore :). Now that I have time to think about what I want again, I decided to respawn here for a new challenge. My bike-commute has almost doubled to 9.5km (~6 miles) each way, and the climbing gym is even farther away. Still, I want to keep up using my bike as main transport mode AND keep rock climbing twice a week. Moreover, I want to become stronger, more flexible and mo
  18. Hello all, I actually signed up a week ago and have started a personal challenge in the Rebel area, but figured I should introduce myself. Long story, I’m a 38 year old female and I’d been able to maintain a healthy weight of about 125 to 130 my entire adult life until about a year and a half ago. That’s when the intermittent abdominal pains I’d been having stopped being so . . . intermittent and I noticed I was losing my appetite. I made a doctor’s appointment but, of course, the soonest they had available was three weeks out. About a week late
  19. Yep. Time management. The one and only goal for this challenge. And here's why: I suck at it. And my life is going to become a chaotic mess if I don't make it a priority. November has brought a lot of change into my life, and December will do the same. Early in November, I started new medication (wellbrutrin). And that was after finding out that I was misdiagnosed with ADHD. Midway through the month, I started seeing a therapist for CBT. And now here, at the end of it, I landed a new job. Yeah, something finally came out of all that work that started all the way back in
  20. It's time for a new challenge! During the last challenge, I put up the Foxy Business, and the company's kicked off pretty nicely. I learned new things, and it's time to modify the business strategy! Where are we now? I've dealt with a bunch of emotional baggage, and I'm in a better place than two months ago. My stress levels have been very low for many weeks, and I'm noticing a huge change in my energy levels! I don't know how much I weigh, currently, but I'm taking a break from calorie counting and the scale during this challenge. Usually, when
  21. It is time once again to regenerate. It's been a fun run in this body, but seriously it's time to go... but one can hope I'm going to end up with a much healthier model. Maybe ginger? This time around I'm going to try to keep it simple, we'll not be saving the world, just taking in the sights, getting acquainted with my companion(s) and see if we can survive. Step One: Nutrition After a regeneration it is important to get the right nutrition - I will be doing the elimination diet again this challenge. I was sooooo close last time I
  22. This battle log will not be daily. But I would like to leave something of my progress behind, just in case someone like me comes along and needs that extra push or second wind. Starsapart was that person for me, and I'd like to be there for someone else! First things first...or perhaps second things second, I am not at my goal. Not by a long shot. At this point in time, I am a novice, just beginning to count the fruits of her labor. I am into my second real 6 week challenge--not including my novice training. And I have told myself, I will give nerdfitness 7 challenges to astound me. But at thi
  23. Was debating on visiting the rangers this round, but I think the Assassins still fit what my end goals here are, especially since I want to work more on the bodyweight training that I've been struggling to keep up (in large part due to stress) I ramped up most of last month for a Whole 30, which I started today, and so far it's off to a rocky start, as I completely forgot to make breakfast ahead of time last night so I wouldn't have to worry about it this morning (had to get up "early", by my night-shift habits, to help out with some gardening.) Thankfully my lovely friend/adoptive mother
  24. SO i am a bit new to the whole bodyweight training and i could use some help in setting up a training regime. I am not looking to train a specific muscle group i want to gain overal strength. At the moment i would consider myself at beginner level, i finnished steve's beginner workout routine and i am looking for a new routine. I hope you guys can help me
  25. Actual video footage of the event from last year at my school. The guy wearing the bandana and doing flips is my instructor. >.< For this challenge, I’m going to shift focus temporarily from the standard and usual foundational quests to prioritizing my capoeira training. I’ve signed up for the Winter Games event; a three-day string of capoeira workshops and rodas, which also includes the batizado. In capoeira, the batizado is the initiation ceremony where a new student is tested on their basic knowledge (in the regional style). The prize is the first belt/cord ranking, which is soli
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