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Found 7 results

  1. Snickie

    Snickie respawns!

    Look who decided to show her face again. *bullies laughing evilly and cracking their knuckles* (jk) So long story short, I got wracked with guilt the other day because my dad kept falling and we couldn't get him up and I am like the most useless thing ever when it comes to strength and stuff. My dad is in a wheelchair now but still stands up to do some things like putting on a belt (I'm going to convince him to switch to suspenders) or going to the bathroom or switching between chairs. But he still falls and we're powerless to help him and too stubborn to call for help (because we'll end up relying on it and calling for help multiple times every day and things won't get better and that can very easily breed resentment which we don't want). So I'm back here to get strong. Because my mom won't do it so I have to. The goal is to complete a bodyweight circuit three times a week, ideally MWF, with progressive overload. I'll be tracking exercise type/variation and number of reps. I'm starting with mastering the NF beginner bodyweight circuit (with NF beginner dynamic warm-up and some stretching to cool down) but I'd like some ideas on how to vary the routine some so I don't get bored (which is something I'm very prone to). I have access to a gym but I'd rather not use it for this challenge as I haven't paid for the membership. I have three sets of dumbbells (3 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb) and a fat kitty who is willing to be used as a small barbell in exchange for cuddles and food. Additionally, I need to keep track of nutrition and how much I eat so I can make sure I'm eating enough to sustain this level of activity. I tend to undereat in general and also my sweet tooth is a bit out of control lately (I am a sucker for anything with rainbow sprinkles). I'm not worried about my weight at this time (although I'd like to stay the same pants size - ugh clothes shopping). I already have a food log (I use this to track what foods might be triggering my IBS-like symptoms) but I'd like to be more specific and also I'm lazy. ClarinetFest 2019 is at the end of July, plus two concerts around it, and my playing chops are not up to speed. Practice clarinet 2.5 hours this week (add 30 minutes for each of the following weeks). Finally, I need to read more. My 2019 reading list looks like it will soon be graduating to my 2020 reading list. Read 500 pages of leisure reading (i.e. textbook reading doesn't count). I may or may not theme this challenge. I could bring back Steven Universe or do something themed toward the fanfic I'm supposed to be co-authoring (but then I'd be spoiling~!). And I'll put up a spreadsheet soonish.
  2. Okay, I've been tracking workouts in Fitocracy, and while the way it runs me through a workout is nifty, it feels like one more thing to keep track of since I'm summarizing for challenges here, too. I think the simplest way to do it is keep track here and then I can reduce my typing. I will post measurement updates and such about once a month (I track weekly in MFP). I'm not posting today since I've been off-plan a few days (sugar and sodium) and I'm having TOM fluctuations. My main goal is to reduce body fat pcentage to 22%. At the moment, I'm in a calorie deficit (-250 a day is my goal) and tracking exercise with my fitbit where I can manually log strength training. I prefer this to a straight TDEE estimation method because my base activity level can vary so widely from day to day. I am following the Start Bodyweight program. Today's workout will be up in a bit!
  3. Hello there, maybe some of you can give me insights on how to gain the ability to control your body and become more flexible? In a sense of pole dancing, yoga, gymnastics, possibly parkour - it all seems so undoable to me and I'd love to have this controlled strength of gymnasts who can slowly lift their legs off the ground to a handstand or jump up from lying flat on their back. I think it might be a fallacy of mine: It all looks like you do not need a huge amount of sheer strength to do it. But maybe you do. Because usually gymnasts do not look that muscular, some even look slightly overweight. I can lift weights, and I get stronger, in a sense of I can lift more weight, but bodyweight exercises, including yoga, are much harder for me. A) because I lack the flexibility and B ) the strength. I simply have no idea, no plan, on how to go about it or if it is possible to improve since it feels so futile. I can't even do a side plank and lift a leg for longer than 5 seconds. Back in school when I was a teenager we had to do this: So many were able to do it but to me it is still a mystery how you can even pull yourself up. My body feels like an uncontrollable sack of potatoes most of the time, even when I do a bit heavier lifting. I'm also sure I never really tried hard enough for a long period of time and that the effort it needs for something that looks easy is quite high. So do you have any ideas on how to start? Do you think Insanity is helping here? Because I always enjoyed those videos a lot and improved a bit. Any other plans or ideas? Like... actually starting with yoga? Does it really improve? I also stretch, but only from time to time, it used to be 4-5 times a week after lifting, but never noticed any difference in my flexibility.
  4. Hey! I'm Kerri. I joined the Academy today and wanted to start a new battle log for this purpose. Most of what is in my old log are outdated measurements and some remnants of black & white thinking. I'm excited to take this new step in my leveling up. I am currently 255 lbs. (Down 40lbs from my highest weight) I am eating three meals a day regularly, with only occasional snacks. I have binge-eating episodes less than once or twice a month? I no longer have tachycardic symptoms and my asthma is controlled without medication. My fasting sugars are out of prediabetic range, and my insulin is almost in the normal range. I'm doing pretty good so far. However, I've not started exercising. I have not "worked out" beyond the demands of my job (which is two days a week, 10hrs a day) and I want this to change. My fibromyalgia pain is getting worse in my shoulders and I know a part of this is due to them no longer being strong from doing PT exercises. I'm hoping the Academy will help me with this. I'm at a standstill with my eating as well - having a chronic illness (not to mention my ADHD) makes cooking, meal planning, and grocery shopping nutritiously difficult. More concrete education and small steps to do this are an exciting start. So here's to my next level up, my middle road journey to spy-hood!
  5. RoachRex

    RoachRex's Hunt Begins

    Hey everybody! The day this challenge officially starts, Rabbit season opens in my area! So I'm probably going to aim to try and take a rabbit this year, but it depends on if my buddy is ok with me butchering any over at their place as my family definitely wouldn't be okay with that haha. Starting Stats Age: 29 Height:5'4" Weight:240# The Goals: Exercise daily!! My plan is to do bodyweight training 2x a week and walking at least a mile on my off days. This time I'm in it to build endurance! 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Log Foods Daily! I don't really know how many calories I should be eating anymore, but I definitely need to get back in the habit of keeping track! I'm back on MyFitnessPal, my username is RoachRex! 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Meal Prep! My goal is, every week, to prep my meals for the entire week. I'm honestly A-ok with eating the same thing every day, I even was into Soylent for a while (but it messed with my gut too much). Honestly the reason I eat junk is out of convenience. So if I can batch-cook and make all my meals in advanced? Ain't nothing more convenient than that! 4 weeks - A 3 weeks - B 2 weeks - C 1 weeks - D 0 weeks - F Ruck/Hike! My main goal this time is to build my endurance for hunting. I've got some gear together and I've got some locations in mind! I'd love to go camping but I'm not sure that's going to happen this time, but I definitely intend to at minimum go on some sort of hike every week, with a pack on my back. 4 times - A 3 times - B 2 times - C 1 times - D 0 times - F
  6. It’s the start of a brand new year, and a chance to respawn and start driving things in the direction that I want them to go in. Therefore, new battle log! Except we’re going a day early, because 2019 starts on a Tuesday and I do not like that. [spoilered is a long, non-essential reading background] The 2019 battle plan… For this year the bulk of my training will live in here rather than being first and foremost in my challenges. The challenges themselves will likely focus more on things like nutrition, mental health, and general lifestyle things (or if I decide to do something new and crazy). The exception will be any year-long challenges I decide to implement. As of right now, there are three: Routine Builder: Routine has proven a useful tool in helping me manage both my mental health and my life in general, and it’s something I have little of, even on workdays. Step One: Laptop off and phone away an hour before bed. Read or knit for an hour. Why? Because I get very easily distracted. It’s easy to say I’ll go to bed at, say, 10pm, and still be browsing mindlessly come 10:30pm. Removing the internet from the equation means less distraction. Add that to the fact that I find both reading and knitting to be highly relaxing things, and that both can be done in bed so there are minimal obstacles to me going to sleep, and I believe this will begin to help me fix my sleep issues. Once I’ve been doing this for four weeks without missing a day then I can add another piece to the routine. Burpees, burpees, burpees: I have a Spartan heavy year ahead so my burpees need to be on point. I’m starting at thirty burpees per day. After two weeks with no missed days I’ll move up to thirty five burpees per day and so on, and so on. They can be done all at once or in sets or one by one, just so long as thirty are done. Project 52: An easy way to get myself reading on a regular basis again, I think. One year, fifty two books. Any books. Fiction or not, old favourites or brand new. And, of course, alongside these year-long projects there are more skill specific goals and routes of progression that I’m trying very hard to tailor to my specific needs, whether they are pre-existing weaknesses that need correcting or the next steps that I have delayed in taking. My training will be structured around these paths Alchemy is perhaps the single most important skill to master. Without learning the art of fueling oneself, progress will be hampered and limited. Throughout the course of this year I aim to learn the art of alchemy with the following goals: Stop over- and under-eating. Figure out a calorie guideline to ensure that I am properly fuelled for active days and not gorging myself needlessly on rest days Macros. Just the basics, protein, carbs, and fats. Once the calorie guidelines have been found, implemented, and adjusted to then it will be time to begin tailoring my diet to further benefit me. This will all change over time, but unlike with the other goals, I can’t see or calculate what might be next for me, nutrition-wise. Not without having a solid base to stand on. Elemental mastery is crucial, particularly if one aspires to be an elemental battlemage. First and foremost, the Path of Fire. Mastery of one’s own body is undoubtedly an important part of fitness, and there are many feats of bodyweight strength that I either want to attain, or have achieved before and wish to reach again. This year I mean to achieve the following: One full pull-up Five pistol squats on each leg These are subject to change, of course. Should I achieve either goal before the end of the year, I will add another. The Path of Earth is that of pure strength, the ability to move mountains and stand against storms. Or, in more mundane terms, to lift heavy things. This year I mean to achieve the following: 100kg deadlift. My current PR is 80kg (achieved 2016). Bodyweight back squat. According to my SL5x5 app, my current PR is 47.5kg for three reps (achieved 2016). 60kg bench press. Doubling my current 30kg for five reps. I don’t think I’ve ever tried for a bench PR before. 40kg OHP. I vaguely recall doing 32.5kg for one rep at some point in the past couple of years. If by some chance I achieve and surpass any of these goals before the year is out, I will adjust accordingly. The Path of Water is the means to move from point A to point B with the swiftness of a flowing river using self-powered methods. Running, cycling, even swimming if I figure out how to not be scared of it (which is a shame, because I used to love swimming). This year I mean to achieve: A half hour 5km. I think my current PR there is somewhere around 40-45 minutes. An hour 10km time. I don’t have a PR for this, and I don’t know if my aim is reasonable, but I’m aiming for it anyway. Cycling goals are under construction pending the following discoveries: average and best times cycling to/from work, 10km speed run time, 25km time, 50km time, and just what grade of downhill trail am I currently capable of riding? Last time I actually did anything, I was solidly in the red and edging into the black (hardest grade, highly technical). I need a trail centre trip to figure the last out, unfortunately. Right now it’s a goal to add swimming goals. It requires a gym membership, which requires the funds for it. Watch this space. Bonus Path of Water goal: Full Mucker Domination: I can’t explain how badly my RRDW experience messed with me last year, or how soul crushing it was that the words ‘half mucker’ escaped my lips at the end when I was asked which, full muker or half, I’d just completed. This year is my last chance to do it and do it well as I will not be making a 2020 effort, though I can’t speak for my plans in the years after. The Path of Air promotes control of self, mastery of movement. Unlike the aggressive, strength-based Path of Fire, Air focuses places more emphasis on skill application and injury prevention. All things yoga, mobility, and flexibility, basically. This year I will achieve: A thirty second pendant pose hold. I’ve been after this for years. A thirty second L-sit hold. Downward dog with my heels on the ground. Currently impossible and painful to try. As with all other paths, goals are subject to change should anything be achieved or deemed too ambitious. The Path of Steel focuses on weapons skills. Or, in mundane terms, obstacles. The meat and bones of OCRs, after all, and something full of new challenges from race to race. It is from this path that the creative and wildcard elements of my training will be drawn. This year I will achieve: A complete monkey bar/rig crossing. Current PR is two rings as of September 2018… Solo eight foot wall scaling. I can and have scaled six foot walls solo, although currently that is far from a consistent performance. Goals subject to change. While I can practice components of these things outside of a race environment, the only opportunity I have to do these things in full is at a race. Which is why rope climbing, while still a goal of mine, is not included in this year’s list. I don’t have any way to begin training for that. My week will be run with M/W/F being strength based (weights or bodyweight), T/T being running based, and S/S being active rest. This structure is helping me formulate routine (and helping me keep track of just what day it actually is) though remains flexible as life is an unpredictable beast. All going well, I should update every evening, giving me an unofficial year long accountability goal as well.
  7. jenglish

    Jenglish's ADHD

    Figured I might as well start a log. I do a little bodyweight, some barbell and some running. Currently starting 5/3/1 and doing a bit of trail running. I log some stuff on Fitbit and Myfitnesspal for my calorie and macro counting. So now eights today but a 4.33 mile hilly train run in about 50 minutes.