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Found 1 result

  1. After leaving the Scorpion tunnels, Red decides to enjoy nature a bit by taking a stroll into the nearest forest. However, the powers that be, decide that they aren't done with him yet... "Ahh, now this is nice! Just the still trees and the whispering wind." He hears something move. He turns around, only to see nothing, but leaves fall around him. 'Huh, must've been my imagination.' he thought. He keeps moving forward, and again, he hears that same rustling, knowing that something is indeed watching him, he pretends not to notice, a few steps further, he listens intently to pinpoint the source. Once he hears movement again, he immediately throws his sword at the would-be stalker. "HA! Found you!" Once the sword struck, he hears an unexpected sound, "WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" As something, or rather someone, hits the ground in front of him. "What the--? An archer? What are you doing following me?" The Archer replied, "I wasn't following you, you idiot! I was following the Slime!!!" "Slime? What slime?!" "The slime you stepped into, and now got ME stuck in! You idiot!" "What the?! How in the--" "Great! Now we're both going to be slowly digested, I hope your happy!" "Now, hang on, if we work together, surely we can get out of this... err... slime!" "Fine! But you have to do exactly what I say, otherwise, we're dead meat! And don't call me 'Shirley'!" "First of all, we need to get our arms free!" - By doing the Advanced Bodyweight routine and Shadow Boxing x3 a week! Str +2, Sta +3 "Then we need to Pull ourselves out!" - Work up to 3 sets of 6 pull-ups or 1 set of 15 without stopping! Str +2 Sta +2 "OK, What do you know about slimes?" "Uhh, they're slimy?" - Set aside an hour to review Biology notes, or watch a Biology lecture 5 times a week. Wis +3 "Come on! You have to want this as much as the next breath! Literally!" - This one is a bit of a personal goal, I feel like I've lost my drive to achieve my life-long dream of becoming a doctor, so this goal is mainly to remember what made me want to be one in the first place, and to rekindle that drive that made me obsessed with this dream. There's really nothing to measure with, although, if you guys can help me by asking me deep philosophical questions about it or question my reasons for being so, it'll help me sort my thoughts... I hope. +5 Inspiration!
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