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  1. After a year-long hiatus from the Rebellion, I've made it back here to start my fitness journey all over again. Not by choice. The long version of the hows and why's are here if you feel like a read. The short version; Aussie Roller Derby player / hospitality professional. Broke an ankle, am now housebound. Gone from SuperActive to CouchSurfer. Non-weight bearing for another month on my right leg. Then have to learn to walk and skate and play and work all over again. Without my usual routine I've lost everything that defines me and I want it back. Starting from the beginning because if I have to sit on the couch like a sloth for another month I'm gonna lose it. Long Term Goals; Walk again sans limp. completed 23/3 Be cleared to skate again. completed 19/4 Skate a whole training session. Again, preferably without too much pain. Re-Pass my Minimum Skills. All of the skills a roller derby player needs in one simple test. Play a full Roller Derby Bout. I'm aiming for September for this to become a reality. The long weekend in September is the state tournament for all the teams and I wanna play. I feel this also gives me more then ample recovery time to rehab my broken ankle and be able to skate safely on it without fear of re-injuring it or anyone else. Find a new job that I am excited for. Not hospitality. If further study is a thing then so be it. Not hospitality. Can't do it anymore. Feb 2017 Goals. Mar 2017 Goals Apr 2017 Goals Gym 3x Daily Meal Prep 1x Weekly Design Daily Journal Daily
  2. Hello again, wonderful rebellion. Gosh, it's been a while since I was here! My name is Stoney and I need help. Mostly, a kick up the pants so I don't fall into a mental abyss of doing-nothingness. I left the rebellion last year after I finally felt comfortable in the real world, keeping up a healthy lifestyle and balancing being on the local Roller Derby team, going to the gym a few days a week, and working 40 hours a week on my feet in one of the local cafes. I was meal prepping, being awesome at my job, finally getting better as a derby player, getting enough sleep and generally kicking butt. So why am I back? Well, I broke my ankle. 11 days into January this year I stacked it at the skate park rolling backwards up a slight incline and snapped it in two places. Talk about ticking things off the bucket list! First skate park visit, first bone break, first hospital visit, first surgery... It was a fun week in hospital. Being forced to keep weight off one of my legs for 6 weeks basically took away all of the things that made me, well, me. No more working, no more derby, no more gym. Can't even drive a car (right ankle broken) so unless someone takes pity on me I am housebound. Going from that amount of activity to doing sweet FA has really thrown me for a loop. Coupled with the inability to sleep properly thanks to a moonboot strapped to my leg and I have completely lost my carefully crafted routine. I was really starting to enjoy my routine! For the first week at home I moped. To be fair I was also in a bit of pain and on some hard drugs for the pain of having 8 screws and a metal plate inserted into my leg so there's that... Plenty of napping and not a lot else. Week 2 and I gained a knee scooter so I am now a bit more mobile, but it doesn't help my wanting to go do things, like food shopping or drive my car or go to the gym. And I still can't weight bear so most exercises are out of the question. Doing basic household tasks are 12x harder then they should be. I ended up with a gym membership originally because being at the gym motivated me to do exercise more then being at home, knowing I could do stuff but choosing not to. But now I have no choice. After my 2-week post-op appointment and I got to see my leg for the first time since the break I knew I had to do something. My calf was deflated, bruised, and swollen all at once. I've already lost an inch off my immobile right calf and as a roller derby player who loves her legs it scares the crap out of me. I can't let the rest of my body deflate like that so it's exercise at home or turn into custard. This is where you guys come in. Because I have a bad track record of motivating myself and keeping up new habits like this I'm back on the forums to set some goals and hopefully stop the rest of my mind and body turning to jelly while I'm stuck at home twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my ankle to heal. My plan for now is to start right back at the beginning and work up. I've picked 5 basic bodyweight exercises I can do without the use of my right leg, and I'm going to do them every day. I started yesterday, on the 1st of February, with 1 rep of 1-leg pushups, tricep dips, and clamshells. I'm also throwing in a few core holds in 5 second increments - supermans and v-ups. Every day I'm gonna add a rep / time. It won't take very long for the first week or so, and it will get me back into the habit. I hope. If I fail a number of reps I'll take a rest day the next day and continue after that. My other plan is to generally look after myself while I'm here at home doing nothing. Might as well enjoy the break (haha) from everything while it lasts. I'm not doing much else but play video games and be on the computer, so I need to do so responsibly. 10 minutes break for every hour of technologising. And stretching / warming up before every exercise routine. My long-term goals right now are to walk like a normal person again, get back on skates and skate a full training session, get back into the gym, get back on my derby team and play a full bout. If I can do those things then I'll be as close to back-to-normal as I can possibly be. My surgeon said I might never get 100% movement back in my ankle so it's going to be a long road back to the derby track, but I reckon I can do it. I just need a kick up the pants occasionally. TL;DR; Roller Derby player, broke ankle, went from very physically active to non-weight-bearing and housebound. Hate it. Gonna do exercise. Help me.
  3. DAO Spoilers We saved the circle, big sigh of relief. I know Morrigan is not happy we saved it but we have our first allies! Wynne, the mage who helped us in the tower, has decided that life in the circle is not for her anymore and wishes to travel with us. Wynne’s alright and we can always use another to fight the darkspawn but she’s sort of old so I worry about her. She has some mad skills with magic though so that will help. Wait what... Once back at camp, Alistair suggested we go to Redcliffe for support next. With Loghain spreading lies about the Grey Wardens, we will need a powerful noble ally. Alistair seems convinced that Arl Eamon will be that ally. Redcliffe Village PT 1 - Gaining allies #2 I swear everywhere we go something is wrong. This can not be a coincidence! Redcliffe seems to have a problem with waves of undead attacking them as the sun goes down. "Walking corpses? Do you think it's something in the water?" - Leliana. The villagers have not heard anything from the Castle and fear the worst. I don’t blame them. Being the helpful bunch my traveling companions and I are, we’ve decided to stay and help out. We also need to get into the castle and this seems to be the only way to do it. "These people don't deserve what has happened to them. We must get to the bottom of this." - Wynne Help Redcliffe Villagers : Not everyone can fight and those who can, don’t seem to have the weapons to do it. Redcliffe Village’s mayor, Murdock, has asked that we help get the villagers prepared for a long night of undead battles. We will need to get weapons for those who can fight & food for those hiding in the Chantry. Food Quest: More protein : over 50g of protein (5 out of 7 days = Collect 1 supply bundle of food per week) Life Quest : No credit card spending & make payments: Villagers can only be helped if I don’t use my credit card. For every credit card purchase, 1 villager doesn’t get helped. Villagers helped goal = 25 (weapons) Take back Redcliffe & get into the Castle (Each week will have a different focus): Exercise Quest: 2 Cardio & 3 BWW Getting to the Core of the problem: Exercise Quest: Plank progressions everyday Front Plank (On Elbows) Plank (Push Up position) Side Plank (Elbow/Knee position)
  4. Placeholder. Teagarden's 13th Challenge Stubborn Like a Rock Current Quests Pass Fresh Meat Beat the 27/5 Motivation Spring & summer's arrival More Strength = Better Derby More Protein = More Strength Less Sugar = More Energy to Exercise (1) Nutrition Eat my bodyweight in Protein. Or, just about. 140g a day should do the trick (0.9g*my bodyweight in lbs) Cut 1tsp of sugar out of somewhere in my life every week. Use 1 day a week to prep food to make life easier. (2) Mind Meditate. Whenever, just do it. xD Post a gratitude / reflection weekly on the past week or whatever needs reflecting on. (3) Fitness Go to all mandatory derby training sessions (Mon, Wed) 1 HIIT session or 30min run p/week (Between derby sessions, skating sessions also count) 1 Body Weight routine p/week (Thurs/Fri) 1 Yoga session p/week (Thurs/Fri, can be done w BW session) I'm feeling very calm about this challenge; like I know I can achieve these things and I have reason to do all the things planned; I just need to prove to myself how consistent I can be.
  5. MAIN QUEST:Enjoy Every Day of 2015 CURRENT QUESTS:Get strong!do 1x5 pull upsdo 1x5 pistol squatsdo 1x10 push ups 7/05/2015do 3x10 push ups 10/05/2015do 5x10 push upsdo a freestanding handstand for 5 secondsKeep up daily maintenance of house cleaning---------------------------------------------------------------------- MID-CHALLENGE MINI HABIT MINI CHALLENGE! Goals: Continue mobility daily Continue 3-day Bodyweight routine + Basic tidy up of the house - alternate surface cleaning and doing the dishes, add in something else on days off from work. + 30 minutes of yoga on the weekend sometime - single session + Do 2 hours of drawing in the week. (20ish minutes daily) TEAGARDEN'S TENTH REBEL CHALLENGE! Quest 1 - Continue bodyweight & mobility routine (M/W/F) I've created a workout that's almost working for me. xD Progress for my inverted rows was moving very slowly compared to improvements in the hollow body holds and push ups, and I was having trouble progressing forward with pistol squats, because I was having trouble finding a better progression to move to. Doing more reps of weaker exercises is working, but it is slow, and I don't feel like I'm pushing as hard anymore. So this challenge I'm going for 5 sets of reps to failure of a harder exercise then what I've been doing. 3x10 Incline Push Ups --> 5x(toFailure) standard push ups. Tried this this morning, I could do 4 real push ups in a set!3x(toFailure) horizontal inverted rows --> 5x(toFailure) Horizontal rows. Going for less reps, better ROM.3x10 Chair Pistol Squats --> 5x(toFailure) Pole-Assisted Pistol Squats. I need to get my body into the proper position, and use my legs more for this variation. 1 minute Hollow body holds, knees bent --> 1 minute Hollow Body hold, legs (almost) straight, arms up Quest 2 - One 30 minute Yoga & Meditation session on the weekend This is part of my life enjoyment mission. I shouldn't need permission, or to remind myself, to take some time to unwind my body and mind after a crazy week at work. No set plans for what I'm going to do, just going to do what my body wants. Any division of the half hour of yoga / meditation is acceptable here. xD Quest 3 - Daily cleaning Cleaning my house was probably the most turmoil-laced part of my challenge last time. It's just about building the habit. It was mostly me overthinking the difficulty of the task I was meant to be doing... and then putting it off and making it even more overwhelming. I still did it all though! This challenge I'm delving deeper into tidying up the darker corners of the house, and trying to maintain a steady level of cleanliness day-to-day. Alternating between doing the dishes and doing a surface clean of the flat surfaces every day, bathroom and the floors get attention once a week. I've also taken out the ideas relevant to my house from this checklist and am going to complete them. Quest 4 - Write 100 words or draw in sketchbook for 20 minutes every dayWords Written: 3150Minutes Spent drawing: 1570 (26.2 hours) I've been enjoying both writing and drawing as mental exercises and should do more.
  6. This is my first challenge as an Assassin, and I'm very excited. Also determined. I'm sick of flaking out halfway through challenges. I want to be that version of myself where I put my whole being into everything I do and rock the shit out of it. Or, at least feel like I tried to rock the shit out of it, even if I fail. Even if I'm aching from DOMS. Gonna be a bit of that this challenge. xD MAIN QUEST: Enjoy Every Day of 2015 CURRENT QUEST: Get strong! do 1x5 pull ups do 1x5 pistol squats do a freestanding handstand for 30 seconds look better naked wear more black Quest 1 - Prepared for anything. Do this after waking up every day. I struggle to wake up easily some mornings, but getting up and moving normally helps. It should also prepare my body before I workout on the days I do also. (from Steve’s TMNT workout) • Neck rolls: 5 each direction. • Shoulder shrugs: 5 each direction • Arm circles: 10 each direction • Wrist Circles: 10 each direction • Bends at the waist and touching the ground: 10 reps • Hip circles: 10 each direction • Forward leg swings: 10 each leg • Side leg swings: 10 each leg • frogger jumps x10 Quest 2 - Ninja Skills I read through Waldo’s guide to body weights, and think I’ve built a full-body workout that I can push myself in and still feel like I’m achieving something. If I can see myself adding reps/minutes to exercises, then I can’t complain that I never see any results. 3 days p/week. Proficiency is when sets are completed with no shaking [do mobility first!] Super Set 1: 45degree incline push ups to failure x3 (working up to 3x10) inverted rows to failure x3 (to 3x10) 30s rest. Super Set 2: chair pistol squats to failure x3 (working up to 3x10) hollow body holds (up to 1min, work on straightening out) 30s rest. Quest 3 - Cleaning Ninja Clean the house, following; http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-clean-your-house-in-20-minutes-a-day-for-30-days-131142 Set a timer. Wear a ninja outfit. Make it fun! Just clean! The house is not looking too bad, but I'd like to make more of a habit of keeping it clean. I'm also pretty slack when it comes to things like cleaning the floors and shower and toilet, and I'm sure there are things I'm missing also. As I clean things, I become more aware of when it gets dirty and am more likely to clean it again when it starts to gross me out. Quest 4 - The Hit List Complete at least one task from this list daily (or anything else I consider productive not listed) Just because I need to fill my time with productive things, rather then staring at the internets all day. crafting leaving the house walking the dog meditating doing yoga gardening catching up with people I don’t live with not eating dairy (milk, cream, ice-cream, yoghurt - cheese is okay) not eating processed wheatyness (whole grains are fine) go to the actual gym Edit: Oh yeah, made myself a pretty spreadsheet to track my quests in. Edit pt. II: starting progress pics - BONUS!! TWO WEEK MINI HABIT MINI CHALLENGE I'm doing a mini challenge for the 2 week break between challenges! Starts here on this thread. basically to stop me falling off the wagon.
  7. I successfully completed my first challenge, and then bombed my second. I’m back for my second second challenge. My goals are more Adventure-based, so I thought I’d come play over here for a while instead of in the Assassins guild. I will be graduating nursing school very soon and am very busy (I may not reply right away if you’re interested in following, but I will eventuallyJ). My first 2 challenge plans were rather straight-forward, so I thought I’d jazz this one up with 2 things I adore – space and mushrooms. Goal: Chase down Exotic Space Mushrooms for research (build stamina to last through 12 hour shifts on my feet without getting ridiculously tired AND develop stronger back muscles). Missions: 1. Avoid the ever-poisonous Wheat-Gilled Mushrooms. 2. Move my space ship to a different location 3x/wk (Couch to 5K program). 3. Dig for underground mushroom caves (bodyweights) OR harvest mushrooms (kettlebells) 3x/wk. Life Quest: Further my knowledge of Astro Mycology (study for NCLEX 10hrs/wk). Motivation: I have an unparalleled desire to find and categorize mushrooms for research (I need to be able to have the stamina to still be a safe RN by the end of my shift and my back to be okay through my nursing career). Quest Complete?: I’ll do my grading like my nursing program does….80% or more = pass. So Mission 1 = I need 34 days out of 42 with no wheat, Missions 2 and 3 = I need 15 days of running out of a possible 18, and 15 of strength training out of a possible 18.
  8. exjamieus' Good Fight Goes into the West Hello Assassins! I'm taking leave from the Warrior's for this challenge. Main Quest: Be in Bitchin Shape for Washington Fitness Goals PLP Challenge BOOM!! I got a doozy of a cold in March and had to find things to do that didn't involve coughing and sneezing all over the gym. This fit the bill. I don't do pull ups, I do reverse bodyweight rows in my dog's crate. Handstand challenge I've been pretty diligent thus far, made it two weeks! Run like it's Broad Street This should have been one of the last things my bestie and I did together before I bounced. But plans changed and I'm leaving early. No reason not to train for it though. Life Goal I'm moving back without a job. Stress management and separating "happiness from satisfied" are the important focuses for me this challenge. Monday April 14th I'm giving my company 3 weeks notice. My last day will be May 2, May 3 Lyra (my monster) and I are bouncing. Been looking forward to this cross country drive for months!!! Me, a monster, my bike, and a car full my most favorite things. :-) :-) :-) Wilmington, DE to Kirkland, WA. It's been a long time coming.
  9. Hey all! I'm new to the community and family matters have made me come home for a few weeks in Hong Kong. It's bloody hot outside and there's a race track with some pull up bar near home. I tried the Beginner Body Weight workout as well as the Advanced Body Weight Workout but am looking for something I can do everyday and work out a different part of my body. Any thoughts? Thanks! Paul
  10. Hey there, I am overwhelmed by your awesomeness. You guys write brilliant posts, you add clever gifs, and you are amazing in your support and willingness to share with each other. I am new here, and it has taken me almost two months to post because I wanted to write something really good, and then follow through. Two months have passed with this idea. I have not posted yet and a new challenge is upon us, so today is the day to commit however it comes together. I am really glad to find this forum and be able to take part. I have worked out most of my adult life, but consistency has been a major challenge. I really am beginning to believe that my lone wolf status is not such a great help either, so here I am. I have been practicing yoga for a few years, and really got into ashtanga for the last eight months or so. I miss some of the poses not in the primary series, and I feel kind of stagnant, so this is a season of trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. I *think* I will try for a triathlon at the end of September. This is very scary, but should be doable(this is what I keep telling myself), and will give me a timeline and a place to show up. I really need these things. Talking with you guys will be key, too. With this bigger goal in mind, along with changing the world and healing everything (we are not supposed to over-commit, right?), I am starting with these SMART goals that have eluded me thus far: 1. Work out 5x a week. This should probably be more thought out, but if I just did this for 6 weeks in a row, it would be HUGE. My son is teaching me to swim freestyle, and the triathlon calls for running and biking of course, and ashtanga or power yoga can be really amazing and sweat producing. Any of these things count as a good work out to me, and I will track them and post that here once I get the sheet together. This goal has eluded me so far, so I am giving it all of my stamina points (STA 5) 2. Cut out sugar/simple starches completely. Started this one and think I can do it gradually. Starting with sugar/starch free days and building to how many I can put together, then weeks. (CON 3) 3. Creativity can really falter in the face of full time work, kids, commute time, and fears of success and failure. I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, and feel the need to honor the creative side. Twenty years of fixing to get ready to get started is enough! Relaunching our website (husband is a painter and I am a photographer). I would like to add a new photo to the accompanying blog 3x a week starting this week. I will post a link when the first is up. (WIS 3 and CHA 2) 4. Meditation 5 minutes a day. It can be seated, qi gong, or tai chi. Just do it. It eases the way for everything else. (DEX 2 and STR 2) Onward!
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