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Found 10 results

  1. After a year-long hiatus from the Rebellion, I've made it back here to start my fitness journey all over again. Not by choice. The long version of the hows and why's are here if you feel like a read. The short version; Aussie Roller Derby player / hospitality professional. Broke an ankle, am now housebound. Gone from SuperActive to CouchSurfer. Non-weight bearing for another month on my right leg. Then have to learn to walk and skate and play and work all over again. Without my usual routine I've lost everything that defines me and I want it back. Starting from the begi
  2. Hello again, wonderful rebellion. Gosh, it's been a while since I was here! My name is Stoney and I need help. Mostly, a kick up the pants so I don't fall into a mental abyss of doing-nothingness. I left the rebellion last year after I finally felt comfortable in the real world, keeping up a healthy lifestyle and balancing being on the local Roller Derby team, going to the gym a few days a week, and working 40 hours a week on my feet in one of the local cafes. I was meal prepping, being awesome at my job, finally getting better as a derby player, getting enough sleep an
  3. DAO Spoilers We saved the circle, big sigh of relief. I know Morrigan is not happy we saved it but we have our first allies! Wynne, the mage who helped us in the tower, has decided that life in the circle is not for her anymore and wishes to travel with us. Wynne’s alright and we can always use another to fight the darkspawn but she’s sort of old so I worry about her. She has some mad skills with magic though so that will help. Wait what... Once back at camp, Alistair suggested we go to Redcliffe for support next. With Loghain spreading
  4. Placeholder. Teagarden's 13th Challenge Stubborn Like a Rock Current Quests Pass Fresh Meat Beat the 27/5 Motivation Spring & summer's arrival More Strength = Better Derby More Protein = More Strength Less Sugar = More Energy to Exercise (1) Nutrition Eat my bodyweight in Protein. Or, just about. 140g a day should do the trick (0.9g*my bodyweight in lbs) Cut 1tsp of sugar out of somewhere in my life every week. Use 1 day a week to prep food to make life easier. (2) Mind Meditate. Whenever, just do it. xD Post a gratitude / reflection weekly on the past week or whatev
  5. MAIN QUEST:Enjoy Every Day of 2015 CURRENT QUESTS:Get strong!do 1x5 pull upsdo 1x5 pistol squatsdo 1x10 push ups 7/05/2015do 3x10 push ups 10/05/2015do 5x10 push upsdo a freestanding handstand for 5 secondsKeep up daily maintenance of house cleaning---------------------------------------------------------------------- MID-CHALLENGE MINI HABIT MINI CHALLENGE! Goals: Continue mobility daily Continue 3-day Bodyweight routine + Basic tidy up of the house - alternate surface cleaning and doing the dishes, add in something else on days off from work. + 30 minutes of yoga on the weekend sometime - s
  6. This is my first challenge as an Assassin, and I'm very excited. Also determined. I'm sick of flaking out halfway through challenges. I want to be that version of myself where I put my whole being into everything I do and rock the shit out of it. Or, at least feel like I tried to rock the shit out of it, even if I fail. Even if I'm aching from DOMS. Gonna be a bit of that this challenge. xD MAIN QUEST: Enjoy Every Day of 2015 CURRENT QUEST: Get strong! do 1x5 pull ups do 1x5 pistol squats do a freestanding handstand for 30 seconds look better naked wear more black Quest 1 - Prepared for
  7. I successfully completed my first challenge, and then bombed my second. I’m back for my second second challenge. My goals are more Adventure-based, so I thought I’d come play over here for a while instead of in the Assassins guild. I will be graduating nursing school very soon and am very busy (I may not reply right away if you’re interested in following, but I will eventuallyJ). My first 2 challenge plans were rather straight-forward, so I thought I’d jazz this one up with 2 things I adore – space and mushrooms. Goal: Chase down Exotic Space Mushrooms for research (build stamina t
  8. exjamieus' Good Fight Goes into the West Hello Assassins! I'm taking leave from the Warrior's for this challenge. Main Quest: Be in Bitchin Shape for Washington Fitness Goals PLP Challenge BOOM!! I got a doozy of a cold in March and had to find things to do that didn't involve coughing and sneezing all over the gym. This fit the bill. I don't do pull ups, I do reverse bodyweight rows in my dog's crate. Handstand challenge I've been pretty diligent thus far, made it two weeks! Run like it's Broad Street This should have been one of the last things my bestie and I did togeth
  9. Hey all! I'm new to the community and family matters have made me come home for a few weeks in Hong Kong. It's bloody hot outside and there's a race track with some pull up bar near home. I tried the Beginner Body Weight workout as well as the Advanced Body Weight Workout but am looking for something I can do everyday and work out a different part of my body. Any thoughts? Thanks! Paul
  10. Hey there, I am overwhelmed by your awesomeness. You guys write brilliant posts, you add clever gifs, and you are amazing in your support and willingness to share with each other. I am new here, and it has taken me almost two months to post because I wanted to write something really good, and then follow through. Two months have passed with this idea. I have not posted yet and a new challenge is upon us, so today is the day to commit however it comes together. I am really glad to find this forum and be able to take part. I have worked out most of my adult life, but consistency has been
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