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Found 2 results

  1. Trials, The Tribulations. Alliteration, as always, an abstract aptitude allows anyone awaiting an awesome acknowledgment at any altitude an absolute application acquired ages ago after acing all applicable areas. K...I think I am done now... Anywho, back to the challenges after a leave of absence; I had taken leave as I had lost my path to level 50 and searched for it again. I had found that I really do enjoy these challenges, and look forward to accomplishing life goals again. Listed below was my Level 50 Goals as a project in works: Main Quests: Work out to improve overall health Document and Improve PR's of weighted workouts Improve Running: 5k [3.27 miles 26:30-ish on 19 November 2014; 30:05 on 9 June 2014]; 10k, 1/2 marathon Ruck 20 miles in full battle weight Become proficient with weapons: Bow, Hand Gun, Long arms (rifle, shotgun, etc) Learn a martial Art; Learn a sword style Learn a second language Learn a third language Earn a Master's Degree Dive Florida Keys; Australia/Great Barrier Reef; Japan This past month, I realized finances are pretty darn important as most of those quests will cost money (through acquiring and instructions). I thought I had my finances under control, but I have recently reached my max credit on my credit card and it gave me the heebie-jeebies to make some adjustments A bit of backstory; I had a roommate who was supplying some income and was able to pay for himself (or so I considered). For one reason or another, lost the job and no longer had that income. Being the nice guy I am, I tried to continue affording our cost of living while he searched for another job. 30 days later, I know I couldn't bear the burden and had to kick him out (no hard feelings on either side; roommate is currently living with someone else while he continues looking for a job). I also purchased tickets to attend my college roommate's wedding (who invited me as his Best Man) and didn't really have the "emergency/slush fund" to pay for it. Between those two, I am sure I will be swinging my finances back on the right side of the track, but I want to actually take the nerd approach to my financial issues this challenge; and I also need to clean the house. With that, this six week challenge now comes into play 6 Week Quest Fitness: Gym Workouts 2x/week with Bodyweight workout 1x/week If failed, Bodyweight workout replacement Aerobic Workout 2x/week Life: Build budget spreadsheet of at least three months prior to analyze finances Pay off as much debt as possible [Credit Card > Student Loan > Car Loan > Personal Loan] Clean all rooms of house [2 bedrooms a complete mess; 1 bedroom, living/dining, kitchen, and 2.5 bath need maintenance] For this challenge I am willing to sacrifice my workouts for my life goals, as I am stressing too much over my finances. I am not comfortable reporting the minute details of my finances online, but I will say that the debt tier is in order of percent interest (Credit card with highest and Personal Loan with lowest interest rate). I have already made steps forward in controlling my finances [kicking out the roommate; unfortunate, but needed to be done; and I have also canceled my Satellite TV service as I no longer watch TV with the exception of Netflix (100/month > 11/month)] Big shoutout to anim07734! This first week will be entertaining as I will be traveling Wednesday to 7258 ft ASL and returning on Sunday. Due to elevation, I may not have the energy [or air] to complete my workouts, and my main mission is to support the wedding. I will get what I can accomplished, but I won't be terribly disappointed if things don't go as planned. I will at least have the analysis done on my finance and start cutting other money drains.
  2. Since I was a kid, I always looked up to the superheroes out there, especially Spiderman, because he is the friendly boy next door you really can compare yourself with, he struggles with daily problems, girls, is short on money and the bad guys of course, but still, he never loses his courage, his hopes and tries always to be friendly. But what do you need to "become" Spiderman? I know, it's gonna be hard to find a radioactive spider and let it bite you...and survive...and become superpowers, but there are some things you can do without your gene's be manipulated to become this friendly neighborhood Spiderman, and that's what I'm gonna try the next 6 weeks! Let's see, Spiderman is a pretty good wall climber, so I need to climb! I already climb, but now when it's getting warmer outside I can start again to climb on rocks and mountains. (STR+1) He is strong and his body looks better than mine, so I have to put on some muscles on my body and loose some fat with a different kind of workouts. I prefer to do bodyweightworkouts, pull ups, spiderman push ups, etc. (STR+2,CHA+1) He is fast and persistent, that's where I'll do some running and biking. (STA+2) He can fight, protect the ones he loves and kick the bad guys asses, that's something I definitely need to learn and this is why I'm joining krav maga classes. (CON+2,WIS+1) He is super flexible and acrobatic. I need to do stretches and get more flexible, Spidey also can do flips and stuff, but for the start, I try my luck with handstands. (DEX+3) And beneath that strength and superheropowers, he is still a pretty smart guy. I wanna go to italy this summer for my holidays and can't speak italian, that's why I want to learn this language, enough to order some stuff, ask directions and the usual small talk. (WIS+2,CHA+1) and let's face it, you can't be strong, have superhuman reflexes, superhuman agility and be a smartass without watching your eating or sleeping habits. Or like someone once said: "Workout, plenty of rest. you know eat your green vegetables!" That's why I'm watching what I eat and try to get enough sleep. Sidequest: Peter Parker is also a photographer and I like to take photographs too, but didn't do it very often, I want to take my camera, go out and shoot some pictures! Oh, and I forgot the mention, Spiderman isn't invulnerable and that's something we already have in common. I hurt my right hand last friday and hope I can start soon with workouts and handstand practicing, but till then, I have to rest my hand and concentrate my power for the beginning on my other goals, like stretching and learning. Progress spreadsheet
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