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  1. Good day fellow Rebels. Last challenge, I made some observations about goals that were lacking, and I selected three: reading, breathing (specifically Wim Hof Method breathing) and journaling. The other goals have essentially become daily habits now because they have been part of my routine for quite some time. So if you have been following me for a while, assume that the rest of my usual daily habits and routines that have been mentioned in the past are now expected. And so I begin: Goal 1: Read Harder and More Often -- I love to read. I love b
  2. What is the OODA Loop? The OODA loop is the cycle observe–orient–decide–act, developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Boyd applied the concept to the combat operations process, often at the operational level during military campaigns. It is now also often applied to understand commercial operations and learning processes. The approach explains how agility can overcome raw power in dealing with human opponents. Hi. I'm Ryan or Wolfie to the OG's here on NF. I've been apart of the Rangers since 2014 and apart of NF since 2012. I've
  3. Finance- Complete. Fitness- Attempt an aerial class. Jan 2015. Joined an aikido class. Great Big Backyard- Dinosaur Monument Glenwood Caverns Royal Gorge 2 14ers Great Sand Dunes 7/6/15 Cheyenne Zoo 10/9/15 Mesa Verde Red Rocks Pikes Peak Garden of the Gods Great Big Country- Evermore, Utah ECCC / Seattle Bourbon Street, New Orleans Boston Hawaii Aleutians, Alaska California Adventure at Disneyland, California 12/5/16 Zion National Park, Utah Disney World, Orlando, Florida Diagon Alley &a
  4. Good day, fellow Adventurers and any guests to our guild. I have no clever theme this challenge, but regardless I can promise it's going to be a lot of fun. As always, I plan to continue my usual morning routine, which if you're interested you can view in the spoiler below: For this challenge, I plan to focus on three goals: Burpees: At least 30 burpees per day -- This is based on a physical challenge I saw online. As most of you know, the burpee is one of the best bodyweight workouts, an excellent "bang for your buck" kind of workout that can be in
  5. I just picked up a copy of Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes. I'm still on the first chapter, but it looks like a chunk of the book will focus on mindfulness and how being more aware and more alert can keep your brain sharper. The book jacket says the author explores Sherlock's "unique methods of ever-present mindfulness, astute observation, and logical deduction." Has anyone read this book? If so, what did you think? Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? Comment below.
  6. I've managed to get a stable pattern for challenges and hobbies over the winter months, so naturally, here comes a season change to shake things up. Goals: Crafting: Mjolnir, skirt, finish bracer, kenpo knife carrier. Exercise: keep it up. Languages: keep it up. Gardening: let the games begin. The main goal for this month is to finish Mjolnir, my first major EVA foam project, and the main focus of a female Thor cosplay (hence the possibly misleading title). Once/if I get that done, the next projects are: recreate a work skirt (two, if possible),
  7. Heyo boyos and ladies out there, was wondering if anybody out there had any recommendations for sci-fi books?! Think Hitchhiker's and Zeros, blade runner I also enjoy post apocalyptic novels as well!
  8. I can't find my old log, so I'm starting a new one!
  9. I picked this theme (not because of the TV show) but because the newest addition to this world is coming out the 23rd! I cannot wait to read it. Eeeeew! This is a book series which is very complicated, long, and was written/published out of order! So for more information on that. You can read in the second message if you're interested in the book series. Create a Different Path "She thought of it, and her stele began to move the way a dancer begins to move when the music starts." Goal: Create a 4 hour work day, finish my first original video, read a chapter of Harry Potter every n
  10. Heyo. Once again, life conspired to keep me from starting a challenge in timely fashion - first week was a travel time (I went to Philadelphia, and might be the only person to ever accidentally end up at the NFL Draft), and then promptly got sick. So I'm still trying to get my life back to normal whilst coughing my lungs out. But, y'know, can't let that keep me down. Thus, a half-challenge, loosely inspired by none other than one of the greatest gaming sagas of all time (you know it's true!): Half-Life! I've been pretty bad at doing complicated goals when my habits and
  11. Hi! I am new, I am a nerd, and I need to lose a ton of weight and get into shape! I want to fit into more clothes and I want to be able to run around with my (so far yet-to-be-created) kids and match their energy levels. I am interested in routines or programs or skillsets that will put me in the fantasy bad ass mindset. For instance, I am super interested by shovelglove. People even post shovelglove scenarios on YouTube so that your routine is sort of like RPing! Also, the thought of me being a hammer wielding badass battle babe is really enticing. I'm also interested in doing arc
  12. Hello! After over a year away from the forums, I'm back for my third challenge. I never should have left. I thought I would be able to sustain a consistent workout plan outside of here, but what I realized is that I work well with goals and structure. NF challenge = structure = good. I was able to find structure in some other health-related ways while I was gone - I completed a Whole30, which lead to the realization that dairy does not agree with me (after a lifelong love affair with cheese . That said, I feel so much better after cutting it out so it's worth it). I did the Couch t
  13. For my next challenge, I have decided to break it up into four parts: Heart, Body, Mind, and Spirit. These will probably extend past four weeks and hopefully form habits. Heart: Be the first to greet people when I encounter them (inspired by Gabby Reece: "I always say 'go first'....That means if I'm checking out at the store, I say hello first. If I'm coming across somebody and make eye contact, I'll smile first. I wish people would experiment with that in their lives a little bit: Be first because - not all times, but most times- it comes in your favor. The response is prett
  14. My wife and daughters got me $45 worth of gift cards, so I placed a few orders: What Doesn't Kill Us by Wim Hof -- If you're not familiar with Wim, check out this awesome video: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss -- If you're not familiar with Tim, you're probably either new to the fitness/lifestyle improvement world or you've been in some sort of Internet limbo. This book is possible his magnum opus, a collection of the best advice from his most memorable guests in the worlds of health, wealth, and wisdom. And last but not least...
  15. Hey Friends, I knocked off a large item on my EQ! I finished 75 books this year! And, since I still have a few weeks to go, I'm going to make a push to hit 100!! Here's my list if you want to see it. https://www.librarything.com/topic/210984#5823330
  16. This challenge is brought to you by . . . dragons! Specifically, Naomi Novik's alternate-history "Temeraire" fantasy series. Nothing motivates self-improvement like being an aviator in the Napoleonic wars. During my last challenge, I was tackling a few good habits I wanted to get into to improve my life overall (like stretching, cooking new recipes, getting out regularly to the gym). Some I succeeded at better than others... This challenge will be more or less along those same lines while I work on figuring out some new long-term goals - right now I re
  17. I just finished reading The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker. A couple months ago I read Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Death of Foods We Love by Simran Sethi. Both of them talk about the state of flavor in our food today. I liked Simran Sethi's book better. I felt the writing was better and, well, I'm more interested in chocolate than chicken. Bread, Wine, Chocolate went more in depth with specific foods which gave a more complete picture of that food. I am now buying the more expensive, fancier, coffee after reading her book. I felt morally obligated since I can afford that indulgence
  18. Hey y'all, so glad to be here! I found this site after a post about the camp last week, and I feel like I've found my people. I'm a major book nerd. I have zero eye/hand coordination for gaming, and am not very good at the maths, but if you want to talk books/authors/cats, I'm your girl! I've already had two NF people friend me on FB, and I feel so loved! I've been leveling up with fitness for over a year, after leaving the comfort of my couch! I'm very attracted to the baby-steps philosophy that NF promotes, and I'm really having fun with the idea of going on quests! At the same t
  19. Hi there! I want to purchase a list of self improvement books. But I am German. So my question is - do I purchase them in english or german? Generally I think it is easy to read in English, all of the blogs/texts I read are in English. Another thing is that reading about these topics in my native language feels weird. Maybe because I am used to read these kind of texts in English. My problem is that I am afraid that the books will be too difficult to read (for me at this point). I would not want to touch 9 books of Platon or Descartes at the moment Are these book
  20. What awesome books are you reading/have you read lately? I'm reading "The Writer's Journey" by Christopher Vogler. I also just finished "The Intern's Handbook" by Shane Kuhn. Super awesome if you like thrillers/suspense.
  21. Alight, First Challenge Down and Successful! Let's step things up a bit. 0- I will continue and increase frequency and intensity of last challenge quests. 4 sets of BBW circuit 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Sat) 15 Minute Walk Daily 4 Pose Yoga set twice daily or held for 2 times the duration Black Coffee 15 min meditation daily No to 2 or more food temptations 1- Climb 1 time per week (Fri) 2- Replace 1 Walk with a 15 min Jog 3- Draw and or Sketch 1 hr a week cumulative (I'm an artist who has fallen out of the habit) I'll be posting progress and will link it to deviant Art 4- Read 1 non-f
  22. I'm Back!!!!!! Oooookay, sooooo.....things happened........some bad, some good, some totally INSANE and I had absolutely no focus past week 1 of the last challenge. So I decided to just put my attention on what was going on and lurk NF. Because I never want to completely leave here, you guys are too important. And it was so awesome that you guys kept an eye out for me. Now hopefully......things are settling down, weather is getting nicer, and I can start making sense of the resulting chaos. Time for a new challenge! Harley's 1st Mission Mace work continues. I smashed my 416 rep goal an
  23. In my last challenge, I finally found a motivation that *totally* worked for me: a points system where I could earn books for doing things right (instead of a negative system where I'd lose points for doing things wrong). I dropped four pounds, earned four books, and dropped two pants sizes--total win! So I'm going to keep the same basic principle and add a couple of tweaks. Food: +5 points if I'm under 1400 calories, +2 points if I'm under 1550. Alcohol: +5 points for now alcohol, +2 points for 2 drinks or less. Exercise: +5 points if I do 3 sets each of 2 different bodyweight exercises. +2
  24. I've been working on leveling up for a few years now - travel, running, better discipline for my business - but Level Up Your Life reminded me to apply leveling up to more areas, and to have more fun with it. I've always been a huge bookworm (and movie fan), and so it was natural to put together my quests around all the characters I want to be: Daniel-san (a wimp who got strong + mad skillz), Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (two sides of the same coin: mad scientist and businesswoman), Nathan Rahl (wise in lore), and a lot more. Thinking this way, and setting milestones and goals, has really hel
  25. For my 14th challenge, I'm going with The Mummy Returns theme because I love the character of Evie! She's an intelligent writer/librarian and scholar who is perfectly able to kick ass when necessary! Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger by weightlifting and I’ve discovered that I love lifting
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