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  1. Def Avoids Putting the Long ‘un in the Wrong ‘un. Ah Tetris. The beautiful game. Nobody can quite describe the thrill of getting a long Tetronimo when you have saved the perfect space for it,.. only to completely screw it up and accidentally dump it in the wrong place This, my friends, is known as “putting the long ‘un in the wrong’un” and this forms the basis of my challenge. Not doing this. Getting some Tetrises up in here. There are a number of positive actions I want to perform in this challenge and each action earns me a square towards a Tetronimo. Every time I get four squares, I build a full Tetronimo and I roll a dice to see which one I can have. I can then place this anywhere on my Tetris board. Six of the Tetronimos can be gained by doing positive behaviours which are: eating 5 a day, sticking to food rules, sticking to my training schedule, daily stretching, BuJo-ing and adhering to my skincare routine. Long ‘Uns These are gained from screwing up. If I fail a goal, a get a square towards a long ‘un. If, by midnight Sunday I haven’t completed the Long ‘Un, I can complete this and put it in a place of my choosing. If, however, I have completed the Long ‘Un, I have to stick it in the worst possible place at that moment – the wrong ‘un. The Goals Eat 5 a day – Every day I eat 5 portions of freggies (around 80g of each type) I get a square towards a regular Tetronimo. If I less than 3 portions in a day, I get a Long ‘Un square. Stick to Food Rules – This is Michael Pollan’s approach to healthy eating. All my food must be "clean" (a terrible term I usually shy away from but I know what I mean by this and if you've read 'Food Rules' then you will too!) unless it is made from scratch by my own hands. A Long ‘Un square for every non compliant item I eat. Train Every Day – I want to at least do my daily Darebee challenge workout, and I also want to do elliptical tests, swimming and yoga sessions, and P:BA is also returning (YAY!). I get a Tetronimo square for every day I do every workout I have scheduled for that day, I get a square towards a Long ‘Un for every day I do no exercise. Daily Stretching and Lemon Water – I am having a lot of muscular problems such as my back, neck and also knee issues. I want to stretch every day to try and stop this crap happening and I also want to drink warm lemon water every day when I have done it because this is what those yogis on Instagram do OKAY?! Follow skincare routine – Miscellar water helps my skin. When I don’t use this regularly, I look like shit and it takes literally seconds so there's no excuse. I want to use moisturiser at night and I also want to use a facemask 2x per week and put body lotion on 2x a week. Long ‘Un squares per missed part of routine. BuJo every day – Just keep it current. Track properly and keep my diary intact. Stick to budget – Don’t go crazy with the money, November is an expensive month for me. 2 full Tetronimos for each week I stick to this. Food Waste – I don’t waste much food at all but I’d rather waste nothing. I plan to take this even further next year but just to establish a baseline, my current goal is to waste less than £5 worth of food per week. I get 2 tetronimos per week I meet this goal Weigh in and track - every week even if I don’t think I am going to like it – A whole Tetronimo when I do. If by the end of the week I am a single square short of my second full Tetronimo for that goal, I get to complete it as a bonus for 100% the goal that week. I am also going to allow discretionary Tetronimoes when I feel I have done things exceptionally well. And for your viewing pleasure... my Tetris board! And I think that's it. New challenge............ GO!
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