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Found 8 results

  1. Like the title says. I'm doing this 40 day "bootcamp" thing, that consists of 2x per week bootcamp classes, unlimited access to other fitness classes (zumba, bikram yoga, kettlebells) and a meal plan. Unfortunately having seen the meal plan, I'm pretty disappointed. Not that the meals themselves are bad, but it's so poorly put together that it would be a total pain in the butt to follow (no batch cooking, lacking portion sizes on many meals, no indication of how many servings a recipe makes, no guide for substitutions or explanations of overall philosophy or targets on anything.) I'm going to
  2. Hello Rangers! This will be my first challenge not as a Warrior. Last challenge, I completed my first Powerlifting competition with a 1045lb total and then decided I wanted to pull a complete 180 and changed my training to focus on building endurance capabilities and functional strength. End goal is to cut weight, improve endurance ability, and prepare to run my first Spartan Race and/or GoRuck event within the next year. About me for those I don't know, I recently moved to the city(Boston) from the suburbs and loving it(besides having a longer commute to wo
  3. So the timing isn't ideal on this one - I'm starting a 40 day bootcamp dealio a little over half way through the challenge, so my goals are going to shift to align with that. I'll try to make it as uncomplicated as possible though Goal One: Work outs! 2x per week: I'll be doing kettlebell classes for the first 2.5 weeks (my old instructor is no longer on the schedule! I'm very very sad. They've also taken away the day/time we were going at, and are now only doing 2 KB sessions per week instead of four. So it's also going to be crowded. Might be looking for something diffe
  4. So, it has been a while my Friends. I have battled with some dark demons in the deep ocean rifts during my time away, but overcame them and am ready to re-emerge! Mission: Lose 5 lbs. Despite the constant battling, the stress (and some chemical issues) caused me to gain weight. Quest 1: Keep up with the Strong Inside Out bootcamp workout schedule. Despite putting down the demons, I know they will returns and I need to steel myself for the future. (Note: Ok to personalize, but must complete all workouts for each week). (3 pts. Strength) Quest 2: Limi
  5. Hiya This is the second time I'm trying to do a challenge. I didn't complete the last one. Quest: Work out more than once a week Challenge 1: Go to the gym for one hour, 3 times a week Success: 3 hours of exercise a week for 4 weeks Challenge 2: Eat 5 servings of unicorn veggies per day Success: 5 days a week fro 4 weeks Challenge 3: Drink water instead of sugar drinks Success: <2 sugar drinks in 4 weeks
  6. Summer Challenge [ July 27th - September 6th ] Backstory "...." Challenger Overall Goal: Finish an OCR the weekend after this challenge ends (September 12th or 13th) and conquer every obstacle. Explanation: I've wanted to do one for ages, but there was always something that preventet it. Not this time! Last weekend I found out that there will be two races in September close enough to where I live and I decided that I'm gonna finally do it (either a Tough Mudder in Bavaria or a Spartan Race in Austria). There is enough time to prepare (I'm not starting from scratch!), I've got the financial
  7. You talk about redefining my identity. I want a guarantee that I can still be myself. This new Battle Log will have a daily post of the workouts I have done. It will also be a house for my journey of self-acceptance. My main goal is to change my body composition within the next 3-6 months by 5-10%. Looking to get into the 'fitness' range of bodyfat. Height: 5'3" Weight: 135lbs Stats: TBA Before Pictures: <INSERT PICTURES HERE>
  8. Hello! I'm Jamie and this is my first 6-week challenge. I'm a slower runner but I feel like I'm pretty agile, and have always been stronger than your average girl. I've always had to be active due to my love of food and my need for challenges, but when I moved in with my husband who pretty much works out throughout the day for his job, he didn't want to go to the gym once he got home and I wanted to spend time with him. Yup, that's right, I'm using the whole it's my husband's fault that I eat so much and stopped working out! So noticing that I was slowly gaining weight and I wasn't happy
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