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  1. About Swoop Just a simple Viking. Work with IT and do Crossfit. Prefer to have everything neat and simple. Try to make things efficient in both work and personal life. Recently started tracking sleep using Misfit Flash, and also logging food using MyFitnessPal. Hoping this habit will last and that the 6 week challenge helps me do that. I rarely have problems motivating myself to workout, but rather have a problem maintaining my food discipline i'm afraid. I love good food, and often the good food is not good for my belly. Not terrible overweight or anything. Around average and i good shape with reasonable amount of muscle. Just want to trim the belly fat (i know spot reduction doesnt happen btw ). Main Quest My main quest is broad atm. I don't have any numbers, but i want to lower by body fat. I have several motivating factors, the primary being my upcoming wedding to my girlfriend in 3 months time. So i want to drop as much as possible before she gets here. I'm aware that my goals is non-specific, but i have not way ot measuring my current body fat accurately nor tracking it well enough atm. But i can log my food and weight to indicate this. This excerpt is from my previous log that i never got around to using i'm afraid "From what i figure my BMR is around 2000 (30 years and around 91-92 kg and 180cm tall). So from this figure i need ~3000 kcal a day to maintain my weight with my activity level (2000 x 1.55 approx). So just because i think 3000 sounds kind of high for me i will try to put my meals at around 2000-2400 range. That gives me the 500 kcal lower at least." SMART Goals 1. I will follow proper diet 6 days of the week I have a regular delivery of lowcarb food case every Monday morning. This is my dinner for the week. Usually the meals are heavy in greens and very low in carbs. I eat the same meal two days in a row and the final day is a relaxed day with little more lax food. For breakfast and lunch i have a cafeteria at work that allows me to get what I want. so my breakfast and lunch are pretty set. Just need to load on the salad and meat and avoid too much carbs and sauce. Breakfast is yogurt w. musli and 1-2 eggs. I log everything in MyFitnessPal and try to maintain my intake to ~2000 kcal a day. The above diet and numbers are from a previously personalized meal plan so i know it works for me from experience. 2. I will workout at least 3 times a week. I track this via MyFitnessPal and regularly schedule the same workouts. Normally a Monday morning, Thursday morning and either a cardio workout on Tuesdays or a team workout Saturday. But always at least 3 times a week booked in advance. It's already a habit i just need to keep it and make sure i don't strain my ankle too much as i had a sprain recently. 3. I will sleep 7 hours a night. I monitor my sleep amount through my Misfit tracker. The goal is set for 7 hours a day. Also set an alarm on my phone to 22:00 so i HAVE to get ready for bed at that time from now on. As an added help i try to not drink any caffeinated drinks after 19:00 and additional take a magnesium pill as it previously have shown to help me relax for sleep. Finally i will read a chapter in a book before bed rather than watch TV. Side Quest My side quest is simple. A nice simple routine of cleaning my kitchen every evening after dinner. I have no dishwasher so i have to do by hand. But keeping it down every night is a pleasure and helps me feel ready to cook my low carb meals every night. Hope you guys will forgive me for posting a lot of information in my thread as i think i will use this log heavily. I might post small things and insignificant things, but posting and talking about it helps me be motivated and feel good about all the small things i manage everyday Glad to be here and please please hold me accountable to my goals as i have been meaning to post here for a long long time and just got away from it.
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