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Found 3 results

  1. HI! I am Deftona and this is my 24th challenge here on Nerd Fitness. I was going to sit out a few weeks of this challenge because EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING! in my life right now but I decided NAY, I SHALL PROCEED but I am going to be taking a Week Zero for the first time in a long time. Mostly because I am going on holiday for a few days to somewhere that has magical places to eat, but also because I am moving house albeit really freaking slowly, and while it's wise to set aside a couple of days to ensure this runs smoothly, I need to get my shit together at some point and I think this challenge
  2. In the terrifying hellscape that is my imagination, I am a Diva employed by WWE at the top of my game and I am such a badass, I don't even have to star in Total Divas. I have held the Diva's title for 26 days so far and I am aiming to beat Nikki Bella's 301 day record. And just because I like you all, have a booty gif. The Rules for the Title Reign: To retain the title, I have to perform on every TV show (Raw, NXT and Smackdown), as well as every televised special (eg Beast in the East) and PPV. In order to perform, I have to complete a cardio session - at least a 30 minute elliptica
  3. Well, my original post got eaten when my firefox crashed so here's basically the tl;dnr version (aka, tl;did not want to type again I ended up typing a lot anyway) Goal 1 - Eat at 15% deficit of TDEE I want to get down to 155 lbs. I had been hovering around 170 but this morning weighed in at about 162, so this is very do-able! Looking for about 1 lb a week. How: Track my food in MFP. I eat the same breakfast every day so that's easy. Also track weight daily in MFP. I feel daily tracking gives me the best indicator of how I'm doing because what if I weight myself one week and I'm particularly
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