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Found 11 results

  1. The goal this challenge is to actually stick around the whole challenge haha Actually, bowling is back on the menu. Leagues have been going. I however have not been joined back up. We stopped bowling in March of 2020. I didn't do any bowling until May of 2021. A couple practice sessions, and then I bowled the Nationals tournament in Vegas. (actually did my 3rd best showing in all of my years doing the tournament) With things calming down a bit now, I have agreed to bowl this coming winter season. Starts September 9th! A couple of issues. #1 I am way, way, way out
  2. Back for another challenge. Last time I pulled the old disappearing act. This time, I hope to not do that again For those that don't know me, I really like bowling. Covid took that all away. It's now been 11 months since I threw a bowling ball. Everything has still been shut down here. There was a two week period that some places opened up. I could not take advantage of that time to bowl. Shut down #2 happened. The place I call my home center shut down forever. They could not survive. There are others in the area facing the same. Hopefully, things are starting to improve around he
  3. As some people know here, I am a Bowler. This challenge, I have signed up for all the bowling. haha. First we start off with the USBC Open Nationals Tournament in Las Vegas, Nv. I fly out on Wednesday the 29th, and return home on the 1st of June. Thursday I bowl team event (3 games) then Friday will be double and singles. (6 games total). The day after I get back, I signed up to bowl a Match Club "fun" day event. On June 15th, I bowl in the California State Tournament. Team/Doubles/Singles all in one day (9 games). Then I have two different Match club bowling events on the 22nd and 23rd of Jun
  4. For those that don't know, each year I bowl in the USBC Open Nationals tournament. This year it is being held in Las Vegas. I bowl May 30th, and 31st. That will be in week one of the next challenge. So all kinds of chaos to prepare for then. I know a few people there that work the event each year, plus I have been bowling with a group of people for awhile now. This once a year thing is basically the only time I see them. This year, I want to make as big of a impact as possible. Last year I bowled in New York, I was 325 lbs. I am currently at 266 lbs. I still have plenty to lose. So I hope I ca
  5. So last challenge had lots of wins for me. I am going to continue with the same goals, just some of them are going to be amped up a bit Goal 1: 3 Gym workouts, and walking everyday So last challenge, I had just got into a gym membership. I had failed doing body weight workouts. The gym, might actually work for me this time. I also had stopped walking because of foot pain. I had a doctor visit to verify it was just the plantar fasciitis. So I need to power through it. I have some inserts for my regular and bowling shoes. I'm also going to be doing things to help it lik
  6. Time for our first 2016 Sydney meetup, trying to make it inclusive and accessible to all since we have a few new names around the boards. Date: Wednesday 11th May 2016 Time: 6pm Venue: Strike Bowling at King St Wharf, http://www.strikebowling.com.au/locations/nsw/strike-king-street-wharf Price: If you want to bowl, $16 for 1 game, $28 for 2 games. If you don't want to bowl you can come and just hang out while other bowl. After party: 7.30 - 8pm (depending when we finish bowling) - Spawn Point video games bar http://www.spawnpoint.com.au
  7. OK, ok, not man bear pig cereal. Haha. This challenge, I need to get my stuff together. Last challenge I did in fact survive the family vacation. I just never came back to report on it. So far this new year, I am still struggling to even complete a challenge. So this challenge is going to be the one. At least the last few challenges, I have been learning a few things. Some things, just were not working out for me. Other things were fine, but I just stopped doing them for whatever reason. This challenge I want to have a couple of habit building type goals. I've not been happy with m
  8. A little backstory: So my comeback in the Adventures last challenge wasn't as successful as I had hoped. Holidays made for a rough time at it all In general though, I feel like I am starting to get back to healthier way of living again. My last challenge in the adventures, I made a big post about my recent struggle with gaining weight back. It was something that I even posted about to all my friends on facebook. It was the first time I was pretty honest with a lot of people. before I tried to basically keep it all to myself. Only family, and a few people knew what was going on. Other
  9. I am getting ready to join a bowling league with Special Olympics and need to get in shape for this. I also want to improve my eating habits and my creative writing skills. I enjoy writing stories and even poetry. 1. I will get ready for bowling by increasing the number of lounges I can do to 20 with good knee flexion and do free weight exercises to improve my arm strength with a 5 pound weight. 2. I will exercise 3 times per week and will keep a chart. 3. I will eat 2 fruits and 2 vegetables each day and will mark it on the chart. Non exercise goal: I will read the information on
  10. Hey all, I am back for challenge #7! I ended up bailing on last challenge. During that "off" time I started to think up my own 14 day challenges. I created a new Battle log: Tateman's daily 14 day challenge log The premise behind this is to get me more motivated to focus on my exercise. Similar to the Whole 30 idea of "hey, it's only 30 days, you can do that" For me, thinking "Hey, it's only 14 days. I can do that" Of course, then I just continue the cycle So motivation wise, I am still in the I want to lose weight group. Plus get stronger, better, faster! I am going to run anoth
  11. So I am back for my 6th challenge. The last couple were not so hot. Especially the 5th challenge. I was sick almost the whole time, and I gained 11 pounds. End of challenge I was 289lbs. I want to prepare for a bowling in the USBC Open Championship in Reno, Nv. We bowl May 17th and 18th. The team I am bowling with, I have been with for a couple of years now. I want to deliver a little Shock and Awe when they meet me this year. Last year I was around 340lbs when I bowled. This year, I want to get down as much as possible. We all buy the same shirts there so we can match as a team.
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