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  1. It's that time of year for me. Time to bowl in the USBC Open Nationals Tournament. This year it is in Las Vegas again. I bowl on June 2nd and 3rd. I always have a blast bowling this each year. This will be my 11th year in a row, 14th overall. This year, at least I have been able to get back out and do some bowling in a league. I won't be a complete mess haha. The only problem I'll have is flying back on the 4th. I'm going to miss some of the Pokemon Go Fest! Hopefully, just like the first hour or so of day 1. I skipped last challenge. I was sick during the first couple of weeks. Had my doctors appointment. Things were looking pretty good, but I was put on even more medicine. I had a choice to get higher dosage on one of them as well. I decided to not do that, and attempt to get my eating in control. Then on Friday the 29th, something happened to our old lady cat. She was 22. She did have some trouble getting around, but still jumped up on the couch etc. The morning of the 29th, she was just a different cat. It was like she had a stroke or something. Would not eat, and was aimlessly wondering around the apartment. Barely would open her eyes up. Could hardly walk. Just seemed like she had no sense of anything. I spent quite awhile with her on my chest. I was trying to give her a place she would feel secure to rest. Spent a lot of time crying. It was pretty clear, it was time. We called to get squeezed in over at a animal hospital. Doctor pretty much agreed there was nothing to be done. So, we sent her on her way. My oldest son is just a year older, so he knew her his whole life. It was quite the hit to us. So yeah, not exactly how I imagined coming into May. I'm kind of all over the place. like sitting here at 2:30 am making this post, instead of getting the sleep I should be haha. Ok, enough bringing things down! Once again, let's try to get things on track. I have Vegas to bowl in, plus I really need to get much healthier. While I was not in last challenge, I decided to start making a goal list. Not so much things to get done now, but as of things to eventually do. This challenge needs to be the stepping stone into getting me headed towards my goals. For those that have followed me in the past, I am sure that my goals will be very similar to ones I have had in the past. Goal #1 - Sleep I always seem to have to get this one established again. It's just too easy for me to stay up till 2 or 3am. My youngest has finally gone back to in person learning at school as well. So now I am having to get up early to get him there and back. In general though, I have too many days that I feel tired and run down from lack of sleep. Since I am getting up early, I need to get to bed a bit earlier then I use to as well. Some nights, it might be harder to do, but we shall see. 10:30 PM, I am to get off the computer or whatever. Then I get off to reading asap. At 11 PM I need to head to bed. If I feel like I am not getting enough reading time, I might get to reading earlier, like 10 PM. I'll see how things feel in week zero, and adjust if need be. 20 points each day. 140 points for the week Goal #2 - Movement This will be a big factor for future goals. I've really done almost nothing. Groceries, or caring water jugs up stairs from time to time. Then bowling once or maybe twice a week. Really, very low activity level. I need to change this. Week zero, my only exercise goal, is to get out and walk each day, No time frame, no step count. Just make an actual choice to go out and walk. I have been temped with adding in some meditation in as well. Like walk out someplace, then sit and mediate. Then walk more. Just something to help clear the head. Though I do get that with bigger walks too. I would also like to get into doing some workouts. Like a Monday, Wednesday, Friday split. I think week 1 I will start this. Probably just some bodyweight stuff to start. I did get myself a pull up bar and resistance bands to do assisted pull ups. I just have to try it out. I also think I want to start in slow here too. Like do at least once exercise from my list. So even if I just do feel it, just do 10 squats or something. I'll most likely do more, but I figured I would have the "do just one" to at least keep me going. It use to work for me back in the day for walking. I'd tell myself "You can give up 15 minutes at least to walk" I hope that I start off with the baby steps, then I can add on more in week 2 or 3. Honestly, just have to see how things go. Walking every day, M, W, F workouts outs (Do at least one Exercise) 10 points each day for walking, 10 points each day for workouts. 100 total points for the week. Goal #3 - Get food under control I really have been struggling on what I should do for my food. I've not been happy with my blood sugar levels. I really don't want to be on the medication I am on right now. I know, I could get myself back in a range I want fairly quickly if I went back to eating Keto. Obviously, I need to lose weight, That can be done doing any real method of eating. I just have to eat less then I burn. Eating Keto doesn't magically just make you lose weight. I felt it did help me though, with cravings and such. Still, I feel like it might not be the best long term for me. At some point I will want potatoes, or popcorn, and pizza. From my previous doctors appointment, I wanted to see if I can eat like I normally have been eating, and see what effect the medicine would have on me. It is better, but I'm not that happy with it. Though, I didn't exactly steer away from eating all the things. This challenge, I'm not going to eat a certain way so much, but I do want to make sure I am eating in a calorie range at least. Funny enough, I think when I did eat Keto, I was also eating more vegetables a better foods then just junk I have been eating. Main point of this goal is to track what I eat. Hopefully, work on better choices of foods to eat too. Lower calorie/higher volume foods and such. Baby steps first, just track and stay in my calorie range. I know there are some days I will just be hungry and want to eat. I want to try to have an upper number to not pass. Track food 7 days a week. 2,000 to 2800 calories. I'd like to range 2200-2500 on average I think. So hopefully, not too many higher days 10 points each day, 70 points each week. There are many other things I want to do, but I really want to keep it much more simple to get me started off again. Here is to getting all the kinks worked out in week 0, then having a really good challenge! Measurements: Start / Finish Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - Points: Week 1 (05/08 - 05/14) - 0/310 Week 2 (05/15 - 05/21) - 0/310 Week 3 (05/22 - 05/28) - 0/310 Week 4 (05/29 - 06/04) - 0/310 Week 5 (06/05 - 06/11) - 0/310 Total Challenge Points - 0/1550
  2. The goal this challenge is to actually stick around the whole challenge haha Actually, bowling is back on the menu. Leagues have been going. I however have not been joined back up. We stopped bowling in March of 2020. I didn't do any bowling until May of 2021. A couple practice sessions, and then I bowled the Nationals tournament in Vegas. (actually did my 3rd best showing in all of my years doing the tournament) With things calming down a bit now, I have agreed to bowl this coming winter season. Starts September 9th! A couple of issues. #1 I am way, way, way out of practice. #2 I am way, way, way out of shape haha. This challenge, I want to work to getting myself on the path to much better health. I hope that this challenge shall be my epic respawn, and get myself moving in the direction I want to be going. It is the month that my Mom died 11 years ago. It sometimes creeps up on me mentally. So, I just have to be aware. Give myself a break if I need. Goal #1 - Get the sleep cycle in control Yeah, yeah, I know another challenge with a sleeping goal Honestly though, I always think of this as one of the keys to get me to make good choices. I have been staying up entirely too late again. Another problem I have, is that I stay in bed too long. A lot of times I will be tired from lack of sleep. Then just stay in bed for hours watching videos or whatever. The sleep challenge shall have 3 parts to it. Get myself reading at 10:30 PM Get myself to bed at 11:30 PM Get myself out of my bed asap, and start the day. There can be some exceptions. Friday nights, is usually the time my wife and I catch up on the shows we watch. Sometimes, we do watch later then 10:30 PM. It's on the weekend though, so it really shouldn't bee too much of an issue. If this happens, I think I just try to get to bed asap. This would be better then me staying up on the computer 15 points per day. All 7 days. 105 points per week. Goal #2 - Get back into tracking I use to never really have much issue tracking calories. It seems like I have been struggling to get myself to lately though. I really want to do it, because I want to get myself to eat about 2300 calories. No more then 2500 really. I'm not doing keto or anything this time. Basically CiCo. I haven't been massively trying lately, but I want to see if I can get this to work. I'll just grade myself on tracking. To make things even easier for myself, I shall accept multiple forms of tracking haha. Cronometer is the app I use to track. If for some reason I can't be bothered that day, then take a picture of my food. At the very least, write it in a journal. I 100% plan to get chronometer going again. I just know that I have tried a few times recently, and I seen to just break down sometime during they day. Mostly, just because I want to get to the shoving of food in my mouth I guess haha. Tracking each day is 15 points. 105 points for the week Goal #3 - Bring on the steps! I really need to get back into walking (and some day running). I don't want to focus on I have to go for a walk. More I want to make sure I have a certain number of steps. Obviously, I'm not getting 10k a day right away. I'd just be asking for an injury haha. I could say I need to walk for 30 minutes, but if I stand someplace playing pokemon go for part of that time, does it count? Biggest thing here is for me to get out, and get things moving. Build up that heart muscle. The question is, what is the goal to aim for. Looking at my fitbit data, I really have not been moving much. I think I will start off this first week at 5,000 steps. This should be easy. At least in my brain right now. Evaluate at the end of each week to see if I need to adjust the step count. I would like to increase it each week or two. Week 1 - 5,000 steps a day. 15 points per day. 105 points per week. Goal #4 - Clean out our storage unit This is going to be somewhat difficult. It involves more then just going there and bring it all in the apartment. I need to through out a lot, or donate if I can. I have a lot of baseball/sport cards. It's time I get thought them as well. I know a lot are really not worth a thing. There are some things to bring to the apartment. That means down sizing stuff here too. We have been working on this a bit the last few weeks too. While I want to add in workouts in the challenge, I predict much working out and soreness by clearing out this storage unit. Plus the added benefit of not having to fork out that money each month I would like to be all cleared out this month, but I'm not sure how feasible this is. My goal is to at least get to the unit once a week. Lot of things happening at the apartment too, so it will all kind of tie in together. 15 points per week, must go there at least once each week. Total challenge points: Week 1 (08/01 - 08/07) - 0/330 Week 2 (08/08 - 08/14) - 0/330 Week 3 (08/15 - 08/21) - 0/330 Week 4 (08/22 - 08/28) - 0/330 Week 5 (08/29 - 09/04) - 0/330 Measurements: Day 1 / End of challenge (coming soon) Chest - Waist - Bicep(L) - Bicep(R) - Thigh(L) - Thigh(R) - Weight -
  3. Back for another challenge. Last time I pulled the old disappearing act. This time, I hope to not do that again For those that don't know me, I really like bowling. Covid took that all away. It's now been 11 months since I threw a bowling ball. Everything has still been shut down here. There was a two week period that some places opened up. I could not take advantage of that time to bowl. Shut down #2 happened. The place I call my home center shut down forever. They could not survive. There are others in the area facing the same. Hopefully, things are starting to improve around here, but who knows. Now, how do I bowl if all the lanes are shut down still? Well, I know of one that is opening up for a few people. From what I have seen, the bowling places are way over setup to provide a safe environment. That's my in. I want to get back to bowling so badly. I go to a yearly bowing tournament each year. Last year was canceled. This year the tournament is in Las Vegas. As far as I know, my dates, in May, are still there for bowling. Seems like the tournament will indeed take place. I need to get in some practice way before that. As much as I want to bowl, I am going to use this as the drive to get my challenge goals done. I hope that is the motivation to get me going each day. I'm going to have similar goals as my last few challenges. Goal #1 - Get that rest, and get the heck out of bed in the morning Once again, we see the sleep goal coming in. It's too important! I need rest to recover from exercising. I need the rest to help me make better and healthier decisions through the day. With failing in previous challenges, I starting to notice a trend. Even on nights that I got to bed on time, and had a good amount of rest. If I get up in the morning, then get back into bed (after bathroom visit etc), then most likely, I will have a bad day. I'll play Pokemon Go, check news, check instagram, and everything else on my phone. All the while saying to myself "Well, I need to get up" "well, I've been here awhile now, time to get going" Two or three hours later when I do get moving, I have zero desire to do anything really. Days that I just get up and get going have a much better percent of me doing things. I want to get my morning routine active again each day. Hopefully, I get into walking in the morning as well, and workouts. Knocking them out right away has always seemed better for me. My sleep goal is to get off the computer or whatever at 10:30 PM. Then, I get to reading. I read until 11:30 PM. This should get me into bed close to 11:45 PM depending on what I do on the way. Usually setting the alarm, checking doors etc. Sometimes a stop off at the restroom. The final component is getting up in the morning. No more sitting there checking out my phone. I do have alarms set up for all the events. 10:30, 11:30, then 8 AM. There is no wake up alarm for weekends, because well it's the weekend .;) Points will be awarded that I got up at whatever time I woke up. 5 points per event, 15 points per day. 105 points on the week (all 7 days) Goal #2 - Hurling 15 pound balls will require some strength Last challenge I really wanted to get in the slow and steady approach to exercise. It was ok, but really I felt no real accomplishment. I wasn't really doing anything it seemed. This time I am going to go for much more. Still a little reserved, but I think a good starting point. I need to lose weight. Cardio will help so much with that. Plus getting out for walks will improve my mood. It always had in the past, my brain just wants me to think otherwise sometimes. I want to eventually get my walking back to 10k steps a day. Eventually, I will run again too. That is the cardio goal for this year. I want to run a 5k again (at least ) Baby steps first. I can't just go walk 4 miles and expect to not get an injury. Walking will start off with smaller, slower walk. The library isn't too far. That might be the first marker to hit. I'll really have to decide during week 0. There is a workout area just beyond that, which part two comes in. 2nd part of this is to get in workouts. I'd like to be able to get a pull up done this year too. Seems impossible at my current fitness level. Doing the impossible will make it feel all that much better though haha. If I can walk up to the outdoor exercise area, then that gives me some options to work on pull up progression. I'm too heavy to use my at home bar. This outdoor area does have a pull up section. There is also sections with lower bars. I'll probably be more on those. I have a few exercises in mind to try out there. I also have also made an alternate workout that I would do at home. Probably alternating workouts during the week. There might be times that there is rain or bad weather that makes me do all stuff at home, so having this help too. I'm not restrained by just one area. I have 15 lbs and 25lb dumbbells at home. So at least there can be things done there to add to bodyweight workouts. The plan is walking 6 days at least 15 minutes. Sunday, is my "rest day". Though if I bowl once a week, it would probably be on the Sunday. Workouts will take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 5 points per event. 30 points for walking at least 15 minutes each day, and 15 points for workouts. 45 total points per week. Goal #3 - Let's not forget about eating Oh eating. Last challenge I started off strong with Keto, then it all came tumbling down. Mental breaks and days of cakes and cookies being made was too much. Both my kids had birthdays last month. First one I avoided. Second cake not so much haha. Once again, I take on Keto. Now I know, it seems like this isn't working for me. I also don't 100% think this is my forever way of eating exactly. What I see in the future is a bit modified or closer to a low carb, but we will see when we get there. There are some positives for me going back, and staying on Keto. #1 I know I can do it. I did it pretty much all of 2018, and it was great. I don't find it as restricting as one might think. I still do eat some carbs, that are just in the form of better vegetables. #2 I 100% noticed that I am not as inflamed as I am eating "normal" foods. #3 as a type 2 diabetic in the past, my blood sugar levels are very, very controlled. My last doctor visit, the doctor even commented that she didn't know what category to put me in. I wasn't really type 2 anymore, and had gotten down to more pre diabetic levels (I was back over 350lbs in that visit) This was something I found out for myself the first time I ever really started keto. I had to drop all of my diabetes medication in the first 3 weeks. #4 this is a weird one, but my eyesight changes. I wear glasses because I am nearsighted. So far away stuff gets blurry. When I am not on keto though, I have starting having harder time focusing up close too. This changes on Keto. Like I can't really even were my glasses as much when I am on my computer. I assume my eyes are changing shape a bit, but who knows. Anyway, it seem better on keto, though I still have the blurry far away. Lastly #5 is that it really does control my appetite. Sure, I can get cravings still. That's all really a lot more mental queues then actual hunger. Of course there are cons too. I can't just eat normal pizza. I can't just get whatever normal fast food. I can get stressed a bit if we go out to eat at a restaurant. (at least back when we could do that) I did have one issue last challenge. I was doing my best to stick to about 2300 calories each day. Overall, I think that is still a good goal. The problem I had, was that some days I really felt like I was forcing myself to eat something to reach it. This time I am not doing that. If I am really not hungry, I am not going to force down food to reach some number. I think I do want to find an comfortable upper limit. Plus, I am counting on becoming more hungry for food once workouts and cardio gets going. I'll adjust as need be. Tracking, under 20 net carbs. No more than 2500 calories. 15 points per day, 105 per week. Goal #4 - Get through some cards Many moons ago, I collected a lot of sports cards. It was my retirement plan (I wish) Ok, most are really worth nothing. I do have a few that may bring in money. It's been a long time coming, but I need to make my way through them all. I do have some here at the apartment that I will tackle first. I've started a small bit. I want to see what cards I want to keep, and what ones to just get rid of. My plan, is to dedicate a couple of hours each week. I could try a bit of time each day, but I think I would rather it be like 2 hours on Saturday or Sunday. Hmm, bowling then cards on my rest day I actually want to spend more time going though them all, but the idea is to get me started, then I see 6 hours later that I need to pack it up for the day. Something like that. It's something I have been enjoying a bit these last couple of weeks. Bringing some nostalgia of when I use to seriously collect. No points for this. Just needs to get done. No pressure. Actually might get some exercise pulling card boxes from storage. Reward Time: That is the goals. Now to the reward. I already mentioned it to my wife to make sure it's cool haha. To rent a lane for an hour, it will cost me $20. I was really going to have the all or nothing approach here. 100% or I don't bowl. The problem then is I will have that "Well, I failed. Might as well fail the whole week now" pop in my head. The other side is I don't want to have a bare minimum to reach, because I also might choose that. I think I will stick to more of a percentage. Each week must be a minimum of 80% on points, plus all 3 workouts done. There isn't any excuse to not get the workouts done. Even if I was injured, I should be able to come up with something. 80% on points, plus all 3 workouts done means I get to go bowling Of course, things may change. Wife might say we don't have the money or gas that week. Bowling places might not be able to get me in there. I'll just focus on the positive though. Measurements: Feb 14 / Mar 2 Chest - 56.61 in / Waist - 61.18 in / Bicep (L) - 16.96 in / Bicep (R) - 16.92 in / Thigh (L) - 29.72 in / Thigh (R) - 29.64 in / Weight - 372 lbs / Challenge point totals: Week 1 (02/14 - 02/20) - 210/255 - 82% Week 2 (02/21 - 02/27) - 0/255 Week 3 (02/28 - 03/06) - 0/255 Week 4 (03/07 - 03/13) - 0/255 Week 5 (03/13 - 03/20) - 0/255 Total Challenge points: 0/1275
  4. As some people know here, I am a Bowler. This challenge, I have signed up for all the bowling. haha. First we start off with the USBC Open Nationals Tournament in Las Vegas, Nv. I fly out on Wednesday the 29th, and return home on the 1st of June. Thursday I bowl team event (3 games) then Friday will be double and singles. (6 games total). The day after I get back, I signed up to bowl a Match Club "fun" day event. On June 15th, I bowl in the California State Tournament. Team/Doubles/Singles all in one day (9 games). Then I have two different Match club bowling events on the 22nd and 23rd of June. (One travel out of town). Still in June, i have two more Match club events on the 29th and 30th (both travel out of town) This, plus my normal league bowling haha. Summer league is starting up, and this summer I am only bowling one league. So, I have a lot of bowling headed my way. Along with some bit of traveling. This challenge will be pretty similar to last challenge. I'll add in a few things to try to kick it up a notch. I did decent in the last challenge when I wasn't trying to self sabotage myself. Hopefully, this challenge I can keep that under control. Goal#1 - Tracking, Keto, Calories, and Intermittent Fasting Pretty much the same formula as last challenge. Though this time, I am going with some Max numbers. Last time I wanted to be close to 2100 calories on my workout days. I gave myself a but of room though. I re-looked at my target macro numbers, and am going to try go with 2100 calories MAX on working days, 1700 MAX on rest day. This means 2101 calories is over. I am also continuing with IF. My current goal is 18 hours fast. I am going to keep that this challenge. I might toy with the longer fast this challenge, but we shall see. I also need to make sure I am under 20 grams of net carbs each day. All this while tracking everything. Chronometer for food, and LIFE for fasting. During the days I am in Vegas, I am not going to worry about tracking in Chronometer. I think I will just get too frustrated trying, will play it by ear I suppose. 2100/1700 MAX Calories - 4 points 18 hour fasting done - 4 points Under 20 grams of net carbs - 4 points 12 points per day. 84 points per week Goal#2 - Run, Walk, and lift things. Be Active! I am currently following the RunDouble 5K Improver plan. I am not doing 4 runs per week. Instead I am sticking to my 3 day run schedule for now. This pretty much means I run a 5K, then the next time I run intervals. The intervals seem to change distance or resting times every couple of times. Along with this, I am keeping to my step goal of 10,000 steps per day. I still also have my goal to someday do a pull up. Hopefully, this year. I won't get there if I really don't start training for it though. Workouts will still be on the non run days. Week 0 I am going to look into creating my own bit of workout schedule, or even see if there is a plan I should follow. I think I need to start doing a bit more targeted workout vs randomly picking 4 exercises to do. This last bit I want to try having more active minutes in Fitbit. I want to target 100 minutes per day. My plan is to get in my normal walk time, then each hour or so, make sure I get in a few steps. I will work this out a bit more during Week 0 I hope. Overall though, I want to get away from having to just rely on one big walk or run to get in the steps for the day. It would probably be better to move more often instead of sitting there. Run the 5K improver on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays - 4 points each day Workout on the non run days Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays - 4 points each workout 10,000 steps per day - 2 points 100 active minutes - 2 points (this may change) Sunday is rest day 6 points per day. 36 points per week. Goal#3 - Rest up I need to make sure this sleep is on lockdown. I may even work on changing my sleep to go to bed a little earlier. We shall see. For now though, pretty much the same as last challenge. 10:30 PM off the computer and start reading. 11:30 PM time to get to bed. My gamer night (Saturday night) never has set hours. So the plan is to Log off the game within 15 minutes of us being finished. Then get in 30 minutes of reading before heading to bed. Off to bed at 11:30 PM plus reading done - 4 points per day. Gamer night, log off in 15 minutes, and read for 30 minutes - 4 points 4 points per day, 28 points per week Goal#4 - Create that positive headspace I want to get myself into a good frame of mind each day. Or even before going to bed. I'm not sure what will be best for myself yet, but I want to explore my options here. Last challenge I struggled with some self sabotage. It's really just those mind games going. This challenge (particular in week 0) I want to find something that works for me. Maybe I use a meditation app to help out, or I just have to spend 5-10 minutes focusing on a positive aspect for me that day. Pumping myself up for the day. Using the Mindfulness Coach app, complete a Mindfulness training session each day. Training session completed 4 points per day. 28 points per week. Measurements:(Week 0 / EoC) Neck: 17.44 in / Chest: 46.22 in / Waist: 48.30 in / Bicep (L) (no flex): 14.84 in / Bicep (R) (no flex): 14.29 in / Forearm (L): 11.77 in / Forearm (R): 11.92 in / Thigh (L): 25.59 in / Thigh (R): 25.55 in / Weight: 255.9 lbs / 266.1 (week 1) / Points: Week 0 - (05/20 - 05/26) - test running ideals Week 1 - (05/27 - 06/02) - 0/140-176 (if I can track) Week 2 - (06/03 - 06/09) - 0/176 Week 3 - (06/10 - 06/16) - 0/176 Week 4 - (06/17 - 06/23) - 0/176
  5. For those that don't know, each year I bowl in the USBC Open Nationals tournament. This year it is being held in Las Vegas. I bowl May 30th, and 31st. That will be in week one of the next challenge. So all kinds of chaos to prepare for then. I know a few people there that work the event each year, plus I have been bowling with a group of people for awhile now. This once a year thing is basically the only time I see them. This year, I want to make as big of a impact as possible. Last year I bowled in New York, I was 325 lbs. I am currently at 266 lbs. I still have plenty to lose. So I hope I can drop a bit more for that shock and awe reaction Not to mention just being healthier in general. For my birthday in November, I went running to see how far I could go. I only last 1/2 mile. Now I am almost about to hit 3 miles. Last challenge I had struggles with my eating. The shark blood fest mode was in full swing too many times. This challenge, I hope to curb it back again, with a bit more strict rules for my eating. As always, I still have my goals for this year. Things like run a 5k (official), do a pull up, and hit below 200 lbs. I am almost there in the running, but I need more work on the pull up area. Weight loss will come as I control my foods as well. So here we go. Goal#1 - Control your foods This goal will have a few challenges in it by itself. Last challenge, I got back to tracking everything I ate, and got use to fasting windows again. This challenge, I want to add on to that, and give myself some limits. I have mostly been keeping it keto, but I have had too many days where I have over carbed and ate all the peanut butter. Time to get my mindset back in the game and make sure I am under 20 net carbs. I've also checked out some macro calculators to help with where I should be with my calorie intake. I think my working out days I want to be at 2100 or lower. Rest day, is closer to 1700 (even less really, but I am giving myself a little bit extra). To help amp up my fasting, I use an app called LIFE to track. I want to have a minimum 18 hour fast. Different start times is fine, but I honestly want to be done eating by 6 PM. There are times when that gets stretched out due to whatever reasons. Calorie goal hit or lower (2100/1700): 2 points per day Net carbs hit (20 grams or lower): 2 points per day 18 hour fasting (or more) hit: 2 points per day 6 points per day. 42 points per week. Goal#2 - Exercise you must! Last challenge was a bit hit or miss with workouts. I was pretty solid on my runs, and I was killing that rest day This challenge, I need to get my workouts into a regular habit. Don't give up and just not do a workout because I don't think it is a good enough workout. ANY workout is better then no workout. I am not sure if I want to try following a plan kind of workout, or just kind of wing it like I did last challenge. That is what I will use week 0 to help with. For now it is wing it, but hit the proper days. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Running is going to continue. My problem is the C25K ends during week 1. So I need to figure out what I am doing next. Come up with my own runs, like 5k distance, and fartleks. (can do in the app) Do I for for more distance and start the 5K to 10K program. Last, do I do the improve 5K plan. I am thinking one of the last two. They basically have aspects of my made up running in them. I'd love to get my 5K distance to 9 minutes a mile. Will I do that with one pass through of the program, I doubt it. Still, it was kind of one of my goals way back when I did a 5k for real. the 10k sounds good, because in 6 weeks I could be running up to 6 miles. That seems insane to me. This is assuming I don't have setbacks. I am still quite large after all as well. Weight loss will of course help with both running programs haha. I do have a couple of weeks to decide on my running path, but I want to get it nailed down soon. Hopefully, before week 1. I have decided to finish the C25K program, then move on to the improve 5k program. I will stick with the same running days. Running done Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2 points per run Workout done Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 2 points per workout 10,000 steps hit each day: 2 points per day Sunday is rest day 4 points per day. 24 points per week Goal#3 - Get sleep in Last challenge was better for me, but I still let my sleep slip up way too much. I also have my one gaming night that I would let myself stay up later. The problem is, I would really go for it and stay up till 2 or 3 AM. Even with rest day the next day, it always killed me. I watched out this last Saturday, and we were done before 11 PM. There was no need for me to be up until 2 AM. I need to get myself some restriction there too. Similar times this challenge. Off my computer/TV/whatever at 10:30 PM. Start reading. Currently reading the Culture Novels. At 11:30 PM, head to bed. Gaming night. Off the computer by 11:15 PM or earlier (unless we are all on doing something still). Basically give myself 10-15 minutes to wrap up stuff. Then get to reading. Read until midnight, then head to bed. This should hopefully get my brain settled down enough for me to get into bed and get some sleep. Gaming Night off to read by 11:15 PM, off to bed at Midnight: 4 points per night All other nights off to read at 10:30 PM, off to bed at 11:30 PM: 4 points per night 4 points per night, 28 points per week. Goal#4 - Use week 1 to finish your computer area So since we have moved into our apartment, I never really finished unpacking or setting up my area. I guess I always hoped we would just move out soonish haha. Well, that isn't happening, and we will be here for 2 more years. My son is out of school during week 1, so why not use that time to finally finish unpacking and setting up he area around my computer desk. Basically a gorilla rack, and book shelf area. Maybe this could be an entire challenge length deal. The biggest work just needs to happen that first week I think. Maybe I will even try getting a before and after picture It is something that has needed to be done for awhile, I just have been lazy about it. If I happen to get it all pretty much setup week 1, then I may switch this goal to getting a couple of Lego set built. Of course be displayed in said area No points, just get it done. So there we have it. Nothing too fancy, but things I want to get nailed down to help my Vegas trip will be a successful one. Measurements: Neck: 16.92 in / 17.44 in (Kinda sure I didn't have the same spot at measure) Chest: 46.77 in / 46.22 in Waist: 49.92 in / 48.30 in Bicep (L) (no flex): 14.88 in / 14.84 in Bicep (R) (no flex): 14.76 in / 14.29 in Forearm (L): 12.12 in / 11.77 in Forearm (R): 12.12 in / 11.92 in Thigh (L): 25.59 in / 25.59 in Thigh (R): 25.55 in / 25.55 in Weight: 263.8 lbs / 255.9 lbs Points: Week 0 (4/15 - 4/21): test run Week 1 (4/22 - 4/28): 56/94 - 59% Week 2 (4/29 - 5/05): 78/94 - 82% Week 3 (5/06 - 5/12): 50/94 - 53% Week 4 (5/13 - 5/19): 84/94 - 89% Total Challenge: 268/376 - 71%
  6. So last challenge had lots of wins for me. I am going to continue with the same goals, just some of them are going to be amped up a bit Goal 1: 3 Gym workouts, and walking everyday So last challenge, I had just got into a gym membership. I had failed doing body weight workouts. The gym, might actually work for me this time. I also had stopped walking because of foot pain. I had a doctor visit to verify it was just the plantar fasciitis. So I need to power through it. I have some inserts for my regular and bowling shoes. I'm also going to be doing things to help it like icing and stretches/massages. No goal to get to 10k yet. This goal breaks down like this: 3 Gym workouts per week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are the days I am going for. 7 days of walking. 15-30 minutes a day is all I am pushing for. 10 points total for the week Goal 2: Food Prep, and tracking! Last challenge, the food prep worked really well for me. I don't think the way I am doing it currently, will work long term for me exactly. Tweaks will come later. For now, I am sticking with it. I am also adding the extra step of tracking with my fitness pal. Last challenge, I found myself adding things on to eat. So I want to make sure my food intake is on point. Again, Food prep for 12 meals (Lunch and dinner) 2 meals during the week can be something other than my prepped meal, and tracking every day. I want to do 7 points for the food prep, and 7 points for the tracking. 14 points total for the week. Goal 3: Limit day time snacks, and no after dinner snacking I did great with the "Stop after dinner snacking" last challenge. I am going to continue that. I am adding to limit my day time snacking. I think this was starting to get me in trouble last challenge. I will get help with this by tracking too. So my limit during the day is 1 snack. Nothing too crazy. Maybe 2 servings of popcorn, instead of the 3 I normally would have. Maybe trying to keep the snack under 300 calories. I may need to tweak this, once I get things rolling in the challenge. 7 points total for the week Goal 4: Take care of yourself Sleep was my goal last challenge. I am going to continue with the midnight sleep goal. I am also going to use this goal to make sure I take care of my feet. I figure if I don't track it some how, then most likely, I will let it slip by. So 1 point per day for sleep, and 1 point per day for my feet. 3 heel stretches per day, icing my feet at least once per day, and massage with a golf ball at least once per day. 1 point per day for this. 14 points for the week Now for the Monkey wrench So as some of you know, I like to bowl. Every year, then United States Bowling Congress hold their Open Championship tournament. This year, it is in Reno, Nevada. Actually not very far from me. 3 1/2-4 hours drive. I will be bowling on May 21st, and 22nd. So I will be leaving on May 20th, and returning on the 23rd. This will obviously have some impact on my goals. Like, I won't be able to food prep for the days I am gone. I'll also have to figure out when to food prep for the week that I am back. Maybe that Monday night I come home, ha. We are staying at Circus Circus. I know they have some kind of gym there. So at the very least, I can get in some kind of workout there. Walking too, if I just don't want to go walking around. I'll just have to do my best with eating, and exercise. Get in my sleep, and stretches. Measurements: (Will take on the 8th) (in inches and pounds) Neck - 19.48 / Chest - 55.66 / Waist - 62.16 / (L) Bicep - 18.50 / (R) Bicep - 18.14 / (L) Forearm - 14.25 / (R) Forearm - 14.25 / (L) Thigh - 30.43 / (R) Thigh - 30.59 / Weight - 367.6 / Grading: Week 1: 0/45 points Week 2: 0/45 points (will adjust as needed) Week 3: 0/45 points (will adjust as needed) Week 4: 0/45 points
  7. Time for our first 2016 Sydney meetup, trying to make it inclusive and accessible to all since we have a few new names around the boards. Date: Wednesday 11th May 2016 Time: 6pm Venue: Strike Bowling at King St Wharf, http://www.strikebowling.com.au/locations/nsw/strike-king-street-wharf Price: If you want to bowl, $16 for 1 game, $28 for 2 games. If you don't want to bowl you can come and just hang out while other bowl. After party: 7.30 - 8pm (depending when we finish bowling) - Spawn Point video games bar http://www.spawnpoint.com.au/ Me and Dawsy @BarefootDawsy are confirmed so the event will go ahead, the more people that come the better, everyone is welcome we'd love to see you there! @Yuen Tired to tag Sugaru but not happening...
  8. OK, ok, not man bear pig cereal. Haha. This challenge, I need to get my stuff together. Last challenge I did in fact survive the family vacation. I just never came back to report on it. So far this new year, I am still struggling to even complete a challenge. So this challenge is going to be the one. At least the last few challenges, I have been learning a few things. Some things, just were not working out for me. Other things were fine, but I just stopped doing them for whatever reason. This challenge I want to have a couple of habit building type goals. I've not been happy with my progress so far, so I really need to nail down things that are going to benefit me. Goal 1: Sleep So I have always struggled with my sleep times. I always gravitate back to that night owl. I originally wanted to get up before my wife left for work. Then I could exercise, or run/walk before she left for work. Someone would still be home with my kids. It just doesn't seem like I have been able to make the goals to get there. Plus it means going to bed much, much earlier. For now though, I am just going to work on getting to bed earlier. Week 1 - Midnight, Week 2 - 11:40pm, Week 3 - 11:20pm, Week 4 - 11:00pm. Not only do I need to make sure I get to bed earlier, I need to start building a routine to help get me to sleep faster. So I am thinking I need to be off my computer at least 15 minutes before bed time. If I can start getting some books to read, then maybe I setup some reading before bed. Scoring will be 1 point a day. Goal 2: Food Tracking I've been logged into MyFitnessPal, but I haven't been updating all the time. So, I want to get back to tracing everything I eat. Staying under the calorie limit is a bonus Tracking everyday. 1 point per day. Goal 3: Exercise This challenge, I am going to attempt to start running again. I don't know if I am ready, or if my body will let me. I am going to try anyway. I'm not worried about speed, just getting it done. I am going to redo the RunDouble C25k app. I won't be able to do a simple run M, W, F type schedule. It looks more like my 1st run for the week will be Tuesday after I drop my son off at daycare. Run 2 will be Friday night. Run 3 will end up being Sunday. Along with C25k, I want to get in some other form of exercise at least twice a week. I think I will incorporate my Shadow Bowling practice, in with some body weight workouts. Going to shoot for Monday and Thursday. That way it is done on the days I bowl in my leagues. I'll add walking in when I can. Bowling nights are usually hard to get in walking at night. It is late, and my feet usually hurt from standing in the bowling shoes. 5 points total for teh week. 1 point per event (not counting extra walking) Goal 4: Finish up the to do list Last challenge, I did start some of these tasks, but I did not finish. My list: Clean up my computer area. Consolidate/ewaste/sell Computer components. Organize the area.Bowling Balls - Go through my bowling balls. Figure out ones to keep, and try to sell the others.Garage needs to be cleaned up. We still have boxes down from Christmas. So just need to get things back in their homes.Backyard cleanup. Had some recycle (cans and bottles) out on the side of the house in back. Now they are all over the place. Time to finish picking them all up.Clean the grill. We were going to grill last night, but then I found out water had gotten in the grill. So I need to give it a major cleaning, and re seasoning so we can use it again.1 point for each of them. So 5 points total for the challenge. Grading: Week 1 (Feb29th - Mar6th): 0/19 Week 2 (Mar7th - Mar13th): 0/19 Week 3 (Mar14th - Mar20th): 0/19 Week 4 (Mar21st - Mar25): 0/14 Goal 4 points: 0/5 Challenge points total: 0/76 Measurements: Location - Before/After = Difference Neck - in / Chest - in / Waist - in / Bicep (L) - in / Bicep ® - in / Forearm (L) - in / Forearm ® - in / Thigh (L) - in / Thigh ® - in / Weight - 372 lbs / Didn't take day 1 measurements, so day 2 will have to do
  9. A little backstory: So my comeback in the Adventures last challenge wasn't as successful as I had hoped. Holidays made for a rough time at it all In general though, I feel like I am starting to get back to healthier way of living again. My last challenge in the adventures, I made a big post about my recent struggle with gaining weight back. It was something that I even posted about to all my friends on facebook. It was the first time I was pretty honest with a lot of people. before I tried to basically keep it all to myself. Only family, and a few people knew what was going on. Others just knew I was losing weight. This time, I want the help from everyone. In the past, I had done a few challenges with the scouts. I was running 5ks a few times. Only one official, but still it felt like a good fit for me at the time. Before that, I was full time Adventurer. I came in before there was a recruit or Rebel level. My original start at NF, I weighed in at 333lbs. Over the course of my first year, I was able to slim down to 263lbs (my lowest weight in a long, long time.) Not only that, but I had ran a 5k. I finished 2 Spartan Sprints. One in Malibu, California, and the other in San Francisco at AT&T Park. Unfortunately, I let that deep down fat guy come back. I am back at 379lbs right now. (amazingly, not my heaviest ever) I feel like I lost so much, and it really sucks. Now, I want it back, and more!. Back when I first arrived at NF, I always felt like the Ranger life was more of the way I felt. I always wanted to be strong, and fast. I don't need to run marathons, though eventually it might be cool to try. I also don't need to run all the Spartan Races. Some day that Trifecta would be cool though I always just felt like I was never ready to join the Rangers. I have quite a lot of goals for this year. Some near impossible, and some smaller. Maybe I'll make out a list eventually. I feel like now is the time though. I may not be up to full on Ranger duty yet, but I want to start! Now on to my first challenge. I think I need to bring back a couple of things from my first ever challenge. Goal #1: Eat Those Veggies! I have done well in the past. Something I noticed gaining all this weight back, is that my vegetable intake is way down again. So for this challenge, I am going to have at least some vegetable with a meal once a day. Of course, I will try to eat more than that. I figure that I should just start it off small. Frozen, fresh, canned, whatever This is something for every day of the week, no off days. 1 point per day. 26 points total for the challenge. Goal #2: Cut out the late night snacks! Another thing I have noticed, is that my snacking has been way out of control. It's not needed. I want to try for no snacking at all. Just cutting out everything after dinner is the start though. 1 point per day. 26 points total for the challenge. Goal #3: 3 workouts a week, plus bonus cardio. So I have the original Rebel Fitness Guide. I started this my first challenge, and I am bringing a slightly modified version this challenge. I added in a couple of exercises to help with bowling. 3 times a week, I will do these bodyweight/dumbbell workouts. The bonus cardio is pretty open. The plan is to start with just simple walks each day. Week 1 is intro week. I will do 2 sets of my workout plan, and any amount of walking. I'm not making it a set number of steps this challenge. Just make it simple, and go out for a walk. Week 2 I will introduce another set to my workouts. So 3 today sets. I am also going to try to do C25K again. I've done it in the past, but I don't know if my body will be able to handle it. I have some goal to run later in the year, so I need to get this kicked off soon. So basically, this challenge is Exercise 6 days, rest on Sundays. 1 point per day (not counting Sundays). 23 points total for the challenge. The Level Up My Life Goal: Goal #4: Let's get our Bowl on So in May of this year, I will be bowling in the USBC Open Championship Tournament in Reno, NV. This will be my 9th year bowling. I missed 2010 when my mother died. I have been in a slump lately. Probably some due to my weight. So my other goals are helping with making me weight less, and get stronger. This goal is for me to get out there and get in some practice. The bare minimum will be to practice once a week. I bowl in two leagues currently. What I would like to do, is to practice after league some nights as well. There is also some things I can try to work on at home. I'm calling it shadow practice. This is a few things to mostly work on form. I've come up with a few things I can work on at home as well. 12 points this challenge. 1 point per shadow or actual bowling practice. Measurements: Location - Before/After = Difference Neck - 19.44 in / 19.96 in = -0.51 Chest - 57.87 in / 57.67 in = 0.19 Waist - 62.20 in / 61.77 in = 0.43 Bicep (L) - 18.5 in / 18.11 in = 0.39 Bicep ® - 17.4 in / 17.4 in = 0 Forearm (L) - 14.17 in / 14.21 in = -0.03 Forearm ® - 14.17 in / 14.21 in = -0.03 Thigh (L) - 31.28 in / 32.08 in = -0.39 Thigh ® - 32.28 in / 32.08 in = 0.19 Weight - 379.4 lbs / 371 lbs = 8.4 Grading: Week 1 (4th-10th) - 17/24 - 70% Week 2 (11th-17th) - 15/20 - 75% (N/A on Bowling this week) Week 3 (18th-24th) - 0/23 Week 4 (25th-29th) - 0/17 Entire Challenge (4th-29th) - 0/87 I am continuing to work on improving my sleep cycles from last challenge. I am just slowly moving them up so I can try to get up early to get my workouts in.
  10. I am getting ready to join a bowling league with Special Olympics and need to get in shape for this. I also want to improve my eating habits and my creative writing skills. I enjoy writing stories and even poetry. 1. I will get ready for bowling by increasing the number of lounges I can do to 20 with good knee flexion and do free weight exercises to improve my arm strength with a 5 pound weight. 2. I will exercise 3 times per week and will keep a chart. 3. I will eat 2 fruits and 2 vegetables each day and will mark it on the chart. Non exercise goal: I will read the information on my school web site about improving my writing skills.
  11. Hey all, I am back for challenge #7! I ended up bailing on last challenge. During that "off" time I started to think up my own 14 day challenges. I created a new Battle log: Tateman's daily 14 day challenge log The premise behind this is to get me more motivated to focus on my exercise. Similar to the Whole 30 idea of "hey, it's only 30 days, you can do that" For me, thinking "Hey, it's only 14 days. I can do that" Of course, then I just continue the cycle So motivation wise, I am still in the I want to lose weight group. Plus get stronger, better, faster! I am going to run another Spartan race. I was going to do Malibu again, but this year Spartan Race is coming to San Francisco. So I will run that one instead. This is a part of their stadium series. AT&T Park Spartan Sprint, August 9th, 2014. I watched the Fenway park sprint, and there wasn't any mud, but there was lots of burpees, and running, and plenty of other things to kick you butt. So I am scared and excited about it. I will sign up this weekend. I already have a few people wanting to team up potentially, so I might not have to do it all by myself. I also am bowling in the 2014 USBC Open Championships in Reno, NV on May 17th and 18th. So that happens this challenge! I really want to give the Shock and Awe to my teammates that haven't seen me in a year or more. More motivation is I want to get off my diabetes medication. Ever since I was put on it, it was a goal to get off it. I was heading in the right direction, but have faulted a bit. I'll be getting my bloodwork done soon, so I can see where my progress is. My Doctor had said in the past that when I get close to 250 lbs, We can possibly talk about lowering it down. So I NEED to get there. So here are the goals: 1) Fitness! Burpees, running, and gym visits! So here is my 14 day self challenges. I already started them, so I am just continuing into this challenge. Here is the spreadsheet I made to track this. Basically this: I haven't been 100% on it yet, but am building up. Also Day 1 of stairs plus burpees was murder. I might not ramp up as fast as I first lined up here. Going to try though before changing it. Since last challenge I failed on getting Stronglifts started, I hope this challenge I can at least get regular gym visits going. Even if it is only treadmill work. I hope it will start getting me more use to going to the gym. Maybe I will even do a few machine weights just to get more motivativated. The 14th day of each challenge is my Evaluation day. That day I test to see if I have improved in a few basic tests. Eventually, the evaluation days will change to other fitness tests, but for now it is How many Burpees can I do in one minute? How long does it take me to finish 1.2 mile? and How long does it take to finish 1 mile. Once I am able to actually run the 1/2 mile and 1 mile marks, then I'll see if I can get faster at them. Doing C25K should get me there eventually. When the challenge starts, I will be on day 8 of my 14 day challenge. 2) We must have rest! Ok, so I just decided on this one today. I have had sleep goals before. I just keep staying up later and later. With all my exercise, I need to have rest. So I will get back to my hard limit of midnight. No more 2am, or 3am sleep. From the past I know I might not fall asleep right away, but I got to get to bed by midnight. Eventually, I will start getting use to it, and fall asleep faster. 3) Eat well, and stick with IF So I was going to get back on the Whole 30 eating train again, but I honestly feel like I have to move past this. It's fine to go back on it from time to time I think. I just don't believe for me that it is a permanent way to eat. Having said that, my overall goal is to maintain a Whole30/Primal/Paleo eating style. I know from the past whole 30s I have done that Dairy isn't a problem for me, and corn has been fine too. So I plan on having popcorn (popped in coconut oil and not butter) as a snack. For me this is better then having trail mixes or nuts, because I can eat those up so fast. I think I will allow myself one meal a week if needed that might be outside this. I am getting back into the Intermittent Fasting as well. It worked great for me before to help my kick the snacking habit at night. 4) Be the bowler! So the practicing I was doing last challenge worked out pretty well. I have been on fire as of late it seems. So I hope to continue this. I want to at least have 3 games of practice each week. My wrist has been a little sore from one weekend were I did a lot of extra practice. So I want to make sure I don't over do it. I really, really, want to maintain my current bowling. I really want to do well at Nationals this year. 5) Document the Journey i didn't do so well last challenge with this. This time I want to do better. I want to make sure I get self pictures done each week at least. Plus, I want to try to do a daily video blog. It will be really boring. I hope to eventually have recordings of workouts, runs, and me just talking about the day. With all this stuff done, eventually I can look back and see just how much I have been changing. Maybe I can eventually make it my Weight loss video montage I'll be recording most video from my cell phone for now at least. I should have a tripod here soon to use. I also created a youtube account just for these videos https://www.youtube.com/user/willgetfit. Pictures I'll probably add to the usual places (Except shirtless ones will remain private for me haha) Beginning numbers! Weight - 281lbs (4-7-14) Challenge start weight: 277lbs (4-14-14 start date) This challenge I will be tracking my weight daily. I am curious to see how my body weight fluctuates. My pre-challenge evaluation numbers: Burpees in one minute: 8 1/2 Mile finished in 5 minutes 44 seconds 1 Mile finished in 12 minutes 14 seconds Weekly Summary Post: Week 1 Summary! Week 2 Summary!
  12. So I am back for my 6th challenge. The last couple were not so hot. Especially the 5th challenge. I was sick almost the whole time, and I gained 11 pounds. End of challenge I was 289lbs. I want to prepare for a bowling in the USBC Open Championship in Reno, Nv. We bowl May 17th and 18th. The team I am bowling with, I have been with for a couple of years now. I want to deliver a little Shock and Awe when they meet me this year. Last year I was around 340lbs when I bowled. This year, I want to get down as much as possible. We all buy the same shirts there so we can match as a team. This year I don't want to go in saying "I'll wear whatever shirt they have the biggest size in" instead I want to be able to go in and get whichever shirt we feel like getting. I want to see jaws drop when people see me that I know there. Then hopefully, make jaws drop with my bowling skills! It's not a super long term goal, but it's one I want to get. I think it will be good motivation for me to really want to get out and get things done. If I can hit my goals, I will be in a much better place for future things like off road course races, and 5ks etc. I imagine that my goals for the next two challenges will be the same, or very similar. Goal 1 - Whole 30 90?+ So I really want to get to a place where I don't have to rely on the Whole 30 program for me. It works for me though. So for now, I am doing it again. I started my Day 1 the 17th. This time though, I am not stopping. At least not until I bowl in May. That may be my weekend to have fun with my bowling friends and such. Then I can re-evaluate my food strategy after that. I hope to be in a much better place food wise, so I really don't have those late night sugar cravings, or just bad eating in general. This challenge I will not monitor my weight each week or every other day. This time I will only weigh myself at the start and end of the challenge. Goal 2 - Stronglifts 5x5 This might be the hardest part of the challenge for me. I want to lift. I just have to let myself do it. Got to get that f'it attitude going and just get it done. I signed up for a new membership at 24 hour fitness. Don't even know where the power racks are. I decided I need to get it done anyway. No excuses. They even have child care available so I can do this any time. I have the app on my phone to be able to track my workouts. I'll watch the videos some more to make sure I have good form as well. I'd like to get some recording of my workouts if possible. Probably have to get my wife's help for that. I'll start off with just the bar only like he suggests. Then soon I'll be lifting tons of weight This will be a workout every other day. Either M, W, F or Tu, Thur, Sat. Goal 3 - Cardio specifically C25k After last challenge, I was tempted to give up on C25k again. Maybe to pick it up again later. The problem is, I want to do it still haha. I feel like it's a challenge I have to beat. So ideally by the end of the challenge I want to be doing cardio every day. Walking after Stronglift workouts, and C25k on the off days. Since I never did beat week 4, I am going to start over fresh. I figure this way it will help me build back up to finish C25k this time. Plus any lingering cough should be gone soon. Since C25k is 9 weeks, this goal will extend into next challenge. I am already thinking of "tests" to do once I am finished next challenge. So those goals should set me up to be lighter, stronger, and faster. Now I need something to help me be that better bowler. Goal 4 - Practice I must! So before I had a bowling goal. It was recording myself while I worked on a few things. This time it is different. Over the next 12 weeks I want to get in practice on the weekends. Saturdays, I want to practice at a different bowling alley then I normally bowl in. Then Sundays I'll practice in my normal house. Should there be some reason I can't bowl during the weekend (tournaments etc) Then I will setup bowling time after my league bowling, or go over there after the wife gets home. I will work on a few things, but really it's about getting my timing down, and just building up my bowling game in general. The USBC Open also uses different then normal oil patterns. At some point, bowling alleys will put out that pattern. I'll be trying to bowl on it as much as I can. Goal 5 - Document the journey So this goal really isn't about getting healthy. I just thought I'd like to have my own montage haha. I have a few pictures I have taken from when I started the challenges. So pictures I'll take. I haven't decided if I should do every day pictures, or once a week. I'd also like to get video if possible. Especially, the workouts and running. Might be hard to do though. Also I want to get myself coming here and posting every day again. So maybe it's updating my battle log again with food and exercise, or maybe this thread. I had been thinking that this might eventually evolve into doing a weekly video blog or something. Baby steps first. Grading: This challenge I might not bother with a grading scale. Maybe I'll use a point system or something, but I might just not use anything. Instead I might just use every week or even everyday to focus on the positive aspects of the challenge so far, and not dwell on things to try to get a A or whatever. Measurements: Starting weight: 276.6 lbs Left Bicep: 40 cm Right Bicep: 38.2 cm Left Forearm: 31 cm Right Forearm: 31.7 cm Chest: 122.9 cm Waist: 130.8 cm Neck: 45.4 cm Left Thigh: 66.5 cm Right Thigh: 67 cm Left Calf: 48 cm Right Calf: 45.8 cm Measurements taken on 02/24/14. Next set will be taken 04/07/14
  13. So recently I had a birthday.... It was an awesome event full of friends family and stupid hats... If I ever doubted the support my circle of friends and family gives me I dont now. My friend made me a homemade flourless chocolate cake for my birthday... Took me to steak and veggie dinner. and as an added fun Bowling... exercise in the form of hilarous. I also got a project pair of jeans... just a bit snug.. but a pair that I can work toward getting to fit in. I was so touched.
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