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Found 2 results

  1. First 4 Week Challenge 4 Me! I'm excited. This is my first challenge, but I've been doing the NF thang for a few months now and have leveled up to Diet Level 6 and Bodyweight Workout 3A, so i sort of took the sample challenges and beefed them up a bit. The below quests are long term habits I want to build, and this seems like the opportune time to start! I've been binging a lot of Doctor Who lately, particularly during workouts, so I've decided to tailor my first 4 week story based on the wonderful wibbly wobbly stuff. 11th Doctor/Amy & Rory will be the stars of this one (along with my Wolfie alter-ego, of course). I may go a little overboard with the story, but I love writing and don't get a chance to do it often. So apologies in advance! -~-~-~-~-~-~- The Doctor peered at the creature, not at all frightened by its matted, bloody fur and frothing jaws. Rory, on the other hand, was shaking like a leaf. "Are -- are you sure it's not dangerous?" Rory stuttered. The Doctor scoffed and pulled out his sonic screwdriver, making a few passes at the heavy breathing animal. "No, this here boy's just a wolf --" he paused and squinted at the screwdriver, puzzled. " -- with some very strange additives in the soup, I must say..." He spun around suddenly, startling Rory, and declared "Not dangerous at all, but quite ill, quite ill indeed. Very weak. I should be able to get him fixed up in no time, and he can be off on his merry way, howling at the moon and scaring peasants -- " He stopped as he caught Rory glaring at him -- "Sorry. Anyway. what shall we call him, hmm? I've never had a pet on the TARDIS before!" He grinned and excitedly rubbed his hands together. As Rory and The Doctor regarded the wolf, it drew itself into a tall, proud posture, lifted its head, and stared unwaveringly at the Time Lord. "I am a female," she snarled, "and I don't... howl." As Rory's jaw hit the floor, a wide smile crept over The Doctor's face. "Hello," he said softly. "I'm The Doctor. What's your name?" The wolf hesitated, but was already starting to tremble from holding posture for so long. She lowered her head slightly. "Roo." "Nice to meet you, Roo. What say we have a look at those injuries, hm?" The Doctor held out his hand, and after a long, unsure pause, Roo reluctantly padded towards him. -~-~-~-~-~- As The Doctor calmly worked on treated the many wounds plaguing the lonely wolf, he explained to her why he had come to her planet. "And then Amy says 'well sorry if you boys can't handle the heat, I'm going to go out and get myself a lavender tan from this lavender sun!'" He chuckled and shook his head. Rory rolled his eyes, bouncing nervously. He watched The Doctor heal a particularly nasty gash with the screwdriver. "What happened to you?" He asked. Roo winced as the screwdriver moved over a piece of raw flesh on her rib cage. "A few days ago, strange creatures started invading our clearings." The Doctor giggled with delight, never taking his eyes from the wound. "Oooooh strange creatures! I love strange creatures, don't you love strange creatures, Rory?" Rory rolled his eyes again. "What kind of strange creatures? You mean like other... animal people?" Roo sucked in air through her teeth as a jolt of pain hit her. "No. Not flesh. They were sort of like the work robots they keep on the southern continent. Except they are powerful, and evil." The Doctor turned off his screwdriver and slowly brought his gaze to meet Roo's. He bored into her, suddenly more serious than he had been during their entire encounter. "What kind of robots? What did they look like?" Roo seemed a bit taken aback by the sudden change in The Doctor's countenance. "I don't know what kind. They were metal, shiny, and they had powerful weapons hidden inside of them. They kept repeating a word --" "What word." The Doctor was now slowly rising to his feet, his voice cold and measured, as though he already knew the answer. She looked at him and sort of shrugged. "Exterminate." Rory's eyes widened as The Doctor turned to him. "Amy!" He shouted. They took off towards the door and The Doctor held out his hand towards Roo. "I've sewed up most of your wounds; are you well enough to run? We need your help." The wolf was flabbergasted. "My help?" The Doctor stopped just short of the door as Rory bolted outside. "We need you to take us to your clearing. Are you well enough?" Roo got to her feet, shaky but determined. Her tail wagged slowly from side to side. "You helped me. It's only fair I help you." The Doctor smiled, then ran out the door, his new... Wolf Person friend trotting at his side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To successfully complete this 4 week challenge and help The Doctor and Rory find Amy and defeat the Daleks, The Lonely Wolf must complete the following four quests with increasing difficulty each week (aside from the running goal, which is overall): DIET - NAVIGATE THE FOREST. Maps, strategies, and planning will help get through the thick wooded areas in the dark. Week 1: Meal plan (AND STICK TO) lunches at work. 5+ days. | # MEALS PLANNED: - - - - - A - 5+; B - 4; C - 3; D - 2; F - 1 or 0 Week 2: Meal plan for work lunches AND dinners at least 3x. | # MEALS PLANNED: - - - - - - - - A - 8+; B - 6 or 7; C - 4 or 5; D - 2 or 3; F - 1 or 0 Week 3: All of the above, plus 3 more dinners for total of 6. | # MEALS PLANNED: - - - - - - - - - - - A - 11+; B - 8-10; C - 5-7; D - 2-4; F - 0-1 Week 4: All of the above, plus at least 3 weekend meals. | # MEALS PLANNED: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FITNESS - WORK THROUGH THE PAIN. Though her wounds aren't all healed, Roo can feel strength returning to her ravaged body as she jumps and dodges through the forest. Week 1: In addition to regular workouts, add 25 box jumps this week. | # BOX JUMPS ______ Week 2: In addition to regular workouts, add 50 box jumps this week. | # BOX JUMPS ______ Week 3: In addition to regular workouts, add 75 box jumps this week. | # BOX JUMPS ______ Week 4: In addition to regular workouts, add 100 box jumps this week. | # BOX JUMPS ______ Cumulative grades: A - 250; B - 200; C - 150; D - 100; F - 99 or less FITNESS - ARRIVE AT THE CLEARING. Faster running will increase the odds of finding Amy before the Daleks harm her. The Daleks have erected a device that prevents organic lifeforms from sleeping. Complete the first four weeks of C25K and log miles. | LAST DAY COMPLETED _________ A - C25K Week 4; B - Week 3; C - Week 2; D - Week 1; F - None LIFE - CONFRONT THE DALEKS. The evil little cans of hate have trapped Roo's pack, along with Amy Pond, and have not allowed them to sleep in days. Defeat the Daleks, destroy their REM Disruptor Array, and help the wolves and the Girl Who Waited get much needed rest. Go to bed 10 minutes earlier each week. BONUS: Use of new sleep mask/earplugs every night will bring one other grade up one level. | SUCCESS: _________ OUTCOME: Average grade - A. The Daleks are screaming and running, the wolves and Amy get some blissful shuteye, and The Doctor and his new friend talk about time and space. Average grade - B. The Daleks are defeated, but the REM Disruptor Array still sends out pulses every few hours. The wolves are getting testy. Average grade - C. The Daleks are defeated, but Rory must sacrifice himself in order to destroy the REM Disruptor Array. Amy hates The Doctor now. Average grade - D. The Daleks win, enslave the wolf pack, and the time travelers only just manage to escape with their lives. Average grade - F. The Daleks win, and they blast searing lasers into both of The Doctor's hearts. This basically means I have singlehandedly destroyed my hero by not honoring a commitment. GERONIMOOOOOOO!
  2. The sun burned orange through her eyelids. Devyn groaned and rolled over, burying her face in the warm sand. Sand? She pushed herself up, though she was blistered and sore. The bright light shone upon the white sand, blinding her for a moment. All she could see through her tears was an ocean of white contrasting with an ocean of blue. Ocean? She rubbed her eyes and tried to slowly get used to her blinding world. The sun was hot and she felt as if she had been the subject of its fury for a while. A bird screeched through the jungle. Jungle? A sudden and worrisome thought stabbed at her brain, more painful than the light in her eyes. She forced her lids open and saw that she was on a beach. Behind her was jungle. All around her was sand, ocean and trees. There was no sign of civilization anywhere. She walked around for a bit, difficult because the sand was so deep and she was so small. She trudged toward the trees and shouted. “Hullo?†A loud bird answered. She walked around some more, calling out her name, introducing herself to anyone who might be around. But it was only the animals and the sound of the waves that greeted her in return. An island. She was deserted on an island. That Blerch. That sunnabitch! That’s right. I’ve got to survive on a deserted island! How do I do this? By adopting a primal lifestyle of course! It’s the only way. Until I find a way off, it’s the only way. How do I do this? 1. Primal diet - I’ve got no choice. They don’t have a supermarket on the island. I have to eat off the land. Hunting, fishing and gathering. There’s no other way. I must follow a strict primal lifestyle. 2. Distance - There of course will be a lot of walking. Not only do I have to hunt, gather and fish, but I’ve got to find a way off this island! I’m also a kender, so staying put is not an option for me. The total circumference of this island is 150 miles. I must reach this distance through running, walking, swimming, rowing (or biking, shhhhh). This means I have to do one of these every single day. 3. Jumping - Because. Surely there’s got to be a lot of jumping involved. I’m not sure why yet, but I’m sure it will come up during my stay here. My jumping, because of all my problems in previous battles, has become a bit rusty. I can jump 12†but I need to level up. I will work on squats, box jumps, broad jumps and other lower body exercises to level up to an 18†jump. 4. Pull ups - Climbing trees, climbing rocks, running from large predators and accidentally running too far and falling off a cliff but saving myself by grabbing onto a lucky random branch hanging out off the side of the cliff. All of those things take upper body strength. And I have to do it to survive on this island. Or else large predator will eat me or I will not be able to hold onto the branch. I need to strengthen my upper body. To do this, I will do pushups, dips, weight lifting and assisted pull ups. My goal is to go from 75lbs to 35lbs on the assisted pull up machine. If I don’t do these things, I will not survive. But wait! There’s more! Luckily, I was stranded with my backpack. These are the only things that will keep my entertained. In it are books, pens and papers. I can read and write (OOC: because I’m a student of literature and creative writing) to keep myself entertained. I will be keeping a journal (either here or in the battle logs section) because that’s what stranded people do. On top of that, I have to build and maintain a shelter. This means daily work is involved. I need to keep my environment optimal for survival. And I must remember to play. Play to keep sane. So what’s the typical day in the life of a kender stranded on an island? From sun up to sun down, I will do my best to live the primal lifestyle. I have been doing it in bits and pieces in the past, but this is where I bring some of the most important elements together. I’ll wake up with the sun (my natural sunlight alarm clock) and hunt for some breakfast. I may or may not find any. Then I’ll probably do some reading or writing. Then I’ll have to take down my shelter. When I finish, I’ll walk around, trying to discover a way off the island. this might involve some adventuring which will lead to using my jumping and pull up skills. During this time, I’ll try to find some food. At the end of the day, I’ll rebuild my shelter, cook some dinner and then read or write until the sun goes down. Then I get a good night’s sleep until I do it again. Sure, that might sound dull, but I think it sounds kinda peaceful. And when a kender is involved, who knows what the next day might bring. tl;dr Got stuck on a desert island, now I have to eat good food and exercise to survive.
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