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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. It's been a while.I'm a mama of a spirited (read stubborn, bossy, impossible) almost 3 year old and soon to be mama (read due any day now) to a little boy. My pregnancy with my daughter was pretty straight forward and I was pretty active the whole time. This one, however, has been very difficult with a range of issues that have kept me from really being able to exercise or even eat properly. Now most of that has resolved an I'm on leave until the end of January and the weather is clearing up I figure its time to get into some better habits. This is NOT about losing weight, looking a
  2. Hi! My name is Willow (yep, like this guy, except I'm taller than that. And a girl. OK, OK, maybe more like this.) First thing I need to get off my chest: my life is totally mental. Like, cuckoo crazy mental. Like, I might want to feign actual insanity sometime soon to escape it. Let me explain. If you had met me last year, you would have found me newly married and newly pregnant, with a still-fairly hot bod from doing lots of fun exercise and living paleo (and prepping for that whole wearing a wedding dress and getting a billion photos taken thing). I was happy, hopeful and pretty excited
  3. H'okay. Sho. Little buddy is 8 weeks old tomorrow. Breastfeeding hurt like a mother for the first couple weeks (just for those first few sucks after latching on, then fine...latch and position are grand), then the nips toughened up or whatever people say for it and things were pretty groovy. Suddenly, my tatas are so sore and sensitive I almost can't stand breastfeeding anymore. They hurt in my bra, and when I bump into or brush against something....owies ensue. About two weeks ago I started the Zombies, Run! 5k training program. I've noticed the nipple soreness maybe since a few
  4. Hello all, I am a newbie here. First off, let me just say how relieved I am to have found a community of nerd/nerd-ish type folks who are into fitness. I'm a serious grammar nerd, and I notice that most folks here seem to be able to spell and write. It's nice. So here's my question. I've just had two kids in two years. Evil Minion 2.0 is now 11 weeks old. I'm 5'5". Before my first pregnancy, I was about 142 lbs -- solid, not overweight, pretty muscular. Before my second pregnancy, I was around 168 lbs. -- overweight and unhappy with it, but still able to power through my workouts. Breastfe
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