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Found 13 results

  1. As the light of the portal faded in the night, Mizbrek the Brewmaster found himself on the Wandering Isle. He had heard briefly that his order had relocated since the Legion attack on the Peak of Serenity, but he hadn’t had a chance to get back yet. The portal had deposited him near the entrance to the main temple, but with a perfect view out towards the side of the island. As he watched, a massive flipper lifted ponderously up, and came crashing back to the ocean with a distant thunder. The monks had never really had a name for themselves. They had always just been “th
  2. The wind whipped outside the cave, snow drifting in at times. Mizbrek’s fire flickered, but stayed lit. The blizzard seemed to be at full intensity, and he huddled in his cloak near the fire. He’d have to weather this storm in order to continue his journey, and he was already further behind than he’d have liked. He heard the figure approaching before he saw him. Miz shed the cloak, reaching for his staff. “Who goes there?” he called out into the storm. The figure approached slowly, just entering the mouth of the cave. “A simple traveler, friend.” He had a wa
  3. For this challenge, I’m taking inspiration from Season 1 of the Adventure Zone podcast. For those unfamiliar, it’s a podcast where a family plays D&D together. Really funny, highly recommend! This one will be a bit more casual than my previous challenges. There are no specific loot goals or punishments this time around. There will be rough updates, but no points. I debated not doing a challenge at all, honestly, as I feel like I have most of the habits I really care about figured out. I go to the gym every day, I get up early, I get to bed in good time. These are mostly...small
  4. The portal deposited the Hobbit Brewmaster on a pristine vessel of some kind. Mizbrek pushed himself up. A quick look told him that he was somewhere in the Azerothian universe. Draenei, Goblins, Tauren, Orcs were abound. Few paid him a second glance. He stopped a Goblin, a hunter from the looks of it, who was running around. “Hey, buddy, where are we?” “The Vindicar!” he cried out, as if it was obvious. “We’re on Argus man! The final assault on the Burning Legion! Come on! Let’s kick some demon ass!” Miz could get behind that. The Hobbit Brewmast
  5. The sound in the tavern was deafening, despite the chilly air outside. Mizbrek wasn’t familiar with this particular tavern, and was a bit confused as it hadn’t been here the last time he was in this part of the multiverse. However, there were a few spots that shifted about, taverns and temples and the like that existed in multiple universes. This had the feel of one. He eyed the patrons. Azerothian, for sure. Green orcs, hulking bovine Tauren, blue goatlike Draenei, laughing Pandaren. And dwarves. The Innkeeper waved to him from the bar and beckoned him over. “Ha! Find
  6. “So, you’re the little one who has been giving my Jaffa so much trouble,” the deep, modulated voice said. Mizbrek looked up into a pair of glowing eyes, attached to a huge body. Bacchus wasn’t just obese, he was beyond that. The Jaffa behind him kicked at the back of his leg. “Kree! Kneel before your God!” “I was just passing through, oh...um...fulsome one?” Miz said to Bacchus. The goa’uld bristled. “Our god is simply full figured!” the First Prime barked, backhanding Miz with a metal glove. “Well, none may pass through our territory without at
  7. Mizbrek’s body slammed against the cavern wall. He slid down, landing against the ground. He rolled over, propping himself up on his staff and standing up. “Okay, you son of a bitch,” he said with a grin, wiping away some blood from his nose and mouth. “Let’s do this.” The Balrog drew power unto itself, the fires from the deep rising up and infusing it. It roared, the cavern shuddering. “Your ass” Miz screamed, "shall not pass!" With that, he launched himself against the beast, roaring. The Balrog's fist came up to swap the Hobbit away...
  8. Challenge Theme This challenge, I’ve decided to borrow from some others and take on a boss! Our fearless hero will challenge a Balrog of Morgoth - hey, no one ever accused Miz of knowing his limitations, alright? For this I will be tracking both Miz’s hit points and the Balrog’s hit points. I am using the classic RPG trinity here - physical health challenge goals, when completed, will damage the Balrog (DPS). Mental health goals, when uncompleted, damage Miz (tank). And home tasks, when completed, heal Miz. Each task is worth one point, and I'll be tracking the HP in each update. Miz and
  9. Mizbrek slipped off his horse with a jarring hop. Horses were too big for hobbits, usually, but, to be fair, Miz tended to disregard that when said about just about everything. The brown mare whinnied at him as he patted her on the side of her head, taking the reins and leading her forward. The road was largely grown over now, but not nearly as such as the city ahead of him. Fornost. Northern City, in the Sindarin. Deadmen’s Dike. An ancient city of Arnor. The trader in Bree had been right, and worth the bribe to send the hobbit on the right path. As he approached the front gates,
  10. Mizbrek

    Mizbrek Renews

    The portal opened on a small, green field. Mizbrek stepped through, the portal closing behind him, blinking in the sunlight. He shouldered his pack, taking his staff in one hand and setting out along the path before him. At the farmhouse ahead, several Pandaren children ran up to him, falling into step alongside him. They were almost as tall as the hobbit monk now. “Miz! Miz! Where ya been?” one uttered, a girl. “We haven’t seen you back in ages!” the other accused, a boy. Miz walked past the farmhouse, limping slightly with a grin. “You know me, kiddos! Her
  11. Hello all and welcome to another Mizbrek challenge! This will be my 4th in total with the Rebellion, and I’m quite excited about that! This is the longest I’ve stuck with any sort of fitness plan or idea in…a long time, to be frank. I’m down about 15 pounds in total (out of around 80 I’d ideally like to lose) and I calculated recently that I’ve lost, on average, 0.75 pounds per week. I’d like to be going a little faster, but I suppose around a pound a week is the “ideal” weight loss. However, I would like to be down to around 200 by Christmas, which means I need to get up closer to 2 pounds a
  12. The portal flashed a bright light into the cold night of the desert. A quick observer would have seen daylight through the shimmering portal, a simple tavern, and then a small Hobbit dive through the portal, followed by a mug, which fell to the ground with a thud. Had that same observer listened closely, just as the portal closed, they would’ve heard a faint, distant yell of “And don’t come back until you can pay your tab….” Mizbrek brushed off his leathers, picking up his staff and affixing it to his back. He blinked a bit and looked around. After a few* perfectly reasonable celeb
  13. Mizbrek shook off the snow from his cloak and stamped his boots as he stepped into the Mended Bow Tavern. The heat from the many fires hit him instantly. The place always seemed bigger on the inside, with its two-storey roof and many tables. He ducked under a man walking past who nearly elbowed him, slapping a green Orc on the back as he did so. He sighed. There were disadvantages to being so short sometimes. He ducked around an Argonian before hopping on one of the taller stools on the bar. The Mended Bow catered to people of various shapes and sizes, and it helped to even some fo
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