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  1. THE QUEST: Into Every Generation, A Slayer is Born To see this challenge through to completion for the first time in three challenges. That's a quest, right? Cause that's my quest. GOAL: I'm Not Done Baking Yet. I need to not be so hard on myself. I need to treat this challenge like a fitness journal. I need to not pull away when things get hard. I need to figure me out so that I quit getting in my own way. I need to turn from cookie dough into cookies. GOAL: It Must Be Really Hard When All Your Friends Have, Like, Superpowers. I work a desk job. I also have hobbies that require me to sit a lot (hey, if anyone knows how to jog and knit, let me know!). This means my hips are ALWAYS super tight. My hamstrings hate me. My shoulders aren’t big fans of my hours are a desk, either. I NEED to work on my flexibility in these areas to not only improve my range of motion in programs like Les Mills COMBAT, but to attack and undo the damage of 10 years in a desk job. It’s been said that people age most gracefully when they workout and are flexible. I need that. I need to work on my super powers. GOAL: I Mock You With My Monkey Pants I have completed two Beachbody programs and I have many more in my library. I may never do them to completion, but I have them for when I am in the mood for something different. After completing two programs, I still have my “trouble areasâ€. My hips and lower abs are SO stubborn! I am taking on Brazil Butt Lift to work on those areas for 30 days with a group of ladies who all want the same thing. Then... I will mock you all with my sexy monkey pants. LIFE SIDE QUEST: The Dance of Capitalist Superiority. Pay off my credit card debt by the end of this challenge. This one may seem pretty darn obvious when it comes to the WHY part, but I’ll still explain. I tend to have somewhere between $400-700 on my credit card and I just chip away at it. In the meantime, something comes up and I am between paychecks, so I just slap it on my card, undoing the payment I just made. My goal this year is to pay it off, then start seriously saving money. If I didn’t have to pay my credit card bill every month, our family savings account would be in MUCH better shape. And I’ll just say it. I want to start a family. Not today. Not tomorrow. But sometime in the next year, I’d like to seriously consider it, and the idea of having a non-furnished savings account going into that just freaks me out and keeps me from even considering it. I want to be able to take care of the things in our home that need fixing. I want to be able to start a family. I can’t do that if I keep living outside my means. Now the HOW. This is the toughy. I have some personal savings I have set aside. My “fun money†for trips and other things. I am going to have to give that up and put it toward this debt if I want to seriously tackle this goal. I will use all my “extra†money from January to March to pay off the debt until it is gone. Then I’m done. I’m done with interest, payments, and not being able to save HEALTH SIDE QUEST: Out. For. A. Walk... Bitch. Cold weather running, here I come. I want to log 24 miles of running in this challenge. That's pretty light, considering it's just four miles a week. That's two runs a week. I bought the ColdGear. I have the equipment... And even if it's a slow shamble, I'm going to do it. I have a goal of 5 races this year and one is in March. Time to get training... since I haven't run since September.
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