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Found 15 results

  1. Morag's The Mountain I don't know if THE MOUNTAIN holds the same significance for others as it does for me. Neil Gaiman coined the term in my mind. Joining the rebellion has been an enlightening step towards the mountain. I just yesterday realised that I am only with the rebellion for 10 short weeks. Wow. I have turned a few things around, have learned A LOT, am making real progress... and it's only been 10 weeks. Which makes me wonder: what else is possible? And with that thought I am formulating my list. It's an unfinished thing. It's going
  2. Get a helmet and strap yourself in. This will be a long and, hopefully, exciting journey, and I’m glad that you’re here along for the ride. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Below is a living list of my goals in life; they are constantly adapting and evolving as I level up my life, complete these goals, discover more concrete steps for each, and find new goals to work toward. Fitness Goals reach 30% body fat live without added sugar do a full, dead-hang pull-up reverse my anterior pelvic tilt deadlift 250lb/bench press 200lb/row 150lb Hobby/S
  3. Before I am 50: July 7, 2019 I would love to - See Pearl Jam live in concert from floor or back stage - Go surfing with son - Spend three weeks in Italy painting, looking at art and eating - Have my artwork in a Chicago, LA or NYC gallery - Travel to Scotland with husband and friends; go to Glasgow, Little Sparta garden, and Fringe Music Fest - Get my MFA - Hike up Half Dome - Have a big 50th Birthday weekend in Chicago with friends (July 7, 2019 will be a Sunday so a whole weekend just makes sense!) (Work in progress)
  4. ...Or maybe I'll just work on these things instead. I've made many bucket lists and to-do lists before, but I want this one to be detailed, with a range of activities and goals. Even the wild and crazy ones I don't think I could ever do, with projected end dates from next week to the end of my life. I'm sure I'll add more to this as time goes on. If there's anyone out there who can help me with this list or has similar goals, let's do it together! Travel -Europe -Finland (explore ancestry in Kalvia and Kokkola, see Lapland, Northern Lights) -Italy (flex my Italian language muscles,
  5. My ugly house:) Make it pretty Incorporate a grey water system install solar energy Career Become a better data scientist Become a convincing public speaker Completely change the way the US criminal justice system Money Pay off my house Buy my uncle's house and pay that off to help family members that need it Save for retire Be able to pay off my kids college Fitness Become and advance yoga student Learn some gymnastic skills: front flip, back flip, various holds, handstand Body and health 18% body fat percentage (just to see what I look like) Adopt a vegetable based diet instead of my
  6. So I was thinking through some of the things that I want to do at one point in my life as an extension of this challenge. I came up with this list so far. I am sure there will be more things to add in the future. Climbing 1) Finish a lead climb route 2) Climb outdoors 3) 5.12 4) 5.13 5) V4 6) V5 7) V6 8) V7 9) V8 10) V9 11) V10 Running 1) 52 second 400m 2) 2 min 800m 3) 5 min mile 4) Under 18m 5k 5) Marathon Basketball
  7. As my journey through life has progressed, I have come to realize that I need more out of it. My journey has been long, but it hasn't really taken me anywhere. I feel like, just maybe, there is way more to living than eating and breathing. Recently I came across an artifact that I had heard of, but never before seen with my own eyes. I feel, if I could just unlock its wonders, its secrets.. its power.. than I could harness some of it. I could become more than what I am right now. Brothers and Sisters of the Rebellion, I show this to you so that you might help me glean some insight into i
  8. Not in any particular order. This will probably grow as I do some self reflection and actually find what's important to me and what's not. I also have a few kinks to work out for some of them. Take Belly Dancing Lessons Travel to Germany Drive a motorcycle Drive a motorcycle to Sturgis Go on a Mission Trip Graduate with Associates Degree Graduate with a Bachelors Degree Start my own company Attempt Aerial Fitness and Static Trapeze classes Learn another language Attend Comic-Con
  9. Gone are the attempts at hyping myself from 2014. This bucket is not so much epic as it is a bare-bones attempt to breathe life back into myself. (Last edited 4/12/15) Fitness Goals Start walking for mental health, work up to jogging/running for physical healthEat less carbs and more proteinPushups and squats, whatever else I need for strength trainingLearn yogaManage stress and negativity through exercise and meditationPersonal Goals RelocateWriteArtSpiritualityLife Goals Be happy
  10. Epic Fitness Quests · Body Weight Exercise (without stopping) o 50 pushups without stopping o 100 squats without stopping o 3 minute front plank o 10 pull-ups · Running o Run a 6 minute mile o Run 5 miles in less than 45 minutes Epic Health Quests · Weight between 175 – 190 lbs · Fit into size 32 pants (comfortably) · Have normal cholesterol levels (without drugs) · Have normal blood pressure (without drugs) · Have normal testosterone levels (without drugs) · Have a resting heart rate less than 70 BPM ·
  11. Urban Ranger Quests Challenges☐ Spartan Sprint - Sat. February 8th, 2014. ☐ Phoenix Go Ruck Light - March 22nd, 2014.☐ Tough Mudder - Sat. April 5th, 2014. ☐ Boston Go Ruck - Fri. May 23, 2014.☐ SF Go Ruck - Fri. July 4th, 2014. ☐ Camp Nerd Fitness - Thu. September 18th - Sun. September 21st, 2014. ☐ Hike Grand Canyon - Fall, 2014. ☐ Run For Your Lives - TBD. ☐ Warrior Dash - TBD. Skills & Practice ☐ Take Urban Survival Course.☐ Take Wilderness Survival Course. ☐ Obtain Concealed Carry Gun License.Obtain​​☐ Purchase Honda Element. ☐ Purchase a gun. ☐ Purch
  12. Long term, in no particular order... Earn a Teaching Degree (Half way there!!!) Hike the Continental Divide Trail Get each page of my passport stamped in a different country Take a PDC (http://www.permaculture.org/nm/index.php/site/permaculture_design_course) Live on a permaculture farm Finally make it to Comic-Con (So close, yet so far!) Travel somwhere far away by train Learn archery Become fluent in Spanish Do at least 10 pullups (In a row!) Hunt and dress a deer (On foot, by bow.) Be ready for the apocalypse (This might be the trickiest.)
  13. OKay, here's a rough draft cobbled from many sources... I want to be fit and healthy as I can be by the time I get to 40... bit airy fairy that idea, so I started to think about what that might mean in terms of Epic Quest and more importantly measurable, achievable milestones/goals. Lifting - Squat x1 (1.5?) Bench x1 Deadlift x2 ? press x1 Compete in lifting comp? Pull up/Chin up Ride 100 miles (160 km) or more. [Maybe complete round the bay in 40th year?] Confident cosplay (Wonder woman - Diana in Odyssey #600s?/ Xena?) (Stupid scary idea - Figure competition (Bikini division) i
  14. Everyone who's ever set foot into Vana'diel know that it was an endless, bone crushing grind back in it's day. I was one of those who had the willpower to play it out, so I figure I have a shot here at making my goals come to life. We shall have a number of different categories to play around in, each coinciding with various milestones in the FFXI world. Get My AF Set: As it stands now, I have 81 pounds to reach my goal. Every 10 pounds will give a piece of my artifact gear with level 8 granting me my Joyeuse (yes I know the game has far progressed past these items, but these were Holy Gr
  15. 2013: The Year of the Snake - Some thoughts: "The sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the snake represents wisdom, intelligence and self-control. The snake also represents the ability to strike at will, quickly and powerfully." (source) "This 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create." (source)Some things I want to accomplish in 2013: Finish writing Jubilee's storyStart my small business on EtsyGet my kitchen licensed so I can (legally!) branch out my business from my Etsy store to
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