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Found 3 results

  1. Has anyone ever trekked to Everest Base Camp? My husband and I, are planning to tick this epic adventure off our bucket list in November. I am struggling to find/choose/decide on a trekking company, does anyone have any suggestions? Also if you have done it before, what do you wish you knew in the months leading up or before you left home?
  2. Buy or fix a Honda 300-series motorcylce. (My dad had one back in the day) Earn a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Get my Personal Trainer certification. Go Ruck Challenge and Go Ruck Heavy Blog for a living. (You're my inspiration, Steve!) More updates to follow!
  3. I haven't thought of this topic in any real detail, this is my starting point. I'm hoping to add more as time goes on. Overarching character traits are the headliners of each section, with quests listed underneath. Be silly and bad-ass all at once 1) Learn a break-dance routine 2) Climb over a 5ft wall without using supports 3) Climb over a 10ft wall without using supports 4) Pull myself up a rope using legs and hands 5) Pull myself up a rope using hands only 6) Learn an advanced poll-dancing routine 7) Learn 5 jump rope tricks 8) Escape The Cave game (current challenge) 9) Learn a dance routine with my dog 10) Run in a Zombie Run 11) Run the Tough Mudder 12) Climb Mt. Si without stopping until I reach the top 13) Climb Mt St. Helens (again) 14) Run 6 miles without stopping 15) Run a half-marathon without stopping 16) Relearn to do a backflip 17) Try a trampoline workout 18) Take and master a self-defense class 19) Learn basic stick fighting 20) Build a snow fort (must be able to fit inside) 21) Hit a target with a baseball 10 times in a row 22) Dance to music in my head down a public boardwalk (saw someone do this once and I was so jealous of her self-confidence) Be responsible 1) Pay off all credit card debt 2) Be debt free for 1 year (house payments okay) 3) Buy a house 4) Train my dog Bree to ignore other dogs when on-leash 5) Spend less than I earn for 6 months straight 6) Give a gift of $1,000 in one lump sum to a charity of my choice 7) Give a gift of $10,000 in one lump sum to a charity of my choice Follow my dreams 1) Become a certified dog trainer 2) Run a dog foster organization 3) Become a certified life coach (financial/spiritual focus) 4) Start a business (see above ) 5) Take a zip-line tour through the jungle 6) Take Mom to see the Aurora Borealis 7) Learn to make really good artisan bread from scratch 8) Take a pottery class 9) Take a week-long retreat to a secluded cabin in the open plains 10) Decorate a room to look like the open road completed 9/2013 11) Read every book in my house (unless it's still terrible after 50 pages. Them passing is allowed) 12) Write a short story about the loss of a hero to disease (fantasy) 13) Mentor a kid 14) See all the National Parks in the US 15) Drive across country 16) Create a vibrant and flourishing garden/landscape - dedicate it to Grandma Louis 17) Build a table, preferably fake-medieval style and stained a dark brown 18) Take a class just because it sounds interesting and not because it's useful 19) Take a month-long retreat anywhere relaxing - the beach, in the mountains - anywhere. 20) Partake of the Bliss Package at the local spa (4 hours of massages/scrubs/etc... plus access to hot tubs, pools, sauna and heated rooms. Heaven). 21) Raise a puppy to be a service dog 22) Shape and successfully care for a bonsai for at least 5 years
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