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  1. Hi Nerds. Let's begin with a couple relevant background details. I started NF in 2013 in the middle of a PhD dissertation to combat the effects of the sedentary grad student lyfe. I got stronger, at least prevented my weight from blowing up mostly. Unfortunately, I never finished that PhD. I never seemed to get anything done. Fast forward to last challenge, I finally realized and accepted that I may actually have ADHD. It explains A LOT, including the abandoned PhD, my many failed, half-assed NF challenges, my messy apartment, etc. After leaving grad school I worked in
  2. Very creative title yes? I figured I'd spend this challenge with the rebels because I won't be feeling very assassiny for the foreseeable future. This challenge will mostly be about setting myself up for a healthy pregnancy (and hopefully subsequent fast recovery), without losing sight of my other non-mom-related goals. Brief introduction for those that don't know me; Ok challenge goals! 1. Training; keep up the volume - at least 3 strength sessions per week, but be flexible in what they look like unbreakable hips program at lea
  3. Book: Water Also known as the Tale of Tzippi and the Too Many Tags I am returning to the Rebellion after a long battle with a demon of depression. The dark spirit swept in as I was weakened by becoming a mother. I am doing better now, and am just beginning to practice Tai Chi, which (along with the fine spring weather) is inspiring me to respawn here, as a monk. One goal under each bending style is a constant habit, one-two one-time goals under are straight up success if done. Thanks for the help refining my foals, @sarakingdom Goal One: Plantbending
  4. 2018 Changing Behaviors I’ve always been a wants over needs type of person but have had a difficult time figuring out a way to change that. I just want to do everything now and feel silly taking it slow. Mentally, that’s what I want and I don’t want to wait to do anything. Physically, I put things off if I’m not sure how to do something or if it requires manual labor. 2018 is going to be about changing my behaviors. I want to have a good routine and strategy for overcoming my impulses. It’s time to start small and work my way up to the person I aspire to be. To accompli
  5. Hi there! So I know I can't be the only one here who loves to be creative and stay organized! Does anybody else here use a bullet journal? Anybody keen on giving it ago? And do you track your fitness there, if so? I do and I'm trying to fit my four week challenge somewhere into the mix whilst also keeping updates on it every day; I suppose we'll see how it goes! Also, feel free to share photos or any articles if you feel so obliged! ~Stella
  6. This is a PvP for those of us using a Bullet Journal or some other form of challenge log. I want to keep this intro simple. RedStone, MaylaKae, and I thought it would be fun to get us going using our bujo's more frequently. 1. one point for each picture of your BuJo/Log that you post 2. if you get get least 8 points during the challenge (or around 2x per week) you get a reward that you select yourself, when you post your first pic indicate your reward I'm doing this as a PvP so all of our bujo inspiration will stay in one place. If it was in accountability buddies
  7. Hello all! I'm am super excited for my first challenge of 2018! For those who don't know me I am a 26 year old teacher and part time couch potato. I know New Year's Resolutions have almost never worked for me in the past, but I made them again this year and hopefully I made them smarter. This challenge I am focusing on things that I can do in less than 5 minutes based on an article by James Clear (How to Stop Procrastinating Using the 2-Minute Rule) and a book I read about making Microresolutions to make big changes. The Four Habits of the Apocalypse January Brush teeth and w
  8. A Bullet Journal Accountability group you say... This group might be for you if you do any of the following. Do you enjoy writing down the things you accomplish? Do you track your exercise, sleep, or water? Do you need to write down dates and times in order to remember them? Do you feel that most planners are not flexible enough for your daily needs? Do you make thousands of to do lists? My plan is to post some resources I've found helpful and encourage others to share what's been successful for them. Let's create a place where bujo enthusiast can post pictures, a
  9. A Bullet Journal Accountability group you say... This group might be for you if you do any of the following. Do you enjoy writing down the things you accomplish? Do you track your exercise, sleep, or water? Do you need to write down dates and times in order to remember them? Do you feel that most planners are not flexible enough for your daily needs? Do you make thousands of to do lists? My intentions for this group are sort of shown in the above picture. My plan is to post some resources I've found helpful, encourage others to share what's been succes
  10. Recently I was inspired by seeing a couple of snowshoe hares in the woods up north. They were between their summer and winter fur colors (as above), which I found fascinating. They are survivalists, enduring all four seasons in extreme situations, with numerous predators and competitors. They have to be highly skilled (and a bit lucky) to survive. But mainly it was their alertness and mindful movement that inspired me. They reminded me that I've really been neglecting quadrupedal (QM) in the parkour training. A major part of this challenge will be a constant reminder to myself to include QM pr
  11. Hi friends! INTRO (if you were around for my first challenge, this is literally copy and pasted from previous. Feel free to skip) A brief introduction about me: I joined Nerd Fitness last year and was active on the boards for a few months until I got pregnant when I had zero energy for anything besides the bare necessities. I am a chemist by trade. I love reading, podcasts, hiking, and binge watching shows. My personality is a cross between Leslie Knope and Linda Belcher. I have a broken sesamoid bone in my foot that makes some exerci
  12. It should be obvious what the theme is this challenge. I'll be working on four goals, plus writing story. The story portions will have their own posts. I'm planning on six parts, one at the end of each week, plus the opening. This time I'm starting the challenge at the beginning of zero week. AKA, today! Goal #1: Poké Chef! Cook one *new* family meal a week. Goal #2: Catch that pokémon! Work on job hunt four times each week. If I get the job I interviewed for last week, replace job hunt with study. Goal #3: Walk, walk, and walk some more! Walk
  13. I suppose you could say I'm here as a mentor? (If that doesn't sound too pretentious or anything...) I've done a good number of challenges, not always successful, not always at my best, and rarely in one guild for too long. A bit of an introduction would probably be good... (It's spoilered because it's long and a bit of a brain dump, and some people already know a lot of it.) So I've narrowed it down to four goals to focus on this time around. I'm also grading this challenge, which I haven't done in awhile. Hydrate Drink at least two liters of fluid f
  14. 1. Strong Enough to Shoulder It He grabbed the Librarian by two handfulls of chest hair and pulled him up to eye height.'I'm not bloody well going to have it, understand?' Vimes shouted, shaking the ape back and forth. 'Oook,' the Librarian pointed out, patiently.'What? Oh. Sorry,' Vimes lowered the ape, who wisely didn't make an issue of it because a man angry enough to lift three hundred pounds of Orangutan without noticing is a man with too much on his mind. -- Guards, Guards Goal: Lift Heavy Things (preferably not Orangutans) 3 times a week I've decided to scale
  15. Rolling Stoney changes her shape This challenge is all about change for me. 2017 was going to be a big year, but it happened in a way I didn't quite expect. My plan was to cross-train hard, eat well, do the derby, work hard, buy a house... but literally none of those things happened. I broke my ankle. Derby, cross training, working, and being able to cook my own food all went out the window. My partner got made redundant so our house loan got canned. And my boss is selling her cafe so I may not even have a job in a few months. But as of last month I can walk without a limp aga
  16. Hello. This is my second challenge, and since I can't seem to decide which guild to join, gonna stay with Rebels for a little bit while! Xia Dong from Nirvana in Fire While I was trying to decide which guild to join by discussing with a fellow D&D player friend (spoiler: failed), there were--- archetypes of character being brought up. A Rogue with the lacquered veneer of Bard, a loner (?) human-favored-enemy Hunter/Ranger, a Bard with Fighter capabilities. Should I incorporate dance into it? Will I end up taking Body Combat? ...Anyway, finally dec
  17. Hello! I'm a veteran (?) dieter who also play D&D with Pathfinder as most familiar system. My PC class of choice have been/ is unfailingly support-caster with minus Strength modifier, barely passable Dexterity (mostly for rolling Initiative) and obligation-amount Constitution. It.. quite fits. This caster would like to improve squishyness and worry less about survival. GOALS This might look a lot, but most of it (aside from moving) I'm already doing though more accountability/better record would be great. I. Lose Over-Capacity -2 Strength modifier. Starti
  18. No time to say "Hello, Goodbye” I'm late, I'm late I'm late! Each week I will do the following with a bonus task (see below for week bonuses) The Jabberwock Build strength to defeat The Jabberwock (Overall Challenge Goal : 10 workouts to defeat The Jabberwock) Mad Hatter Join the Mad Tea Party (Overall Challenge Goal : 14 cups of tea consumed at the Mad Tea Party - 2 per prep/home cooking) White Rabbit I’m late, I’m late, I’m LATE! Stay ahead of the White Rabbit (Overall Challenge Goal: 40 times I've gotten ahead of the Whit
  19. Today's the day that I finally stop lurking in the shadows, embrace the Rebellion, and join in my first ever quest. So why not add cute kitties Quest: Lose weight & get strong 1. Eat right - Track calories and macros - Up protein intake and reduce carbs 2. Workout - Follow plan (3x Strength, 2x Cardio per week) + increased steps in daily walks (current daily average = 4600 | Week 1 daily target = 5500 | Week 2 daily target = 6500 | Week 3 daily target = 7500 | Week 4 daily target = 8500) Quest: Ninja moves 3. Five mins daily handstand pract
  20. Similar goals as last time, but named after Lightsaber techniques. Story update to be posted sometime this week ;P Form III: Soresu (Resilience Form) Create a schedule and achieve the following: Yoga - at least 60 minutes per week Cardio - at least 30 minutes per week Strength - at least 30 minutes per week Loot: Every 10 min of exercise provides $1 towards New Yoga Mat Form V: Shien / Djem So (Perseverance Form) Drink at least 2.0 L of water daily. Fill up and bring water bottles everywhere
  21. Hello friends, new and old! A new year has arrived, and it's time to have a fresh start keep working harder on the things that worked last year, and drop things that didn't In hindsight, 2016 was challenging. I accomplished a lot, but there were many brain bugs that kept me down. I got help for my issues in September, and things started to get considerably better. Taking care of one's mental health is never going to be over, and this year, I'm going to embrace the journey. 2016 was hard, but I believe it made me a stronger person. I know myself better, and I am now going towards ac
  22. As stated in my Roadmap for 2017, my goal for the year is to be more me. To implement that, I’m going back to the basics, the good ol’ 3 fitness quests plus 1 life quest format and a challenge theme to keep things interesting. Goal 1: Eliminate sugar. Holidays have been heavy on the sweets and the first step towards getting my nutrition back in line is to drop a returning habit of casual treats before it settles in for good. Goal 2: Eliminate coffee. Probably have tea instead. Morning coffee at work has become a habit and I gotta get off the caffeine hook. This should also
  23. No rest week for me. For me, it’s harder to get back on track than it is to just keep swimming. I had so much success with my first challenge and I’m paranoid about the second challenge. I know I can do it, I did so much better with the first challenge than I expected, but I know my track record. But this time, it’s all about building the habits and I’m well on my way. I’m going to lay out this challenge just a bit differently. I’m going to expand on challenge 1 goals, and set my grading scale from the start. Nutrition Quests Track everything I eat, every day. When I tra
  24. Each week I will do the following with a bonus task (see below for week bonuses). Workout - 3 Adventures per workout (Overall Challenge Goal : 30 Adventures in the great wide somewhere) Food - 2 Food items per prep/home cooked meal (Overall Challenge Goal : 16 Soup du jour, Hot Hors d'oeuvres, Beef ragout, Cheese souffle ) Stretching/Mobility - 25 Tales per week (25 mins) (Overall Challenge Goal: 100 Tales as old as time) Read - 500 pages per week : 100 pages = 1 hour (Overall Challenge Goal: 1500 pages filled with Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells
  25. Jarric: As Yet Untitled So for those of you who may not have seen this, there's a show on British TV called Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled (Wikipedia link) in which Alan Davies sits at a round table with 4 guests (mostly comedians) and shares stories and talks nonsense for an hour, with no agenda, no plan, just having a chat. At the end of the hour they pick a title for the show based on what they've talked about. I've only just discovered the show and love it, so in the interest of sharing stories and talking lots of nonsense for this challenge I want to do the same - at the end of
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