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  1. In recent years, Everstorm Wildlife Preserve has experienced an unprecedented explosion in the populations of species Draconis saccharum and Draconis conspera “Alba”, which has wreaked havoc on the ecological system there. D. saccharum, commonly referred to as the sugar dragon, along with related species D. conspera “Alba”, or white flour dragon, out-compete more beneficial species, such as D. fibra, D. fructus, and D. vegetabilis, such that these dragons are now threatened species even within the Preserve. Furthermore, D. saccharum has destroyed many of the feed herds with its insatiable appetite, further upsetting the delicate balance of the food web. The Health and Fitness regions of the park have been particularly hard hit. In short, it is an ecological disaster. While many have advocated for the extermination of the sugar and white flour dragons as invasive species, research has shown this approach to be undesirable on several fronts. It is virtually impossible to eradicate every dragon, particularly considering that there are upwards of 60 subspecies of D. saccharum alone, many of which are difficult to distinguish from other species, such as D. fructus (fruit dragon). It has also been noted that the sugar dragon seems to reproduce in exponentially greater numbers when the population reaches critically low numbers. This is, perhaps, a survival instinct. Furthermore, the sugar dragon – and to a lesser extent, the white flour dragon – have become synonymous with holidays and other celebrations, such that park visitors around those times would be sorely disappointed not to sight the beautiful white dragons. In light of these discoveries, Everstorm Wildlife Preserve management has resolved upon population control, rather than elimination. To that effect, a multi-stage plan has been developed to simultaneously reduce the populations of D. saccharum and D. conspera “Alba” while reintroducing stronger variants of D. fibra, D. fructus, and D. vegetabilis. The first stage of the plan will proceed as follows: Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR). Population of D. saccharum should be tracked daily to evaluate effectiveness of interventions and cut off any population growth before it becomes too severe. Translation: track sugar consumption in my journal. Biological controls. D. fructus (fruit dragons) and D. vegetabilis (vegetable dragons) will be reintroduced to the Preserve in small quantities to provide competition to the existing sugar dragon population, reducing their access to the food required to reproduce. Translation: I will eat one serving each of fruits and vegetables at lunch, and maintain my complex carb habit at breakfast. Cultural controls. To further manipulate the mortality rate in D. saccharum and to reduce the amount of damaged caused, sugar dragons will be kept in enclosures away from the feeding sites until 5pm. Exceptions will be made for holidays or special events, not to exceed three times a month. Translation: no foods with more than 5 grams of added sugar before dinner, except holidays, birthdays, etc. Manual controls. The park must be surveyed daily and dragons physically removed to their appropriate domains to maintain population control. All environments must be checked, since, as previously noted, D. saccharum is a particularly gifted mimic. Translation: go outside every day, swim once a week, GMB elements once a week.
  2. Those who have been following along will recall that I recently realized that attention deficit disorder (ADD) runs in my family and that there are many indications that I also struggle with ADD-typical behaviors, such as unreliable memory and concentration, impulse control, and difficulty managing emotions. I have decided not to pursue a formal diagnosis at this time, as I am not wanting to take medications. However, I do want to try some more holistic approaches to supporting my brain health and function. Interestingly, most of the demonstrably effective holistic approaches follow along the same lines of the general health prescription: exercise, get outside in green spaces, be mindful, reduce sugar, increase Omega-3 (and possibly other key minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium). So why haven't these things worked in the past? I think I try to add too much all at once and it becomes too overwhelming (remember the emotional regulation issue?). Plus, I flit from solution to solution, but don't really build one cohesive plan out of all of it. Each challenge I try new things, and the previous challenge habits sort of evaporate. So this year, I am going to go slow. No, slower than that. I will start with only adding good habits -- not deleting bad ones -- for at least 5-6 months. I will have an actual plan for accumulating and integrating all the habits so I don't lose momentum. And most importantly, I am going to focus on nourishing my physical and mental health, rather than losing weight. If nourishment leads to weight loss, that's lovely, but it isn't the measure by which I will be judging success. Let's get started: Reflection The Bullet Journal has been wonderfully supportive, functioning as my external hard drive, keeping me focused and aiding my memory. This is a maintenance goal, but I am keeping it here so it doesn't wander off. Elemental Magic Spending time in the elements -- see what I did there? -- has been shown to increase concentration, memory, and impulse control. The goal is to smell the earth and feel the sun (fire)/rain (water) on my face and the wind in my hair. Every. Single. Day. The quantity of time doesn't matter right now; the biggest barrier is just putting my shoes on and going out. The only exceptions are violent weather --thunderstorms, flash floods, hurricanes -- or violent illness. Every day or violence. 😂 Mindfulness and Movement I find moving meditation the most palatable form of mindfulness, and I find it easiest to achieve in the water. The goal is to swim at least once a week, barring violence. More would be nice, but I need to start small in consideration of the obstacle of driving distance to the pool, which creates time availability issues. I can add yoga or maybe taekwondo forms practice in later challenges to have more accessible at-home mindfulness, but I don't want to add too much right now. Nourishment The goal is to start the day right by nourishing my body and brain. So the day begins with adequate protein for my weight, some complex carbs in any quantity, and an Omega-3 supplement. I am going to say it here so I remember: it's okay for food to go to crap after breakfast. It's okay to not create a caloric deficit. I don't have to have a whole salad or a giant bowl of oatmeal, just a little bit of fiber for practice. If I really need pancakes, I can have them at lunch. Just use my start-of-the-day energy to get breakfast right. The rest will come later. Thank you for checking in on me! 2024 is going to be our year of revolution!
  3. Last challenge of the year! Like most of you, I'm not wanting to take on anything too crazy during the holidays. I want to enjoy myself, eat delicious food, and not be overwhelmed by an even busier schedule. And yet.... I don't want to gain weight this month. It would even be lovely if I could lose a pound or two. Enter the Plan™️: 1. Continue to move more, particularly the kind that triggers Satiated Brain. 2. Experiment with keeping a Bullet Journal to manage my time and expectations. I hereby give myself permission to have a messy, undecorated, practical BuJo. Function over form, unless I have excess time to make it pretty. 3. Deploy Intermittent Fasting strategies so I can enjoy amazing foods and mitigate the impact. I am aiming for around 15/9 fasting ratio. I haven't tried IF in years, but I sort of intuitively ate that way before when I was thin, so hopefully it won't be too stressful.
  4. Hi I'm KB Girl, 34 year old mom of two littles (5&2), gym owner, kettlebell sport coach, avid Harry Potter fan fiction reader, novice gardener and lifter of heavy things in many shapes. I struggle with juggling too many things I want to be doing and things I feel I should be doing. The overwhelm does my mental health no good. In the past bullet journaling has helped me keep that overwhelm at bay while also helping me focus on all the good things in life, so I want to get back my regular habit of using it. Main quest: use my bullet journal Perfectionism is standing in my way, there are so many things I have used my bujo for in the past and I also have many ideas for how I could be using it and now I feel like I have to pick all of that back up straight away.. which is bullshit. I think that if I give myself permission to start small that I will gradually pick things back up and start new things. Plan: write down one good thing about the day, every day, ideally right after the kids fall asleep and I've cleared some space for it if necessary. Side quest: pick up running I dislike starting running because.. well its painful at first isn't it? I've always toyed with the idea of pushing through that initial phase because it would be very beneficial for my kettlebell lifting, but never felt motivated enough. This has changed in Porto when two of my teammates would go for a run together in the morning- it seemed like such a great way of doing some extra sightseeing. I love being outdoors, running could be something I'll love. Plan: start small, on Saturdays when my 5yo is in swimming class and on Wednesdays after lifting heavy things. Bonus challenge: grow and cook good food! This one is simple! I shall learn all the things about the growing and the cooking! if the stars align I might even write down in my bujo what I'm learning aka what went wrong and what I'll have to do different next time Plan: there is no plan! just winging it. Also give me all your recipes involving lettuce, because I have so much lettuce to eat!
  5. If you are looking for a weight loss challenge this probably isn't the right place. I'm using NF Coaching for weight loss /strength training but I'm in "do it mode over talking about it mode". Except for wins like hey I'm sleeping great, gaining muscle despite the scale not moving right now and I keep waking up before 10 am which is kind of weird since I'm doing 2nd shift. Along with no seasonal depression because I'm walking outside all the time because of Pokémon Go goals... (maybe talk about Pokémon go A LOT). Also I don't hate my job.... (Fabulous things happening). So this last weekend I did a Frozen marathon with my mom for my b-day. Didn't watch the extras just the main movies. The 2nd movie hit me in the feels. I feel like Elsa, got out of the fear and depression. Into a life that was happy and stable... but keep getting the call. A little background... I had been working on a Recreation and Park degree with a emphasis to work outdoors. But me not keeping up my studies on nature... along with a minor in American Indigenous Studies. I officially graduated with my undergrad this last Summer (need to reorder the darn degree as I have a feeling it was sent to the wrong address...) After I finished my internship I was scared and literally fell into a job in security. Good pay, easy work makes sense to me. But feel like everything I learned could be into other jobs. (couldn't find a better gif) But every time I look at applications I'm star struck and terrified. While having a mentor inform me I could grow where I'm at too..... Anyway there's an adventure coming ahead. Goals: -Still showing up to my coaching and doing intentional movement. May share some of my journey. -Work on goals with bullet journals. Intentional goal making one step at a time and taking care of myself. -Remember to stay grounded... breathing deep, being in the moment, not have fear lead you. (Frozen 2 covers that part with her magic... though in reality you don't get as many snow crystals). Overall hope to update throughout my weeks. Work currently is my free time to update... ironically.
  6. Hi Nerds. Let's begin with a couple relevant background details. I started NF in 2013 in the middle of a PhD dissertation to combat the effects of the sedentary grad student lyfe. I got stronger, at least prevented my weight from blowing up mostly. Unfortunately, I never finished that PhD. I never seemed to get anything done. Fast forward to last challenge, I finally realized and accepted that I may actually have ADHD. It explains A LOT, including the abandoned PhD, my many failed, half-assed NF challenges, my messy apartment, etc. After leaving grad school I worked in an Amazon warehouse for two years, and now I'm working as a CNC machinist. Like the majority of my middle school and high school report cards said, I'm "Not working to potential." Now I'm trying to get another Master's in Electrical Engineering (online) and working on projects at home to turn things around. And to lose weight I'm following a slightly modified version of the Mediterranean diet, and have been riding a stationary bike (hamster wheel) to burn calories. Now I'm realizing I need to fix my flexibility, posture, and retain a bit of strength so I'm going to add in some yoga. I'll be building off of last challenge. If you want to see how I did with that go to my Previous Challenge Summary. Now... On to the challenge: Since, I'm learning Electical Engineering, I ought to do what EE's do best: build gadgets and try to take over the world. And what better metaphor for an EE with ADHD than Pinky and the Brain. Brain represents all my ambition, intellect, and executive functioning, while Pinky is the ADHD part of my brain that just wants to goof around, have fun, and press colorful, blinking buttons. In order to deal with achieving goals, Brain needs to manipulate, distract, and control Pinky. Just for context, all of this is happening in a BuJo to keep Pinky under control. Nutrition: Old stuff: Maintain current nutrition plan. I keep a weekly log of how many servings by food group on Google sheets: Food Log It has a rough idea of serving numbers and describes the serving sizes if you're interested in the details. I post links along with my weekly summary when I update the spreadsheet with what I track in my BuJo. I also track measurements in my body composition log for feedback: Weight Log and Track Record. Question: These two sheets are in the same workbook; Can you access other sheets or just on sheet at a time with these links? New Stuff: Add a daily reflection/challenge. Every day I'm going to reflect on what I ate during the day, look for something to improve on and come up with a challenge. Like, I ate too many grains today, tomorrow when I feel like carbs, have fruit instead. Also, on my weight tracking sheets (see below), I track weekly min and max weights, so if I set a new max or fail to set a new low I might reduce a meal, cut fat, or exercise, etc. Exercise: Old stuff: Do at least two workouts on the hamster wheel each week. New Stuff: Do at least one yoga session each week. These last two are basically some of the bigger Todo's with sub-todo lists that I want to get through. Trying to take over the world (Brain): I need to finish the online course I'm currently taking. I should have finished it last challenge, but I'm close to done. Then I'm going to work on some other projects at home and maybe at work to gain more experience and catch up on some knowledge/skill areas I'm lacking in. Also, I need to plan out how I'm going to pay for more coursework. Finish current online EE course: Finish week 4 Finish final week, project and quiz Start on my minimal retro game, multi-console emulator Pay off a credit card... I can put the next course's tuition on it once i have a zero balance, and that will be my source of 'student loans' for these online courses for now. Managing ADHD (Pinky): Right now I'm only self diagnosed. I have an appointment set up for July 13 to find a therapist to work with. At the moment, I am just accepting that I have ADHD and carrying on as if I did which means getting more organized and finding ways to keep myself focused on getting things done... BuJo! I'm also forgiving myself for my past mistakes. I still get bummed from time to time because I didn't get something done or make the right decision in the past. And the mistakes I'm currently making. I get all uptight trying to control my behavior often or beating myself up. I just have to let go of that. First mental health appointment on July 13 at 3:00 pm Take BuJo everywhere Update BuJo weekly Let go of and forgive mistakes
  7. Very creative title yes? I figured I'd spend this challenge with the rebels because I won't be feeling very assassiny for the foreseeable future. This challenge will mostly be about setting myself up for a healthy pregnancy (and hopefully subsequent fast recovery), without losing sight of my other non-mom-related goals. Brief introduction for those that don't know me; Ok challenge goals! 1. Training; keep up the volume - at least 3 strength sessions per week, but be flexible in what they look like unbreakable hips program at least 2x a week, hip upkeep at least 6 days a week snatch at least once a week, bonus points for any extra 2. Eating for two; take vitamins daily eat fat fish at least once a week, bonus points for twice something green at least 4x a week, at least one of those be leafy. (I eat plenty of veggies, but I prefer them to not be green) seriously don't literally eat for two- try to maintain current weight for now 3. Adulting; walk the dog at least 5x a week while I still can do a load of laundry at least 5 days a week clean kitchen counters and sweep the floor every day before bed 10 minutes of cleaning at the gym when I come in and before I go home keep track of all of the above in my bullet journal To do list; figure out wether to go to the European championship or not (pro/con list perhaps) research business owner maternity leave options get the august gym action up and running get the september gym action up and running organise/plan team meetings for top dutch lifters communicate level 2 exam requirements setup and communicate the new points system promote the next level 1 and 2 courses get two thirds through the p&ppa course make a photo album, or at least make progress That's a lot. Oops. Let's just see how it goes. Everything on that to do list has been hovering over me for a while (except 1 and 2, those are obviously more recent) and I'm hoping the accountability from here will help.
  8. Book: Water Also known as the Tale of Tzippi and the Too Many Tags I am returning to the Rebellion after a long battle with a demon of depression. The dark spirit swept in as I was weakened by becoming a mother. I am doing better now, and am just beginning to practice Tai Chi, which (along with the fine spring weather) is inspiring me to respawn here, as a monk. One goal under each bending style is a constant habit, one-two one-time goals under are straight up success if done. Thanks for the help refining my foals, @sarakingdom Goal One: Plantbending ☆ Eat 2 fruits and veg per day. (If this gets too easy, up it to 3). ☆ Research and plan an indoor greens growing system. ☆ Shop for weeStockings sized garden tools, pit on wish list. Goal Two: Waterbending ☆ Exercise every day to support Tai chi. On class days, go to class. Other days, Hammer, walk, yoga . . . ☆ Sweep back deck for morning practice. Goal Three: Cloudbending ☆ Harness the breath like an Airbender by Meditating 5 minutes daily. ☆ DONE. Get reusable travel mug again. A nice ceramic one with a silicone lid. ☆ For week with April 1st, make a new Gratitude BuJo spread. ☆ With first paycheck, sign up for Calm premium subscription.
  9. 2018 Changing Behaviors I’ve always been a wants over needs type of person but have had a difficult time figuring out a way to change that. I just want to do everything now and feel silly taking it slow. Mentally, that’s what I want and I don’t want to wait to do anything. Physically, I put things off if I’m not sure how to do something or if it requires manual labor. 2018 is going to be about changing my behaviors. I want to have a good routine and strategy for overcoming my impulses. It’s time to start small and work my way up to the person I aspire to be. To accomplish this task I need a clear and fairly simple plan. My challenges are rarely simple so this will be clear but probably not simple. I need knowledge to help create that plan. I’ll need motivation or motivational tools to help when things get tough. I also need to make sure I have a support system (Thanks Rebels ). 2018 Changing Behaviors Levels LVL 1 - Organization - COMPLETE LVL 2 - Night LVL 3 - Morning LVL 4 - Nutrition LVL 5 - Movement LVL 6 - Financial LVL 7 - Knowledge LVL 8 - Expression LVL 9 - Self-Discipline LVL 10 - Sustaining Each Level will last approximately 1 challenge cycle (28 days). If I do not follow my plan or fail to achieve my desired goal, then I do not move up a level. These levels are meant to build upon previous challenges and continue the habits gained from the previous level. For example, when I reach level 6, I should still be doing what I did through levels 1 to 5. The goal here is not to get as many points as possible but to develop the habit. If I end up skipping something or putting it off, I need to examine the reason why. For Level 2 Goals : The purpose of this goal is to help me establish a healthy routine and help enable a good start for my morning routine, which will be my next level. If I can get my nightly routine established and set, I should be able to get enough sleep in order to give me enough time in the morning for the routine I want to have. This goal is going to be a daily checklist of things I need to have done before bed as well as by a certain time, they will also be super basic. You might ask, why the heck does she need to track that? Well I want to make sure I’m hitting all the tasks I need so you will be seeing tasks like, brush teeth and shower, even if I already do them on the regular. These tasks will be completed at night and will only earn me a check mark if they are done between 6-10pm. Goal for each task is 19. Standard Goals Save $84 Got to the gym 4x Read 3 books Donate Plasma Level 1 Goals Dailies : 0/84 - GOAL 58 Weekly : 0/28 - GOAL 19 Bi-Weekly : 0/8 - GOAL 5 Monthly : 0/6 - GOAL 4 Bi-Annually : 0/1- GOAL 1 Annual : No Annual Cleaning task for March Level 2 Goals Bujo : 0/28 Unwind at least 30 mins : 0/28 Shower : 0/28 Face : 0/28 Teeth : 0/28 Moisturize : 0/28 In bed before 11pm : 0/28
  10. Hi there! So I know I can't be the only one here who loves to be creative and stay organized! Does anybody else here use a bullet journal? Anybody keen on giving it ago? And do you track your fitness there, if so? I do and I'm trying to fit my four week challenge somewhere into the mix whilst also keeping updates on it every day; I suppose we'll see how it goes! Also, feel free to share photos or any articles if you feel so obliged! ~Stella
  11. This is a PvP for those of us using a Bullet Journal or some other form of challenge log. I want to keep this intro simple. RedStone, MaylaKae, and I thought it would be fun to get us going using our bujo's more frequently. 1. one point for each picture of your BuJo/Log that you post 2. if you get get least 8 points during the challenge (or around 2x per week) you get a reward that you select yourself, when you post your first pic indicate your reward I'm doing this as a PvP so all of our bujo inspiration will stay in one place. If it was in accountability buddies we would have to recreate this every challenge. Folks who may be interested, please tag others who bujo. @RedStone, @MaylaKae, @elvenengineer
  12. Hello all! I'm am super excited for my first challenge of 2018! For those who don't know me I am a 26 year old teacher and part time couch potato. I know New Year's Resolutions have almost never worked for me in the past, but I made them again this year and hopefully I made them smarter. This challenge I am focusing on things that I can do in less than 5 minutes based on an article by James Clear (How to Stop Procrastinating Using the 2-Minute Rule) and a book I read about making Microresolutions to make big changes. The Four Habits of the Apocalypse January Brush teeth and wash face everyday -- This is simple and graded on did I brush my teeth once and wash my face once. The ideal time is for this to happen in the morning before school, but evening will work as well in a pinch. This will be tracked in my bullet journal. Reward: Burt's Bees Peach Facial Scrub Open bullet journal everyday -- For this goal I need to open up my bullet journal once a day. This is also being tracked in my bullet journal. Writing things down in it is a bonus. No electronics after 8:30 & get ready for tomorrow -- This is graded on me putting away my phone and computer at 8:30. I have an alert on my phone and computer to let me know it's time to put away both. To get ready for the next day I need to pack my backpack, pack my lunch, and lay out clothes for the next day. I am currently tracking my electronics in my bullet journal and will add a tracking for getting ready. No electronics should happen everyday and getting ready should happen Sunday through Thursday. Practice Focused Flexibility for 5 minutes each day -- This is graded on did I do one of the four stretches I am supposed to do. I haven't figured out what I can tie this habit to yet. Grading & Rewards (stealing this from Zeroh) 60% is a passing grade. If I get 80% in an individual goal, I get a reward for that goal. And if I get 90% overall, I also get a bigger & better reward. Reward: Burt's Bees Peach Facial Scrub Reward: Bullet journal supplies Reward: Fancy bath bomb Reward: Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger Tea Overall Reward: Massage and Mani & Pedi
  13. A Bullet Journal Accountability group you say... This group might be for you if you do any of the following. Do you enjoy writing down the things you accomplish? Do you track your exercise, sleep, or water? Do you need to write down dates and times in order to remember them? Do you feel that most planners are not flexible enough for your daily needs? Do you make thousands of to do lists? My plan is to post some resources I've found helpful and encourage others to share what's been successful for them. Let's create a place where bujo enthusiast can post pictures, ask questions, get help or just get ideas on what to do. So if this sounds like something you might enjoy or you already bujo and you have knowledge to share, please join in! If you want to join please post a short introduction, tell us how you use your journal and what you want to work on.
  14. A Bullet Journal Accountability group you say... This group might be for you if you do any of the following. Do you enjoy writing down the things you accomplish? Do you track your exercise, sleep, or water? Do you need to write down dates and times in order to remember them? Do you feel that most planners are not flexible enough for your daily needs? Do you make thousands of to do lists? My intentions for this group are sort of shown in the above picture. My plan is to post some resources I've found helpful, encourage others to share what's been successful for them, post weekly bujo prompts, and have a place where other bujo enthusiast can post pictures, ask questions, get help or just get ideas on what to do. So if this sounds like something you might enjoy or you already bujo and you have knowledge to share, please join in! If you want to join please post a short introduction and a link to your current challenge. Group Members & Challenge Links 1. Jonesy 2. Karinajean 3. Katrin aka Morag 4. Starpuck 5. Elena aka Artenara Jones 6. Super Starling! 7. Daryl of Barbaria 8. Kathleen's Adventure 9. NightWatcher13 10. Chris aka Ryuu 11. The Shogun 12. Machete We are not capped at 10 just added the numbers because I didn't want to count each time. Lol
  15. Recently I was inspired by seeing a couple of snowshoe hares in the woods up north. They were between their summer and winter fur colors (as above), which I found fascinating. They are survivalists, enduring all four seasons in extreme situations, with numerous predators and competitors. They have to be highly skilled (and a bit lucky) to survive. But mainly it was their alertness and mindful movement that inspired me. They reminded me that I've really been neglecting quadrupedal (QM) in the parkour training. A major part of this challenge will be a constant reminder to myself to include QM practice in my training. Another major aspect of this challenge will be defeating urge to back down or give up. The past few weeks have been hard on my body, and I'm not entirely sure why. I suspect I have been fighting off an infection, one that thankfully I have shown no other symptoms other than fatigue. I suspect the road trip up north I took last weekend took its toll, so I might be feeling the effects of that as well. Lastly, I also suspect it is just the change of the season that's affecting me. It's dark for longer in the morning. Days start out cold, requiring a jacket, but quickly progress to short-sleeve shirt weather by afternoon. And there's the temperature in my car if it's been sunny all day. It might as well be summer. That kind of wild variation throughout a day really seems to play havoc with my body. It makes me not want to move or go out. It also makes my body take a little longer to recover from workouts. Because of this, I am allowing for a somewhat lesser quantity in my workouts for this challenge, in the hope that the quality of my workouts will not suffer, and so that I can maintain a level of consistency. Part of not giving up or backing down (for the long term) is knowing when to slow down or dial back just a little bit (in the short term) in order to endure. I think I am currently at a point where this is necessary. Part 1 - The Daily/ Weekly Tasks: 1. Practice parkour, minimum of twice per week. I will shoot for three times per week, as I always have, but I am giving myself permission to opt for twice per week when I feel it will be better for my body. On days where the weather doesn't cooperate, training indoors with bodyweight exercises will suffice. 2. Practice Quadrupedal Movements (QM) with each parkour workout. Especially work towards developing the QM gallop. This can be done indoors on days with poor weather. 3. As always, daily meditation. This has become quite old-hat, but it's worth mentioning because it's worth doing. 4. Compliment each mediation with yoga and/ or qigong. I find adding a little moving meditation to the sitting meditation is very helpful. 5. Remember to play and have fun. Mix things up from time to time. Play with "ninja stuff" like shuriken, bokken, and nunchaku (I have recently made a assortment of bo shuriken from 7 and 10 inch nails - they are quite fun). Part 1 - The Daily/ Weekly Tasks (REVISED 10/30/2017): 1. Bodyweight exercises, three times per week minimum. This will continue until I am feeling up to snuff to continue outdoor parkour training. I plan to use the "grease the groove" approach to training rather than a fixed number of sets and reps done in one sitting. I plan to alternate between pull-ups/ dips and push-ups/ bodyweight squats. More days of training may be added, if feasible. 2. Play with weapons! Three times per week. Because being a ninja is fun! Shuriken, nunchaku, bokken, unarmed (my fists and feet are weapons)...all of it is fair game. 3. Daily yoga, qigong, and meditation in the evenings. This helps me stay physically and mentally put together. The physical side may be dropped once or twice per week, if needed to recover from injury or soreness. However, I have found that in most cases even a small amount of yoga or qigong, even through injury, is more beneficial than 100% rest. Part 2 - The Bullet Journal: This is a brand new thing for me. I saw it advertised by Jonesy in the Assassin's Den. I figure it's worth a shot, as I could really use a boost to my list-making and overall organization. I have joined the accountability group for this. I have no idea what I'm getting into. That's ok. Here goes nothing...
  16. Hi friends! INTRO (if you were around for my first challenge, this is literally copy and pasted from previous. Feel free to skip) A brief introduction about me: I joined Nerd Fitness last year and was active on the boards for a few months until I got pregnant when I had zero energy for anything besides the bare necessities. I am a chemist by trade. I love reading, podcasts, hiking, and binge watching shows. My personality is a cross between Leslie Knope and Linda Belcher. I have a broken sesamoid bone in my foot that makes some exercises difficult, and I'm working on finding exercises I enjoy that don't exacerbate the pain. I love sugar toooo much. I'm a hyper emotional person, made even more so by all those new-mama hormones. I struggle with trichotillomania, which means I sometimes pull out my eyelashes when I'm anxious. Basically, I have a lot to work on. I have a tendency to use a lot of gifs and memes from whatever show I'm watching at the moment. Currently, it's Bob's Burgers. I organize my life via bullet journal. And I apologize in advance for how much I talk about my baby, cuz I'm low-key obsessed with her and all her baby-goodness. This is my second challenge post partum, and I wouldn't count my last challenge as a total loss...but it was a rocky start. I have a very different outlook for this challenge. I'm going to focus more on the root of my health struggles, many of which amount to decision-fatigue and going too fast and being too busy to focus on the most important things. I really want to be aware of the choices I'm making in regard to my health in hopes of reverting some bad habits. I don't usually like having soft, amorphous goals like this, but I'll get into specifics week by week. Over-specification and broad strokes have been my downfall in the past. OBJECTIVES Post daily on an Instagram account something I did for my health (@durfette.nf please follow me!) Check-in with my bullet journal each day (example on Insta) Log onto the Nerd Fitness forums once a week (cuz this community is bomb, but I can't drop in as much as I'd like) And then on top of that, I will evaluate each week and make an appropriate plan based on the following: PRIORITIES 1. OHANA MEANS FAMILY. If you followed my previous challenge, you'll recall that my schedule got very hectic, very quickly when I started back at work part-time. My husband and I are sharing baby duty, so when I'm at work 3 days a week, he's with the babe, and when he's at work 4 afternoons / nights a week, I'm with the babe. We have these narrow windows when we see each other where we basically high-five and play hot potato with the baby while we each try to accomplish chores and use the bathroom. Spending time with my husband and baby fill me up, and I'm happier if our relationship is in a good place. And happy people don't shoot their husbands make better health choices. 2. NUTRITION IS 90% OF THE BATTLE Eating healthy is probably the hardest thing for me, and a lot of it comes down to making the time to meal prep and plan accordingly. 3. EXERCISE CUZ YOU WANT TO I miiiiiisss working out and I miiiiisss feeling strong. Fortunately, I have a husband who supports me and a sister in law who loves my babe who is willing to watch her so I can go workout. I have already asked my husband and SIL for help. Each week I will evaluate my schedule and my goals for the week and set forth from there! ______________________________________________________________________ WEEK ONE goals (in addition to the three objectives listed above) -Read scriptures every day -Eat healthy snacks first (both at home AND at work) -Go on walk with Baby Girl (BG) 2x (Monday and Thurs/Fri, when hubs is home) -Exercise at gym 30 minutes, 2x (Thurs/Fri and Sat, when SIL visits) Alright, best of luck friends! I'll only be checking once a week (I'm shooting for Sundays, since I count that the last day of my "week") so I'll see you then!
  17. It should be obvious what the theme is this challenge. I'll be working on four goals, plus writing story. The story portions will have their own posts. I'm planning on six parts, one at the end of each week, plus the opening. This time I'm starting the challenge at the beginning of zero week. AKA, today! Goal #1: Poké Chef! Cook one *new* family meal a week. Goal #2: Catch that pokémon! Work on job hunt four times each week. If I get the job I interviewed for last week, replace job hunt with study. Goal #3: Walk, walk, and walk some more! Walk 25 miles (40 km) each week. Goal #4: Wake-up Slap! Follow the morning routine five times a week. Meditate -> Daily Dare -> Bullet Journal -> Nerd Fitness
  18. I suppose you could say I'm here as a mentor? (If that doesn't sound too pretentious or anything...) I've done a good number of challenges, not always successful, not always at my best, and rarely in one guild for too long. A bit of an introduction would probably be good... (It's spoilered because it's long and a bit of a brain dump, and some people already know a lot of it.) So I've narrowed it down to four goals to focus on this time around. I'm also grading this challenge, which I haven't done in awhile. Hydrate Drink at least two liters of fluid five times a week. Engage Post at least once on this thread and on someone else's thread five times a week. Hunt Work on job hunting stuff at least four times a week. Explore Go outside and explore at least once a week. Grading Each success will count as 1 point. So, if I 100% this, that makes 15 points a week, for a total of 60 points. Bonus points are also possible. Rewards are to be determined. I have to be creative since I can't really buy much. A+ = 65 or higher A = 60 - 64 B = 50 - 59 C = 40 - 49 D = 30 - 39 F = 29 or lower
  19. 1. Strong Enough to Shoulder It He grabbed the Librarian by two handfulls of chest hair and pulled him up to eye height.'I'm not bloody well going to have it, understand?' Vimes shouted, shaking the ape back and forth. 'Oook,' the Librarian pointed out, patiently.'What? Oh. Sorry,' Vimes lowered the ape, who wisely didn't make an issue of it because a man angry enough to lift three hundred pounds of Orangutan without noticing is a man with too much on his mind. -- Guards, Guards Goal: Lift Heavy Things (preferably not Orangutans) 3 times a week I've decided to scale back on running slightly and start folding in some weightlifting. To this end, I've joined a gym near work. The goal is to go workout before my morning meetings, but we'll see if that pans out. If it doesn't, I can go at lunch or after work instead. 3X a week. 2. Dis-Organizer Mark V 'Good Morning, Insert Name Here! I am the Dis-Organizer Mark Five, "The Gooseberry"TM. How may I —' it began, speaking fast in order to get as much said as possible before the inevitable interruption. 'I swear I switched you off,' said Vimes. 'You threatened me with a hammer,' said the imp accusingly, and rattled the tiny bars. 'He threatens state-of-the-Craft technomancy with a hammer, everybody!' it shouted. 'He doesn't even fill in the registration card!' -- Thud! Goal: Keep Bullet Journal Updated 80% of the time I filled up my old bullet journal and got a new one, and I'd like to keep it newly organized and do better about keeping up with it. This is a bit of a cheat because instead of focusing on goals like Meditate Every Day and Write Every Day and Keep Checkbook Balanced, I'll just track how well I track all those other things. 3. Run Hungry Someone was running, and they were chasing. They were chasing because he was running, and he was running because they were chasing. -- Men At Arms Goal: Run and Intermittent Fast 2 times a week Slightly scaled back, but still there. On days that I'm not lifting weights, I'm going to 1. Fast for 18 hours and 2. Go for a short 1-2 mile run in the mornings. I'd never try to do any serious cardio distance on no fuel, but a short run while fasting has been shown to have all kinds of good benefits. Special Long-Term Quest: Cholesterol II Vimes carefully lifted the top of the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich and smiled inwardly. Good old Cheery. She knew what a Vimes BLT was all about. It was about having to lift up quite a lot of crispy bacon before you found the miserable, skulking vegetables. You might never notice them at all. -- Thud! Goal: Lower cholesterol numbers (significantly) by August. No changes here.
  20. Rolling Stoney changes her shape This challenge is all about change for me. 2017 was going to be a big year, but it happened in a way I didn't quite expect. My plan was to cross-train hard, eat well, do the derby, work hard, buy a house... but literally none of those things happened. I broke my ankle. Derby, cross training, working, and being able to cook my own food all went out the window. My partner got made redundant so our house loan got canned. And my boss is selling her cafe so I may not even have a job in a few months. But as of last month I can walk without a limp again and I'm so close to getting back to derby training that I can at least throw most of my focus that way and still feel like I am moving forwards in life. My long term goals look like this; Walk again sans limp. completed 23/3 Be cleared to skate again. (planned 19/4) Skate a whole 3hr training session. (planned early May) Re-Pass my Minimum Skills. (planned June) Play a full Roller Derby Bout. (planned August) Find a new job. My goals this challenge are focussed on adapting to the change that I'm currently experiencing in many parts of life while still trying to complete my current long-term goals. I need to prepare my physical form for my triumphant return to roller derby by cross-training what I can and eating well to fuel said training increase. So going to the gym is a thing. Between working and training I burn energy like a wildfire so I need to prep food accordingly so I don't eat like shit at work when I can't be fucked getting something rounded and healthy. I need to prepare my resume and a portfolio for if or when my job goes kaput so I am ready to attempt to jump into a new job. As a teenager and an adult I've always been a design oriented person and I loved jewellery design. There are two in-house jewellery studios in town that I aim to approach for training and hopefully a job, but I can't do that without a portfolio. And finally I need to keep myself accountable and organised so I'm trying out this whole bullet journal thingo. It's working good, even if mine aren't pretty like the ones on instagram. Change of Body Gym 3x week. (Lower body, Upper body, Core, Cardio & Yoga) I had great plans at the start of the year to continue the cross-training I had been doing in my derby off-season, but that plan got de-railed after I broke my ankle. After 3 months of being immobile I have to start back at the start, but that's okay. I have a gym membership and a plan. I had to split my workouts into upper, lower and core because I was spending too long at once at the gym and it made me reluctant to go more then once a week. My lower body workout it pretty short right now because of my limited ankle strength and mobility, but I need the habit to be there. Yoga can be done at home. Change of Job Work on jewellery/design portfolio, post daily My job is on tenterhooks right now. Potentially my boss may sell her business and the new owners may or may not keep me on. With that and my partner's recent redundancy I have found myself needing a change. After having 3 months off work I realise that hospitality is no longer what I want to do. I cannot do the work for so little thanks anymore. Back in school I was really passionate with design and specifically designing and making jewellery. I don't know what it was about melting bits of metal together but I loved it. There are no jobs available right now but I plan on getting together a portfolio of sorts and approaching the two local studios in town and seeing about a job. I figure I can't do that without some substance so I'm going to use this month to work on some designs. I will post the designs as evidence. If I happen to not want to draw jewellery specifically I can draw anything else and it still counts. Change of Food Meal prep 1x weekly Meal prepping healthy meals was another thing I was getting really good at before I broke my ankle, and sticking to the food I planned to eat was also working really well for my energy levels. When I broke I wasn't totally in control of what I could eat and as I didn't have to leave the house I just ate what I could carry with one hand. Going back to exercising and work means I need all the energy I can get and I can't keep grazing on whatever I can find at work because it inevitably ends up being cake or pancakes or just coffee. It makes me sluggish and bloated and I am perfectly capable of prepping food to take with me. Change of Habit Bullet Journal Daily I'm testing out the whole bullet journal thing, and I think so far it's working for me. While I do tend to drool over the beautiful instagram ones, I don't have the handwriting or the patience or the funds to pay for all the beautiful stickers and many pens to make it beautiful. Thankfully it's also a functional thing so I'm going with that. I'll work on my penmanship later. I need to update my journal every day and use it for anything I can think of. Adding in to-do jobs, writing down my gym sessions, planning meal prep... So far it's working really well for everything and I want to continue feeling organised. It's something I've struggled with my whole life.
  21. Hello. This is my second challenge, and since I can't seem to decide which guild to join, gonna stay with Rebels for a little bit while! Xia Dong from Nirvana in Fire While I was trying to decide which guild to join by discussing with a fellow D&D player friend (spoiler: failed), there were--- archetypes of character being brought up. A Rogue with the lacquered veneer of Bard, a loner (?) human-favored-enemy Hunter/Ranger, a Bard with Fighter capabilities. Should I incorporate dance into it? Will I end up taking Body Combat? ...Anyway, finally decided it's too early in my fitness journey to even try deciding on a class/direction to pursue. It'll just distract. In the discussion the character/officer Xia Dong from chinese drama Nirvana in Fire was mentioned and I thought-- that's not a bad idea. Nimble, practical, slightly awkward/stiff but not in the least lacking common sense. Let's go for that. So far, this is what I'm going for: Dexterity-based class that can survive (thrive!) in both civilized world/ urban setting and wilderness. Ability scores composition would be DEX/INT/CHA (sometimes substituting CHA/WIS with INT) with CON before STR. Live sincerely, sensibly and practically-- but still socially flexible when required. GOALS I. Reduce Burden Excess girth limits movement. 163 cm/ 5'4", small frame. Starting weight 64.1 kg (141.3 lbs) at the beginning of Week 0, target weight 62 kg (136.6 lbs). Weigh everyday. Meal prep (enough for) 5-6 days out of a week. Count and log calories with MyFitnessPal. Aim for 1200 calories/day. Random Encounters: Socializing-proofing. Choose which eating-outs/feeding company are worth the calories and arrange intake around them. II. The Body is A Vehicle Stamina, flexibility, core strength and pliability. Build CON (stamina) Do cardio/walk around total of 3 hours per week (while listening to audiobooks/ lectures). Start preparing for bed 11.30 and sleep at 1 at the latest. Wake up around 7.30. Raise DEX & STR (flexibility and muscle strength). 60 minutes of Ballet Beautiful, 2 times per week. 1 session (45 minutes - 1 hour) of Bellydancing/Yoga for bellydancing basics per week. Learn to self-massage sore muscles. III. Necessary Evil That is The Capital Appearance and social skills. Take better care of appearance (nail, teeth, skin, hair). Get rid/ KonMari-away unloved/unsuitable clothes, accessories and makeup. Pick a social skill/etiquette book to read/summarize. Do concrete actions in order to interact better with people. Good luck and see you around!
  22. Hello! I'm a veteran (?) dieter who also play D&D with Pathfinder as most familiar system. My PC class of choice have been/ is unfailingly support-caster with minus Strength modifier, barely passable Dexterity (mostly for rolling Initiative) and obligation-amount Constitution. It.. quite fits. This caster would like to improve squishyness and worry less about survival. GOALS This might look a lot, but most of it (aside from moving) I'm already doing though more accountability/better record would be great. I. Lose Over-Capacity -2 Strength modifier. Starting weight 65.2 kg (143.7 lbs), target weight 63 kg (138.8 lbs). Weigh everyday. Take 'before' (and 'after') pictures at the beginning and end of challenge (my week starts at Monday so it'll be March 20 to April 16 for me). II. Rationing Rations Food matters. Meal prep (enough for) 5-6 days out of a week. I have been taking up Paleo/Primal Diet since last year, though it ebbs and flows (I like to bake/feed people with gluten-foodthings). Lately I have been tinkering with Perfect Health Diet as well. Still tweaking my optimum food composition. Keep a food log. Random Encounters: Socializing-proofing. My diet's bane of existence are those eating out socializing sessions. The food are usually overpriced, not that delicious and almost always not paleo-friendly. Love the activity and company, but rarely the food. The last few times I managed to either bring my own prepared food/meal or only order a small appetizer/ half portions. Going to count all the wins on this! III. Casting Stat is Not End-All DCs and associated Skill Checks aside, the idea of being here and suffering exercising is to build physical stats. While I prefer to stay back and watch other people fight for me, the situation is/will not always be ideally so. So I must prepare and get stronger. Build CON (stamina) (still not sure how to measure this). Do cardio/walk around total of 3 hours per week (while listening to audiobooks/ lectures). Raise DEX & STR (flexibility and muscle strength). 60 minutes of Ballet Beautiful, 2-3 times per week. Mini Side-quest: Take pictures of bending/toe-touching & split 'befores' and 'afters'. EQUIPMENTS Cooking kit + ingredients + containers. Digital scale. Yoga mat. Elastic/ resistance band. Running/ crossfit (?) shoes. MP3 player set. Fitness Bullet Journal (Traveler's Notebook insert). REWARDS Week 1: Ballet Slippers Week 2 & 3: Sports Shoes for Outdoors Week 4: New Body Mist/ Leggings Goodluck everyone!
  23. No time to say "Hello, Goodbye” I'm late, I'm late I'm late! Each week I will do the following with a bonus task (see below for week bonuses) The Jabberwock Build strength to defeat The Jabberwock (Overall Challenge Goal : 10 workouts to defeat The Jabberwock) Mad Hatter Join the Mad Tea Party (Overall Challenge Goal : 14 cups of tea consumed at the Mad Tea Party - 2 per prep/home cooking) White Rabbit I’m late, I’m late, I’m LATE! Stay ahead of the White Rabbit (Overall Challenge Goal: 40 times I've gotten ahead of the White Rabbit - hitting snooze buttons) Caterpillar Be advised on how to cope with life’s difficulties (Overall Challenge Goal: 3000 pages filled with how to cope and adapt to life’s difficulties - 1 hour of reading = 100 pages) Cheshire Cat Gain insight on life (Overall Challenge Goal: 28 days of insight - Bullet Journal) Queen of Hearts If the cleaning is not done, off with her head! (Overall Challenge Goal: 120 mins of avoiding beheadings - Cleaning) Bonus Tasks Per week Task 1 : Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop. - The King of Hearts I have multiple projects to do and I keep adding new ones before I even start or finish old projects. I have 3 projects I want to work on this month and 1 or more HAVE to be finished. I have the whole challenge to finish this. Projects : Mosaic Mirror, 1 knitting Square & Rose Mobile. Task 2 : “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place." - The Red Queen It's about finding out what is keeping me in the same place and then figuring out a solution to fix the problems. I know it might seem easier to keep doing the same things over and over and while I’ve made some progress, I’d like to see more. I have the whole challenge to complete this. Questions to ask myself - What do I do that keeps me in the same place? Am I doing things that are making it harder on myself? Make a list and then make a change. Task 3 : “I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” My subconscious can be fairly imaginative, specially if I eat pizza before bed. I dream some funky dreams but that doesn't often translate to my waking hours. I think this is because I’ve set limits and have told myself too many times, “You can’t do that so why try?” I want to focus on building my imagination with practice and action. Either start week 2 or week 3 depending on how the other tasks go. Have 1, 10 min imagination session a day, embrace the multiple spontaneous sessions I can get in, try something I previously said was impossible. Task 4 : There ought to be a book written about me, that there ought! And when I grow up, I’ll write one. - Alice Week 4 is going to tie in with week 3 because I’ve always wanted to write but I’m terrible at writing and grammar. This is a scary goal! Write for 10 mins a day because it’s not impossible, I want to work on my imagination and maybe it will help me learn to express myself better.
  24. Today's the day that I finally stop lurking in the shadows, embrace the Rebellion, and join in my first ever quest. So why not add cute kitties Quest: Lose weight & get strong 1. Eat right - Track calories and macros - Up protein intake and reduce carbs 2. Workout - Follow plan (3x Strength, 2x Cardio per week) + increased steps in daily walks (current daily average = 4600 | Week 1 daily target = 5500 | Week 2 daily target = 6500 | Week 3 daily target = 7500 | Week 4 daily target = 8500) Quest: Ninja moves 3. Five mins daily handstand practice (planks, wall walks, hollow body, crow pose) Quest: Speak Hindi 4. Five mins daily Hindi practice on Memrise Time to get cracking!
  25. Similar goals as last time, but named after Lightsaber techniques. Story update to be posted sometime this week ;P Form III: Soresu (Resilience Form) Create a schedule and achieve the following: Yoga - at least 60 minutes per week Cardio - at least 30 minutes per week Strength - at least 30 minutes per week Loot: Every 10 min of exercise provides $1 towards New Yoga Mat Form V: Shien / Djem So (Perseverance Form) Drink at least 2.0 L of water daily. Fill up and bring water bottles everywhere Eat at least 5 servings of Fruit / Vegetables daily. Fruit with breakfast Bring lunch salads to work In season produce guides - March & April Loot: Every day of water drinking provides $1 towards New Water Bottle Every serving of vegetables provides $1 towards new kitchen knives Form VI: Niman (Moderation Form) Go to bed by 22:00 (weeknight) and 00:00 (weekend) by: Limit weeknight screen time to 1 hour per night. Limit weekend screen time to 4 hours per day. Acceptable alternatives include: Exercise, drawing, reading (from a real book), playing with the dog, spending time with the BF, board games, cooking dinner, cleaning, etc. Loot: To be determined (suggestions welcome) Link: Tracking File
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