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  1. So I finally managed to get my new challenge sorted out (about time!), so here goes: My main quest remains the same – getting healthy and strong – while I will continue on the path I chose for my last challenge: I'll be working towards my first pull-up ever. My basic routine will also stay the same: Bodyweight workouts on Mon/Wed/Fri, yoga class 1x / week. Goal 1: (Walk the) plank on "off" (non-BW) days (+3 STR, +2 STA) I'm still far from being able to do as many negative chin ups („walking the plank“) as Scooby uses as a starting point in his pull up progressions (5 x 8 reps), but I'm working towards that goal eventually. I'll just have to start with far fewer reps (5 x 2) and try to add one rep on every „plank“ day. I aim to do these 3 – 4 times a week (Tue/Thu/Sat/(Sun)). Not sure if I can keep Sundays as workout days or if I will need a rest day. Will have to see what Wussy and Whiny (my puny wrists and elbows) have to say to that. On these days I'll also keep doing planks, but I will switch from RKC planks to side planks for this challenge. 2 x 30 seconds on each side. A: at least 3 plank days / week B: 2 plank days / week C: 1 plank day / week F: anything less Goal 2: Every day is a bulletproof day (+3 CON, +2 WIS) „If something's important, do it every day.“ Or so they say. I have decided to give the bulletproof guys a try, so I will do their warm up every day. cross crawls rolling rocking crawling A: bulletproof warm up 7x / week B: 5 - 6x / week C: 3 - 4x / week D: 1 - 2x / week F: no warm up / week Goal 3: Improve that left split (+4 DEX, +1 STR) Since I'm not quite happy with my left split from the last challenge, I will continue to do leg stretches. Not sure if I will stick to the 6-week program (oh, the pain!) or if I vary the stretches some. But I will stretch. Every frakkin day. A: stretching 7x / week B: 5 - 6x / week C: 3 - 4x / week D: 1 - 2x / week F: no stretching / week Life Goal: Survive (no stat points) I know that the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy at work (there are those two projects that should have been finished 10 days ago, plus another one that's due in January). Plus, I'll be on redhead duty Fri – Sun until the beginning of December (which usually takes somewhere between 3 – 4 hours a day). Originally I had planned to build some cleaning habits during this challenge, but I'm afraid that would be too much. I know I won't have any energy to spare. Have a successful challenge, everyone!
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