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  1. Hello everybody and welcome to my Challenge Thread. This is my third Challenge and my second Challenge as a Warrior. We dropped a little bit of weight in the last Challenge and got exactly to the goal weight. However, in further reading, I found out that I am at the point where I should be starting a cut, not finishing. Therefore, this thread is about leaning out. Hence the title: Sam Ashen the Chisel! Here are my current stats, along with mid-term goals: (Format: Stat / Goal units) Age: 42 / 43 Earth years Height: 177 / 177 cm Weight: 86 / 82 kg Waist: 86 / 79 cm Neck: 39 / 40 cm TM
  2. OK, so last challenge I tracked the heck out of everything, made some tweaks, and had great success. Time to build on that! There are a couple more tweaks I want to make to diet and general health, and then two specific workout moves I want to be able to do for real. So here we go: 1) Don't purchase alcohol to bring home. Last challenge it turned out that it's way easier to not bring alcohol home than it is to not drink it once it's in the house. So I can still have wine with a dinner out, but not at home. Not even on weekends (!) (0 times = A, 1 time = B, 2 times = C, 3 times = D, 4 time
  3. I wasn't going to do a challenge this time, because I get so down about challenges so often but I just need to suck it up. Suck it up, do more conditioning and stop being a f*cking wuss about it I hate doing conditioning work and will wuss out of it even in pole dance classes. I just need to suck it up and do some, because it will make me a better lifter in the longer-term. The aim is to do something three times a week. Probably forcing myself to do burpees after a session but entirely open to suggestions (with the caveat that I won't promise to take up any suggestions). I'll allow
  4. BRHemp

    OUCH, that hurt

    I am a newbie, wannabe Ranger. But have been doing a lot. I work in Federal Law enforcement running around in the desert and mountains. I also am a CrossFit LV1 and LV 2 coach with 5 other certs. Why do I hurt? Well...last night I did the "Prison Workout" with a twist. You do 25 burpees, jog 25 yards then do 24 burpees and so on down to 1. The twist is that I added 10 sit ups per round. It comes out to 350 burpees and 250 sit-ups in just under 40 minutes (for me anyway) I had some athletes beat me by a few minutes and a few athletes take up to 55 minutes. Either way, it hurt. Durin
  5. This really should have been a theme for my last challenge, but whatever. Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl was a very long running manga series in Japan from 1986 to 1993. It was also adapted into an anime. I've read the first 20ish issues (~3 volumes) of the manga and it's funny. I should finish the rest (see below). Compete in the Kata Competition This one is pass/fail, though if for whatever reason my partner ends up bowing out and I can't go with anyone else, I will void the goal. He's pretty motivated so that shouldn't be a problem. I am wary of goals that depend on someone else.
  6. Silent Jay's Beast Mode Challenge Overview / Motivation: Ramping up from my respawn challenge. Made some good progress over the past 6 weeks, but need to elevate to the next level and rebuild the fire inside. In life, I have been wound pretty tight over the past several months and need to channel the resulting stress, frustration and anger into something more healthy and productive. The biggest hurdle for this challenge will be the need to get the workouts in each morning since after work is a bit chaotic in terms of spending time with family, baby duty, and school. The weight training
  7. Today we celebrate the birthday of a person who doesn't get older; he gets better, he levels up. Someone who doesn't count years but burpees, and make those burpees count. Someone who took up the mantle of Guild Leader and turned The Monks Guild into the best guild in the Nerd Fitness Forums.* Someone who represents the embodiment of the Nerd Fitness Rebellion. Someone that, despite his everyday life, takes the time to read and give an insightful reply to every thread, almost every day. Someone who, if we give him any presents, would say that they don't really mean that m
  8. Main Quest: This quest will go beyond this challenge (and probably the next few), but my main quest is to hit the following benchmarks in strength and dexterity/stamina: · Bench Press 300 lbs. · Squat 300 lbs. · Complete 20 Pull Ups · Complete 20 Minutes of Hill Sprints (NerdFitness Academy: Ranger Quest) Side Quests: Average 3 15-20 Minute Weightlifting Routines per week · Will be based on core lifts (Bench, Squat, Deadlift and some auxiliary lifts) Points Potential: STR +5 Grading: A= Average 3 lift per week B= Average 2 lifts per week C= Av
  9. Ok so some changes are going on for me. I am settling into my life here on the farm. My work as a Homecare Area Coordinator is taking off and doing well. The bus now picks my kids up from the front gate. I have a new phone so I can get reception at home. I am getting back on track with my healthy living. I have updated my profile, with a new picture and a new description. Part of the description are from my daily affirmations. I am going back to Thom from Tomas, the latter doesn't sit well with me for some reason. Over the past couple of challenges as I have been trying to get back into thi
  10. That's become my new mantra. I can keep going. I can keep growing as a person as long as I follow that one simple rule. Be a little braver today than I was yesterday. That's exactly what I'm going to do. My name is Jess. I'm 22 years old, class 1 obese and training to be an assassin. I did well in 2014. I made a great foundation with my health and fitness. I'm ready to graduate to an intermediate level. I know what to do now, I just have to do it, and stick with it. Train for Spartan Sprint The next two months are a little nuts for me. Next Sunday I am running my first ever hal
  11. Here's a little back story: So, after a little over a year of paying attention (paleo diet, exercise, etc), I have gone from 198 lbs, to 133 lbs. However, I have had many recent changes in my life, and my personal goals have fallen to the wayside. I still stay active, do my "best" to make healthy choices, and log my food every day. I have also put my health to the back burner, and have been more lax with my diet. A recent bout of depression and the fact that I ended up losing my workout partner have simply compounded this. I had been eating bread (gasps), and have recently started breaki
  12. I’ve got 9 weeks until the Super Spartan I signed up for. I am also moving to another country 3 days after that. So my main quest this challenge is going to be further preparing for the Super and I’ll have a little side quest of getting things done to prepare for my big move. It’s going to be crazy, I am going to be busy, time is going to fly by! Last challenge I had a rough go after the halfway point, it looked like this: Week 1: 87% Week 2: 87% Week 3: 80% Week 4: 40% Week 5: 53% Week 6: 67% So this challenge I am going to add an extra rule in order to hopefully motivate me to k
  13. Since I love getting a great start at the beginning of a challenge run, I'm going to do the best possible thing I can do to make the first week a week of a resounding success: go to a martial arts bootcamp at a beach site and relinquish control over my timetable to two crazy trainers who enjoy making us do push-ups in the water (in full gear of course) just a tad bit too much.[1] Oh, and what better place to write a PhD application to, well, anywhere-not-here than by putting us in straw huts with no electricity or paper whatsoever? Doesn't that sound great? … Okay, so now you know where m
  14. Kinda like... AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR! Or not. Here’s what’s up: I’m going to partake in the Gladiator Rock’n’Run on September 6th, 2014. I’ve gone back and forth on my commitment to this ever since I first discovered its existence a couple months ago, only to realize that I was going back and forth because I am scared. Scared that I will not do well, or that I’ll embarrass myself. Mostly scared that I’ll be competing alone though. (Anybody accessible to the Detroit area feel free to join ) Anyway, the time for scared is not today. My interest in an event like this has n
  15. IT'S BAAA-AAAAAAACK. Hey Monks! Harris here...now flying under the callsign PointyEnd. To remind me to keep things simple. First lesson: STICK 'EM WITH THE POINTY END. DUH. Sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest to follow. It's been awhile, Monks. After making quite a bit of progress with help from y'all at NF last year, I've been largely a slug for a great while. Doing some swordfighting and fencing, sure, but not with any kind of sustained diet and exercise plan behind it. And it shows. So, back to basics. GOAL: Make the body engine run better. Here's the four-point b
  16. The Shadow Lion Laughs at Burpees... Recap of motivation and commitment from last challenge, as it also applies to all of 2014: This is my year of "Becoming the Shadow Lion" 1 ) The Shadow Lion is a sleek, strong, and supple ranger with lots of stamina. STR-1 STA-3 DEX-1 (Final Revision, Feb. 26, 2014) A) The Shadow Lion LAUGHS at Burpees! STR-1 STA-2 Mix and match my progressive home burpee sessions and CrossFit classes for a total of four workouts per week. By the end of this challenge, I will do 55 standard burpees with good form, divided into three sets or less, in under 30 minu
  17. Druids! The time has come to start a new mini-challenge. As always, you participate only to the extent that you wish, this is just to inspire and spice things up a bit during the ordinary challenge. Last time we did it differently, the consciousnesschallenge was very reflecting and introspective and it was amazing to share your thoughts there. This time we're inspired by all the friendships that exist here, we're all so different and yet we gather here and share highs and lows. Just like in the TV series Friends: For those of you that don't remember ( surely most of you do ?! )
  18. This has been a rather infamous challenge in the martial arts and Crossfit community for years. Has anyone done it?
  19. Quest for the Spartan Trifecta and Beyond! For the last year, becoming a member of the 2013 Spartan Trifecta Tribe has been the goal. Having completed two Sprints, and the Super, I am 2/3 of the way there. And, the Beast looms on the horizon. On Saturday, September 21, I will be attacking the 13 mile Beast at the Spartan World Championships in Killington, VT. And, upon crossing the finish line - that quest will conclude, and I will begin a new quest. That new quest will to be Spartan Up and get harder and stronger. So, I'm going to have to lift heavy things with endurance. I figure a
  20. Dear People, My first adventure is over, here is the new one! It's a sick Natarella, that is talking to you here! Part of my adventures involved cycling to work (7kms = 4.34 miles one way) no matter the weather and I live in a cold, rainy country. Winter is coming… I am glad to be in Assassins' guild! I chose to be here because : - active and fun - guild leaders are actually really present to support people (thing that was totally lacking in the Newcomers "guild"… maybe an improvement can be made on this?) - because this challenge will be focused on fitness and specific bodyweight
  21. Round 2: Snow vs. Krav Maga Belt Test Having successfully defeated her first battle (Snow vs. Graduate School), Snow has moved on to her next foe: the upcoming belt test. Now also dropping third person pronouns... Hey gang! As I described in my previous challenge, my gym is on the hardcore spectrum of Krav Gyms. During the last challenge I watched a level 1 belt test to see what I was signing myself up for and the result? I'm terrified. Between the 400+ burpees, countless squats, mud, the Disturbers, and being tased, it looked brutal. Motivation: This challenge is all about preparatio
  22. The Quest for the Spartan Trifecta The post with the goals lined out is a bit down the thread. Starting Stats The Motivation __________________________________________________________________ Alright. I think I like the changes to the challenges. I'm working on what my Main Quest should be. I'll alter the title to reflect the appropriate description when it is time. My thinking is this - my Main Quest has been to become a member of the 2013 Spartan Trifecta Tribe. By 9/8, I will be 2/3 of the way there - having completed in my second Sprint of the year, and my first ever Super. The
  23. I'm new to this site but I have joined this 6 week challenge along with my boyfriend so we can kick bum together haha. My Goals: Fitness Goals Bench press 40kg at 3 sets of 5 reps Currently I am able to bench press at 37.5kg, but it took me 2 months to get there from 35kg. I want to try to push through my plateau a lot quicker this time. 40kg would be a huge "bench" mark for me Do 8-rung monkey bars without falling off I have never been able to do monkey bars. Ever. It may seem small to a lot of people but if I can finally get across a set of these in a kids playground it'll guarantee
  24. My goals are based on two upcoming events: a 12km mudrun in August, and a four week backpacking trip through the Balkans. Therefore, my goals are as follows: Fitness Goals Hold a plank for five minutes (I can get to 90s with a struggle) Touch my toes while standing (at the moment I can only get to 22cm above the floor). Run 10km, and complete 10 burpees every kilometre, in under one hour (I have never run more than 8km before, so no clue about about this one. But 8km was tough). Life Goal: Learn enough Serbo-Croatian to be able to: introduce myself and my girlfriend (name, age, nationality,
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