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Found 13 results

  1. Hello again, does anyone remember me? I skipped the last challenge and wasn't that much online the last 2 months. Just needed some time off. There was a lot going on in my life and I needed a lot of time for RL. As you may remember I applied for Ninja Warrior Germany last year. After the first invitations went out at the beginning of Feb I thought that's it, just one casting and you are not invited. I was a bit sad but since I had a sports break for 2 months (elbow, psychological stuff*) and I gained some weight (7kgs, mostly fat) so I was good with it. Then I h
  2. I'm halfway through Level Up Your Life and I'm completely on board to change my life yo. I've got many other quests besides these but quitting my job is my number one priority. As you can see there are a variety of businessy things I want to do. Now it comes to choosing the one I want to do first and not giving up on it until it's successful. I have a habit of moving from project to project too quickly and getting depressed when I don't find success. So whatever I choose I will announce here, break it down into lots of smaller quests, come up with rewards and penalties to make sure I get it do
  3. I've been leveling up slowly for years, quicker for the last 3 years, and quicker still in 2016. I've read the books, I've tried the things, and now it's time for my first official NF challenge. Main Quest: To be fit. To be fit enough to hike the Rocky Mountains with my son this summer. To be fit enough to run the Dallas Marathon injury-free, and something UNDER my previous, stunningly slow times of 6:01 and 6:02. I suppose the true quest behind the quest is discipline...that's what gets me fit, gets my company moving forward, and gets me to the really fun stuff. (Half finished scuba lessons,
  4. I've been working on leveling up for a few years now - travel, running, better discipline for my business - but Level Up Your Life reminded me to apply leveling up to more areas, and to have more fun with it. I've always been a huge bookworm (and movie fan), and so it was natural to put together my quests around all the characters I want to be: Daniel-san (a wimp who got strong + mad skillz), Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (two sides of the same coin: mad scientist and businesswoman), Nathan Rahl (wise in lore), and a lot more. Thinking this way, and setting milestones and goals, has really hel
  5. This is an offer to all my fellow Rebels. How can I help? This may seem like it is more for the Epic Quest section, but I thought it would pertain most here. My goal is to start an online business featuring a 'program' or brand related to nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. This program is unique and thematic (I won't reveal my secrets just yet), with the goal being to help members become supernatural versions of themselves. IE- Supernatural, as you are more than what you are- you are something that transcends past normality. You are unique, with a different set of circumstances, goals, and
  6. I've been unemployed for quite a while. I'd been a stay at home mom, and then after my divorce, I was unable to find any work, and it just stretched on and on. I applied wherever I thought I had even the tiniest chance of being qualified, and over the course of several years, got a grand total of one interview. I ended up getting turned down for that job because of my credit score. While struggling with the job search, I started making jewelry to keep myself occupied, since it was something I could do to keep myself somewhat busy. Eventually, I decided that if I couldn't find a job, I'd make
  7. I've always wanted to start my own business, but never really known what it would be. I'm starting to think about creating a podcast and a blog, but again I don't really know what about. Any advice on finding what it is I would like to write about? I'm really inspired by Steve and what he has done here. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi Nerds! I am looking for an accountabilibuddy that I could text with in order to motivate/remind each other to make good eating choices and to exercise. I find it difficult to follow a forum online as my schedule is quite random, thus texting is more flexible and convenient! I'm hoping to find someone that can help me, and who I can help in return! My goals are to lose around 50-70 lbs. I'm 23 and into video games, politics, movies, books (lots of books), and entrepreneurship - I'm sure we can think of some more things to chat about too . Looking forward to creating a mutually benefici
  9. Okay, I'm starting a little late. I didn't realise a new challenge had started! I blame this on falling ill at the end of the last one - it's thrown me out completely. Anyway! I'm Andrew, I'm a runner and I'm looking to develop in some new directions too. Last challenge I decided to stop bothering with the RPG side of stats and so on, and that worked so well for me that I'm doing the same again. Rather than levelling up a fictional avatar, I'd rather level up in reality. 1. Faster, Longer, Harder... Running Yesterday evening, day 1 of this challenge (though I knew it not) was my first 5k
  10. Hi guys, So I am working on an idea for an online business, sort of a subscription service. I have some general questions that maybe I can get some opinions on. First some back story. I entered University 7 years ago having no idea what to do with my life (like most people). I ended up graduating with a Commerce degree, and since then have been seeking ways to use it without hating my job. I have yet to find this type of work. Going to work every day and sitting in the office for 8 hours, then going home and just waiting to do it all over again the next morning is exhuasting and demoralizi
  11. Terinatum's Main Quest July 29th through September 8th Achieve Balanced Strength throughout My Body Hello Assassins! I'm really excited to be here during this challenge! I want to heal the parts of me that have been damaged, ignored, and punished for the last 48 years. If I can create a balanced body, strong and agile, then I will be able to DO the things that I think up and I could feel more jazzed and content. Since joining in February, I'm already pretty jazzed and happy; just want consistency and development. My first challenge was getting myself to work out a minimum o
  12. Nerd Fitness: Six Week Challenge 29 July 2013 – 8 September 2013 Action Plan Pick Three goals that work TOWARDS my main goal. Specific Measurable Countable Track-able Pick One life-related side quest, called my “Life Quest.†Anything to do with life not directly fitness related. Does not need to take a lot of time. Has to be challenging for me. The Main Quest Goal By September 2014 I Want to be in the MOST Fit Shape of My Life. The Underlying (Six Week) Quest Goal Build Muscle, Get Stronger, Lose Fat, and Prepare for a 30 Day Juice Fast
  13. Hey everybody. I'm Chad. I've been a reader of NerdFitness for a long time, and today I decided it was time to join the community. I'm at a point in my life where I need to make a lot of changes. Here are some stats: 29. 6'1". Floating right around 300lbs, with a constant +5 -5 thing happening. Getting healthier and fitter and having a better purpose when it comes to my health and fitness are things that have never meant anything to me, but now they are something that I find myself thinking more and more about, and they are something that I am changing. I'm also at a turning po
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