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Found 9 results

  1. Seriously, just realised now (4 May) is International Star Wars Day May the fourth be with you! (A trying to be funny tall tale, made up on the fly. Don't think too much if you read it, just go with the flow...) ... ... Moving to the Moon (This is the house I bought on the Moon in the House Flipper game) I have to work out a new routine for my responsibilities, old and new: My usual To Do's: Bible study/Pray/Quiet time; [every day] Weight (and measurements when I remember) (there is artificial gravity, I don't need ex
  2. This is the nostalgia challenge... I honestly thought it's been a lot more years than the threads make it out to be. I joined NF in January 2015, as a Recruit (obviously), then February 2015 I went over to the Assassins, and October 2015 joined the Rangers. I made friends in Recruit and Assassins which I'm still friends with today! (or they are still friends with me, good, patient people they are ). Along this epic 5 year journey I was blessed with many more friends, all of whom had a profound influence in my life. Thank you for making my life, my world, a better place! I st
  3. Everything that is worth it, is an uphill battle! (Landon Kyker) I'm standing on this plato. I've already climbed some steep hills the last couple of years, but there are more ahead of me. The last two months' battle was to get back to being strong and fit, as well as the emotional/personal battle which is ongoing. Now to continue on that trail yet improve in some other areas. Then it hit me, there is a huge area which I want to focus on: my personal image! I won a mother's day makeover prize last year and the change was shocking to say the least. I'm not a makeup, accessories,
  4. No story this time. This is just for me. For the past few challenges, I would push myself to do something, and I would simply let it slide and fail at doing them due to Life/Excuses. Then at work, someone said something that resonated with me. "You're so boring, being so serious all of the time." And quite honestly, she was right. I had forgotten how to have fun in life and in NF and Rule #32 in Zombieland "Enjoy the little things." So I'm not going to hold my exercising in such a high priority that if I slip my entire progress is ruined. I'm simply going to move and train and pus
  5. It had been days since Red left Banon's home and set out towards the lair of a Boss who terrorized the old man. As he follows the road, He comes across a fork in the road. "OK now let's see, According to this, At the fork in the road, take the middle path'... What the? There's no middle path! That's gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" Red sat next to a pond to ponder contemplate his next move. "OK, so there's two roads, but according to this note, there should be a third path around here somewhere." After searching all around the path for an hour, he finds no
  6. As Red fights the dragonlord, he starts to become overwhelmed at the strength of the ancient beast. 'Gah... This isn't looking good.' He thinks to himself as he tries to dodge a barrage of fireballs that are hurdled towards him. "I know I can't beat him, but maybe If I can just get that crystal, I can pass this test." Bahamut continues to goad him, "Is that all you're capable of? I thought you would do better than this?" Red quickly thinks up a plan to get to the crystal. 'Aha! I know what to do! Now I just have to look for my opening!' The Dragon inhales for another at
  7. Last we left Red, He had just defeated the undead Samurai, and continues on his path towards the Temple of the Lich "Man, this pathway is taking forever! I shoulda made a left at Albuquerque! HA HA HA!" Looking around he noticed that there was no one to hear his joke, "... Oh right." As he pressed on, He heard something faint. He stopped to listen. "Huh, guess I imagined it." "Grrrggghh..." "There it is again! OK, there's something definitely out there!" Red looks around and sees a Zombie moving towards him, "Huh, that's odd." He quickly dispatched it, with
  8. Red awakens with a start. He's lying on the floor, cold and shivering, his eyes refocus and he's sees the Red Knight standing before him, waiting for him. "Again." He says, his words direct yet hollow, like a winter wind. Red gets to his feet, and picks up his sword, "We've been at this for weeks now! What is it you're trying to teach me?" He gets into an attack stance. The Red Knight lunges forward, and strikes! "Gahh! Why are you doing this?" The Red Knight says nothing, as Red tries to get an answer from him. A barrage of attacks falls upon Red, nothing he couldn't d
  9. Terinatum's New Groove Quest for the Balanced Life Mission Quests: Working Out -- 1 point STR, 2 points each DEX and STA -- ODD DAYS: BW and DB exercises and EVEN DAYS: Dancing (keep up my lung capacity work, since I'm not running much over the winter). A = 33/42 B = 29/42 C = 25/42 D = 21/42 Cooking More -- 3 points CON -- feel affection for my kitchen. Two meals per week. A = 10 B = 9 C = 8 D = 7 Eating Better -- 2 points CON -- keep focused on better foods. No sugar after 4 pm. A = 33/42 B = 29/42 C = 25/42 D = 21/42 My Life Quest: Working for Myself -- 3 points STA, 2 points WIS --
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