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  1. I am super bummed out because my local krav maga school closed up shop unexpectedly and I am tail spinning for motivation. This 6 week challenge came along at the right time! This is my first challenge, so I m not sure how much detail to provide but I definitely have goals in mind. Fitness Goals 1) Maintain a paleo diet 6 days a week 2) Successfully complete 6 weeks of the Recruit workout from the Rebel Fitness Guide a) Complete Couch to 5K workout on days reserved for 30 minutes of exercise. 3) Have 100% participation in my company's fitness challenge for the month of June Lif
  2. [awesome image to appear soon] The Challenge: Game loading... Hiya! So, this is my first challenge. Photos to come.(*Update!* Photos attached under Character Select!) I'm a fairly healthy person, at least I think I am. I practice Goju Ryu karate twice a week (though recently with some family issues and grandmother recently committed to continuing care I haven't gone to class often) and may increase that to three times a week, and am very interested in Krav Maga (probably out of the picture until I rehab my shoulder a bit more). My focus is on trying to lose fat while building muscle, agility
  3. I'm late to start but wanted to jump in anyway. I started a battle log, but think I'll keep up here for the challenge. I'm Jenni, in Phoenix, mom of nine, wife of my hero, fantasy reader, dreamer, etc. I'm 41 with about 50 pounds to lose (give or take, we'll see as I get stronger!) That's me in a nutshell. Goals: Fitness: -Complete C25K, running 3 times weekly. When it is done work on speed a bit before going for longer distance. -Strength train (beginner body workout) 2x weekly Diet: -Track calories daily, reduce grains and dairy, Sunday is free day but still have to count the calories
  4. So, it has been awhile since I have been on here, and since I have worked out. But I have reached that point, where I can take it no more. I am going to start this thing whether it is fun or not. The thing is, I know that it could be fun, if I make myself passionate about it, the problem is that I have not yet done that. I really want to get back into the paleo thing. I also just did part of my boyfriend's six week challenge with him and it actually felt really good. So for now, I am going to eat healthier until I get the junk out of my house, then starting next week it is full on paleo. The
  5. Still pumped from my first challenge... and want to make sure that momentum doesn't go to waste! I may be mixing Avengers and X-men here... but hey, it's all out of the Marvel Universe, so it's allowed, right?? Name: Aimless Level: 2 Race: Centaur Class: Scout Starting Stats: STR 5 . DEX 3.8 . STA 6.2 . CON 4 . WIS 6.8 . CHA 3 Weight: 123# Neck: 12.75" R bicep: 10" Chest: 36.25" Waist: 32" Hips: 36" R thigh: 20.75" R calf: 12.5" Fitness Goals: FLASH-style Build up to a love of RUNNING... (do 18 total runs) (+1STA)Continue c25k program to completion- O
  6. Greetings, fellow Scouts! 2nd challenge, did well the last challenge, already lost 40 lbs, so I know I can do this. This challenge will be pretty much like the last one. GOALS! C25K I'll continue to do the C25K app 3x a week and get to running 1/2 a 5K by the end of the challenge. Bonus: Sign up for a 5K. +5 STA Body Weight Training I have my own body weight training routine I made to do 3x a week on my non-run days. (Link to my routine here.) Bonus: Be able to do 10 regular push-ups. (I can't even do two.) +2 STR +2 STA Paleo I've been doing Paleo and sugar free for
  7. Um... ok. First timer here... please be patient! I'm a pediatric nurse, and mommy to 4 kiddos (3 of my own and 1 foster daughter)... so my schedule's a major problem when it comes to finding time for ME. That being said, I realize that if I don't find some consistency and some follow-through, I'm going to go insane. I eat traditional, whole foods in a way that's similar to paleo (I eat following the GAPS diet) because of other health reasons... and have seen amazing health progress on dietary changes alone, but have hit a plateau that I think may have to do with my lack of consistent exercis
  8. Hey, Happy new year everyone, Here I am after a bad second challenge, and some "time off" from some of my healthy eating and workout habits, and ready to keep up where I left, because, as someone wrote "It's not what you eat between Christmas and New year, It's what you eat between New Year and Christmas!", so here goes my first draft for this challenge, feel free to comment or suggest. Health Goals 1. C210k, I started running with C25K, and it was great, I have realized lately that I have not added any more miles after that, and it's probably a lack of a good plan and specific short term go
  9. Greetings, fellow Scouts! First challenge, but I've been working out/eating clean for three months prior, already lost 30 lbs, so I know I can do this. Link to my (very nerdy) Fitblr. GOALS! C25K I'll continue to do the C25K app 3x a week and get to running 1/2 a 5K by the end of the challenge. +5 STA +5 STA ( A+ ) I rocked C25K each week and ran 20 minutes straight for the first time in my life the other night. Body Weight Training I have my own body weight training routine I made to do 3x a week on my non-run days. (Link to my routine here.) +2 STR +2 STA +1 STR, +1 STA ( C ) I di
  10. Hi, I'm new to this. I don't know much about experience points because I never got into the RPG games because I was afraid I would become addicted at engineering school. I am familiar with the concept and plan to learn about it. I am an ogre - I'm a 6' 1" and 331 pound female. Ultimately I would like to be a scout/druid mix. Shorter distance than marathon running intermixed with yoga. But that will take some time. Not sure what a name for this would be, anyone nerdier than I have an idea? Until then I am scout training. My goals for this challenge are: 1. Jog/walk intervals 3-4 times
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