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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I'm new at this. Mainly starting one just for the sake of being part of a needed "accountiabilibuddies". Name of group, basing it off of my "Camp era, counselor year". Where we taught youngins', better to stay in numbers. (in two, three, or more). Figured it would be a fun way to hit challenge goals, and making sure you have help on the way! Pretty much challenge will be to either make a challenge of yourself to check in this thread so many times? Or give yourself to have a goal to just post on your own thread, or/and friends threads? Challenge idea from knowing a lot of people (and truly myself), needing a bit more help (or more fun) at posing on their own threads and a group friends/stay in contact with people. Again first time ever really making/being apart of these groups. But thought it would be a fun idea, a long with a theme. Maybe Cabin Fever? For March? Well looks like I came up with a theme to add more pics... or discussion ideas.
  2. Day Eighteen. Just discovered that there's a "Daily Battle Logs" forum. How did I not come across this sooner? No matter. I've been keeping a log of my meals/snacks and activities elsewhere, specifically a goofy notebook with "artsy"-looking horses on it (affectionately named, "Pony Book"). I'll start keeping track on here, too, so I feel a bit more of the accountability I'm looking for. Foodstuffs Breakfast: Apple + almond butter (homemade; delicious) Snack: Assorted nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts, almonds) Lunch: Pulled pork Dinner: Apple (apparently addicted to them today), green beans & pearl onions Activity Hour walk after breakfast 52-minute bike ride (moderate) Fun fact: that bike ride was as long as the Demon Days album by Gorillaz (plus the very last chorus twice because it's just that good) Thoughts/Struggles When I began my Nerd Fitness quest, I was getting up around 5 AM to work out before going to work (7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, weekdays). Last week, I had a really hard time getting out of bed in time, and I was often "too tired" to get in a good work-out after coming home. I cheated on my diet a few times, which I'd been doing well with for about two weeks (nearly all paleo). Basically, I just kept making excuses. I took this entire week off from work because my brother's home from Japan (only for a week, sadly), so I'd really like to take this time to get back on track. Unfortunately, I slept in this morning, so I'll be doing my workout after I type this. Another struggle I'm having is that I don't really have much of a support group, and I'm also kind of terrible at making friends without feeling creepy. So if you're reading this, hello. Let's be friends. (That's basically how it worked when we were toddlers; why shouldn't it work now?) I was so excited when Steve posted the article on how to deal with haters, because that's one of my biggest issues. I don't have many friends who live in the area, and those that do aren't really the healthiest of individuals. I get a lot of typical comments: "You're not eating grains or dairy? That's a little extreme, don't you think?" "You can afford a little leniency with your diet. It's not like you're fat." "You don't really have to work out that much, do you?" etc etc. It's heartbreaking when it comes from friends/family, who I'd expect to support me for something like this. Yes, I know I'm not "fat." I'm 143 lbs and 5'9", which is pretty much average. What they don't understand is that I don't like being average; I want to be awesome. More on this later. Time to work out.
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