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Found 9 results

  1. Hello nerds, Are any of you near Sacramento and would like to meet up sometime? Would be happy to meet you
  2. So, here we are, my first post in my Battle Log. My day isn't over yet, so here's how it's gone so far: Breakfast: very large coconut milk smoothie (coconut milk, lime juice, lime zest, half an avocado, almond butter, hemp seeds, collagen powder) Lunch: roasted chicken leg and thigh, large portion of green beans topped with butter and sea salt Afternoon something: large iced Americano with 2 tbs heavy cream Dinner: to be determined and maybe skipped Traffic was a nightmare this morning so it took...are you ready...over 2 hours to get there. A little demoralizing for sure, but that's what it's like living in Orange County and commuting to LA for work: a f**king horror show everyday. Fortunately my job is awesome and I am never sad once I arrive. I worked on a soon-to-be-launched project for most of the day, chatted with co-workers about things that make my life seem less awful, and now I am preparing to go to Beverly Hills to learn Transcendental Meditation, because that's the kind of LA hippie I've become. I still don't like kale or tiny dogs though, so I've kept myself fro slipping too far into that rabbit hole. I may skip dinner tonight because 1) I will getting home late and 2) my body could use a break from food. Last night, before I started, I had my "last junk meal." It was, to be honest, so embarrassingly large and junky that I can't even tell you what it was. Just know that it included an Oreo shake and multiple things encased in shitty buns. Surprised I didn't feel hungover this morning after scarfing it in my car in a parking lot (can't bring that food into my house or I'd face a wall of shame.) I'm feeling motivated. I'm feel renewed. I'm feeling like I want to lose weight more than I want to eat a McDonald's McChicken sandwich off the dollar menu and I think that's probably a good sign. Here's to keeping that momentum!
  3. Hi all, relatively new to the site and it seems that "West" is missing a Northern California group. I'm up in Eureka in Humboldt County - I'd love to hear from some other Rebels in the area. Maybe folks will want to meet up, train together, or even form a ToughMudder or other event team. If you're from the area, or even visiting, say Hi. -Dash
  4. Hey everyone! I have a few more spots open for the so cal ragnar april 10-11th 2015, and I know I have room for some people for the Nappa one (date's not released yet). If you run both in a year you get the special gold rush medal!!! We may not be the fastest runners, but we will have fun. Some of us will be representing different causes during the race, Who I run 4 and Team Red White Blue in particular, but you don't have to belong to either to join us! Send me a message or post if you're interested
  5. Battlescars: Exodus This is it! I move across the country during this challenge. I’m pumped for the new adventure, but also terrified to give up the comfort and security that I’ve established here. It’ll be exciting, ridiculous, and probably frustrating as hell. But honestly, I’m too pumped to care. Los Angeles, I’m coming for ya. Brace yourself. Goals: 1. Post (at minimum) three times a week. (+3 WIS) This is a huge problem for me. I’m so bad at posting and keeping track of what I’m doing. I feel like posting more will give me an extra boost with the rest of my goals as well. This is a great community, and I want to be more active within it. 2. Go to the gym at least three times a week. (+2 CON) I can hear you now, “But battlescars! You go to the gym like, every day!†True, imaginary conversation partner, but things will definitely be different when I move. I’m afraid that I’ll stop seeing exercise as a priority when I get out west, so I’m making sure I stick to the habits I’ve made at home. Exception: August 10th-16th. I will be en route to LA. During this time, three alternative methods of exercise must be found. 3. Run an 8 minute mile. (+3 STA) I’ve bee making great progress with my running. I started out last challenge with about a 13:20 mile, and just yesterday I ran a mile in 10:37. I’d like to continue this progress, and hopefully make it to 8:00 within the next six weeks. 4. Assisted Pull up with 45lb counterbalance. (+3 STR) Started last challenge at 118lbs on the counterbalance, and I’m down to 85lbs. Six weeks to get down to 45lbs? Crazy talk! But let’s give it a shot. 5. Pitch a film for production. (+2 CHA) So I'm going to LA for a film studies program. I know I'm going to get the chance to pitch a film that I want to direct for production. I just need to do it. It's a confidence thing. I'll be okay if it doesn't get chosen. I just want to have enough confidence in myself and my work to put myself out there, and sell myself to others. Let’s rock this challenge, friends! Woo!
  6. Looking for a partner or group of people interested in workingout, hikes, 5ks, ect. Hoping to discover some fellow rebels around me
  7. Hey, y'all - Is anyone out there planning on running the upcoming Spartan Sprint race (3+ miles, 15+ obstacles) in Temecula, CA on 09/14? I signed up for the (8:30 A.M. and 8:45 A.M.) confirmed start time. Even if you aren't doing the race in my location, if you have a similar race date, maybe we could buddy up and share training tips/be battle log buddies? - Quinn aka RedPuma
  8. Hello fellow rebels! I was wondering if there was anyone in the SF Bay Area of California (I live in Redwood City) who would want to meet up with me at Edgewood Park and hike around some of the trails. I would like to make this a 3-4 time weeekly event. I work from 0700-1600 (7am to 4pm) M-F. If you are free, send me a PM though here or email me at docbarretta@gmail.com. Maybe if there are enough of us in the bay area, we can start a hiking club and visit various hiking sites around the bay, I know there have to be at least a few! Let me know! Let's make this happen! Later! Doc Barretta
  9. What's up y'all! I've been doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program since February and it's helped me learn alot about lifting, and how having great form is more important than isolating muscle groups to get the results I desire. And now for me, it's no longer about getting big & bulky and impressing people, it's all about getting stronger and feeling better about myself and improving my basic mobile skills as wells as squatting down to pick up a piece of paper and helping friends and family move. I've lost 30 lbs so far by doing this and eating Paleo style! I'll be honest, the reason why I started Stronglifts was for two reasons 1) IT'S FREE and 2) IT'S EASY as long as you follow it to the tee! I workout at Cal Family Fit and I'm just wondering if there's anybody else in the Sacramento, CA area that does the Stronglifts program? I know the guy that founded Stronglifts stresses joining his inner circle for those that are familiar with the program. He charges $19 for joining his "inner circle" and it's a place where you can gain more knowledge from people doing the same thing and these people help you out with your form, technique and motivate you to keep going. But why pay $19 when our good friend Steve has NF for us at no charge? So basically, I'm looking for all that the Inner Circle has to offer on here and I can also use an accountability partner so when I fall off, that person can pick me up and help me get back on track and stay there. Get at me if you're into this program. Oh and not just for Sacramentans, anybody can get in on this. Peace, God Bless & One Love
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