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Found 12 results

  1. Last challenge was about surviving a hectic April and May. While I survived, I managed to raise a lot of questions. This challenge will be the first steps towards getting those questions answered. Question #1: Reducing carbs has been great for my blood sugars. Could a ketogenic diet be even better? I've read numerous studies on the subject now. All of them seem to suggest that keto is a great way for folks with diabetes (and everyone in general) to control their blood sugar. The downside as I see it, is trying to stay on such a diet in the Western world while everyone aro
  2. In 2017, I saw my country implode and someone close to me unexpectedly die. The stench of this year may never come out of my hair. 2018, however, is going to be a Year Without Steaming Garbage. I declare it so. The obvious opposite of trash? Recycling! Let's follow this metaphor into concrete plans! Reduce - bad dietary choices! - hide junk food & rum in cupboards so they're annoying to access; do not buy any replacements for these items - drink 1-2 days week/max - keep the house full of fruits & yogurt instead
  3. Spring is in full bloom! It's warm outside, the grass is getting greener, the trees are getting shoots, and I feel ready to also warm up and start blooming. Part of that entails learning to overcome my social anxiety and become more comfortable with talking with random people. Another important part is learning to ground myself and take in rest and nourishment when needed, so that I remain centered on what is important and don't become distracted or obsessed with the wrong things. My Current State I'm 33 years old, 5'4", married with a daughter and two dogs. Measurements
  4. I'm back! And I'm trying to be more regular on the boards again. I have a lot going on with my life at the moment: the move, Camp NaNo, finishing my re-write (or trying to), exercising, trying not to be overwhelmed, finishing financial aid, sisters wedding, blah blah blah So I'm keeping this as simple as possible. That means no theme, no frills, just 3 measurable goals I can do every day. I want to get more momentum behind me. Goal 1: Meditation Meditate for 1 minute every day That's it. Just take a minute to be mindfully aware. Who can't spare a minute
  5. PROJECT: B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Balance Restore Energize Accomplish Transform Humor Engage With the new year come the hope that we can keep a good handle on whatever life throws at us. We're pretty good at it, but there is always something out there that puts a wrench into our plan. Especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Thus, I introduce Project: B.R.E.A.T.H.E. As we work through our quests and adventures to happiness, it's important to have a reminder to take that needed breath. That is my hope for this group. While we work to help each other succeed in our fitness quests
  6. GRAVITY FALLS THEMED CHALLENGE, YO! Format: week to week challenge goals (thanks deftona!) in categories of: NutritionCreativeLife GoalPreparationMaintenance Here's what I'm starting with. I'll see how the first week goes and then if I need to I can edit/ re-evaluate from there. Quest 1: Smile Dip Days in deficit! Action: Goal is for 6 days in deficit for the week Grading A= 6 days in deficit B=5 days in deficit C= 3-4 days in deficit D=1-3 days in deficit F= 0 days in deficit Quest 2: "Grunkle Stan, I’m an arts and crafts master. Why do you think I always have this glue g
  7. Main Quest Run my second 50k on Nov 1 Goal Rational I need to work on increasing my long runs since my longest run of the year is around half marathon distance. I planned to get further distance in last challenge but could never have a long enough block of time to run longer distances during. I am already planning on taking a vacation day during this challenge to get in my 40k in early October. I want to get two 30k-ish runs before that though. I also plan on getting a bike during this challenge so I will count that for normal runs. So I will make a goal for long runs and another goal
  8. CLIFFS NOTES: Main Quest: One armed handstand Supporting goal 1: Improve strength and balance Supporting goal 2: Weigh less Supporting goal 3: Be flexible to avoid injury Life goal: Jedi Calm it was absurd, I thought as I wove my way through the spaceport like an invisible phantom. Three short years ago, I had been planted in an earth suburb, eating pizza and watching telly, the oddest thing in my life being a cousin who had died her hair blue. Now I was brushing against beings with blue teeth, blue fur, blue from head to toe, I’d even met a creature that was nothing more than
  9. Name: Hammlin "Hammi" Race: Wood Elf | Class: Footpath Ranger Leader Level: 16 (STR):38.25 (DEX):34.25 (STA):25 (CON):28.25 (WIS):28.5 (CHA):24.25 Motivation: Searching for peace, honing lost skills. Calm, Cool, Collected. Hammi’s Main Quest: Purpose of Peace (June 9 to July 20) Missions: 1. Maps. I am working towards some items on my epic quest, and one of them involves Search and Rescue. Having submitted my application, I want to spend this summer and fall outdoors getting myself reacquainted with nature and the things in it. My intention is to spend time with some topographical m
  10. I am capable of calm. That's what this challenge is going to be all about. That and fixing my hip. And writing. And getting a bunch of other... Ok stop! 1. I can handle new job stress. Because my new job is going to be awesome. I'm starting on the Ides of March. Ok, that's a Saturday, but it's still my official start. In practical terms, that will be St. Patrick's Day. I haven't figured out what exactly this needs to entail, so I need to fill in some details before the challenge starts on Monday! Maybe I'll try some meditation? It'll almost certainly involve some sort of
  11. Intro I’ve been in Judo since 2005 but have backed off for the last year for various reasons (scheduling conflict with another commitment, work eats my life, not really feeling it, etc.). I’ve still been there and teaching in our Kids class once a week and going to one of the Adult classes but again, was not really feeling it in the Adult class. It feels like the right time to get back to serious training. That being said, work will trump if I’m needed there. Goal 1 - Judo The primary goal is to be back at Judo at least once per week. Notably, not just physically there but mentally
  12. So last challenge was a bit of a flunk lets be honest and I could have done a LOT better but now I have proper motivation! I am currently somewhere between 6-8 weeks pregnant and I need to set a healthy and active foundation to my pregnancy, that doesn't allow for a 70 sodding pound gain this time! So that is my main goal! My the mini goals will be to continue to lose a little weight but in a sensible and controlled manner that helps my pregnancy progress at a healthy rate. To eat a healthy paleo diet, but be mindful of morning sickness and cravings and try to find alternatives to appea
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