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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! Feel free to read my intro here! I'm Sam and I'm already a year or two into my journey of getting healthy, fit and strong. I've just started ballet classes (done 4 x 45 min classes so far) as an absolute beginner (age 25) and want to use this challenge mainly to get as good as I can as soon as I can, which will make the classes more enjoyable (I'm the only beginner), too. My long term goal is basically to be a stronger, bendier, fitter, healthier version of myself who practises sport because I love it rather than just to stay healthy. I'm also still very much learning how to maintain weight and a good food/drink routine, so I need to keep an eye on that too. As such, my quests are: Quest 1: Do 3 hours of ballet a week, including the 45 minute weekly class. This will allow me to work a lot of stuff out in my own time, and should fit right into my routine. Measurement: A: 3 hours of ballet every week B: 2-3 hours of ballet every week C: 1-2 hours of ballet every week. (+3DEX, +2STR) Quest 2: Keep a battle log. I've never kept one before, so I figure properly tracking my food/drink/exercise will let me know if I need to do anything I'm not doing Measurement: A: Record all food, drink and exercise every day B: Record 6 days a week C: Record 5 days a week (+3 WIS, +1 STA) Quest 3: Stick to my recommended weekly units of alcohol. I love beer and wine and it's a big part of the socialising I do, so I'm reluctant to cut it out entirely now I'm at a healthy weight. As I'm tracking things in my battle log, it should be easy to keep within my limits. Hopefully this'll teach me to abstain in advance if I know I've got a big event, which I will have at least a couple of times during the challenge. Measurement: A: <14 units 6/6 weeks B: <14 units 5/6 weeks C: <14 units 4/6 weeks (+3 CON) Life Quest: Get house looking its best for Xmas I'm a huge procrastinator and my husband is something of a hoarder. We've been living in this house for a year and a half and we still have loads of tasks yet to do to feel properly settled. I'm gonna identify twelve of them I'd like to get through before Xmas. This will all mean I spend less time tidying/cleaning/wondering where on earth everything is: 1) paint bedside cabinets 2) paint chest of drawers 3) clear out all old clothes including underwear 4) scan wanted contents of old notebooks and recycle 5) clean, empty, organise, list items belonging in cupboard under sink 6) clean, empty, organise, list items in cupboard next to the fridge 7) organise wardrobe 8) clean, empty, organise, list items under the bed 9) scan photos from lounge bookcase 10) organise and list living room cupboard contents 11) scan and recycle the contents of a folder 12) scan and recycle the contents of a second folder. Measurement: A: 11 or 12 tasks comple B: 9 or 10 tasks complete C: 7 or 8 tasks complete (+1 WIS +1CHA +1CON)
  2. Hi guys This challenge for me (my second, just moved up from recruit!) is about losing as much fat as it is possible to lose in a sustainable manner. I weigh 172lb, and according to my estimations, I should weigh no more than 156. I have made a huge impact in my fitness level by taking up jogging, but I'd like to start branching out, as well as generally doing more. I also have huge issues with coordination, posture, flexibility etc, and if these got improved along the way, it would be a great thing. Last challenge I aimed fairly low, as I wanted to really make sure I would stick with it. This challenge I'm aiming higher! Anyway, my challenges are as follows: Main Quest: To weigh no more than 156lb Quest 1: Food I want to follow my complicated food and drink plan, which consists of this: Monday and Tuesday: <1900 calories. No alcohol. Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun: <1900 calories which may include up to two UK units of alcohol. Friday (date night): < 2400 calories which may include up to six units of alcohol. NB if I stick to diet and exercise plans and at week three have lost less than 3lb, I will drop to <1500 and <2000 respectively. Also, not doing paleo as am veggie. Measurement: A= ≥ Stick to this strictly throughout all 6 weeks, B= Up to 6 days where I didn't stick to this overall. C= Up to 12 days where I didn't stick to it overall. Reward: A = +2 CHA, +2 CON, +1 STA Quest 2: Exercise. Follow my complicated routine of: Every week 1x 1.5 mile run 1x 3 mile run 1x 5.6 mile run 1x 20 minutes boxing 1x Yoga 30 mins 1x core bag work out 1x sit ups and stretches (warm up, down, energising and posture stretches) 1x NFBWW 7 x toe touchers 7x (press ups to failure x3) Measurement: A= Do all of these things each week, B = Do at least seven of these things each week, C = do at least six of these things each week. Reward: A = +1 STR, +2 STA, +1 DEX, +1 CHA Quest 3: Balance Stand on one leg (my right) during the time it takes to boil the kettle EVERY TIME. Stand on one leg (my left) after flushing the toilet during the time it takes to stop Measurement: A = Perfect, B = Follow to at least week 4, C = Follow to at least week 3. Reward: A = +2 DEX Life Quest: Code for ten minutes at least five days a week and at least one hour on one day. Measurement: A = Perfect score, B = At least four days of ten minutes and at least 30 on one, C = at least three days at ten minutes and one at twenty. Reward: A = +3 WIS
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