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Found 4 results

  1. Morning y’all! For anyone who doesn’t know me I am Rookie. A 31 year old who refuses to grow up and is constantly trying to live her best life 😂 My ultimate goal is to create a functional body that can last for a long time. Part of that puzzle would be dropping 60lbs. I love my 3 dogs, my horse Daisy and painting. So naturally my challenges usually turn into a show and tell. I hope you guys like pictures 😋 Goal: Lose 5lbs > Eat 1800 calories daily > Walk up and down the hill 2 times / week > Work through my “Riding Fear Fre
  2. For the last year or so I've been consuming around 1500 calories per day, as per the target set by myfitnesspal.com based on my weight, height and activity level (male, aged 45, 5'8"). My weight has consistently hovvered around the 168 pounds mark (12Stone or 76 Kg). I'd like to get nearer 10.5 stone (66Kg = 147 pounds). using the BMR calculator here I see that my BMR = 1670.24 With my current levels of activity (cardio or bodyweight workout 6 days per week), I estimate my daily calorie burn is something like 2588 to 2923. So I'm guessing my 1500 calories per day intake probably isn't
  3. #8 Waldgeist prepares for the S.H.I.E.L.D. Entry Exam Backstory : First Marvel Chaper Synthetic light is flickering through the room, a folder with my name on it is on the table. I know I'm waiting for someone, to get ..... something. I'm not sure, the memories of this persona is fuzzy. Only the personal stuff though, I know this worlds name is Earth, there is no magic here, but some advanced technology and other strange forces created by man or aliens. A woman enters the room and takes the seat in front of me, all while she eyes me intently. She opens the file and begins reading it: "Sex: M
  4. So initially, I was debating do this challenge over at the Ranger’s guild, since I could get a lot more people to look at my form to get it corrected there. Then I realized I should stop being lazy and just use the “Form” subforum, and that really I love you guys all way too much to leave. And after reading a Budo-centered book recently that talked about how a martial artist should do a strength training program, it pretty much cemented the fact that I really don’t have to leave the guild confines any time soon. Which is good, because I’m really horribly antisocial and don’t like
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