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Found 2 results

  1. I've been feeling the blahs of late. I've connected it to a couple things, one of which is unchangeable and I just have to keep on keepin' on (and maybe try to shift my focus a bit, without losing sight of the original goal), and the other which has been changed and I'm cautiously optimistic that it's on the upswing. This all means I'm feeling a bit more motivated than I have been, at least when I sit here thinking about what I want to do. Whether that theoretical enthusiasm can be translated into actual enthusiasm remains to be seen, but that's my main goal in this challenge. Dots will be used to track #2 and #5. Goal #1 - Shifting Focus This is where I'll keep doing things related to what I've been doing but change it up a bit to things slightly more relevant to my interests. There will also be a slight change to my usual schedule. Stregthy Stuff Monday, Wednesday, Friday, in the morning. Will consist of the following: Pushups - 3x max real (max knee) - new focus on increasing numbers of real pushups rather than knee pushups, with the goal being 3x10 real with good form (not likely by the end of 6 weeks though. Or maybe by the end of 6 weeks, I dunno). 1-Leg Hip Thrusts - 3x10 weighted with something heavier than air Fire Hydrants - 3x10 somehow weighted with something heavier than air (not a clue how to make this happen though) 1-Leg Squat - I'm over Bulgarian Split Squats, maybe some kind of chair pistol? I've done these before and had more trouble with balance than strength, so we'll see how it goes. Elbow Planks - 3x max time. Nothing new here, but I'm shooting for 3 minutes. Cardio Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, in the evenings. Will consist of the following: Monday - hockey, with focus being on playing as hard as possible whenever I'm on the ice, while still respecting the pace and intensity of the game, since it's just shinny. Also focus on practicing my passing and improving my vision of the ice. Tues/Thurs - ~2km fairly flat route, at a challenging but not crazy pace, followed by hill sprints. No idea if this is a good way to incorporate hill sprints, but Imma give it a try! Goal #2 - Nighttime, DAYTIME! Go to bed by 11pm Sunday-Thursday, and by 1am Friday-Saturday. Also, get out of bed when the alarm goes off! Like, holy crap, it's not that hard! But actually, it's so, so, so hard..... Goal #3 - Caw CAW Saturday or Sunday will be crow day. Which means I will play around with trying the crow pose. I know one day a week isn't likely to result in mad gainz, but it's a casual way to introduce it without putting too much pressure on myself. My hope is I'll see a wee bit of progress, which will spur me to incorporate it more thoroughly (or alternatively, I'll discover that crow pose sucks and I never want do it again, though I'm not anticipating this to be the way of things). Goal #4 - Less of Me There's a bit too much of me for my liking, so I'd like to banish some of me from whence I came. I can't decide between a daily calorie goal or a weekly one. I like the idea of weekly because it gives me wiggle room from day to day, but I can also foresee it being Sunday and all I can eat is lettuce and water if I want to meet my goal. A daily goal is more systematic, but also feels persnickety to me, the resolute non-tracker. So, to avoid having to make a decision (and having to eat only lettuce one day per week), I'll try a hybrid and shoot for 1600ish/day, but as long as I get 11200ish-11500ish/week, I won't worry about going way over or way under on any particular day. Now, I just have to find the least annoying way to track this...... For the record, I have no reason for picking 1600 kcal/day, other than it seems reasonable, which may or may not be a mistake. We shall see! Goal #5 - Sempre Gumby Stretch all the things, every day. Goal #6 - The Checklist Just do it. It's here for all to see. It's more or less the same checklist from my last challenge, but having it only as a Google doc and not as a hard copy made it easy to forget about. So I'm making a hard copy for me, and will check things off on it and the Google doc as I do them. (Also, can someone click on that link and tell me if it worked/you can see it? I can see it 'cuz it's mine, but I dunno if anyone else can... Thanks!) Random Non-Goal I'd like to get back to climbing. The trouble is finding time, or more accurately, finding time when I have the mental energy. Thinking about my weekly schedule, I honestly don't know when I could slot it in and have a reasonable chance of going regularly, which is why this isn't a goal (making it a goal feels like setting myself up for failure). Maybe I'll try different days in different weeks and see if anything feels right.
  2. Hey everyone! I have a question. I am currently trying to lose the last 3-4 kg. (I've already lost 13 kg) I'm really confused about the whole net calorie thing. If I consume 1800 kcal a day, but also burn 600-800 kcal a day, that makes my net calorie intake 1200-1000 which is too low. Should I then consume some extra calories even if I'm trying to lose weight? Or is it fine because I already consumed 1800 calories?
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