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Found 8 results

  1. There’s no better time to heal, rest and plan than winter and there’s definitely no better place to do that than Kaer Morhen with my fellow Witchers. I’ve done some reflection about how I want 2022 to look and feel. Hygge… I want so much hygge. I want to practice my homesteading skills, transform my environment into a place of ultimate comfort and happiness, keep growing my financial stability, create things that are just for me. In order to accomplish the year I want I will need to take a breath so I can get back on track. For this challenge I need to get back into the habit of tracking calories, replenish my stores (financials), troubleshoot what’s making my foot hurt and start rehabbing it. Witcher Contract: - Slay 5lb water hag - Slay 5 drowners Main Quests: - 1800-1950 calories daily - Fix foot (will elaborate later when I figure out what this means) Secondary Quests - Pay back debts…. Make RRSP contribution + pay off credit card [paid off this billing period, will strike this when second billing period is paid off] - Replenish stores… increase savings by 500 crowns - Relax… Finish 2 pony paintings - Organize stash… put newly acquired things in their new home [started] - Foraging… Plant garlic Tending Roach - Exercise and groom Sizzle minimum once a week - Rasp Daisy’s feet as needed (I really hope Roach isn’t doing anything dirty in this gif lol I’m on my phone and it just looks like she’s doing push ups) Its going to get tricky to lose 5lbs for this challenge but I can do it - I just need to stay focused. And if I manage to get my foot back to normal then I can start doing my walking and Zumba again. Weigh ins (I try to do it 2-3 times a week)
  2. I have literally one goal this whole challenge… Be in a deficit every day!* I need to learn how to get through holidays and special events without using them as an excuse to go nuts and fall off the wagon sleigh. * I have a 150cal forgiveness and Dec 3, 24 & 25 are freebie days
  3. Know that feeling where you are standing at the start of your journey? Your goal seems hefty, maybe a little bit overwhelming... Yet you are still cautiously optimistic and maybe even excited to start. That's what January feels like to me. This will be my 50lb year. I am going to lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021. Can I do it? Yes. Will I do it? I'm definitely going to give it my all. Afterall if I don't even try then it for sure won't happen Challenge Quest: Lose 5lbs - 1700 calories daily - 2L water daily - 2 extra movements in addition to 3 horseback rides per week Adulting Dailies - Floss + brush - Adult task - Mental recharge (Do something that makes me happy) Mini Quest - Reflect and come up with year goals Starting weight: 250.8lbs Challenge goal: 245.8lbs Year goal: 200lbs (Gifs to be added later)
  4. Building Habits 2.0 It's time for refinement Quest: Lose 5lbs (SW: 282, GW: 277) Subquest 1: Food tracking: Track calories and 3 days not exceeding calorie goal - 1 point / day tracked - 1 point / day for hitting calorie goal Subquest 2: Water: Drink 2L - Drink 1L [ 1 point ] - Drink 1.5L [ 2 point ] - Drink 2L [ 3 point ] Subquest 3: Physio: Complete at least 5 assigned physio exercises 2 times a day - 1 point / day this is completed Shoulder stretch [1 min] Neck stretch [1 min] Bicep curl while laying on my back and arm hanging down. max 5lb weight. [10 reps] Stomach lay robot thing.... (on stomach, arm bent at 90 degree angle, rotate down, then back up slowly) [10 reps] Sitting straight arm non-curl? Arms start in curl position, instead of bending like a curl, bring arms up straight up to shoulder level.. then back down. [10 reps] While sitting in a chair, raise leg until leg is straight. Cross other leg over top as dead weight. Bring leg down slowly in 5 secs. [10 reps] Wall squat with medicine ball between legs [10 seconds] Life Quest: - Finish bathroom reno - Clean art desk - Deliver brother his tools [Week 2] - Attach mailbox back onto the wall [Week 2] - Get Haircut - Clean all dust out of basement from reno [in progress] [Week 1-3] - Work on shark painting [in progress] [Week 1-3] - Deliver dad his tools [Week 2] - Sort clothes - Organize ensuite drawers - Work on painting apple + horse - Fix upstairs fire detector - Clean dishwasher filter - Regrout upstairs bathroom - Add floor transition for M.Bedroom + fix office one - Add transition between bathroom tile and carpet in basement - Add weatherstripping to cold room door - Fix cement outside of basement bathroom - Carpet over the cement outside of bathroom - Caulk the vent outside of the house [Week 2] - Do taxes Week 1 Weigh In: 280.8lbs SQ 1: Food tracking (8/10) SQ 2: Water (12/21) SQ 3: Physio (6/14) Week 2 Weigh In: Didn't check after this crazy weekend SQ 1: Food tracking (7/10) SQ 2: Water (10/21) SQ 3: Physio (4/14) Week 3 Review Weigh In: 280.8 SQ 1: Food tracking (7/10) SQ 2: Water (9/21) SQ 3: Physio (2/14) My pride and joy <3 My motivation
  5. Hello my friends! The Plan: Leading up to the silly season I will make an effort to continue on with the positive changes I have made so far and not slide back- there will be situations where it will be tricky (compulsory work Christmas parties, Friend’s Christmas Eve, potentially Family Christmas also…) particularly in terms of food, but instead of just chalking the whole month off into the ‘too hard basket’ I will do the best I can around those commitments, and try not to go too wild on those days particularly in terms of my kryptonite: fizzy beverages. I will aim to take TWO glasses only and otherwise drink water, juice, or tea. The final week is a concessional week at work as the university is closed, so I will make an effort to keep up the good work without the structure of actual work. The way that I aim to achieve this is such~ The List (aka adulting): I am going to trial having a checklist to mark off of an evening to try and encourage a few daily habits I want to incorporate by end of the year ready for a nice fresh 2017. Similar I guess to a bullet journal/ checklist I’ll write it with a whiteboard marker on my bedroom mirror to check off of an evening before bed: water plants, water self, 15min hot-spot clean (with photo!), take vitamins, brush teeth, sleep (go to bed by 10pm on non-game nights), daily affirmation (I will think on this and write a statement/battle cry/ self-care statement to read each morning). It seems like a lot, but none of these things will take very long to complete. I will take a photo each evening of the list with ticks rather than writing it out again every day. The Exercise: I will continue with 4 gym sessions/week (ROAR on Mon/Wed/Fri plus boxing on Thurs) and add one ‘bonus activity’ (eg swimming, bike ride, walk, ZRC25K, back strength program ) of a weekend/Tuesday. Being active is really helping my mood to not be too awful and I’d like to continue that, I’ve also been reminded of just how much I really like boxing. Unsure if the Monday ROAR on Boxing Day will be running or not, if not I will sub in another bonus activity. In zero week I will find out whether my gym membership will allow me to visit the sister gym in my parent’s home town just in case I end up travelling back to go to any Christmas shindigs (unplanned at this stage, aren’t we organised!). The Food: Mr and I will be trying out some new recipes in an attempt to stick to our calorie goals (roughly 1500 for me and 1800 for Mr). We have signed up for a meal plan from our gym and already day one meal one and packing for meal two Mr has things he won’t eat (bananas, any fish but sushi, eggs unless an omelette) so he is looking to find some recipes to use instead of ones with those ingredients. For now I’ll eat on without him and hoping to develop one we can both follow together by end of zero week. In terms of the great giftmas celebrations I will first have a plate of meat and veg/ devilled eggs, wait a polite amount of time and then decide if I’m eating anything else on offer once I’ve already got food in my belly. I’m planning to take a box of cherries to any ‘bring a plate’ type deals so there will definitely be some fruit. Sub goal - I will weigh and measure waist at the beginning of each week so that I have an idea of how I'm tracking rather than finding out at the end of the challenge whether it was working. (Not my tree, but suited the nerdy Christmas theme)
  6. Hey Rebels of Representing and Reprimanding Roles! I've got about 10-15lbs that I want to kick to the roadside, but I need some advice. I'm a female, 5'2 and 128lbs. No idea what my body fat percentage is, but I'm probably in the 25% or more range though I'm not overweight. Just eating healthy and exercising isn't going to cut it. I've been trying to add veggies and cut out more of the empty calories and carbs recently as part of my challenge, but what else should I be looking out for? Other Questions: I kind of hate calorie tracking, but is it necessary in the end? How often should I be exercising? 3x a week for 45mins? 6x for an hour? Also how long should it take to lose this weight? Is five months a reasonable goal? Any kind of advice is welcome really!
  7. I’m joedog. I’m a 38 year old woman living in southern Missouri in the US. I live with my partner and our herd of house pets: 3 dogs, 4 cats and a herd of mice who are wisely staying in the garage. I’ve played both rugby and American football. I was at the peak of my fitness about 6 years ago after losing 100 lbs. I had a staggering bout of depression and went back to being a girl who eats her pain. I gained back the 100 plus interest. This will be my 7th challenge. I haven’t been terribly successful so far between depression and a bum knee. I recently joined Title Boxing gym which I think is going to help me turn the corner. I just cannot drive myself to the level of intensity I need without a trainer pushing me. I weighed 327 lbs when I first logged on NF. Currently at 312 lbs. I have been lower but I gained some back last challenge. I think if I do well this challenge I can get below 300 which would be awesome sauce! Main Quest: Lose at least 100 lbs and have some time at maintenance before my 40th birthday. I have 23 months until my 40th birthday. Goal 1) Attend boxing or kickboxing classes at Title Boxing Gym 3 times per week. I prefer boxing but the kick boxing class definitely hits some muscles that need to be hit. 3x = A, 2x = B, 1x = C, 0 = F. Total challenge grading based on average days per week. Goal 2) Food. I will be tracking what I eat daily. I am shooting for 2250 calories per day. As the challenge progresses I will start adjusting what I’m eating within that calorie limit so that I’m getting >150g of protein per day and <130g of carbs. Within 5% of goal = A, within 10% of goal = B, within 15% of goal = C, greater than 15% = F. Goal 3) Kill the television. I have never been one to watch a lot of television until the last couple of years or so. Now it has become a main focus and that’s not okay. I will not give in to the gravitational force of the tv each day until all the other things I need to do are done. Each day will have different chores. An example would be things like food prep for the next day, preparing my gym bag for the next day, household chores and so on. 6/7 days = A, 4/7 days = B, 2/7 days = C, Less than 2 = F. Total challenge grading based on average days per week. I’m only doing 3 goals this time so I can focus. I’ve had a hard time completing challenges in the past so I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. Each of my 3 goals supports the other 2 which in turn supports my Main Quest of weight loss. I am going to continue the hot yoga deep stretch class once a week if I can because that was so wonderful for my body and also my mind but I didn’t want to make it a goal because I’m not totally in control of that situation.
  8. I have 3 things I want to track. Weights, calories and Body Fat %. The point of all of this is to get stronger. I think I need to eat more to do that. But I don't want my body fat to increase while I'm doing that - all of my challenges and effort to this point have been getting that down. I'd like it to go down a little further, not back up! Ok, now for some starting stats: current (start last challenge/last measurement) Height: 5' 8.5" Weight: 126lbs BF% 18.3 (20.1). I get this using an Omron monitor. I record it every morning and average it across the week. That # is the average of last Monday to yesterday. Measurements(in). The last time I recorded these was May 27th. Chest: 35(32.25) Waist: 27.5(27.5) Hip: 37.125(37.5) Neck: 12.125(12.5) R.Bicep: 10(10) R.Thigh: 20.5(19.375) Current weight routine: 2 Day Dumbbell Push/Pull. I modified it - I wanted to lift heavier weight for 8 reps, not 12 reps like in the program. Current #'s: deadlift 40lb db x6; squats 35lb db x 6; benchpress 22.5lb db x 6; one-arm row 30 lb db x 8. I also have been stuck on 8lbx8 for side lateral raises for months. I hate them. Btw - when I record 40x6 for deadlift I mean a 40lb dumbbell in each hand. so total 80lbs. And stepups are reps on each leg (x8 each leg). I am going to be eating 2000 cal/day at least 5 days per week. Goal is 125g protein.
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