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  1. Reading through the "Operation: Slim Down" guide, and it says I should keep a food journal. I've never counted calories in my life, do I really have to? I tried making a paleo-meal for dinner last night, and really liked it. I've deviated from paleo a bit today, since I ate my smoked herring on black bread, and I used a bit of cream and sugar in the tomato soup for dinner... But if I stick with eating paleo and reducing my intake on grains and sugar, won't that work just fine? To be clear, I'm starting on the 28 weeks basic strength program, but I'm already really excited about eating most
  2. As part of my current 6 Week Challenge I'm tracking my percentage of paleo foods on a daily basis, and on top of that, the number of calories and protein I also consume. I'm three days into tacking all of this, but most of what I eat is pretty regular, especially Monday through Friday, so I don't expect a lot of variation from day to day and not certainly on a weekly basis. That being said, I am concerned with my total caloric intake (and protein too). I'm currently 6'3" at 217 lbs. According to a variety of calorie calculators, I should be at about 3100 calories a day, with moderate exercise
  3. Ok, so heres the deal. I am a guy who has effectively transformed his diet over the past two months. I have started focusing on eating lean meats and veggies as opposed to pizza rolls and pop. (Ironically, I have inadvertantly implemented the Paleo diet!) I have been tracking my calorie consumption to a T through myfitnesspal. When I started, I was consuming 4-6k calories a day. As I have transitioned to healthier, whole foods, my calorie consumtion has naturally dropped. I am eating smaller portions, and staying away from empty calories. And the amazing thing is, I feel not hungry afte
  4. Okay, so I've fallen in love with lifting, but I'm super overweight. I really need to drastically reduce my BF% (it's 38% at the moment) and lose weight. MFP says I can have 1590 cals per day. I'm just looking for advice on what my cals should be in lifting days, or if I should keep them the same? I'm mainly focusing on bench, squat and deadlift, plus supplementary exercises to help. Since I started learning how to lift properly (only about 6 weeks ago), I've practically abandoned cardio entirely, which is stupid. So I'm planning on introducing 2 cardio sessions in with my 3 lifting session
  5. Good afternoon, ladies and gents! As promised, I am back for a third round of trials, tribulations, accomplishments, and woots! This challenge is all about solidifying the core of my health and fitness. Now that I've had two challenges under my belt, it's time I keep the trend going and as a friend pointed out, keep the baby steps coming, but don't over-reach. I'll post up a solid list of my challenges for this round by the end of the day tomorrow. However, here's my initial goal ideas. I will institute levels this time around. If I am dominating my original goals by the middle of th
  6. Hi Everybody. I made this spreadsheet about a year ago. I put quite a bit of research into the math behind it, and I can guarantee you it's pretty accurate. I've just started dealing with google docs, so this isn't exactly the most pleasant-to-look-at spreadsheet, but I know that many of you will find it very, very useful. Please save a copy of this to your drive. Please do not override this version. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnGMZqWIG4MHdHVXOGhYNmlxRlNmenQtaFUtelFEdWc&usp=sharing What is it? Many people do not know how to calculate their calories burned throu
  7. What is the most effective way of working out how much your caloric intake should be- when trying to get strong. And how to know when it is time to adjust? I am really struggling at working this one out. Can any one shed some light?
  8. So here in Beijing, when the weather is nice I bike everywhere. I commute 18km 3-5 days a week, and then bike around to and from errands, meetings, nightlife spots. In the past, I used to assume this was enough to take care of all the extra calories I took in, but obviously at some point it wasn't. Anyway, now that I've made counting calories a habit (but not an obsession), I'm counting my bike commutes which I started this week. LiveStrong says I burn nearly 900 calories on my total commute, which seems insane considering I don't go crazy fast or work up my heart rate that much. Obviously I
  9. Hi, I’m new here. I have been lurking about for a few months and finally decided to join because I need some advice on diet and exercise but first, a little about me. I’m a 28 year old male, happily married with a two year old daughter. I’m not quite sure that I would pass the nerd entrance exam as I am not a gamer(unless you count spending hours playing Command and Conquer back in elementary school) and I only really started reading heavily about 7 years ago. However, I do love fantasy novels (halfway through A Memory Of Light, right now) and I am a big Doctor Who fan. Also, my w
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