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Found 2 results

  1. I am so inspired and excited! I want to go so bad I'm going to get tickets when they go on sale for 2016! Have any of you had the chance to go? Are you going this year? I don't even know why but just watching the video almost made me cry with joy, ha! Looks like I have a new goal to add to my list.
  2. Ciao Adventurers! My name is Jess. I'm 22, and I'm on a quest to lose 100 pounds and get strong, fast, agile and healthy. As of this morning, I am 35.5 pounds down from my highest weight. I’m approaching the halfway point and I’m really excited. I already started a challenge with 3 pretty broad goals. They were Run a 5k in 45 minutes Stretch everyday Log my calories. A week later, I attended one of the coolest experiences I've ever had in my entire life: CAMP NERDFITNESS! This event was life changing, and I can't stick with my same lame goals that I wrote a week ago. I need to rewrite them. So here we go! Main Quest: Lose 100 pounds and get strong! I weighed myself at the beginning of the year. I was 250lbs. That is a lot. Most I've ever weighed. I've been chipping away at that number pound by pound since January, falling off the wagon for gaps of weeks at a time, but I'm 213.2 as of this morning. I actually gained almost two pounds at camp, but I lost a half inch from my waist and nearly an inch from my hips, so I know I did something right! The scale number doesn't really matter to me right now, it's just a guide. Mini Quests: Practice Parkour! (+4 DEX, +2 STR) Who says fat people can't do Parkour? I did until this weekend, until I actually learned how to do some. It took my two days to learn how to do a roll, and my form still has a lot of room for improvement, but I did it. I learned how to do one teeny-tiny vault, and it was awesome. I shin-checked myself trying to hop up onto the back end of the stage by the Colosseum, and face planted into the floor, and it was awesome. Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with Parkour. (Thanks, Dakao!) I want to build up my strength and practice my parkour at the same time so I can build the two skills at the same time. So I can achieve this goal either one of two ways. - Bodyweight or Kettlebell exercises - Practice and plus one what I learned at camp (QMs, roll, vault) Do this at least three times a week for an A in this category. Go Paleo! (+3 CON, +1 WIS) I've been doing keto for awhile, and while it's delicious and effective, it gets pretty boring. I eat a lot of the same things. I've thought about Paleo, but thought I would get in the same rut, but after taking a paelo meal planning and cooking class and 100% Paleo this weekend (Minus the iced tea I had on the plane ride home. ) I'm ready to give it a shot! I was given a lot of good ideas on where to start (Thanks, June!) I got educated on some great ways to make foods I like Paleo, and learned that with enough creativity and trial and error, you can pretty much make any food paleo. I'm applying Steve's 'two in a row' rule to this one. Never miss two good meals, never miss two workouts. So... Don't miss two Paleo meals in a row to earn an A in this category. Increase Flexibility (+2 STA, +1 CHA) I had a pretty bad experience with yoga the first time I took a yoga class as a teenager. I was a chubby 17 year old girl in a class of super thin fit flexible 30-something snobby housewife type ladies. My instructor was like that too, and I was super super intimidated and never went back. I took a yoga class this weekend, ready to give it another try after many reservations. I had the most amazing instructor (Thanks, Kate!) and even though I had a hard time keeping up with the rest of the class, I had a very pleasant experience. I want to use this as an opportunity to do some type of yoga, stretching and gentle active meditation, because as I stated in my last challenge, I still need to just calm down and let go the stress of the day. On a side note, I want to work on making myself a priority over my job. Take some time out of everyday, even if it's only 5 minutes, to stretch, practice basic yoga, or meditate to earn an A in this category. Save Money (+2 WIS) A few friends turned me on to a book called "I Will Teach You To Be Rich", (Thanks Becca and Dani!) and it really got me thinking about my personal finances again, which are abysmal at best. I'm going to order the book next paycheck and check it out. In my very first challenge, I had a broad goal of 'Save $100 over 6 weeks' and I totally failed it. So I'm going to try again, but make it a little more specific. Baby steps. $10 a week. That's nothing. That's totally attainable. I need an emergency fund, and I want to be able to afford to go to camp next year too. Put $10 away for savings every week to earn an A in this category Motivation- (Same list from my very first challenge. I'm crossing things off as I complete them, and adding new ones as I come up with them) I'm tired of being fat. I've been fat since childhood and it sucks. I really love doing sports and outdoor activities, but my weight makes it really friggin hard. I want to be strong, energetic and healthy and active, not necessarily super skinny. I want to be able to do recreational sports Complete Aug 8, 2014 I want to be able to shop at normal clothing stores, wear shirts without sleeves and dresses without tights. Complete September 29, 2014 I want to buy a swimsuit for the first time since the 8th grade. Complete July 5, 2014 I want to learn how to dance without running out of breath halfway through a song. I want to be strong enough to do a cartwheel. It's a little silly, but when I was a kid, I got made fun of for not being able to do one. I want to run an entire 5k without stopping, and run a marathon one day. I also want to put a huge thank you to Steve, Staci, Kate, Amy, Anthony, Jim, Dakao, June, everyone else on the Nerdfitness team, and every single friend I've met this weekend at Camp! Thank you for all you've taught me. Thank you for thoroughly kicking my ass and helping me push myself to do things that I never would have done. I feel properly prepared to continue leveling up my life, and I'm so excited! I can't wait to see all of you next year! There. I think that's about it. Happy Monday, Rebels!
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