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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome friends and visitors! My name is annyshay (Shannon IRL for new Camp Nerd Fitness - CNF - friends). I'm a thirty-something single physician currently subspecializing in Infectious Disease (aka germs and how to kill them) for children and adults in Minneapolis. I joined the Rebellion in 2012 and have been leveling up in various ways since then. Work and depression recently conspired to undo much of my progress related to body composition, but these forces of darkness could not undo my Fellowship of Rebels or the mental and emotional progress that I made over the last 4 years. I respawned in June 2016 and have continued to struggle with stress, cookies, and staying active. Luckily, I'm returning from the MAGIC of CAMP NF with renewed Character, Ability, Mind, and Purpose. I have many celebrations, stories, and lessons to share along with boatloads of gratitude for this amazing community, but the specifics will have to wait until I catch up more on sleep. Never the less, out of these experiences I've chosen to rebuild my foundational habits in line with my quests and eventual Level 50. Also, I plan to process and repackage my CNF experience in order to share as much as possible with all y'all. Plus, it's not annyshay's thread without bonus rambles! Main Quest (see Battle Log link in signature for more details) - Visit the Southern Water Tribe Joint Movements I was able to attend "Moving with Longevity" with Jonathan Mead on 2 of 3 mornings at CNF. This meditative movement through the full rang of motion of my joints was revealing and liberating. Basic mobility is a foundation I want to lay for decades of future healthy movement. I plan to complete this series every morning immediately after my morning bathroom visit and before my shower and breakfast. Journal Amy Clover is an amazing Jedi that I plan to add to my Jedi Counsel after attending two classes with her - "Rising Above Emotional Eating" and "Create Your Hero Toolkit". She reminded me of the power of journaling and encouraged me to use it as a tool for approaching those times when I am no longer hungry but want to eat. It's a way to identify the real, raw needs that I am trying to palliate with food. No screens One CNF quest (there were MANY) was to remove one obstacle that doesn't support my journey. This is a clear choice for me, since screens in the bedroom only lead to disordered sleep. Busy, stressed, badass Shannon needs excellent sleep. Simple and hard. I'll be aiming to post every day even if things get nuts at work. I know you've all got my back, and I can't wait to jump back into the challenges together!
  2. I just got back from the most amazing experience of my life. Camp Nerd Fitness. I can't begin to put into words how life changing camp was for me. I found many new friends, learned so much about myself in the process, and am in awe of the community Steve has built. Most life-changing moment: coming up with a power phrase thanks to Maddie. Most bad-ass moment(s): PRing all three lifts and then deadlifting my bodyweight! This challenge is going to be similar to my first two, involving: Movement! Daily is ideal. Still working on the disipline at the end of my work days to drag my bum to the rec (its only four blocks away) or at least do some yoga. Will be forming a "exercise matrix" to easily pick some type of exercise even when I don't want to. Ride 2x a week. Possibly three or four times this week since I am off today (due to flooding ) and don't work again til Saturday. Only once the week of the 9th due to travel. Lift 2 times a week. Post over with the Powerlifting board to get some feedback about programming. Nutrition! Track food on MFP. As close as possible. It doesn't have to be perfect. I will not stop if I miss a day - never 2 in a row. Anyone want to be my acountabilibuddy? Veggies with 2 meals per day. Meal prepping will help with this. Protein with every meal. For now, yogurt will count as protein. Life! Go to bed on time (11pm) every day. Figure out how to get the eff outta bed in the morning without hitting snooze. Do that every day. Enjoy the social events I have planned this month- painting party with coworkers, friends coming to visit from St. Louis, and my sister's wedding in Boston. Go to the rec with our friends who just joined. Fuck Hiding. For The Rebellion!
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