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  1. Just putting this out there, just in case there's anyone else in the area. I'm an American in Ontario. I'm newish to the country, so I don't know everything there is to do, but that makes it an adventure, right? I'm up for a walking group, or just online accountability, or book club, or hiking...whatever!
  2. Saorsa


    Any meet ups or groups in the area?
  3. I'd like to organize an Edmonton meetup for Rebels, new and veteran alike, to meet and get to know each other. It's a great opportunity to creat a support network and maybe even a group to adventure with. Anyone interested? Reply here!
  4. Hi all! I am here because I'm tired of feeling, well, tired! I am in my fourth year of nursing school and married with a basement suite to manage which have been my main excuses for not taking better care of my health. The challenges of all the above, especially nursing school, have made me incredibly mentally strong (I'm not full of myself, I swear!), but I feel I am lacking in physical strength. I am inspired by black widow and want to be able to kick ass like she does! I also have some GI issues that would be helped a lot by cleaning up my diet, which currently consists of anything quick and lots of cheese and sugar. I'm starting with bodyweight exercises and yoga/some meditation for stress. I just started a 4 week challenge in the Rebel guild but will likely move to assassins as I am inspired by the idea of mastering my bodyweight. I would also like to try parkour! Basically, I see myself at level 50 as a badass action heroine!! On a side note: Laidir is Irish for strong. Strength of body and mind is my ultimate, super broad goal so I picked Laidir as a reminder of that.
  5. Hi Torontonians, We're holding a NerdFitness meet-up in Toronto on Sunday January 31st - and it will be awesome. The Place: Nathan Phillips Square (closest subway is Queen Station) The Time: 2pm The Activity: Skating & hot chocolate If you're in the area, you're invited! Our plan is to meet by the "T" in the "TORONTO" sign at 2pm. Friends & loved ones are welcome. Please either PM me or comment on this topic if you'll be joining us. Cheers, Meaghan PS. For posterity, here's a link to our initial planning thread.
  6. This is my first 4 week challenge, so I'm going to keep it simple for my sanity. I'm a rebel that will probably fit in the Rangers...not sure yet. Saorsa thought university was hard, now this? Her degree didn't prepare her for the end of the world. Graduation day ended with monster attacks and Saorsa learning how to escape a city without dying. The world as she knew it was gone. Everything was different now. Sure, she could cry about it all day, but she had to survive. Already, she was surprised with what she could do - navigating the wilderness or wrecked cities, learning new weapons quickly, and sustaining on very little - all skills she didn't know she had. Ironic, the apocalypse taught her something. Is that what they call a silver lining? Now, she stood on the edge of a lake wondering what the next year would bring. Her journey brought her all the way from Florida to Canada, in hopes the cold winters would deter the monsters. Well, the ice and snow revealed a different branch of the mysterious creatures invading Earth. Were they invading? Or were these things created by us? Saorsa didn't have time to care; autumn was coming and she had to prepare for another tough winter. This time she would be stronger. WEEK ONE DIET: Energy for Survival: Eat breakfast every morning */7 Stay Hydrated: 3 glasses (500ml) of water everyday */7 Reduce Resource Consumption: 7 days of no bread or pasta */7 (test run to see how I feel with no bread or pasta) <<< Not excited about this one! FITNESS: Strength to Fight: 3 days of Strength Circuit Speed and Endurance: 1 day of Interval Cardio LIFE: Downtime: I hour a day of me time (no working allowed) */7 Ready for Survival: Wake up before 8am */7 I'll add the next two weeks after this test run!
  7. We have so many paths and trails here in Windsor that walking running and biking are obvious choices, so I wonder if there are any others here from Windsor who want to start a club? I live so close to the Ganachtio trail I just have to walk a couple blocks and I'm there. I guess not everybody has that luxury though, but it would be fun to go on walking and hiking meetups. We can go to the opposite end of Windsor and visit Ojibway Park. While its still there anyways, darn them capitalists! Or do the waterfront trail. As I said, Windsor has a ton of trails.
  8. Hey there, hi there, ho there! I'm looking for find my Jedi Council. I'm hoping to find people who can have done any of the following things to help me out and be helped out in return, hopefully. Starting a small Business - I'm currently working on starting a small home business doing computer repair. Anyone with experience running a business would be great to talk to! Big bonus points if you did so in Canada so the rules and laws will be the same. I want to do this all on the up and up.Weight loss - I've got weight to lose. I know how to do, I've done it before and even helped others do it, but then I got lazy, gained it back. Really just looking for other people to journey withComputer Repair/IT - I know there are dedicated forums for this all over the web, but just someone to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck working on clients PC, or even just to vent to for stupid issuesCool people to chat with?Business Accounting - This might just go with the first one, but anyone that knows a lot about Business accounting in Canada. If you have experience with any of these and feel like becoming my mentor, I would be forever grateful. Or if you feel I could be of any help to you in anything, just let me know (I've always wanted to be a Jedi master!!) Y-Not (Tony)
  9. [NEW USER ONLINE. VITAL SIGNS WITHIN NORMAL RANGE. CONDITIONING REGIMENT INITIATED.] Welp, the holidays were a complete gong-show where I pretty much forgot all my healthy eating rules. 4 months til my annual climb up the CN Tower, so now is a good time to get back in the zone. My Rebel Challenge: Quest #1 – Substitute one sugary drink per day for herbal tea (chocolate chai or toasted walnut, yum!) Quest #2 - Take one processed snack each day and replace it with a healthy protein smoothie (can’t wait to bust out my new blender!) Quest #3 - Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a week (this is such a lowkey goal, super realistic for my lazy ass) Quest #4 – Daily 5 minute dance minute partaaaaaay (more motivation to find THE BEST deep house on YouTube) I’m printing my quests out so that I can carry them with me at all times as a physical reminder of what I’m doing. Regarding my smoothie; there’s a smoothie wave going around work that started with my team and is spreading throughout the department! I’ve been inspired by my coworkers and plan on making a smoothie that contains… Spinach leavesFrozen mango and blueberriesRipe bananas (if I’ve got them on hand)Chia seedsAlmond milkProtein powderCan’t wait to try it out! To be honest I have always sucked at being healthy/active and I am swimming through a garbage pile of self-doubt right now. Fingers crossed the sweet siren call of SWGoH doesn’t sabotage my goals entirely.
  10. My ultimate goal is to fit comfortably into UK size 14 trousers. To do that, I need to drop a dress size and I want to do this by losing fat. I feel like I've got a good grip on workouts and food / diet so this challenge is about getting through a stressful time at work by looking after myself and really making me the best sozzielou I can be. 1. Bikini rebellion! CON+1 WIS+2 CHA+2 The #bikinirebellion is a free course by Neghar Fonooni which works on both mind and body. I'll be immersing myself in it and completing the instagram challenges. A = Completed all the days B = Missed a couple of days C = Did the majority of days F = Didn't really keep up with it. 2. Canada! WIS+2 CHA+3 I'm going to be visiting my BFF in Canada this August, so lots of things need planning! A = All planned and paid for B = Mostly sorted, forgot something small C = OK but forgot something fundamental F = Never made it to Canada 3. ACV! CON+2 CHA+2 STA+1 I've heard many great things about apple cider vinegar, so, having weighed up the pros and cons, I've decided to try it out. My goal is to have 10ml diluted in a glass of water twice per day. I'm treating this like a 30-day hard hat challenge for the whole of the 6 weeks. Pass = Never miss 2 days in a row Fail = Miss 2 or more days in a row.
  11. Hi. My experience with forums which have a strong USA following is that Canadians make up the second largest population demographic. I can see that their meetups in the international section get quite a few views and it would be nice to have a section I can see quickly - canada's a big place but we tend to be pretty tied together and have a smal population, so it's nice to cheer someone on in PEI even if I am in BC and to be able to quickly see their posts w/o mining through the international topic. we will try to not just talk about hockey meetups thanks
  12. Alright, I feel like I've asked this question, but boo hoo I'll ask again Maybe I'll get more replies. Alas, fall is quickly creeping upon Northern Alberta and evenings are warm-ish, but the mornings are starting to get crispy. Either time of day, the air is chill. Enough to make a runner's breath quicken and sharp. Anybody have any suggestions on what I could buy to aid in that department? Thank you in advance!
  13. Introduction Hi, I'm Talora Dion! I have been struggling with fatigue of unknown origin, insomnia (worsened by exercise), anxiety, and various "weird" medical issues (like seemingly random allergic reactions to food) for about 5 years now. This is my quest to get my life back! Current stats: 5'7", about 150lbs, size 8 (Canadian), a mile long list of minor to moderate severity medical complaints. Main Quest I want to be healthy, fit, and happy, with more energy than I know what to do with! Specifically, here's what that would look like: Endurance Measures Able to mountain bike for a full day and be only slightly sore the next day, with no impact on energy levels for the following weekRun 5km with my dog 3x/week Strength Measures Deadlift 200lbs 1rep (Currently 75lbs?)Back Squat 120lbs 1rep (Currently 45 lbs)Press 75lbs 1 rep (Currently 30lbs)25 toe pushups in one set (Currently 2 :S )3 pullups (dead hang, no kipping) (Currently none) I want to achieve this by April 30th, 2015. This will likely entail losing some weight (and I would like to weigh closer to 130lbs) but my focus is on HEALTH and ENERGY. Quest #1 Goal: Eat Whole30 for the 6 weeks of the Challenge. Measurement: A = 100% success, B = 1 mistake, C = 2+ mistakes Rewards: A = +2 CON, +3 WIS; B = +1 CON, +2 WIS; C = +0 CON, +1 WIS Quest #2 Goal: Sleep 8+ hours every night (11pm - 7am) Measurement: A = 5+ nights per week, B = 4 nights per week, C = 3 nights per week Rewards: A = +2 STA, +1 DEX; B = +1 STA, +1 DEX; C = +1 STA, +0 DEX Quest #3 Goal: Strength training 3x/week; starting with the NF Basic Bodyweight workout, until that gets too easy, then I'll figure out what to do next. Measurement: A = 18x during the Challenge; B = 14x during the Challenge; C = 10x during the Challenge. Rewards: A = +1 STR, +1 CHA; B = +0.5 STR, +0.5 CHA; C = +0.5 STR, +0 CHA Motivation I used to be fit: epic all-day XC mountain bike rides, 4+ days a week in the gym lifting heavy, CrossFit. I want to be that fit again. I want to look that good, and be that capable, again. I want to make serious progress in life. I want to be fierce and strong, with the energy to make the most of my time as this particular collection of particles!
  14. A Meetup.com group for those in their 20s & 30s who enjoy outdoor sports and fitness in the Quinte Area (Brighton-Belleville-Picton-Napanee area). If there are any fellow rebels in the area and looking to meet new people to explore the outdoors with, and drink beer, please check it out! http://www.meetup.com/Quinte-Outdoor-Fitness-and-Social-Club-20s-30s/
  15. All right, another challenge. Sorry I was late with my summary of the last one, but, the time away was amazing! We will keep this one simple! Starting Stats 154 lbs at 5'7" but stupid scale (checked on 4 different ones) says 36% body fat due to 31" rib cage supporting a large chest. New goal is to go from 35" waist down to 30" by my birthday in October. Balanced Mind - I am stressed about being self employed as it makes it harder to get a new mortgage in a new province. I also am hating my FitBit as it shows me how little sleep I am getting in the 8-9 hours I am trying to sleep. I resolve to rent for up to 6 months and to accept a paid position by December 1 to qualify for the second mortgage. And I resolve to solve my sleep issues and get at least 6 hours of sleep per night (I'm showing a low of 3 hours 19 minutes and max of 6 hours 1 minute over the past month and I sure feel those days when I have had less than 5 hours!) Balanced Meals - I am slowly learning what combination of foods make my body happy and which ones make it angry. I have cut out all pop and alcohol and am taking food grade herbs to end my sugar cravings. Works like a charm when I take them!! Tastes a bit like alfalfa, but, your taste buds can't taste sugar for up to four hours! No more cheating!!! Doesn't affect the taste of fruit sugars - yay! and I will choose to eat five veggie servings per day even though they may only be in two meals to start. Balanced Body - Sunfit program - three days of workouts, one day of rest for the first 30 days, then four and one for the next 30 days and five and one for the last 30 days. Started July 22 and have adjusted rest day by one day due to soccer game. Also want to get 10,000 steps per day as per the FitBit (approx 5km) for five of seven days and finally, determine the cause of pain in my big toe joint - it is not red, not swollen, a little stiff and hurts to walk some days. Makes it hard to do pushups and burpees and mountain climbers Oh My! Cheers to all the challengers!
  16. Hi Everyone! So there were 13 Vancouverites that responded to the Canadian Rebel Thread! Paradigm, PaladinAlex, Hildagaard, Mina, Keemeers, ttuesday, Trinhinator, DramaticNerd, vmars, mksiemens, MissAmanda, Sicil, and ME! ​Let's organize a meet up! I suggest a hike somewhere that is accessible to us all. I know most of the Vancouver rebels are scattered around Greater Vancouver. I would really love to do Upper Shannon Falls on the North Shore, but I realize that's a bit out of the way (it's beside The Chief). Here's the site I use for finding good hikes: http://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/ Here are the trails I am interested in: We can go foraging like real Cavemen/cavewomen!!! And perhaps we can stop off at the Stormcrow Tavern after our hike for refreshments (Vancouver's Hottest Nerd Bar) http://www.stormcrowtavern.com/ (Never been there but really want to) What say you? Let's do this thing! Love, Cutebug Repping the Rebellion at Minnekhada Park, Coquitlam.
  17. Hi everyone, My name is Robin, I'm a 45 year old artist and puzzle solver (account reconciliations) and currently just over 150lb at 5'7" ... but the scale says my body fat percentage is 36% as a female and 22% as a male. So I either need to work on the percentage or transform into a man??? My highest weight (aside from when I was carrying my son 19 years ago) was 180. I was in a dead-end relationship and stress eating instead of working things out. Now I'm back to being a soccer and volleyball player, a boot camp lover and I have a handful of DVD's such as P90x, Insanity and FitBrigade from Sunrider. My current issues include: 1) motivating myself when I am alone, at the moment I have all the time in the world ... well, in between purging and packing for our move from the prairies to the mountains. 2) remembering to stretch 3) eating veggies - it's not that I don't like them ... I just haven't made enough effort to eat them at 3 meals a day 4) reformed sugar-addict - I've cut out pop and sweets, but, I still need to take it one step further and cut out the hidden sugars! My last issue is getting so motivated reading about everyone's great goals and challenges ... that I forget to shut off the computer and work on my own! Can't wait for the next 6 week challenge!
  18. Hey Rebels! Just want to know who's all on Vancouver Island, and what's your fave outdoor adventure? I'm up in Port Hardy... I love hiking! I want to do the North Coast Trail at some point.
  19. Anyone else in Toronto? We should form a clan and support each other in our adventures in fitness! We should set a meetup and go from there
  20. As Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother says.....CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! Before my first challenge begins, I want to set the stage. After being married for 7 years, I really packed on the happy marriage weight. At my largest, I tipped the scale at 260. After deciding to make a change in my life, I started running. I had tried the gym scene, but never had the commitment for a full year membership and fond it a waste. Then I entered a "biggest looser" challenge at work, and almost won. After a year and a half of running, up and down with weight loss, and refocusing, I was able to get down to about 218. Then my world was turned on end. I lost my job and spent a total of 16 months unemployed. Came close to loosing the house and struggled with some depression. Went back up to 240. After starting a new job, in a new land, that has brought my family from Utah to Alberta, Canada, most of my life is back on track and in order...everything except my health. Now its time I take what I owe my self.
  21. Hello! There is a tough mudder coming up (well, eventually) just outside Toronto (Mount St. Louis Moonstone, 24 Mount St. Louis Road, Coldwater, Ontario L0K 1E0) on August 16th & 17th 2014! Is anyone heading out to it? It's my first one and I'm determined to complete it! "This year’s new Tough Mudder Toronto venue is epic. Be sure to check out lodging options here – we’ve got a bunch of rooming plans at Mudder special rates. Book a room now so you, your teammates and your spectators can all stay just steps away from the action." " Travel TimeToronto: 1 hour, 35 minutes Buffalo, NY: 2 hours, 45 minutes Ottawa: 5 hours, 15 minutes" http://toughmudder.com/events/toronto-2014/
  22. Hello, hello! I'm Christina, and I've been a lurker for some time now. I credit NF as one of the resources that has re-sparked my interest to become healthier and fitter. I'm a 20-something university student from Vancouver, Canada. Once upon a time, I dated a bodybuilder who taught me lots about exercising and eating right. I was once in shape, but have let years and years of schooling and extracurricular involvement get in the way of being healthy and feeling good. I started my final year in Fall 2013, and just didn't feel healthy. Halfway through, I've made a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle and get back in shape. I finally decided to join the forums because I'm looking for a community of supportive and like-minded people who I can share this experience with. Goals Reduce body fat to 20%Build more muscleWaist measurement of 26'' (66cm)Be balanced: Strength in both mind and bodyFeel, look and be strong! I'm not too concerned with my weight, as long as I get stronger, and achieve my desired measurements. Starting Point About 25% body fatWaist measurement of 31" (~79cm)I've been eating healthier and started exercising in mid-December. Since that time, I've gone down by about 2.5", and have lost 4lbs. I feel much more confident and stronger. I'm finding myself feeling very energized, and have been waking up earlier and not needing coffee to stay awake. So far so good! Exercise Plan 4 days of strength training, consisting mainly of squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and pressesWarmups consist of a 10-15 minute run, along with jumping jacks, pushups, planks and burpeesEvery morning (including off days), I do sets of squats, planks and burpees15 minute meditation each morningDiet Mostly Paleo. Planning on moving to strict PaleoHave cut out grains, dairy and legumesBalance of vegetables and lean meats (mostly chicken, beef and seafood)Occasionally find myself cheating with tiny nibbles of friends' chips or chicken wings. No bueno! Lifestyle Changes Have cut out coffee. Throughout the day, I drink green tea and waterTaking more frequent walksStarted meditating and journal writing again. Great way to keep track of progress and motivate myself So far, everything is working out and I'm seeing results. One of my concerns is cardio. For the goal I have of reducing my body fat (but also gaining more muscles), do I need to prioritize cardio? As of right now, I don't really do much cardio, except for some running for my warm-ups. Another concern is my diet. I started mid-December, which was probably the worst time to start. I managed to survive the holidays by reducing portions, but did break many of my guidelines (ate bread and rice). I've been able to transition to a mostly Paleo diet, but find myself breaking the rules again once in a while. Is an occasional cheat meal okay? Are there guidelines to 'cheating the right way'? Thanks, and looking forward to getting to know you! Edit: forgot to mention my nerdy interests! Back when I had free time, I played GTA, The Sims and Portal. I love documentaries about society, psychology, economics and history. I'm also a bookworm who always carries a book to read. My favourite deck to play in Magic are mono-green and green-red.
  23. I started out a Philly gal and somehow landed in Calgary, AB with a wonderful husband and a four-year-old son. I'm 34 and have been on blood pressure medication for the last 4 years. This needs to change. I'm still trying to figure out what I could possibly be good enough at to make it my 'superpower' and what I could possibly bring to the table that would make me a 'superhero'. So far I'm coming up short - everyone here seems to be so good at EVERYTHING and I'm just pretty good and some stuff. I LOVE to sing, but I doubt that'll be of much use when I'm gasping for breath during a hard workout. In the meantime, I'm 'the fat chick with the great personality' in my circles of friends and it would be awesome to lose the 'fat' part, so I'm looking to (re)start again for the last time - again. Hoping to find some friends along the way, though I can't promise I'll get every gaming reference thrown my way. This is all relatively new to me, so patience is greatly appreciated. ANYway... My nursing shift's ending and I think I'll post my 6-week challenge before I lose my nerve. Here's to 'gettin it done', eh? ^__~ Senie
  24. Hello fellow Canucks! I've been putting some time into getting my finances in order, and I'm realizing how unimpressive my BMO Airmiles Mastercard is on the travel hacking front. What cards have you guys had success with? Which would you recommend? Thanks a million, tricky
  25. Hey everyone. Beck here, Canadian newbie bound and determined to be a rebel extraordinaire, and hopefully bring a few people along for the ride. Here's how: There's this crazy obstacle course, and I do mean CRAZY. "10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie" -Tough Mudder website [ http://toughmudder.com/about/ ] Crazy is good though, right? Or at least a whole lot of fun. It has accountability: NO REFUNDS. NO GIVING AWAY YOUR TICKET. When you've payed for your ticket, that's that. You don't show, you've basically piled up some money and set it on fire. Also the earlier you pay, the cheaper it is. The price range generally is somewhere in between $80-$200, so paying earlier is better for sure. Rewards! A free beer at the end of the course! How cool is that?! Plus beer you can buy, food, partying, ect. A high fitness level is not required, but is definitely recommended. The lowest amount of training recommended is 3 days a week/40 minutes a day. That is where I will start, and will work my way up the ladder. Another thing suggested but not required is a team! And you, my fellow nerdites, are the very first people I thought of. My reasons for wanting to do something like this is because I used to do things like this. I know there's a golden rule of not looking back here at nerdfitness, but that's exactly where I want to get back to fitness-wise. Back to the days where I had 4-pack abs and could climb all the things without thinking twice or breaking a sweat. It was awesome. And I had fun with it by doing stuff like this. So all in all, I'd like to build a team for the Fall 2014 Tough Mudder course in Toronto Ontario CANADA, but it would also be ridiculously cool to hear about other NF fighters/rebels/whathaveyou toughing this course out around the world. Let me know what you think!
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