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  1. Where to begin? I'll start by saying I am a 24 year-old Canadian girl. I'm 5'3", weighing ????? pounds (I'll get to that later), looking to really commit to getting my butt in shape!! Literally and figuratively speaking. I need to go back a bit to explain. A long time ago, in a city far far away.... For the longest time I was kept in decent shape by a physically demanding job, but then I was promoted to an office job. A financial "Yay!" but a physical "Oh no". I quickly went from weighing about 115lbs to 150lbs. Ouch. Over and over again I told myself I would get in shape, but I could never commit. Until about a couple months ago. I am doing great! I'm really trying to stick to mostly healthy eating as well as working out most days of the week. It also helped that I STOPPED weighing myself! I have no idea what I weigh right now and it's incredibly liberating. I realize that the scale is what made me stop every other time. Since your weight doesn't properly reflect how well you're doing, it was always a disappointment and very discouraging. Now that I am more determined than ever, I NEED SOME HELP. I need anything I can get ESPECIALLY support. Unfortunately my friends, and fiance, are all gaming nerds with 0 interest in being healthy, so I am on my own here. I'll tell you where I am at right now: Every Sunday and Thursday I take a 1 hour Iyengar yoga class (cutting back to one soon for financial reasons). 1-2 times a week I go to the gym with for 1-2 hours, usually focusing on either my arms or my legs (mostly machine-work for my legs). At home I switch it up quite a bit. From running on my treadmill for 20 minutes or so (attempting HIIT training), or doing awesome and short Youtube "Blogilate" workouts. As far as food goes, I am REALLY trying to eat healthy. Overeating is my weakness...and cheese...mmm...cheese (I'm never giving that up though). It's tough to find time to prep and cook dinner every night (if I don't cook, it's pizza or KD for dinner), So I'm also looking for great, healthy recipes that I can prep ahead of time, use the slow cooker and/or freeze. I also need some MAJOR support here. It's incredibly hard to eat healthy and properly living with someone that is determined to eat and buy junk all the time, as well as argues with me about what is good food and what is not. This also causes a lot of food to go to waste. If I don't eat fresh food right away, it's garbage. Did I also mention that I love playing video and computer games?!? It's true. So far I'm proud of myself for staying away from a new WoW subscription. Although I could probably resist the temptation on my own, it's nearly impossible with a certain someone I care about, begging, bribing, and reasoning with me to join him in doing some LFR (as in al of them) dungeons, daily quests etc. I also have incredibly low self-esteem. I need to stay positive and I just need someone to keep me on track! Someone I can talk to on a regular basis about healthy eating, new techniques and overall encouragement...and you know, I can also be won over with talks about Fantasy novels (esp. WoT...I have a Moiraine costume), Star Wars, Firefly, WoW, Diablo, and you know, general awesome things like that. Help me Rebels, You're my only hope!
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