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  1. Hey there! No matter how many times I stumble around, I always find myself returning, so here I am, still attempting to figure out a rhythm for myself. I've taken a bit of time off-line to try out some things on my own. I've learned a few new things, and I believe I've gotten a solid idea of where I want my foundation to be. I know I've tried in the past to pave one and haven't had much success with lifting off it once it's there. However, I'm beginning to think that was due, in part, to being afraid to build on it, not trusting myself to keep the foundation, when I know that I'm more than cap
  2. Turns out the classes I’ve signed up for were even harder than I expected. However, the school has a really forgiving set-up for incoming student transfers. Instead of getting failing grades or being expelled for low marks, I am spending the next block in a self-lead placement test. My task is to challenge myself, do what I feel capable of doing, and log it all for review. I am allowed to drop in on classes, visit professors during their office hours, and all that good stuff… But ultimately, it is up to me to find what works and what doesn’t, then present it at the end of the block. At that po
  3. When you first get your Driver and become a Kamen Rider, the path is never always crystal clear. You may win a few battles here and there, but there's an element of struggle. You're not sure how to use this power that you've been given. While you're struggling with that, your battles keep seeming easier and easier until you hit your first hurdle; a new opponent who's stronger than you. That's when it becomes clear; all those previous struggles were meant to prepare you for that first power up in order to defeat said opponent, so you can find your purpose. Sure, I feel like I've won
  4. Term is just about to start and I've got my schedule. Doesn't look like a whole lot on paper, but if there's one thing I've learned about the institute in the past month of getting settled, it's that looks can be deceiving. The Science of Mutation with Dr McCoy looks to be a real challenge, and Mutant Heritage: Explorations Through Sound with Ms. Monroe looks to be a pleasant diversion before lunch. Though I think it mentions something about a performance as part of the final grade? Yeep! The last class on the list is simply called Danger Room Prep. The only class description I could find was
  5. I know that I've been yo-yo-ing here on challenges a lot lately, but I think I figured it all out. I stretched myself a bit too thin, trying to take on too many things at once. So, I'm here to start from the very beginning, with what I know works best for me . Because in the end, all that matters is what works for me. And so here it is: I'm going to start my official Kamen Rider Training. Yeah, I know it's pretty obnoxious and childish, but it can get me really excited and motivated (read: HYPED). Part of my goals for the year include being much more authentic, even over here on th
  6. You'd think I would be used to it by now, things changing. Seasons pass every year, and every year winter comes. But now, I have to be stronger than ever against the oncoming darkness, learn to harness my powers, focus them. That's why I'm here at the Xavier Institute. Primary focus this round is going to be maintaining some sort of handle on my mornings as winter blows through. Working at 8 most days means waking up before the sun, which is something my body just does not want. Daily Morning Task (pick at least 2): Breakfast Shower PT Sun Salutations
  7. Welcome to my brand new, daily(ish) battle log! I’m your host, SkiBlue. I’m glad that you’re here; thank you for your support and interest in my quest to level up my life. This is where I’ll be sharing my progress on what I like to call my life improvements; things that I’d like to work toward, build habits around, and will level up my life. This won’t really be taking away from me participating in six week challenges; on the contrary, the challenges will allow me the chance to hone in on specific priorities and trouble areas, while this log will give me a central place to update my progres
  8. At first, I wasn't sure if I should do a challenge this month, but realized that with this being the holidays, I definitely need it. I was also gonna do a Kamen Rider OOO theme, because December is my birthday month, and with Birthday Cake President, it would fit... Plus, an Anhk motivator wouldn't hurt... Okay, maybe it would. But I think I'm too hyped over all of the Neo-Heisei series bugmen in spandex that I don't really want to limit myself, now that I found out I'm not alone in my fandom. So here are the four major points I want
  9. Hi. I'm back. I haven't really gone anywhere, just took a break. But now I'm having issues remembering and keeping track of the things I want to be changing, so here I am again. For the time being, my mission is to become a morning person. A good deal of my issues stem from my tendency to stay in bed until the very last minute every morning. Well, no longer! It's time I get hard-boiled about my commitment to myself and my health. This challenge will focus on making the most of my mornings. Goal 1: Get up! Alarm is set to 6AM on weekdays and 7AM on weekends
  10. Because I might as well be proactive about it? Hand balancing goals: Handstand: get used to shifting weight between hands (pirouette bails), get a more vertical line facing towards from the wall (engaging shoulders, core strength). And stop looking at the floor, it's not that interesting. Geeze. Headstand: coordinate lowering head and walking forward/raising hips at the same time (pike push ups), "float" both legs to elbows together. Crow: uh, be able to do it for more than a few seconds? Queda de rins: on the right- continue progressions
  11. Writer's block is making the writing of this challenge hard, so here's the barebones of it: Stuff that's going to just happen (or not) on its own: Class! - Capoeira training 2-3+ times/week Bodyweight training (primarily upper body and abs, at the gym) - 1-2 times/week Zombies, Run! - 1-2 times/week DareBee Combat HIIT program - 2-3 times/week (spreading it out like this makes it last ~10 weeks, and I get some HIIT in without wanting to punch someth- wait. YAY PUNCHING THINGS!) DareBee Daily Dare - Daily, because it's fun! (Part of a PVP!) Stuff
  12. This will be the first time (I recall) not taking a break during Week Zero. I'm rolling with the same basic habits that I was working on last challenge (and practically forgot to keep tracking). I've added a few more ways to gain bonus points, but they're not really required. Just some things I would like to work on once the basics get easier. Eat Well: Continue brown bagging lunches on work days. Bonus points for eating at home on the weekends and in the mornings. Sleep Well: Be in bed by 10:30pm. Bonus points for staying up after alarm in the mornings. Move Daily: Conti
  13. I love to learn, and I always learn best by making mistakes (I'm not going to go into MAKER lingo and call it failure, because around here, failure is only when you give up). Having successfully kicked my work candy snacking habit with the tactics of the Rebellion (and some more brain wire knowledge), I've re-evaluated my basic healthy habits and have a simple plan to steadily make those changes stick. Here we go! Main Goal: To decrease body fat percentage by 5% through good habits and to build up a Ranger attitude of self-love and confidence. Eat Well: Consistently bring and
  14. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Back again with my basic challenge structure and its Mando theme. Because I WANT TO BE A MANDO MERC! As previously mentioned, I will be adding a co-op element to this challenge. I’ve listed the ways in which I can earn points this challenge (the same way I was grading before in the same structure), but with the goal points already calculated, the co-op elements will help earn points toward the goal (like in @Wild Wolf's previous challenge). The co-op players’ goals will stem from whatever mercenary job is running that week. Four weeks, four jobs. S
  15. June 17-19 is my first Capoeira Intensive! Eep! As the name implies, it will likely be rather intense but I do not intend on getting completely winded in my first 5 minutes. With this in mind, I am going to ramp things up a bit to get ready for 3 days of insanity. (Also, the Insane Inflatable 5k the weekend before the intensive. Whew!) Training: M-T-W - at least 2 classes Fri/Sat - at least 1 extra day of (focused) practice Filming whenever possible to critique/show progress At least 1 day strength training (BWW/Conditi
  16. Background: Now that that’s out of the way, New Challenge Time! So, as we know, I’ve (still) been struggling with some depression-related stuff lately. My last challenge was all about making sure I did at least something every day, whether it was solo capoeira practice or pull ups or reading a book or practicing some breathing exercises to get grounded and not succumb to a panic attack. This method was great at making sure I felt at least a little accomplished each day. On my rough days, I considered doing this again, but then I felt like it’s “not enough” - it’s very
  17. *Mandokarla: having the *right stuff*; showing guts and spirit; the state of being the epitome of Mando virtue - a blend of aggression, tenacity, loyalty and a lust for life If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results. This made such a huge difference in every aspect of leveling up my life last challenge, so it's here to stay. For good. I'm keeping the general format and grading scale the same for this challenge (grading will start next week). General goals will stay the same, but I'm upping the ante for a few of them. H
  18. Get a helmet and strap yourself in. This will be a long and, hopefully, exciting journey, and I’m glad that you’re here along for the ride. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Below is a living list of my goals in life; they are constantly adapting and evolving as I level up my life, complete these goals, discover more concrete steps for each, and find new goals to work toward. Fitness Goals reach 30% body fat live without added sugar do a full, dead-hang pull-up reverse my anterior pelvic tilt deadlift 250lb/bench press 200lb/row 150lb Hobby/S
  19. I won't lie; eating Good Food was REALLY difficult during the last challenge, even after a successful W30. I've been stewing on the role of mindset in my quest to get healthy for the past few weeks, and I believe that's where I need to improve in order to make these changes stick. Inspired by those Rangers who've been taking a flexible, minimalistic approach to goal-setting, I'm following suit, in a way. My goals are a return to regularly scheduled programming; the foundation of my healthy habits, but the means have changed. I will aim for a minimum instead of a maximum and be counting any
  20. Because life has felt a bit like SadSherlock lately... Another format change woo! I'll probably be going back to the laser-focus format in the future because I really like the concept. But after having 2 challenges in a row "foiled" due to waves of depression, I'm going to try another format and kick it down to "no-fail" mode. It's GRAB BAG time! The grab bag will consist of various things I can do to earn points throughout the week (scored Saturday thru Friday) which focus on long-term happiness (physical, mental, emotional health). Each week, points can be allocated towards different re
  21. This is the direct continuation of my previous challenge: same quests, same tracker. I had a hard time writing here in the past weeks. All boils down to choosing between doing things or writing about them. I tired to post from my phone when on a break, but I really don't like to write there. I am not sure it will change much, but I'll show up at least once per week Walking is my strongest point by far. Getting a step counter was really a good choice to keep me motivated. If I think about it is is weird to get pleasure from seeing a bar on a display getting filled, but as long as it work...
  22. Actual video footage of the event from last year at my school. The guy wearing the bandana and doing flips is my instructor. >.< For this challenge, I’m going to shift focus temporarily from the standard and usual foundational quests to prioritizing my capoeira training. I’ve signed up for the Winter Games event; a three-day string of capoeira workshops and rodas, which also includes the batizado. In capoeira, the batizado is the initiation ceremony where a new student is tested on their basic knowledge (in the regional style). The prize is the first belt/cord ranking, which is soli
  23. This is going to be a good year. I can tell, because 2015 was a very good year for me; because I started taking control instead of just letting life happen around me. 2016 will be more of that, so it can only get more better This month I will be focusing my quests on motivation. A reminder of why I am doing these things, without the pressure to reach a goal right away, or the disappointment if that doesn't happen. Some are shorter term (goals that are possible to achieve in the 4 weeks), others are a little more ambiguous, long-term, or I have no idea how long they'll take. I guess... It's
  24. I almost didn’t do this challenge. I think it may have been the jetlag talking, but shortly after I arrived in France, I was pondering over how my last challenge was going and how to make my next challenge new and exciting and, well, challenging. I mean, the last few challenges have pretty much been (1) strength training, (2) running, and one other exercise-related goal, and a life quest. I felt like I pretty much had the pattern down. But it didn’t take too long to realize that I still needed the challenge to make sure I stayed on track. Yeah, maybe I would still go to all of my Cap
  25. I have always (or at least, since middle school maybe) been interested in things from all over the globe. I took Spanish and French in high school and college and tried teaching myself Russian and Japanese. Language, music, food, scenery... I've wanted to see it all. But, seeing it all is not always an option. Thankfully with the world getting smaller, it's getting easier to experience different parts of the world without having to travel very far. Due to travel plans, I will be running the challenge for 7 weeks (starting yesterday 9/7 and going to 10/25). I'll be getting back just in time d
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