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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, I passed my Nerdiversary! Go me! BUT I failed miserably at the practice PARE. In a sad, pathetic way. I gave myself a day to be emotional about, and that was yesterday. So today, I have a plan. Like in the Dragon Age game series, you have different options for your character and I think I need to go to the drawing board and make myself into the character I'd like to play as. I need to work on getting my weight down. I need to increase my strength for push/pull and carry. I need to improve my VO2 Max. I need to work on stairs. I want to improve flexibility. So here I am, almost always a Rogue (in the assassin guild, this should surprise NO ONE). With that in mind I need to improve on the following skills: Potion Making (Poison and Herb lore) Also known as food in my world. So... starting today no alcohol, no bread/rice/potatoes, as little dairy as possible. Basically as close to Paleo as I ever can get. And I really need to track this shit. Dual Weild This is where I need to start working on being a better Rogue. So I need to increase cardio because damn, the PARE was a slap in the face. Also, going to start doing stair running daily. With my regular workouts and some flexibility work in there as well. Recruit Companions So I don't go insane, I still need my party banter. Here is where I will continue to work on writing anything daily, and try to make a point to do something relaxing every week. Gearing Up Not sure how to explain this one yet.... I have a schedule of workouts. I have locations where I can workout.. I have a food tracker, and portion control cups. I feel like I need to get hardcore disciplined on recording what I am doing though. So contemplating a fitness tracker/monitor thingy. Any suggestions? I want one that tracks my daily calorie burn, not just one I turn on for workouts. Maybe even one that can track sleep patterns because that'd just be cool.
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