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  1. Xena

    Xena Progresses

    In case you are new to my thread, my main deal is distance running. This time around, I'm just trying to slog through some base miles in these winter months. I'll be traveling in early Jan, so I'm going to use the first week to just do what I can and test out a couple goals (see below). Most of them will start on Mon Jan 8 and run 4 weeks. 1. Run 100 miles. I'm going to try to do the "Winter Warrior Challenge" again this year, running outside at least 3 miles every day. I might run into some roadblocks early in the month with travel, so I'm not making that an official NF challenge goal. I have lots of plans for how to structure these miles during the week, but I'll keep it simple here. This challenge fits my larger 2018 goal of "Continue to maintain distance base, building toward 2 fall "A" races (to be decided)" 2. Push-up progressive. I've made up a bunch of complicated rules to make this into a game for myself: -It will start on Jan 8 with 10 push-up negatives. I'll add one each day (11 on Jan 9, 12 on Jan 10 etc) - I can do full push-ups, and they count for 5 (!!!) negatives each. - I have to do a total of at least 10 (full + negatives) each day. So if I owe 25 pushups, and I do 5 full pushups (counts for 25 negs), I still have to do 5 more negatives to fill the set. - I can get behind and make them up (not recommended, but allowed). I can get ahead by up to 40. - If I can't do pushups due to an injury, I can substitute elbow plank. 10 second hold for each negative. This is only allowed for injury. This goal is mostly for fun! 3. Read "On Managing Yourself." I've read this before and found it helpful. I'm gonna re-read it and then get rid of it. This is a continuation of getting rid of things littering my bookshelf. This fits my larger 2018 goal of "Taking control of my own time and energy" 4. Aim for 5-star mornings. Rate each weekday morning, one star for each behavior: - Set up coffee maker and make lunch night before - Get out of bed by 6:30 - Start running by 7:15 - 3 stretches after run: modified down dog, piriformes, hip flexors. - Do my "house elf" chores before leaving the house (dishes, tidy living room, dining room table clear, bed made, no clothes on floor) These fit my larger goals of "Taking control of my own time and energy" "Improve mobility/flexibility in hips and hamstrings" and "Continue to maintain distance base..." I'm not going to set a threshold for success on this one since it's new. Maybe I'll add one later in the challenge. Bonuses: Yep...I have a bunch set up for myself. One you've heard about before is the "sushi list". I have a list of ~10 chores. When I finish it, I treat myself to some carryout sushi. Sushi is actually seeming less appealing in the deep winter, so I may substitute Thai or Indian carryout. Same idea. First week of Jan: I'll try to run every day, but it won't count toward the 100 miles. I'll try to get 10 pushup negatives a day, but it doesn't count toward the progressive. I can start reading that book whenever I want. I'll be traveling, so the morning schedule won't really apply.
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